*Camera is centered on Metal Man. In the background, the Stadium is in ruins. Years of inner chaos have led to this; instead of working together, the Super Powers and others worked against one another, resulting in the Stadium imploding on itself. Although its last Head Super Power had planned on leaving it, it appears fate has other plans for SSS...*

Metal Man: Well. That was certainly something.

*Mash Toady is in front of Metal Man, holding the camera.*

Mash Toady: I'm here, live at... what WAS the SSS... covering this new development. Metal Man seems to be the only one left standing, so I'm going to interview him about this.

*Mash holds up a microphone to Metal Man.*

Metal Man: Who, me? Don't look at me. I was just trying to run the finale.

Mash Toady: Is it true that your short-lived reign of chaos destroyed the Stadium?

Metal Man: No, no! That was Super Smash Que--I mean never! This was going on long before I did anything here.

Mash Toady: But what will you do, now that the Stadium is destroyed?

Metal Man: Well, let's see. That guy who I saw get exploded in the Stadium collapse isn't going to help me, so...

Mash Toady: What guy?

Metal Man: Well, you know... 'that' guy!

Mash Toady: Hm?

*Mash Toady rolls the tape back, revealing that someone was standing outside the Stadium when it collapsed inwards on itself, and got buried in the mess.*

Mash Toady: ... ...I don't see how that is relevant.

Metal Man: Of course it isn't!

*While Mash Toady wasn't looking, Metal Man has propped up Digi in the heavily dented commentator's chair.*

Metal Man: My co-SP will help me lead SSS to a new beginning!

Digi: ...

Metal Man: Isn't that right, Digi?

Digi: ...

*Mash Toady facepalms. Digi is still KO'd.*

Metal Man: Well, Digi agrees, right?

Poorly Done Puppet-Voice Digi: Yeeah, I am just okay! I'm gonna help Metal Man rebuild the Stadium! Yaaaaay!

Mash Toady: Are you done playing around, or am I going to have to interview Game Guru on how you somehow passed the Stadium psychological testing?

Metal Man: I'm never done! I'll show you the true power of--

*Digi wakes up, looking mad as he surveys the damage*

Digi: (sighs) Okay Metal, what happened THIS time?

Metal Man: Well, you got kablooied by a stray rocket that--

Digi: Why?

Metal Man: Because Snake missed.

Digi: Okay, then what did you do?

Metal Man: Only try to fight half the Stadium off while the match went on.

Digi: Who won?

Metal Man: It was either nobody or Sonic.

Digi: What happened to Mario and Olimar?

Metal Man: Knocked out. They couldn't handle the Chaos.

Digi: (;v_v face) Then I think it's Sonic. (sighs) Not like he's got much to be king about...

Metal Man: Unfortunately. But at least being the king of this scrap heap is better than having to ball up and destroy badniks all of the time.

Digi: I wouldn't guarantee that. So, what do we do? Is this done with as well?

Metal Man: It might be. Remember, two fans' worth of tickets isn't enough to pay the food, water, power, and magical thingamajiggies from sustaining the Stadium.

Digi: Guess we got to find a new job again, huh?

Metal Man: Wait a minute!

Digi: Huh?

Metal Man: I can go... to ANOTHER DIMENSION!

Digi: Oh no, not that again. Metal... don't you remember how badly that backfired last time?

Metal Man: What do you mean?

Digi: Alsa, remember? The place with the killer people on it? You don't want to go to SSS' version of that, do you?

Metal Man: Yes! I mean... er... ..I'll be more careful this time!

*Light Bear joins the group.*

Metal Man: Oh! It's you! Mr. ... Something... something person...

*Metal Man scratches his forehead--which makes a very grating metallic noise, as both his helmet and hand are made of metal.*

Digi: Hey! That's really annoying!

Light Bear: Yeah, could you tone it down a bit?

Metal Man: ...Whoops. Anyway... I think we will go to another dimension. That will fix this. Or otherwise, turn it into the delicious pastry of defeat.

Light Bear: Whoa, that's a bit extreme, there! Uh, isn't there anything else we can do?

Metal Man: Nope, Mr. Stickly Doodleman, nothing.

Light Bear: I am the esteemed Professor Phillip Nathan Donald MacBlank, thank you!

Metal Man: ...who?

Light Bear: *sight* Light Bear...? The guy who did all the suggestions? ....anyway, this place just needs a quick fixer-upper. If we get to work, we can-

Metal Man: Are you crazy? It's much easier to just find another intact one.

Light Bear: But surely, if we all pitch in, and we ask the fighters to lend a hand, they'd be completely willing to-

Metal Man: Those fighters? You mean people like Captain Falcon and Snake? No way!

Light Bear: B-but if we simply rally the masses in our favor, we can easily-

Metal Man: All two of them? I don't think so, Tim.

Light Bear: Why, if I simply put the word out that we needed some help and we wanted to-

Metal Man: No way! We're not going to get anybody. And really, my plan makes sure I don't need any help! ...Except from you guys, of course.

Light Bear: Honestly, this place isn't lost, we can simply break out the big guns and-

Metal Man: What big guns? All that happens when I shoot the ruins is they become even more ruined.

Light Bear: But what if we-




Light Bear: WHAT IF I-

Metal Man: DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE--er, no. No way. Not on a plane, not in a subway train, and not in the sky, riding a burning apple pie. We're warping now, or we're warping now without you.

Light Bear: >=C

Metal Man: ...And that is why I'm going to warp out of here, with or without you. So, it's time to go and...

Pat: Hey!

Metal Man: What?

Pat: I'm not dead! Why did you take my SP badge?

Metal Man: I thought you were gone!

Pat: I was, but now that this has happened... ..it makes me want to do SP duties again. ...I don't know why.

Metal Man: Well, here you go, Pat. Just so you know... ..I outlawed that joke involving things being better than you.

Pat: Well, that's great, but my emotional wounds from your depiction of me at NC will not heal for quite a while. *Sniff*

Metal Man: Er... right... anyway! Onward! Zippitity Zoo Rocket Glue! Shoe Panorama of Boo Gnus!

Light Bear: *Whispering to Digi* What is he doing?

Digi: *Whispering back* I don't have a clue, he's always like this.

Pat: Did you drink Zer's stash of Ecto Cooler, Metal? You're acting a bit...


*A large portal of the blue variety appears mid-air.*

Pat: ...Oh.

Metal Man: I have to say those things. They help me concentrate.

Digi: You guys will get used to it. Maybe...

Light Bear: @_@

Pat: Well, whatever. Let's just get going already.

Metal Man: Right. Onto the new wor--

Esco: Metal, what the HELL was that?

Metal Man: ...A better question. Who the hell are you?

Digi: *Gasp*

Light Bear: Huh?

Digi: *Whispering* He almost never curses...

Pat: Yeah, just who ARE you? I don't remember you anywhere... ..and I'm the Stadium historian!

Esco: You can't be serious, Metal. You honestly don't remember granting my SP-ship?

Digi: Wait, this guy's an SP?

Metal Man: Nope. Don't remember it at all. Unless it happened in my backstory, that probably means it never happened.

Esco: But that was only two weeks ago!

Metal Man: I'm sorry, mysterious crimson hate machine, but if I had made you into a Super Power, I would have remembered it. Or my Smash Dex would have. Right, Smash Dex?

Smash Dex: Error: database not found.

Metal Man: See?

Esco: *sigh* Fine... Let me spill out my entire backstory AGAIN...

*everything fades out into a flashback of Esco's past*

Esco: A long time ago, I used to work as an assassin. Utilizing my skills of concealment while harnessing the powers of the green flame, I have managed to kill hundreds of targets!

Metal Man: Big deal. I killed thousands of my own people. And then thousands of other people, just because they looked at me funny.

Esco: Silence! One day, I fought my perfect equal, and only just escaped with my life. After that, I decided to give up the life of an assassin, and began roaming around the world. Eventually, I settled down in this place called Smashtopia-

Pat: Wait a sec, when was this?

Esco: About ten years ago.

Pat: How come I haven't seen you before?

Esco: I don't know, maybe it's because I'm an expert in the art of concealment? Anyway, I eventually stumbled upon the SSS, revitalizing my assassin blood-

Digi: I don't recall ever seeing you at the stadium since I became an SP...

Esco: What part of "Expert of Concealment" don't you understand? Just a few weeks ago, I personally approached Metal and requested SP-ship, which he quickly granted.

Metal Man: No, I didn't. I'm quite sure of it!

Esco: ... Work with me here.

Metal Man: ... Well, okay then. I guess you can come with us. But only because you kill people!

Esco: Of course. It would be pointless to leave me behind.

Digi: *Whispering* I'm not sure I can trust this guy...

Light Bear: *Whispering* But you trust that lunatic with the time device!

Esco: *Sneaks up behind Digi and whispers back* Yeah... you really can't trust either of those guys.

Digi: Gah!

Pat: ...

Metal Man: So, let's get going... before I go insane.

Pat: Er...

Metal Man: Doubly insane!

Esco: Of course.

Metal Man: Onward!

*Metal Man walks into the portal.*

Digi: This better be better than Alsa... *follows him in*

Pat: I can't believe we're following the insane guy. *enters the portal*

Esco: *muttering to himself* I swear, Metal, one of these days I'll... *follows the rest*

*Inside the Portal.*

Pat: Did you remember to close the portal after we left?

Metal Man: Uhh... yes. Yes I did. Right, invisible talking Saiyaman?

Invisible Talking Saiyaman: No.

Metal Man: Oh well, it's not like anything will happen because of it.

*10 minutes later*

*A Black Robed Figure appears, crawling out of the rubble of the Stadium*

Black Robed Figure: God... What happened... And why does my head hurt so bad?

Black Robed Figure: *Begins walking to find someone* This whole place looks abandoned. I wonder how long I've been out... And I wonder where everybody left t-SHYAAAH!! *Falls into portal*

*The group emerges from the portal. Before them is the Stadium... a different Stadium. The sky is orange with sunset, but the Stadium seems to be there... if a bit quiet.*

Metal Man: Well, here we go. Problem solved, folks.

Digi: Isn't it a little quiet? What if it's abandoned?

Light Bear: Yeah, we should go back and fix that original one. This isn't going anywhere.

Esco: Ugh, all of a sudden I sense an impossibly happy aura... I feel like I'm going to die.

Pat: Why does this place feel strangely familiar to me...

Metal Man: I don't know, but I think we'll find out soon enough!

Esco: (I must find out where this energy is coming from!) I'll go on ahead and... check for danger before we enter it.

Metal Man: Good idea. We'll wait here.

Esco: I'll be back... *Vanishes*

Digi: Are you sure you trust him?

Metal Man: Absolutely positively nope! ...That's why he goes in first though. If there's anything evil, he'll take the hit for us. If he's good, that is!

Light Bear: ...

Pat: Sounds fine to me.

Esco: *now hidden within some dark foliage, searching for something*

Esco: This aura is getting stronger and stronger with each passing thought! What could possibly be the source of this overwhelming contrast to my own blackness?

Esco: *Notices Twilight a few meters away*

Esco: What is THAT?! It looks like some sort of unicorn or something, but how can this be? Perhaps Metal's overactive imagination has something to do with this...

Twilight: That's funny. I feel like I'm being watched...eh, that's silly, I'm worrying too much. Nobody could possibly watching me in this perfectly safe and normal place! And there couldn't be any dramatic irony in any of my statements whatsoever!

Esco: *continues watching from afar, thinking to himself* I wonder how much I could get from Master Kazan for a unicorn's corpse- Get a hold of yourself, Deisedarah! You're a Superpower of the Super Smash Stadium, not the assassin of the past! None of those who you have encountered in the past matter anymore, especially not Kazan! I wonder if I should just go out and talk to it, maybe get a semblance of an idea what the Hell is going on in this realm.

Metal Man: While we wait, I think we should brainstorm on who else could be an SP. I mean, you guys are great, but I could always use more.

Pat: Don't you already have more SPs than most Head SPs before you ever had?

Metal Man: Silence! I'm thinking here!

Celestia: *poofs in front of Metal*

Metal Man: Oh no, it's one of those monsters from that land where everyone is happy! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! *Runs away*

Digi: *Muttering to the others* He's never been the same since he visited heaven that one time...

Light Bear: ...I don't even want to know.

Celestia: Fear not, Metal Man! I, Princess Celestia, of the Kingdom of Equestria, in the neighboring continent of Ponyland, know of your plight, and wish to aid you!

Metal Man: *Smashes into a tree, then gets up* Okay, get a hold of yourself, Metal. You can always destroy them later. Er... ahem... *points accusingly at Celestia* You're an evil being from that land of happiness, aren't you!? Here to imprison me in the land of smiling children for all my evil deeds!

Celestia: Hardly, my friend. You see, my young apprentice, is a little... crazy. *chuckles to herself*

Metal Man: So you know someone else crazy. Well, I'm the king of craziness here, so you keep your land of happiness away from me and I'll not warp us into a black hole.

Celestia: Fair enough. ...But between you and me...*leans over and whispers to Metal* ...She could stand to be a little crazier.

Metal Man: Ah, so you want me to teach her how to be an insane, violent Season 10 Quester, do you? Well, I'll take that offer!

Digi: Metal!

Metal Man: Oh, right. I'll, er, make her an SP! Yes! Re-creating the Questers here to serve my personal vanity was NEVER on my mind!

Digi: ...

Light Bear: I still think fixing the other Stadium was better.

Pat: Shhh. The maniac is talking to the pretty unicorn.

Celestia: Oh, she'll be here before you know it...*Her horn glows and she sends a telepathic message* Twilight, honey, the nice man I told you about is here!

Esco: Damn, she disappeared!

Twilight: *teleports to Metal and Celestia's location* Hello, sir, it's truly an honor to finally meet you! The Princess has told me so many good things about you!

Metal Man: Well, of course! I am Metal Man, TRANSDIMENSIONAL ADVENTURER EXTREME! Mwa ha ha haaa! Tell me, my friend, have you ever blown up a man with a dryer? Or stabbed someone with a butterknife of pure ice? Or... hurled a gigantic spider off the side of a cliff?

Twilight: Uh... *looks over to Celestia* Princess, are you sure we can trust him? He looks kind of...crazy. I mean, just look at him...

Metal Man: *holding his fists in the air and shooting a pistol into the air as lightning strikes and thunder roars around him* Yes! YES! My plan is working perfectly! A few more SPs and I will be the ultimate Head SP in the universe! MWA HA HA HA HAAAA!

Digi: *Facepalms* I think he's drunk on phazon again...

Pat: Pha-what?

Digi: Liquid radiation.

Pat: ...Never mind.

Celestia: *chuckles* Fear not, faithful Twilight, Metal Man is not crazy...he's advanced!

Twilight: *cheers up immediately and smiles* You're right, I shouldn't have been so suspicious. *She looks over at Metal* As I was saying, sir, it's great to finally-

Metal Man: Just call me Metal. But don't call me Shirley. Or I'll surely destroy you.

Twilight: ...I'll, uh, make a note of that. But um...you're sure you want me working for you? I'm not sure if I'm what you're looking for in a-

Metal Man: *pats Twilight on the head* Not to worry, young lady! I can assure you that you are exactly what I'm looking for! This is the beginning of a beautiful mutually beneficial partnership! One that involves... explosions!

Twilight: Th-thank you...I think...

*Something crashes into Twilight*

Twilight: OOMF! Rainbow Dash, what are you doing here!!?

Rainbow Dash: *floats off of Twilight* Helping you! You're going to need someone to make sure you don't get killed living in this battle arena thingy, right!?

Twilight: ...Dash, I don't need a bodyguard, and there is a big difference between sacrifice and stupidity. I appreciate the gesture, but please go home.

Rainbow Dash: Ah come on, Twi, what's the worst that could happen? Even if I kick the bucket, that means I get to be a ghost and play pranks on people all day long! It's not like there's nothing in this for me, ya know!

Twilight: *sighs, then smiles* All right. Metal, can Dash come with us?

Metal Man: I don't see why you can't take your totally awesome flying marshmallow with you! Besides, I need all the help I can get!

Light Bear: Didn't you say earlier you didn't need any help?

Metal Man: Quiet, annoying stickadellian!

Light Bear: Meep.

Celestia: *chuckles* Then it's settled!

Twilight: Metal, I look forward to working with you. *She puts out on of her front hooves for Metal to shake* ....Hey does anyone hear footsteps?

*Esco runs into the scene*

Esco: METAAAL!! What did you do?! I'm seeing pink unicorns and white flashes and-

Metal Man: Now now, ED, that unicorn hapens to-

Esco: And would you stop calling me ED?!

Metal Man: As I was saying, that unicorn happens to be our newest SP.

Esco: . . .

Metal Man: Oh come now, ED, you know I've been busy with SP tryouts ever since we moved to the new stadium. Oh! here comes someone now!

*They turn to see a short, Black Robed Figure standing awkwardly in front of them*

Metal Man: Ah, you must be here for the SP job.

Black Robed Figure: A Super Power?..... Ya... Sure let's go with that.

Metal Man: Excellent. Now what's your na-

Esco: Metal! He's obviously not here to apply as a Super Power! We can't just hire anyone for the job.

Metal Man: Silence! Now what is your name, robed one?

Esco: . . .

Yesman: Yesman is my name.

Metal Man: Yesman? Welcome to the ranks of the Super Powers, Yesman.

Esco: ... Oh God. He's lost his mind!

Digi: Uh... I don't think he had much of one left to begin with.

Pat: You clearly missed the part where he shot Snake with DVDs.

Light Bear: The fact we're even in this dimension is clearly a show of his madness.

Metal Man: Er... yes... thank you, peanut gallery. Anyway, Yesman, these two unicorns I met five minutes ago will your co-workers. That and these other people I just dragged with me from another dimension. I hope you don't mind.

Twilight: Hi there, little buddy! You're such a cute little masked man, I'm sure we'll have fun working together!

Esco: . . .

*The group goes to enter the Stadium. It's... familiar but not, with different fighters all over the place. Mash Toady follows.*

Mash Toady: It's... odd. It feels like...

Pat: The past?

Metal Man: No, it is not the past.

Digi: Tron Bonne is a fighter???

Metal Man: It's not the past!

Light Bear: Is that an Abra?

Metal Man: IT'S NOT THE P--

???: Of course it isn't.

Metal Man: See? That guy who just walked in agrees with me!

*The man is... Ganondorf... who has his huge Melee-era sword.*

Ganondorf: Of course. I've never seen any of you before.

Twilight: Oh no! It's an evil guy who crushes dreams!

Metal Man: Now now, I know how to talk to evil people. Watch and learn.

Digi: Here he goes again...

Metal Man: Ganondorf, I am here to summarily take over the Stadium and run it with this assorted gaggle of people I picked up while stumbling randomly between dimensions.

Ganondorf: I...

Light Bear: This isn't going to end well.

Ganondorf: ...Accept your plan.

Digi: Whaaaaaat?

Esco: You will never make sense to me, Metal Man.

Metal Man: Well, I picked this realm on purpose!

Ganondorf: Our head SP fled just an hour ago. He took his SPs with him. The Stadium is about to go to a match... without anyone to commentate on it.

Metal Man: Don't worry. I'll handle it!

Ganondorf: *Evil grin* Of COURSE you will...

Esco: I don't know, Metal... I don't think it should be this easy to take full control of the stadium despite knowing almost nothing about it. There has to be some sort of catch...

Twilight: Yeah! You can't trust the people from Dark Unhappiness land!

Metal Man: Shhhh! I have it covered. *Whispers* At least, we can just beat down all the people here if things go wrong.

Pat: ...

Metal Man: Sooo... let's go and see that match!

Digi: *sigh* At least we'll have something normal to do now...

Yesman: Yes... Let's do this. I agree.

Light Bear: I still don't think... ...whatever, I'll go with it until it fails.

*Metal Man and the SPs walk into the new commentator's booth.*

Metal Man: Well looky here! Everything I need... all right where I needed it!

Ganondorf: Of course.

Metal Man: Well, enough talking, let's get started!

Ganondorf: Today's matchup is Simon Belmont vs. Zero. They are fighting on the DK Bonus Stage arena. Items are set on medium. Go ahead, comment away.

Metal Man: Wait, I've never heard of--

Ganondorf: Farewell.

*Ganondorf walks away.*

Esco: You fool! I told you it was a trap!

Metal Man: No it... isn't! Look, there's the fighters right now.

Esco: Aren't here supposed to be two commentators?

Digi: Well, Metal tends to be a bit too... insane for most of us.

Esco: Then who will be his co-commentator?

Metal Man: SIMBER, of course!

*The SPs who didn't literally join 5 minutes ago stare at Metal in shock.*

Metal Man: ...Oh... riiiight... uh... you, Esco!

Esco: It seems you're finally starting to use some logic for once..

Metal Man: You sit there. I can already see them entering the battlefield.

Esco: This music... Sonic 3 Bonus Stage? What's this doing on DK's stage?

THREE... TWO... ONE... GO!

Metal Man: Aaand Zero just leapt from one towering platform to another and stabbed Simon with a Rakuhoa... Potato bug.. ... ..I'm just going to call it an upwards stab.

Esco: Zero fails to land the second hit and gets punished by Simon's axe!

Metal Man: The battlefield is a series of tall trees with platforms on them. It's hard to tell where the stage ends and where the stage begins, as an item capsule lands in the upper right, and Zero spin-jumps towards it!

Esco: Simon's almost there, but Zero gets to it first.

Metal Man: Zero flings it--it misses Simon and lands on another platform.

Esco: And out comes... a Paper Mario badge?

Metal Man: Simon ignores it and instead throws a few crosses Zero's way.

Esco: Zero cancels the crosses with a well-timed slash, and follows up with a barrage of bullets from his Z-buster. Simon seems unphased by the blasts.

"Eggman Construction: Because burning down forests is FUN!"
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Metal Man: Zero slides across the gap, but Simon jumps him, then whips him!

Esco: Zero falls to the second level while a barrel appears in the middle of the stage. A fire flower has just appeared towards the left!

Metal Man: Zero leaps towards the Fire flower, ignoring the barrel. Simon is chasing him from above...

Esco: Zero attempts to get the flower but is denied by a cross from above!

Metal Man: Zero counters with a rising slash, chained into a spinning mid-air slash! That has got to hurt!

Esco: Simon is knocked back towards the middle, while Zero grabs the fire flower. A bumper appears close to Simon...

Metal Man: Simon grabs it and hurls it at Zero--Zero is bounced back, nearly off the stage!

Esco: Zero blur-slides back to the stage, then chucks some fireballs, Mario-style.

Metal Man: They miss, much like my puns sometimes do.

Esco: Your puns always suck, Metal. Anyway, Simon chucks another axe. Zero rolls out of the way, then leaps up and pelts Simon with fireballs from above! Simon is now flying a bit off stage too...

Metal Man: Simon recovers with his whip, then hurls a container of holy water!

Esco: It lands close to Zero, but he's only barely clipped by it.

"Tired of thinking? Just buy an Alakazam from us! -Silph Co."
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Metal Man: Zero goes in for some real damage, doing a downward ice stab.

Esco: Simon tries to counter with his whip, but his timing is off! Zero has him now...

Metal Man: Zero's grabbed Simon and thrown him off to the side...

Esco: Simon lashes out at the edge with his whip... he just barely misses! That's one stock down...

Metal Man: And some rogue bumblebees are entering from the left side!

Esco: Simon returns, pissed off as he should be. Another crate appears near the bottom of the stage, and a Pokeball appears near the top.

Metal Man: Not much time for items though, as Simon uses his period of Invincibility to leap down and beat Zero with his whip, then throw him into one of the bumblebee-things!

Esco: Zero goes flying up... he uses his downward stab to ensure his recovery.

Metal Man: But Simon anticipates it, hurling an axe into him just as he lands!

Esco: Then he gets hit by a bumblebee, as they finish crossing the stage...

"Go to beautiful Bowser's Castle. See the lava. Get an instant sun tan from the complete lack of atmosphere!"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Metal Man: Simon is charging something... he has an axe ready to throw...

Esco: Zero leaps down and knocks Simon off the platform sideways, then leaps over to the Pokeball. He hurls it...

Metal Man: Darn. It misses and falls off the stage. More pokecruelty.

Esco: Simon throws a barrage of crosses...

Metal Man: ...Zero slashes them and then grabs and throws Simon off to the right side.

Esco: And then the middle platforms vanish, forcing Zero to follow him!

Metal Man: Simon takes advantage of the gap to beat up Zero with aerial whipping.

Esco: Zero falls to the bottom-right platform, just as a Bob-omb appears above him.

Metal Man: Simon drops down and grabs it...

Esco: Zero tries a rising uppercut!

Metal Man: ...Simon drops the bomb right on Zero's head!

Esco: Zero goes flying upwards... but he doesn't die?!

"Ever wondered what it's like to fight dust mites up close? Shrink down and join Hocotate Freight today!"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Metal Man: Zero lands on the now-back middle platform...

Esco: Another box appears right next to him!

Metal Man: Zero picks up the box and throws it upwards.

Esco: Simon runs and jumps towards the upper middle platform, as it now has two red shells and a green one.

Metal Man: Zero uppercuts...

Esco: They collide, activating the shells!

Metal Man: Simon is knocked off the stage!

Esco: The fighters prove to be an even match... Metal, did you turn on a fog machine? I can barely see the stage.

"Dodongo Powderkegs: Blowing up everything in your path since medieval times."
Lives: 1
Lives: 2

Metal Man: Simon returns, as do two capsules on the bottom middle platform...

Esco: Zero camps in the corner while Simon grabs a capsule.

Metal Man: Simon throws it upwards. It explodes.

Esco: Simon throws the other one at his feet, and out comes a Freezie!

Metal Man: Simon grabs it and heads over to freeze Zero.

Esco: Zero leaps down to Simon's level... What is he doing?

Metal Man: Zero hits Simon with a quick slash, but gets frozen and falls off the stage.

Esco: Can someone turn off that fog machine? I can't even see the arena anymore...

Metal Man: Do I hear buzzing? And Simon getting hit?

"Under attack by evil, laser-shooting angler fish? Call Star Fox today!"
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Esco: Yes. Simon's been knocked around a bit... but to what extent is hard to tell.

Metal Man: Hmm... I see Zero's blade flashing in the mist...

Esco: Ah, the mist is clearing.

Metal Man: ...The exterior platforms are gone!

Esco: And another Pokeball appears!

Metal Man: Zero throws down the pokeball. Out comes... Zapdos?

Esco: And Simon is zapped! He goes flying off the stage!

Metal Man: Oof. Bad luck for Simon.


This Game's Winner is... Zero!

Metal Man: So, that's a wrap. I don't see any trap.

Ganondorf: Of course not. There'd never be such a thing here...

Metal Man: Well, I guess it'll do. We'll run this Stadium for now, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Excellent...

Metal Man: Now to get my new office broken in.

*Metal goes to walk off, only to encounter an old face...

Metal Man: Wait, how'd you get here?

Game Guru: You left a huge portal behind you. Remember?

Metal Man: Oooh yeah... ...but why'd you follow us?

Game Guru: I figured I should see what this 'new Stadium' idea was all about. I have to admit, I had my doubts...

Metal Man: To be honest, I'm surprised you came out here at all!

Game Guru: ...But against my better judgment, I think this new Stadium is worthy of being considered the successor to the one I and the others once ran.

Metal Man: Really? Well... thanks!

Game Guru: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go home and rest. Those interdimensional portals are murder on my feet.

Metal Man: Right, see ya.

*Game Guru walks off, then Metal, and then the other SPs, leaving Esco and Digi...

Esco: If it was up to me, I would've disabled the items. They always seem to be the deciding factor instead of the fighter's skills.

Digi: Wait, was that you who disabled the items in the third King of the Stadium Match?

Esco: Uhh...

Mash Toady: And with that, the new Super Smash Stadium came to be. What would happen to it in the future remained a mystery... ...but all I know is, at least SOMETHING is going to happen for the foreseeable future. Mash Toady out.