Classic Match #2

The Question: Which Smasher rules the skies?
Arena: Rainbow Cruise
Items: Pokeballs, Parasols, Super Mushrooms; High
Fighters: Falco, Pikachu

And we're back again with yet another match. It's me, Metal Man, and we're going to probe the depths of whether or not Falco or Pikachu are the true masters of sky-based fighting. Don't worry about that long break between matches--various things, including possibly recently released games, are responsible for that. *Eyes camera strangely*

So, down to brass tacks. Falco's got all of the air jumping skills, but he sinks like a rock. Pikachu's got the ability to make two third jumps in one go instead of just one, but he's a bit clumsy. They're fairly even, but Falco seems to move better through the air, so... I believe he shall win this match. Assuming Pikachu doesn't Thunder him mid-air too often.

The match starts off quickly, with the two fighters appearing as usual. Falco runs from his left-side starting position to get Pikachu, but Pikachu has other plans. He leaps up and down-smashes the bird, zapping him. Falco attempts to kick him up and away, but he's too slow--Pikachu thrashes around and sends him bouncing around. Falco eventually manages to roll out of the way and shoot Pikachu once.

Fal: 28 Pik: 10

Falco tries to start some punch-combos, but is kicked back by Pikachu. Up on the right of the flying ship, a big crate appears. Falco grabs and throws Pikachu towards it. But Pikachu gets up and kicks Falco twice and kicks him upwards after running at him. Falco leaps into the air and kicks Pikachu in the head quickly. Pikachu kicks him back mid-air, though. Falco grabs Pikachu and throws him once they meet on the ground.

Fal: 77 Pik: 76

An Item capsule appears on the left, as Falco kicks Pikachu and dodges an attack. A Crate appears in the middle, and Pikachu knocks Falco up into the air with a tail whip. He then uses Thunder as Falco leaps back at him (they're on the front of the ship), and opens the crate, revealing a mushroom... which he uses to become big as Falco is knocked back!

Big Pikachu grabs Falco. He throws him at the pit in front of the ship. Going... going... not gone! Falco leaps back!

Fal: 114 Pik: 87

The Ship crashes off into the wall down here. Pikachu shrinks down, and his tackle is blocked by Falco. Falco kicks Pikachu once, only to be kicked back up at the air.... but he doesn't die this time either.

Fal: 125 Pik: 98

The two leap up into the flying carpet area. They leap around, poking one another with punches, but never managing many hits. Then, suddenly, Falco kicks Pikachu upwards and knocks him out of the arena!

Fal: 127 Pik: 0 D1

An item barrel appears... ..and rolls into the pit. Meanwhile, Pikachu down-air smashes Falco, and knocks him slightly off the camera area... *writes down a note to fire the cameraman* ...And Falco is KO'd while he's out of view. Wonderful.

*Takes out a gun and shoots the cameraman*

Fal: 0 D1 Pik: 16 D1

Anyway.... Pikachu taunts, but Falco returns and beats him up. Pikachu flees for his life, and then leaps over the pit... he tries to get back up with Quick attack... BOOM! He fails! And down with him goes a mushroom.

Fal: 0 D1 Pik: 0 D2

Falco taunts himself, and is hit by Pikachu. However, Pikachu fails to negotiate the space immediately to the left yet again, and falls to his doom.

As you can tell, his chances aren't exactly high at this point...

Fal: 54 D1 Pik: 0 D3

Falco taunts, and for good reason, with an item capsule appearing in the middle of the checkerboard bridge area the arena is currently focused on. Pikachu returns, and they begin a fierce air battle... Another Item capsule appears as they fight. Falco leaps down and smashes it, revealing a pokeball... ...and Pikachu beans him in the head with it!

Inside the ball is Chikorita, who hits Falco with leaves. Another crate appears in the middle of this mess and breaks open, revealing a parasol.

Fal: 107 D1 Pik: 81 D3

Another item capsule appears to the right, and Falco is knocked to the left. But both of them make it back to the ship along with the arena... although the item is left behind.They fight aboard the ship, but it is a quick one, with Falco scoring several blows and finally throwing Pikachu at the ground so hard, he flies up and out of the arena.

Fal: 137 D1 Pik: 0 D4

The beleagured Pikachu is shot, but he knocks Falco back ones and hurls open the pokeball. But only a Wobbuffett appears... to the right a Pokeball appears, but Pikachu isn't there to savor it, as he leaps off the ship and loses his last life!

Fal: 162 D1 Pik: OUT

What... this only took two minutes and twenty-two seconds? I want my money back! *Leaps out of commentator's box*


Post-Match breakdown

Looks like Pikachu threw this match away. He had it all in the beginning: control over the arena, a Super Mushroom, and a near-KO against Falco. However, the blue bird effectively shut him down once the arena started moving violently. Not to mention how he seemed to avoid losing any more lives than his first. It is clear Falco dominated the match by the air... wheras Pikachu mostly showed off his lack of jumping skills.

Pikachu is unlikely to reappear so soon, after such a horrendous loss. At a certain point it seems almost as if his life-losses were intentional. Falco, on the other hand, has proved his skills. But will either of them appear anytime soon? Who knows...

And now, for the questions everybody loves to answer!

1. Why did Pikachu keep on losing lives so quickly?
2. What other character (SSB:M, that is) could fight for the title of "Master of the Air"?
3. Would Falco do well against Mario?
4. Will one-sided matches like this happen often in the Classic setting?

Match done by Metal