Vital Stats: Dark Energy Being
Fighting Style: Materialized Weaponry
Fighting Strength: All Around
Fighting Weakness: Light Energy
Social Style: Solemn Social Strength: Intelligence Social Weakness: Holds his emotions in
Generation: Metal Man Era
Most Notable Faction Affiliation: Seraphis and his minions

Appearance: He looks basically like a shadow of a man. He is completely black, and about six feet tall.

Abridged History:

The Planet:
There exists a planet, distant from the Smashtopia in the land of Revanda. Its name is Nekrinik. A peaceful planet but divided in it's final days. But before we get into that, let's talk about it's features.
On Nekrinik, their are two continents. One named Reven and one named Hekren.
Reven (approximately 41,000 square miles large) is mainly just a vast desert stretching all the way across it. It has one giant lake in the middle of it taking up about 1/14th of the continent. Most if the population live around this area.
About 300 miles east of Reven is the continent of Hekren (approximately 37,000 square miles large). The western half of the Hekren is quite lush and fertile. This is were most of the population of this continent lives. The eastern half is mountainous, and is mainly populated by nomads. On the southern part there are peninsulas that stick out kinda like fingers.
Their is only one main ocean, and it is all freshwater. The ocean covers approximately 60% of Nekrinik's surface.

The People:
The people were very peaceful by nature, and understanding. They also were quite intelligent. The people of the two continents were united and shared all their information, and studies with one another. They also traded regularly.
Their culture is similar to humans in some ways, but still quite unique. For example they had similar activities such as holidays, and parties, but have a different naming process, (their last name is a family name, their middle name is the name of the continent they hail from, and their first name is the last name of the person who delivered the baby.
Their religion is monotheist. They believe in one god, and have spent most of their research into science trying to find ways to reach their god.
Their science is advanced on certain levels but still basic on some. Space faring technology for example is quite advanced, because they have tried finding traces of their god around the galaxy, while weapons are quite underdeveloped because they never spent time researching them because they never needed them for anything other than hunting wildlife, so their highest point of weaponry is similar to a semi-automatic rifle.
Their appearance is quite similar to humans, but with pale, grey skin.
Their anatomy is alot different than humans on the other hand. They are actually made up of dark based energy particles, as the humans are Carbon based. They actually have glands that allow them to bring together particles of dark aura and form objects with them. The more complex the structure the faster their strength declines. This ability is their main defense mechanism, and is even more powerful than their manufactured weapons.

The Conflict:
The peace between the two continents did not last forever. Over time the continents began studying genetic engineering. At first it seemed harmless enough, just experimenting theoretically. But soon conflict arose whenever one team from Hekren began experimenting with a live person. Officials from Reven soon found out about this and it resulted in Reven outlawing anymore genetic experimentation stating that the practice was blasphemous. Not all of the people agreed with this though and eventually began separating into pro-genetic testing groups, some stating that it would be the next stage of evolution, and anti-genetic testing groups who argued that it was blasphemous and only their god should be able to do such things. Hekren in turn began questioning if it was right to do this, but failed to stop the practice. The report to the public that someone had been gruesomely tested upon, and ended up dead did not help matters and not to mention wild rumors that suddenly began spreading.
Eventually due to religious differences, Civil War began. It began in Reven, and within the next month spread to Hekren. Soon people began sending their children into space hoping they would find a home where they would be able to avoid the conflict. Eventually the race killed themselves, and the only remaining survivors of the race are the children who possibly survived.

Orion was born around the beginning of the Civil War, and mainly lived at home all of his life, due to his father (an anti-genetic study supporter) trying to protect him from harm. Soon his father realized that the end was inevitable and began planning to send his son into space. Orion at the age of 5 years was one of the last to be launched off of his planet, being sent literally minutes before they set off something similar to an atomic bomb on his home country of Reven.
Orion drifted through space for 8 months before he crash landed in Smashtopia. An official, examining the crash site found him next the ship, unharmed. Orion, preparing to defend himself from the man crafted swords made of dark energy. That's when the man realized Orion's potential.
Pointing at himself the man announced himself "Seraphis."
Orion began to settle down, and lowered his weapons. He then took Seraphis's hand who helped him out of the crater that the ship had created.
From that point on, Seraphis raised Orion as his own treating him more like an underling than a friend though. He presented himself as a god to Orion, who quickly caught on due to his people's religious beliefs. Orion learned to speak English, and eventually adopted the name Orion, which was a recommended by Seraphis.
Somewhere around the age of 20 looked in the mirror in Seraphis's home. Suddenly the appearance of his father standing in front of him. Memories of happier times began appearing before him. He covered himself in a full body suit made of dark energy so he wouldn't have to see it anymore, and has worn it ever sense.
When the SPs came to the Stadium, Orion was somewhere in his 30s, and had been working for Seraphis for more than 25 years.
Seraphis had actually abandoned the Stadium, and tricked his underlings (Orion along with Warhorse, and Sloan) into thinking that the SP's had taken it from them.
Later, Orion helped take back the Stadium, but soon found out that Seraphis had deceived him. This strongly enraged Orion and he began questioning whether Seraphis was truly all that he said that he was.
Orion went to his friend Daniel Morrison (Warhorse)for consolation. He told her that it would be the last time they would see each other, and warned her that she should not keep her trust in Seraphis.
And so Orion deciding that Seraphis was just a lying man tried to kill Seraphis, as redemption for helping him, but Seraphis was too powerful. So Orion, sucking up his pride, damned Seraphis and abandoned the fight.
On the way out of the Stadium he ran into Yesman. He apologized for what he'd done, and told him that he would no longer be participating in the conflict. He bid his last farewell and left, not to be seen again.