Classic Match #1

The Question: Which is better? Fighting Experience, or Psychic Powers?
Arena: Brinstar
Items: All, Medium
Fighters: Mewtwo, Mario

Hi, I'm Metal Man, the commentator for the first ever Classic Match. tonight we'll be having Mewtwo fight Mario, in a bid to find out what wins: Fighting Experience, or Psychic Powers. While Mario has fought hundreds of foes, and also has been in two major SSB tournaments so far, Mewtwo has only just appeared, and at most could be considered 'Level 100', which hardly can touch Mario's experience.

But yet Mewtwo has the ability to read the minds of others, so what if... he could just predict everything Mario does? That, combined with his normally powerful offensive capabilities, might put him over the edge. I predict Mewtwo will win this match.

And now, without any more discussion, let us start the match!

The two fighters appear at Brinstar, Mewtwo at the left, Mario on the right. Mewtwo immediately leaps down and misses with a Shadow Ball as Mario leaps onto the middle platform. Mewtwo then leaps up and electrifies himself, shocking Mario from below!

He continues smacking around Mario, Tail Whipping him, but then Mario kicks him. But Mewtwo takes advantage of the gap to shock Mario again while in the air.

MW: 8 M: 21

Mario kicks Mewtwo yet again, and then punches him away harder. An item capsule falls onto the lower level, where Mewtwo lands. Mario leaps down too, but then Mewtwo does a running dark attack, hitting Mario and the capsule, which opens to reveal a fan.

Mario then grabs the fan and whacks Mewtwo with it. Hard.

MW: 33 M: 47

Mario swings at Mewtwo again, but this time Mewtwo predicts his smack and deflects it with a bubble shield. But Mario doesn't give up, and it pays off as he sneaks in two more smacks to Mewtwo with the fan. Then he chucks the fan at Mewtwo and leaps up.

Mewtwo comes at Mario mid-air with a dark attack, and Mario tries to slap him with his cape, but both fly past one another instead. Mewtwo then tries again and actually hits Mario.

MW: 70 M: 53

Mario, angry, picks up the fan and hits Mewtwo again, but the semi-airborne Mewtwo shocks him again. Mewtwo then fully charges Shadow ball after landing on the middle platform. Mario leaps after him, but is caught in the charging attack instead! Then Mario is knocked away by a Tail Whip attack.

MW: 75 M: 73

They're really close here, as the acid rises... ..and Mario falls into it while trying to jump onto the middle platform! And he hits it yet again! Then he lands on Mewtwo's platform and Mewtwo throws him away!

MW: 83 M: 113

Mewtwo leaps up and spikes Mario into the ground, but then Mario kicks Mewtwo into the acid. Mewtwo floats back up and zaps Mario, then Tail Whips Mario into the air twice. He then goes down a platform to catch another capsule, but Mario beats him to it and chucks it into him. A piece of cheese comes out of the capsule. Mewtwo floats away towards the left side of the arena, and Mario leaps over...

He Meteor Smashes Mewtwo at the pit! He flies at it very quick--

Mewtwo warps back onto the stage at the last moment!!!

MW: 143 M: 149

But... then Mario kicks Mewtwo off the stage, defeating him once!

MW: 0 D1 M: 154

Mario taunts on the middle platform, with a box next to him. Mewtwo leaps off the revival platform, breaking the box, hitting Mario. He then grabs the star which comes out, and grabs the Freezie which also came out and hits Mario with it, turning Mario to ice!

The frozen Mario flies off the top of the stage!

MW: 3 D1 M: 0 D1

Mewtwo charges a Shadow Ball on the lower platform, as Mario then appears and... stands there on the middle platform. Mewtwo leaps up and hits Mario with his tail, but then Mario kicks him twice. Mewtwo shocks Mario, and then does a powerful Dark Thrust attack, knocking Mario off. Mario comes back and kicks Mewtwo, but Mewtwo rapidly shocks him back!

MW: 45 D1 M: 77 D1

It's not looking good for Mario, as the acid rises again and he falls into it. He lands on the middle platform, but Mewtwo misses with his first use of confusion this battle! Mario kicks and punches Mewtwo away, and Mewtwo only manages to shock him once back. Mario then smacks Mewtwo with a powerful Fireball punch!

MW: 94 D1 M: 104 D1

More kicks and shocks fly around, as they battle for superiority. They wind up on the left platform, as Mario leaps for an aerial smash... misses... and falls to his death! MW 123 D1 M: 0 D2

Mario comes back, and on the bottom lower part of the stage, Mario does two tornado spins, knocking around Mewtwo. But Mewtwo finally uses his charged Shadow Ball and blasts Mario! It is of no use, sadly, as Mario spins Mewtwo to his death.

MW: 0 D2 M: 70 D2

Mario, being the repetitious person he is, taunts again, only for Mewtwo to leap off the revival platform, zap him, and throw him away. Mario grabs a star and beats on Mewtwo, but then Mewtwo leaps up and smacks him mid-air when the star runs out. Both of them leap into the air under the mid platform and chuck around attacks like crazy!

MW: 43 D2 M: 125 D2

The plumber is in bad shape as Mewtwo throws him again, and then repeatedly smacks him with his Dark hand attack. But Mario smashes Mewtwo away, and rapidly punches him!

MW: 129 D2 M: 159 D2

Both leap onto the middle platform. A box drops, and Mewtwo breaks it. A bomb and some other items fall out; Mewtwo smashes Mario with his Shadow Thrust, but Mario drops the bomb! It explodes, sending them both out of the arena simultaneously... but Mewtwo--


...Crashes right up against the glass of this judging booth, and therefore, falls first!


Post-Match breakdown

Mewtwo had this match in spades, it seemed. He knocked Mario up to high percentages constantly, even managing to hit with a fully-charged Shadow Ball. Mario repeatedly taunted and got him, and even flew off the stage and died from his own mistake. But this is where things went wrong.

Mewtwo constantly leapt directly at Mario, placing him at risk for Mario's much faster punches. Furthermore, he failed to hit Mario with more than one Shadow Ball, despite being given many openings. It is apparent he lacks Mario's fighting skill, and that no amount of Psychic powers can make up for that!

The match was, still, very close. I predict there will be a rematch in the future!

So then, we get down to a few questions, some of which will determine the next match's settings:

1. Did Mario really win, or was it a fluke that Mewtwo hit the screen instead of falling the other way?
2. Should we avoid matches with Bob-ombs and Stars, due to the reversals they seem to cause?
3. Is Mewtwo a capable fighter, or hampered by his attributes?

Match done by: Metal
Special Thanks: Kyle, VGW Man, GameGuru