Extra Match 2: Playing With Power (Byleth Vs. Min Min)

Extra Match 2: Playing With Power

Fighters for Final Destination

Byleth Vs. Min Min

3 stock match

No items

(A blue haired woman with an asymmetrical black and silver outfit finds herself disoriented, wandering onto the left side of Final Destination, not entirely sure how she got there.)

Byleth: Is this that... "Smash Stadium" that I've heard so much about?

(A blonde haired woman with a unique orange and green outfit appears on the other side of the arean, looking cheerful and excited. Her arms are made of ramen noodles and have robot dragon heads for hands.)

Min Min: Wow, is this a new ARMS arena? I'm ready to win myself-and Mintendo Noodle House-more fame and fortune!

Byleth: Um, I believe there may have been a misunderstanding-

Min Min: Heh, what's to misunderstand, buddy? There's an arena, there's two of us, so it must mean we've got to get punching!

Byleth: Er, all right, but I won't hold back!

Byleth: 3 stocks

Min Min: 3 stocks

Byleth: *runs up to Min Min and tries to punches her, but hits Min Min's shield*

Min Min: Not a bad start! But I can do this! *One of her dragon hands shifts into a glowing yellow ball* MEGAWATT!

Byleth: *gets shocked and punched across the stage, and has to grab onto the left edge by extending her sword into a whip* Okay...time for a new strategy. FAILNAUGHT! *Charges energy into an arrow in her bow until it becomes a beam that fires at Min Min*

Min Min: *Tries to kick it away but is too slow, and goes careening off the right side of the stage* Byleth: 3 stocks, 56% damage

Min Min: 2 stocks

Min Min: *respawns in the middle of the stage* You've got spirit! I like that! But here comes Ram Ram! *Shifts her yellow ball hand into an orange flaming ring that she fires at Byleth repeatedly*

Byleth: Darn! She's moving too fast for me again! AREADBHAR! *dashes forward with an uppercut slash to push Min Min further to the right*

Min Min: Oof! Nice trick buddy, but can you do this? *Extends her dragon arm and fires a thin laser that pushes Byleth off the stage*

Byleth: If I can just recover-

Min Min: Nope, sorry! *Wacks Byleth with Ram Ram, causing Byleth to fall before she can reach the ledge*

Byleth: 2 stock left

Min Min: 2 stocks left, 36 percent damage

Byleth: *respawns to the left* All right time to-

Min Min: *extends her dragon arm and fires another laser, shoving Byleth into the blast zone before she can react*

Byleth: 1 stock left

Min Min: 2 stocks left, 36 percent damage

Byleth: Not my best! I've got to focus and come up with something or my journey ends here!

Min Min: *changes back to having two dragon hands* It's been fun playing with you buddy, but it's time to wrap this up! *starts alternately stretching out each arm and firing a laser each time*

Byleth: I just have to time my jumps! *Manages to dodge most of the punches and lasers* Now! A...MYR! *brings an axe down as she leaps at Min Min, sending her upwards for a star K.O.*

Byleth: 1 stock left, 45 damage

Min Min: 1 stock left

*Min Min appears at the left side of Final Destination, with Byleth on the right, their original positions now fully reversed*

Min Min: I like you! You really don't give up! Let's see how much fire is left in you! *leaps at Byleth and tries to divekick her*

Byleth: I'll finish with this!

*A huge ghostly green haired magical girl appears behind Byleth. Byleth extends the whip sword just as Min Min's foot is about to collide with her face.*

Sothis: Your will and mine, now as one! The end approaches!

*A burst of energy erupts from the whip sword, causing Min Min to explode and disappear*



Byleth: Rise from your grave.

*Min Min's body is magically put back together*

Min Min: Huh...thanks. That's surprisingly nice of you.

Byleth: I never take life that I do not intend to restore at some point.

Min Min: Interesting. Very...harmonious way of thinking, I guess. Say, maybe we can be friends once we get to know each other.

Byleth: I would...like that.

??: Congrats!

*Byleth and Min Min turn to see the owner of the voice, Mash Toady*

Mash: You both have more than proved yourselves. You're welcome on the roster of the Super Smash St-hold on. *takes out his cell phone* Navi? You're taking the day off because you're going to dinner with Boshi? Didn't you hate that guy? ...Things change? Okay, have fun. *puts his phone away.* Er, sorry. But anyway, I can take you to the main building.

Min Min: That's really kind of you, but how the heck do we get out of this formless void?

Byleth: She...has a cogent point.

Mash: Not an issue. We'll use a trick an old friend taught me. Each of you put a hand on my shoulder and lend me a bit of energy...then sit back and watch the fireworks.

*Min Min and Byleth do so*

Mash: By combining my power and theirs...ARMAGEDDON!

*Mash fires a pink beam into the sky that opens a massive glowing portal* Mash: All right, now we just gotta wait for it to transport us! You guys are in for a wild ride!

*A voice shouts from within the portal*


*The three enter the Ultimate Warp Zone, but Mash appears on Hyrule Castle, and Byleth and Min Min are nowhere to be seen*

Mash: Huh? What the?

??: I'll take a meowment of your time if you don't mind.~

Mash: Wait, who said-

??: Nya! *leaps down from the highest platform in the center of the stage and stomps on Mash, sending him sliding towards the left ledge of the stage*

Mash: *catches the ledge just in time to avoid falling into the blast zone, and jumps twice to get back on the main floor of the castle* What? Some kind of devil looking cat girl in a purple cape and red gown?

??: Mrowr, I'll have you know I'm very unique! I even have heterochromia! *dashes left towards Mash with a flurry of punches and kicks*

Mash: Okay, I may not know that much about fighting, but even I saw that coming. *grabs her by the leg and uses a suplex to to fling her down to the bottom left platform*

??: Mraaa! *leaps right onto the main floor of the castle and tries to drop kick Mash*

Mash: *rolls out of the way* You're still too slow!

??: I'll show you "slow," loser! *tries to throw a Smash Punch at him*

Mash: *counters it with his own Smash Punch, their fists sparking as they collide* Don't mess with me, I've been Head SP for...a few months!

??: Like that means anything!

Mash: *smirks* Well, they seem to think it does!

??: Wait, what do you mean, "they?"

*Byleth and Min Min finally drop out of the Ultimate Warp Zone behind they mysterious cat girl and lay into her with Byleth's whip sword and Min Min's double dragon hand lasers. The cat girl is sent flying over Mash's head and gets stuck into a tornado that spawns on the lowest platform in the middle of the stage*

??: Augh! Okay, okay, I give! Uncle! Aunt, even! Mash: *focuses a hidden power and dispels the tornado*

??: Thanks, I guess. *stands on her feet and smirks* You aren't so lame after all, Mash.

Mash: How do you know my name?

??: My name is Catra. I'm kinda-sorta a friend of Skeletor's. I was going to help him rebuild a new Awesome Attack Arena, but I got sucked into the Ultimate Warp Zone, and was merged with it for a while. Not a bad experience, most of the anger and resentment I've built up in my life was replaced with a strange kind of peace. But that's not important, right now. The important thing is that my business experience and the near omniscient knowledge I gained from being stuck as an ethereal entity for the past few months can help you. Figi, I mean Digi and Captain Falcon have done a fair enough job scouting for newcomers to your Stadium. But I can find more for you. Past, present, future, even alternate dimensions. Everyone you want will be there.

Mash: That actually sounds like a pretty big load off of my shoulders, but why should I trust you when you just tried to kick my butt?

Catra: I had to test you. You seemed much stronger than you looked, but I had to be sure. You have capable hands, you'll be fine, especially with me on your payroll.

Mash: All right. Sounds fair enough. Let's rebuild Revanda's Super Smash Stadium once and for all. No more getting the whole building destroyed every week, and plenty of fun times to be had!

*Byleth and Min Min look at each other in confusion, but gently smile at each other*

Catra: That's the spirit, Mash. I can't promise I'll always be "nice", so to speak, but I'll be loyal.

Mash: Eh, I'm willing to give you a shot. And anyone you help bring to our doors. *winks and smirks*

Catra: Then it's settled. *opens the Ultimate Warp Zone and transports everyone to just outside the Stadium*

Navi: What a lovely date, I'm so happy I could-*gets squashed by Mash falling*

Mash: Sorry Navi.

Navi: I need to buy you a parachute, Mash.

*Mash and Navi dust themselves off and get to your feet*

Navi: Wait, don't I know you?

Catra: I know we've had some spats in the past, Navi, but my talents can more than make up for it.

Navi: Just don't eat any of my chocolate.

Catra: Can't make any promises.

*A humanoid boy with long blond hair and elaborate gold armor runs up into view, panting*

Dan Moore: Catra, you move too fast!

Mash: Him again!?

Catra: Mash, it's okay. I figured that after all the chances other people have given me, this guy deserves at least one.

Mash: Hmm. I suppose you're right. Say Dan, how would you like to fight alongside Falco for a match or too?

Dan: Would I ever! You won't regret this Mash!

Mash: S-sure, just don't hug me so hard! Woo. Well that's it, I guess. I think I'm starting to get used to this head SP thing! It's a long, weird, road ahead of us, but it's gonna be fun, too! All right gang, let's head on in, and like an old buddy of mine used to say, let the carnage begin!