Vital Stats
Black Robed Shy Guy
Fighting Style: Mild
Fighting Strength: Unpredictability
Fighting Weakness: Offense
Social Style: Awkward
Social Strength: Saying "Yes"
Social Weakness: Saying "No"
Generation: Metal's New Stadium
Most Notable Faction Affiliation: Current Super Smash Stadium Superpower

Yesman is a Shyguy, so he is about 2 and a half feet tall. He wears a black, perfectly ironed robe, and a metallic-gray mask. His accessories include a black belt, a Kiss Army Badge, and a pair of black DCs.

Abridged History

Yesman was born into a colony of Shyguys who lived near Bowser's Castle. He was a fun loving, and misunderstood Black Shyguy. Yesman was somewhat outcast in his clan because he was usually unserious and joking while the rest of the clan were hard working and didn't like the way he acted. Eventually he went to far. He decided to pull off his mask in a public place to impress some of the other younger Shyguys. Little did he know that they would look at his act as a disgraceful one. So was shunned by the others, and it was eventually decided that he would be kicked out of the clan. Before his departure though, he would visit the clan leader. He scolded Yesman, telling him that he would never be successful at anything because of his nature. Needless to say, Yesman was furious. So he left the colony and went into the outside world, determined to prove them wrong.

So he began looking for jobs and soon found out that he couldn't get a decent occupation without an education. So he began attending law school, deciding it was one of the most serious jobs available. He studied law for about 5 years (so he says. Probably more like 2 weeks or so), until he finally became a lawyer. Eventually, his first client came to him. So Yesman went to trial, with a case that couldn't possibly lose. Yesman went into the court room, and emerged with his client infuriated with him about an hour and a half later. Apparently he had lost due to "inappropriate behavior in the court room". Afterward he did get a few more cases, but like the first, he lost every one. Eventually he became very well known..... as the worst lawyer in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Out of work and running low on money Yesman became desperate and started looking for a new job. The only openings he could find didn't pay much and weren't those he could see himself doing. Right before he was about to give up hope, he became aware of a job as a custodian at a place called the Super Smash Stadium. He decided to go and apply. He showed up at the stadium, and was heading to the main office, when he heard a huge ruckus going on behind a door he was passing by. He couldn't fight his curiosity and peeked behind the door. Within the door, Yesman witnessed a match going on. He was amazed by it! It was one of the most exciting things he'd ever witnessed. He decided to watch the rest of the match, and tried to find a seat. He found one right beside the commentating booth. It was crowded and uncomfortable, but endured and watched. Sometime during the match, he saw a small hole in the side of the commentating booth. He thought it might be too small, but decided to see if he could crawl into it. It was just big enough for him to crawl through and found himself in a small room right under the commentating booth. Inside there was enough room for Yesman to sit in comfort, and he could hear the commentators personally right above him. But even better, there was a small window that he could see out of and view the matches from. It was a perfect spot for him. He could live there. And he did, and forgot any intentions of applying for a job.

He lived under the commentators' booth and stole and ate the Stadium's food for about a year and a half before the Stadium was blown up in a King of The Stadium tournament. He woke up, dazed and confused, in the rubble of what used to be the Stadium. He didn't quite know what to do, so he tried to walk around and see if there were any survivors. Not really paying attention to what was in front of him (due to him talking to himself), he tripped and fell into the interdimensional portal left open by none other than Metal Man.

Alone in the new dimension of Revanda, he soon ran into Metal Man and company. Metal Man, mistaking Yesman for a Super Power applicant, offered him the job. Of course Yesman just went along with it. "A Super Power? Ya sure, lets go with that." He did his Super Power duties as responsibly as he could up until Seraphis invaded the Stadium. Yesman actually was about to leave the Stadium when it happened, but as soon as it did, he kicked into action and began fighting the Sloan controlled Alloys. He wasn't doing too well until Twilight Sparkle, his fellow SP, warped into the area. They teamed up and destroyed a few Alloys when suddenly two of Seraphis's Minions, Orion and Warhorse, showed up. Yesman and Twilight Sparkle fended off from them for a minute before they were defeated and knocked unconscious.

Hours later, Yesman woke up in the field of the now Seraphis controlled SSS. Mustering up his courage, he decided to infiltrate the Stadium. Inside he found himself eavesdropping on a conversation between Seraphis and The Super Smash Questers. He found out that Seraphis needed to revive Metal Man, who was recently killed, but didn't quite know how to. Seizing the opportunity presented, he decided to take advantage of the situation and went to find Dr. Mario (his reasoning being "If anyone can bring someone back to life it would be a doctor."). At first, Dr. Mario didn't want to help, but after Yesman offered him all of the Stadiums's funds, he decided he would do it.

Yesman would proceed to flee the Stadium, never actually intending to pay Dr. Mario. On his way out he ran into Orion, who apologized and also fled. Outside of the Stadium, Yesman ran into Ganondorf who was in command of a group of Alloys. However the Alloys were out of range of Sloan's Overlord weapon, so they were easily defeated. Ganondorf on the other hand was not, and right before he was about to finish off Yesman, he was confronted, and defeated by a group of fighters. Yesman joined the fighters and soon the other Super Powers.

In the end Seraphis was defeated by Metal Man. Yesman celebrated along with the other Super Powers, and it seemed that for now there was peace at the Stadium.


B: (Charge) Runs forward, head-first, arms flailing. The longer he charges, the farther he runs
F B: Takes off mask and uses it as a sheild, all while still hiding his face. If what he is shielding from is a projectile, it reflects it.
U B: Dives upward with a grayish aura.
D B: Sticks foot out and trips anyone who walks by. If they fall off the platform from a trip, they are in a helpless state.
Air B: Flaps arms and legs.
Grab: Catches his foe in a bear hug
Pummel: Kicks
F Throw: Punts opponent forward
U Throw: Punts opponent upward
D Throw: Swings opponent upward, then slams them down
B Throw: Does a kick-flip, sending the opponent backward