Simon Belmont

Vital Stats
Proud Vampire Killer
Fighting Style: Ranged Arsenal
Fighting Strength: Variability
Fighting Weakness: Easily Pushed Around
Social Style: Bravado
Social Strength: Ego
Social Weakness: Modesty
Generation: Late 1600s
Most Notable Faction Affiliation: Latest Hero of the Belmont Line

Simon Belmont is a muscular man dressed in leather armor. Though he’s worn different sets throughout his adventures, here he sticks with his classic look – brown leather tunic mixed with brown fur leggings and boots and silver shoulder plates. In spite of the “barbarian” look, Simon himself is actually quite well-groomed – his dirty-blonde hair’s unfailing straightness is no accident.

Abridged History
For hundreds of years, the people of Transylvania have been haunted by monsters, led by the Count Dracula himself. And for hundreds of years, the members of the Belmont bloodline have defended the Transylvanians from Dracula’s evil aspirations, wielding the enchanted Vampire Killer whip. While not immortal, death only delays the vampire lord’s ambition by a generation, and so the descendants are tasked with continuing the work of their ancestors.

Simon himself is the latest member of the family line. His first call to fame was his 1691 raid of Dracula’s castle, in which he successfully slew the vampire. It was a hollow victory, however, as Dracula cursed Simon and the land in his death. Seven years later, Simon had no choice but to resurrect his foe and slay him again to conquer the curse – thankfully, he was able to do so before his life was claimed by Dracula’s vile hex.

Being one of the few Belmonts to defeat Dracula twice in their lifetime, Simon’s gained a bit of notoriety amongst his peers, something that’s somewhat gone to his head. He has come to enjoy the side effects staying in shape has on his figure, and he’s sure to never leave home without his trusty mirror. Nevertheless, Simon retains the strong sense of justice for which his family is known – outside his duties to his country, he’s served on the N Team alongside Kevin Keene, Mega Man, and Pit.

Simon’s reason for joining the Stadium are simple – it’s a good way to keep up with his training. However, that it also keeps his face on the public consciousness is certainly appreciated.

Simon’s moveset mostly involves the Vampire Killer, though he also makes use of his subweapons from throughout the Castlevania games. Simon’s Neutral Special is his Axe. A common subweapon from Simon’s adventures, Simon may throw it in a forward arc. The Axe can only be thrown in a set angle, but as a plus Simon may rapidly toss axes.

Simon’s Up Special is a sort of Whip Crack. By snapping the whip at an upward angle, Simon may snag onto ledges to recover himself. The whip’s sting can also stun enemies in midair.

Simon’s Side Special uses his Cross. Like a boomerang, Simon’s cross will fly out a short distance before flying back to Simon’s hand. Of course, unlike a boomerang, Simon’s projectile is quite sizable.

Simon’s Down Special involves tossing a vial of Holy Water. Initially called a Fire Bomb, the Holy Water creates a pillar of blessed flame when thrown. Simon may choose whether he wants to toss the vial right away, or if he’d rather hang onto it for the time being. The pillar of fire slides a little towards the direction it was thrown, pushing any foes it might pick up with it.

Simon’s Final Smash utilizes another, rarer subweapon – his Stopwatch. Its effect is simple – it halts the flow of time for all fighters outside Simon. With time stopped for other fighters, Simon is free to deal as much damage to enemies as he wishes, within the ten seconds the Stopwatch is in effect. As time is stopped, fighters won’t budge an inch, no matter how much Simon might damage them… but as soon as time starts up, the fighters will feel the damage they took and can be sent flying far away thanks to the accumulated damage.