Metal Man

Vital Stats
Psycho Space Marine
Fighting Style: Improvised Weaponry
Fighting Strength: Offense
Fighting Weakness: Strategy
Social Style: Insanity
Social Strength: Unpredictability
Social Weakness: Etiquette
Generation: The VG Era
Most Notable Faction Affiliation: Leader of the Questers of the Super Smash Quest Stadium

Metal Man is a 7 foot tall man in steel armor. He has a cape and blue steel armpads and kneepads. His armor is very 90's-ish and often gains him comparisons to the Silver Surfer or Iron Man or Boba Fett. In reality he looks like all of them to some extent, but with his own twist. His visor is an odd shape, and blue tinted. It allows those who glance to see the maniac within--a scarred man with a mustache and a deranged grin.

Abridged History

Metal Man, also known as Xavier Ridgecrest, hailed from a far away planet which he destroyed just to escape from an interdimensional police force. Metal cared not for the laws of time and space and somehow stole Robotnik's Wing Fortress along with the chaos emeralds and more, then fled to the world in which VG's Super Smash Quest Stadium was run. Once there, VG's Fighter Remote zapped his brain and gave him amnesia, and so he joined the Questers.

VG eventually retired and made Metal Man his replacement. VG had spent his time at SSQ complaining about the state of affairs at the Super Smash Stadium, leading to Metal Man using his dimensional device to infiltrate the Super Smash Stadium. Once there he found things to be fairly appaling to his pro-VG sensibilities. He served as an SP for years, clashing with Game Guru and always rallying for a return to VG's ways. Game Guru tried to run the Stadium his way, despite these interruptions, and largely succeeded.

Metal Man ran his own Super Smash Quest Stadium until eventually he literally blew up the world it was in by destroying all evil in existence with the help of his own "Questers." Now without a Stadium of his own, he lacked an easy source of money to pay the bills and a decent place to hide from the "Time Cops" that still chased him. He made a new world with some sort of Book that was left over from the Super Smash Quest world, and then later his Questers helped him defeat the Time Cops.

All was not well, however, as his Questers turned against him when they discovered he had stolen their pay time and time again. Worse yet, another figure that looked like him wanted him dead. Metal thus fled back to the Super Smash Stadium world.

There, the King of the Stadium matches were going on. Game Guru had become weary of his job, and so Metal gleefully did it for him. Events went on as they usually do, and then Metal Man accidentally blew up the Super Smash Stadium. No stranger to exploding the Stadium, Metal Man went on to find another dimension and started the current Stadium by stealing another group of SP's stadium.

Of course those SPs had simply abandoned that Stadium due to their focus on taking back the White Lands. When they inevitably discovered their old Stadium's link to the White Lands, they went to take it back. But they were no match for Metal Man's completely insane strategy. Even though Esco killed Metal Man, he managed to come back with the help of his Super Smash Quest doctor, Dr. Mario. This Dr. Mario, being as insane as Metal Man, was able to revive him from nothing. And even the SPs of this realm's Stadium were no match for the Questers, who remained nearly unstoppable and wanting Metal so he would pay them for their work.

In the end, Metal Man was too insane for Seraphis and now reigns over the current Stadium without any serious threats... for now. Needless to say, the vast number of people who want him dead for destroying multiple planets and dimensions will not rest until he is dead... or at least, mostly dead.