Extra Match 1: Inkling vs. Isabelle vs. Daisy: An SSBU one-off? Match X3-1?

Fighters for Great Plateau Tower
Inkling vs. Isabelle vs. Daisy

3 stock Stamina match, 120 HP
Items and helpers introduced in SSB4 and SSBU only

(Our old friend Digifanatic has found himself standing in front of some old familiar doors, the entrance to the Superpowers' offices in the Super Smash Stadium. He pulls an electronic key out of his pocket, holding it up to the lock. Remarkably the key still works.)

Digi: Really? We leave this place for two years and nobody bothered to change the codes? Fine by me. Might need to change them later though...

(He keeps walking around, finding many of the old halls still rather clean, waving to the maintenance crew. The building seems to be kept in moderate condition, although many of the Stadium's mechanisms and other magical secrets have been locked out to the crew.)

Digi: At least they're not letting this place get grown over. Let's see what else still works here...

(He manages to unlock the door to his office, tilting his head curiously as he sits down, opening up some drawers and writing down ideas.)

Digi: Wish I knew who we could recruit for a match for old time's sake...I'm not even sure I know who wants to fight these days--*glancing to his office phone*--how many messages?

(Montage: excerpts of missed calls from other potential fighters)

*Wakka wakka!~* "Kirby's told me about all the awesome food here--"

"Hi, it's Daisy! You know I've been training with Peach lately?--"

"Heard Dracula's been roaming the Stadium grounds..."

*chirpy woomy noises*

"Doc Louis here, you guys have got to bring on my man Little Mac..."

Digi: ...that's right, we never got around to speaking with Pac-Man. There's a lot to consider. Let's see how good the computers still are at uploading all these arenas.

(He walks into the commentary booth and boots up the computer systems...)

Digi: Huh, all these new arena proposals...I like the Battlefield skins--how many terabytes of updates?! *He sighs and clicks to download the new arenas* We need to load in some new servers...

(Montage: Returning some of the old messages with mixed success while the download bar slowly progresses...)

Digi: *sighing a bit as the downloads finally finish* Someone had to do the maintenance.

(He walks back to his office, cleaning up shop for the day when he gets a knock on his door, walking over to open it up...it's Captain Falcon?!)

Digi: Whoa, hey Captain! Thanks for taking my call, but even with your ride I didn't expect you to stop by on the same day.

Falcon: Sometimes you get tired of punching out Black Shadow, you know? As if I didn't banish him back to his dump enough times by now...

Digi: And sometimes you get tired of vacation. Guess it works both ways. *smiles* I did get a few fighters for a match, so if you want to call this with me, I'm good with it. I know it's only one match, but you're an athlete with some attitude, I'm--

Falcon: That's right, drivers are athletes.

Digi: Yeah. I'm sure you can't resist a good comeback story. Think we can hitch some recruits on the old Flyer?

Falcon: Only one of the fastest cruisers in the galaxy...by the way, is it true WaLuigi has asked you guys to hire a Piranha Plant?

Digi: Eh, we'll see about that one.

Falcon: Oh yeah, he's weird.

(Cut to the match! The three fighters have assembled at the top of the tower, all looking a bit confused while Digi and Falcon watch on from the booth.)

Daisy: Hey, the ceiling looks a bit low!

Digi: You ladies are gonna be fine.

(Inkling glances over to Daisy, does a Super Jump at the side of the main platform with width to spare, and splashes back down.)

Inkling: Squiby wawoomy?~ ("Is this not enough?~")

Isabelle: *eyes all the space and hops around, eyeing her butterfly net* No, I like this!

Digi: Yeah, we're good! Positions, aaaaaaand fight!

Inkling: Squh?! *immediately hooked in by Isabelle's fishing rod*

Digi: And the squid girl is caught immediately off guard by Isabelle's props, but Daisy takes it to the dog with a vegetable.

Falcon: Yes, she's off to a flying start with a Bomber on Inkling as well! But Inkling retaliates by with a quick splat on both of her opponents. Ian, would you call that as Inkling getting her boost power?

Digi: Definitely! And already a new item has shown up at the stage left edge, it's a Launch Star, but nobody's going for it quite yet. Inkling's starts jabbing at the other two, but Daisy pulls out her blue Toad to reject her.

Falcon: And Daisy scoots off to throw the Launch Star off the edge, and those knockout boundaries won't care if it's a Stamina match, she's put one in an awesome spot!

Digi: As long as it doesn't block her path--oh, there's Isabelle springing the Lloid Trap on both of her adversaries. She was burying that one while we were looking at Daisy's move. Inkling is not happy and smacks Isabelle back down into the middle!

Inkling: 73.7 HP D0
Isabelle: 92.6 HP D0
Daisy: 85.0 HP D0

Falcon: Hey, there's a weird looking mushroom on the right. Daisy throws it at Isabelle and now she can't tell what side is clear!

Digi: Yeah, Inkling jumps on that with a Splat Bomb to drench Isabelle in orange, and while Isabelle is still disoriented, Inkling retreats to refill her gun.

Falcon: Daisy swings and hits an ace on Inkling as she pops back up, and Isabelle finally reorients herself by snaring Inkling in her net!

Digi: But Daisy, with the parasol, destroys the top of the tower, opening up all that fresh air to change the fight!

Falcon: That ought to help her from being trapped by Inkling who's still brawling and trading blows with Isabelle...was that a bucket of water?

Digi: Uhh, two buckets, but that other one hit nobody. Inkling escapes and uses the Super Jump to crash back down and hit both of the others right as Daisy got smacked by a party horn! *chuckles* This lady has some strange weapons...

Falcon: Great shot by Daisy with an aerial smack on Inkling, but the squid girl splats her right back. Good thing that dress wicks it right off!

Inkling: 21.6 HP D0
Isabelle: 40.9 HP D0
Daisy: 41.2 HP D0

Digi: Now the fighters have Final Smash meters charging in lieu of Smash Balls so we could be seeing a lot of action going on there when the time comes--but Daisy gets Inkling with the Bomber once again to take out her first life!

Falcon: And that will drain a third of Inkling's Smash meter, so she'll wanna rally if she wants to unload her big gun on the other two.

Digi: Isabelle launches Daisy up with the road sign, but she's trapped in the ceiling of the tower as it rebuilds, thudding back to the ground, and Inkling charges up the Paint Roller to bury them both!

Falcon: It's like quicksand trying to crawl back out of there...Inkling takes advantage with a Pokeball...which is an ice fox?

Digi: Yes, an Alolan Vulpix! A direct hit on Daisy knocks her out in a block of ice while the other ladies scrum along the sides, Daisy comes back down, smacks Inkling but Isabelle snares her in the fishing line once again!

Falcon: Inkling takes advantage by splatting Daisy before Isabelle casts her off the edge. Inkling gets herself a fresh tank of ink while Daisy knocks Isabelle out with her umbrella floating back to the platform!

Inkling: 90.4 HP D1
Isabelle: 120.0 HP D1
Daisy: 104.3 HP D1

Digi: And Inkling now catches Daisy with the grab, and a couple quick jabs before throwing her into the air. Isabelle has planted another Lloid trap waiting for that scuffle to move on.

Falcon: Oh, look at that, Isabelle blowing her whistle on Inkling to make her eardrums pop, and I know about loud noises...Daisy plucking up--wait, a Bob-Omb?!

Digi: Well, we weren't throwing in any of our old favorites but Daisy has certainly learned how to find one anyway. She gives it a toss, but Isabelle pockets it! Look out, ladies!

Falcon: That bomb never touched any surfaces before Isabelle grabbed it, so I don't think it's going to explode in her pocket.

Digi: The Lloid rockets off without catching anyone but I don't think the secretary cares about that, as she launches the bomb right at the other two! She's flashing and ready to Smash!

Falcon: Inkling's showing us her smart moves by splatting Isabelle from a distance, and Daisy jumps over the puppy to give the girl a splitting kick!

Digi: Isabelle still has a lot of HP on her life, so she's biding her time for the Final Smash. Daisy dazes Inkling with another veggie and Isabelle runs in to hammer the princess a couple of times.

Inkling: 47.1 HP D1
Isabelle: 94.6 HP D1
Daisy: 58.3 HP D1

Falcon: Daisy ain't afraid to stay in the fray, though. I love what she's doing, she's smacking Isabelle with the frying pan. And Inkling rolls them both over!

Digi: Burying them both in a huge puddle of ink as she keeps steamrolling them. *tosses in a spiked gun with a menacing laser barrel in it* Let's see if they can figure this one out.

Falcon: The Rage Blaster?

Digi: It is! Inkling sees the gun and is gonna take her chances with it while Isabelle finally unleashes her Final Smash, trapping Daisy in the town hall, and it's going boom!

Falcon: One hop from Inkling and Daisy loses her second life with a shot from the Blaster! Now Inkling's Final Smash meter has charged to full and Isabelle responds in kind with the potted plant trip.

Digi: Inkling tosses another Splat Bomb, and Toad is able to counter that one right back at Isabelle! I think they're ganging up on her.

Falcon: Inkling's had enough, she's pulling out the big guns and launching a huge sonar wave at the others! Daisy just manages to jump above it in time but Isabelle is not so lucky. That does blow up the tower again, so let's see how that opens the arena up.

Digi: Daisy's going for it now while Inkling waves her hands in delight, might be a bad move as Daisy juggles her with the parasol.

Falcon: *heaving in a Party Ball* I dunno what this got stuffed with but there's definitely a lot--

Digi: Isabelle lures in Inkling and now she's gone! Daisy slaps her while she's pulling the line back in!

Inkling: 120.0 HP D2
Isabelle: 17.6 HP D1
Daisy: 100.4 HP D2

Digi: And Isabelle decides to go for the Party Ball while Inkling's on her mercy period. I think she likes the sight of grabbing more items.

Falcon: Bad move! Inkling lunges in to smack her, almost putting her down another life! Daisy reaches for the curved sword and Isabelle grabs that shiny beetle, we'll see what they do with them.

Digi: Isabelle tosses the beetle right before Daisy slices her second life away!

Falcon: Smart move by Daisy not grabbing that leaf, which is hanging out by the edge.

Digi: Yeah, she already has the float jump, so that won't mean much for her, as Inkling gets carried away by Isabelle's beetle!

Falcon: Daisy swings the sword at Isabelle again but she shields just in time, trapping Daisy in her net. Taking a risk there but the shield did not pop!

Digi: Inkling with the Super Jump, lands right in between them, sending Daisy flying. Isabelle not so much although it does shake her up a little. Actually, Daisy now throws the sword away as she finds the baseball on the ground.

Falcon: She hurls the pitch and the...ball disappears and then chases down and strikes Inkling in the air! Isabelle grabs the sword, charges, and hit Daisy hard right when it glows! Waiting to make her move pays off with a big swing!

Inkling: 79.4 HP D2
Isabelle: 83.6 HP D2
Daisy: 37.4 HP D2

Digi: Daisy needs a rally here to win this here, and just as I say that, pulls out the racket again and swings one at Isabelle! Inkling takes the leaf, floats away from the others and splats them from a distance.

Falcon: It stuns them for a quick moment as she pulls out the Paint Roller again, burying them under the roof of the tower! Backing up and charging in again--Daisy squeezes out of there, just jumping over the second pass.

Digi: She dodges and grabs Inkling, throws her down while Isabelle rides out of there on her balloons.

Falcon: And Daisy uses her Final Smash but I think Isabelle was out of range to fall asleep immediately! That could be a perfect strategy as Daisy heals up and hip checks the sleeping squid, what a hit!

Digi: That one was never going to miss. Isabelle finally catches some Zs, but certainly the time she spent in the air helped her out a lot. Daisy lands another blow on Inkling but Isabelle pops them both with her slingshot.

Falcon: Looked like Daisy was trying to pull out Toad but was a hair too late on that, now Inkling with another Splat Bomb...Isabelle pockets it right as Inkling was retreating to refill her tank!

Digi: Surely didn't expect that! And just as Inkling pops back out, she and Daisy both get a face full of ink, knocks Inkling out of the match and blowing the roof off one more time!

Falcon: Daisy grabs Isabelle, lets Toad jab her a couple of times before they heave her up in the air. Isabelle catches the platform up top and Daisy jumps to follow her.

Digi: Running in with the Daisy Bomber but misses. Isabelle snags the princess on her line, and flings her away to finish it!


Digi: Wow! A perfect catch for Isabelle to finish the match, and I bet she'll have a story to tell the mayor when she heads back home. *He brings Inkling and Daisy back up to the tower to join Isabelle.* Ladies, did you enjoy the fight?

(All three answer pleasantly.)

Digi: You know, we'll start off with Daisy because coming into this fight I knew what you were capable of because of your training with Princess Peach.

Daisy: Oh yeah, Peach has been an awesome trainer!

Falcon: You were quite graceful but not a princess to mess with out there.

Daisy: Mhm, these two though...look at Isabelle, she was running circles around us with all those toys and tools. I thought a golf club was strong, she knocked me out with a fishing rod!

Digi: I might have to watch out for that myself. Fancy yourself in kendo or fencing anytime soon?

Daisy: I've been to the Olympics, you never know.

Falcon: Awesome. Inkling, surely not the finish you expected in this fight but how was it out there?

Inkling: *She tilts her head, shrugging her shoulders while she squidtalks. She pretends to throw a Splat Bomb over her shoulder, acting surprised when she didn't see or hear it go off.*

Digi: *chuckle* That was Isabelle, she stole it on you!

Inkling: *Glances to Isabelle and gives her a playful pout* Woomy...

Isabelle: I'm a sly little dog. :3

Inkling: *giggles and runs in place pretending to use Paint Roller, flashing a thumbs up to the commentators* Whoo hoo!

Falcon: Yeah, you were running them over...and you did get her good with the sonar gun.

Inkling: Squawa!~ ("Thanks!~") *pretends to fire her Final Smash gun*

Digi: You kept it very fun and colorful out there, and we loved the knockouts too. Thanks very much! And our winner, Isabelle...stepping out of the office and throwing the whole town at them, and it looks like it worked!

Isabelle: We know how to have a party!

Digi: Indeed, and it looks that party will travel. Think the mayor's gonna be mad at you stepping away for a bit?

Isabelle: I bet he enjoyed it. You guys have to bring him over here sometime, I'll fill in for him when he's gone!

Digi: We'll see about it, depends on who else is willing to put together a match. And if anyone else wants to bring any of you back, they have my support.

Isabelle: Yay!

Daisy: Alright!

Inkling: Squiwi!

Falcon: And I'd be willing to show the old guard of Smashers can keep up with them. What do you think, dude?

Digi: I'd love to see it, but for now I think it's time we get everyone back home. Captain, thank you very much for the ride, I really enjoyed coming back and I know it helped our fighters out too.

Falcon: Anytime, we gotta get them all back.

Digi: And more!