Match #14: Dragon Battle!

Fighters for Castle Siege: Ridley vs. Charizard vs. Bowser vs. Yoshi

Stock: 3

Items: Medium

*In a dimly lit room of the Stadium, Twilight is sitting in a chair, typing while looking at the enormous monitor of a super computer connected to the Stadium System Network. A small circular tray under a bright light is visible to her right, next to the keyboard, covered in destroyed nanobots. She begins muttering to herself.*

Twilight: ...chaos is power, enriched by the heart...the controller exists to unify the chaos...

Kevin: *walks in* Up late?

Twilight: GAH! *nearly jumps out of her seat, wheeling the chair around to face Kevin* Y-yeah Kevin...I'm just...working.

Kevin: Isn't it hard to type with what's basically just two huge fingers at the end of your arms?

Twilight: *chuckles* Not as much as you'd think. *raises an eyebrow curiously* Uh...why are you up, anyway?

Kevin: I got into Dash's Red Bull. Couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd look to see if anything exciting was going.

Twilight: ...And the only one you could find awake was me. *turns back around and begins typing again* Well, if you think watching an introverted nerd like me sort out data is exciting, you're welcome to stick around.

Kevin: Thanks. Oh, and I wanted to let you know that Esco's doing really well for a guy who was frozen for most of that world ending time crisis.

Twilight: *giggles* That's good to hear.

Kevin: Heh...sounds kinda funny coming from you...

Twilight: *turns her head, smiling at Kevin* He scares me. A lot. But...I still care a lot. *She winks and turns her head back to the screen...then wheels the chair around to face Kevin as she remembers something* That reminds me...I forgot to thank you Kevin. If it weren't for you, I'd be dead...or at least still in a coma.

Kevin: Heh...*rubs the back of his head, a little surprised to get thanked by a Superpower...he then straightens out his pointed hat before speaking again* Well, that's what I'm here for. Helping out the team. Uh...what are you working on, anyway, Twi? *He suddenly notices the nanobots next to her* Are those-

Twilight: The nano-machines designed to drain light energy from ponies?

Kevin: ...Yeah.

Twilight: The very same. *puts a sly smirk on her face* ...Hatred is technology, I suppose.

Kevin: ...You remember that?

Twilight: Well, it took me a good long while to- being woken up by an electrocution didn't help things- but eventually I was able to recall the incident with that strange alternate version of Mewtwo quite clearly. That's...actually why I've been working all night.

Kevin: ...Huh.

Twilight: I've been reading the logs of what happened since I've been out. Pat...Digi...Yesman...they all fought bravely. *rubs her chin for a moment* I suppose I should feel grateful that this "Ganondorf Dragmire" person helped, too, but...I still don't trust him. *She shivers uncomfortably for a moment, before quickly calming down* Erm...I'd better get to the point. I've been...thinking over what I read, and while at first glance, Metal didn't do anything but show up and die...I think there's more to him than meets the eye. Even with all the Superpowers' courage...I don't think they could do what they did without the experiences they'd had with Metal Man. Metal is...well, let's face it, crazy...and he's often selfish. But...*sighs as she looks down and remembers the time she had a breakdown and tried to "create friendship problems"*...I can't say too much different of myself. *She looks back up and smiles at Kevin* Maybe it's not so bad to be a bit of a weirdo as long as you help when it counts. I think I'm starting to see what Celestia saw in Metal. But that brings me to...*she wheels back to the screen* pet projects.

Kevin: ...Coming up with a scheme?

Twilight: ...Kind of. If I'm going to help out out in the future, I'm going to have to study harder. I haven't been able to find out where the nanobots came from...but if I examine them long enough, and closely enough, I'll know everything about the draining process and how to duplicate it. That other Mewtwo...unleashed a power in myself in Dash that...well, I hate to say it, but that the Stadium may need to survive, at least until myself and the rest of Team Harmony can develop further in the ways of friendship and light. So, we could have a valuable defensive weapon on our hooves, but...

Kevin: ...but?

Twilight: ...but that kind of power taints the mind and heart, and I'm going to have to a lot more research to find out how to maintain control of those negative emotions. If Dash and I can create a miniature atomic explosion with just the two of us...six berserk ponies could reduce everything within a one hundred kilometer radius to dust. *Twilight taps a key, and a grayed out portrait of herself appears on screen, which she looks at with a worried look*

Kevin: *notices the look on Twilight's face* It all sounds great and all, but...maybe you've worked too hard for one night?

Twilight: ...I guess. *She hops out of the chair, and onto all fours* Well, I'm not getting to sleep tonight anymore than you are. Snack time until morning?

Kevin: Took the words out of my mouth.

*The two of them exit the room and head for the staff lounge. Several hours later, Twilight is sitting alone at a table in the lounge, drinking coffee, when suddenly Mash Toady walks in, with his own cup of Joe*

Mash Toady: Mornin' Twi.

Twilight: Good morning Mash.

Mash Toady: Is that Rainbow Dash over there? *points to the pegasus in the corner of the room performing aerial loops*

Twilight: *chuckles* Well, it's not Darkwing Duck...

Mash Toady: I guess she does whatever she wants.

Twilight: Hee hee, noooot always...You'd be surprised how easy it is to manipulate her...Hey Dash!

Rainbow Dash: *flies over to Twilight* Yup?

Twilight: You should stop being cool altogether. *waves one of her forelegs accusingly* Cool people wind up alone with their names in shame forever and ever.

Rainbow Dash: *stares in horror before starting to fly away sadly*

Twilight: *giggles* Wait until she finds out I was just...

Rainbow Dash: *flies back into the room wearing a rainbow colored tutu*

Twilight: ...kidding. *drops her jaw*

Mash Toady: ...Suddenly I hate when you're right, Twilight.

Rainbow Dash: *blushes, smiles nervously* Well, um, I'd better...uh...go explore my sensitive side...Just...gotta find Mademoiselle Croissantwich's Ballet school and-

Twilight: WOAH, WOAH! Dash, it's okay, I'm sorry. I was just pulling a prank on you to prove a point to Mash.

Rainbow Dash: *stares for a few moments as her brain processes that* ...Oh, I get it! Heh, you're a laugh riot Twi! Erm...this is gonna sound really weird, but can I keep the tutu on now that I'm wearing it?

Twilight: want.

Rainbow Dash: Radical! I'm off to find a way to make a tutu cool! *zips out of the room*

Twilight: *slams her face into the table* Me and my big mouth...

Mash Toady: Eh. We all have our off days. *walks out of the room*

Twilight: *finishes her coffee and starts to walk out too* Well, I'd better get to setting up the next match...Don't want to keep the fans waiting too lo-OOF! *slams into someone, before looking down and noticing who it is* S-Spike?

Spike: Ugh...anyone get the number of the truck that hit me...

Twilight: Uh heh...heh...*smiles awkwardly* H-here, let me help you up. *offers a hoof, and Spike takes it and rises to his feet.* I...I thought you were supposed to be in Ponyville? Running the tree house library and halfway converting it into a shop for magical artifacts and potions?

Spike: I got someone else to take care of it.

Twilight: *raise an eyebrow* Who would-

Spike: Ditzy.

Twilight: Uuuuuuuh...

*Meanwhile, in Ponyville, standing in front of the Treebary is a familliar grey Pegasus*

Ditzy Doo: Free banana muffin with every purchase! Tee-hee!

*Back at the Stadium*

Twilight: Oh dear...well, I...guess it won't be so bad, I mean, she could handle mail delivery, right? W-wait, if Ditzy's running the library, who's delivering the...

Spike: *looks away, a little embarrassed* Well, this might be hard to swallow, but...

*In Ponyville*

Trixie: Neither sleet, nor snow, nor hail shall deter the Great and Powerful Trixie!

*Back at the Stadium*

Twilight: *crazy grin on her face* Ooookay, I'll just...not think about that for a while, ha ha! *snaps out of it* But...that doesn't explain why you're here, Spike.

Spike: *looks up at Twilight with a gentle concerned face*'s getting too dangerous here for me to stay back home.

Twilight: Grr...*glares at Spike* I can handle myself! Thanks but no thanks, Spike!

Spike: *glares back* WILL YOU STOP IT? You're acting like me!

Twilight: Of course I am! We've known each other most of our lives, it makes sense that we'd be similar!

Spike: Uh...ugh. *facepalms*'re derailing things again...

Twilight: S...sorry, but...*smiles slowly* I'm...I'm fine, Spike, really!

Spike: The Doctor told me that a Time Lord nearly killed everyone with a horrible monster that was messing up reality worse than Discord did! Isn't that screwed up enough for you!!?

Twilight: Oh, you're just overreactin-

Spike: Floating. Cheese. Danishes.

Twilight: ...Oh, right. doesn't matter how many cosmic horrors attack this place! I've done just fine in the past and I'll be fine now! *Turns invisible in a cloud of pink smoke*

Spike: *facepalms again* Twi...

Twilight: ...Y-yes Spike?

Spike: *hops on top of the empty space Twilight is disguised as* You missed me, didn't you.

Twilight: ...y-yeah...

Spike: But you didn't want to bring me here because you thought you'd hurt my feelings if you were bossin' me around all the time, with my handling triple the workload in this looney bin.

Twilight: ...uh...huh...

Spike: *smirks slyly* Did you ever stop to think that I usually like doing stuff for you? No matter what it is? As long I'll get to be around you?

Twilight: *turns visible again* ...Geez, when you get this sappy?

Spike: See, now you're yourself again.

Twilight: *blushes* I guess I am. Well...if you're going to be staying here, we might as well celebrate. I've had a match idea on the back-burner for a while, and...well, I can't think of a better time to run it than now. It's a good thing I talked to all the fighters in advance, even if one had to talk to me in Morse Code...

Spike: Hmm...Four Rarity free-for-all?

Twilight: *chuckles* Not that, you goof. But you'll like it almost as much. Come on. *trots off to the commentary booth with Spike in tow.*

*Meanwhile in the staff lounge...*

Light Bear: ...So did your foot stop being broken?

Yesman: ...Yes.

Light Bear: Wanna go out to get Mexican?

Yesman: Yes.

Light Bear: Are you going to say "Yes" to every question I ask you?

Yesman: Nnnnn...yes.

Light Bear: Sounds good to me. Let's get going, I hear the salsa's free.

*Back at the commentary booth, Twilight takes a seat, and the little purple dragon on her back hops off into his own seat*

Twilight: Welcome one and all! Today's a special day, because commentating with me is one of my closest friends, Spike the Dragon!

Spike: Wazzup! Major props to y'all.

*Crowd cheers wildly*

Twilight: And honor of Spike and his proud, noble race, I'm holding a special Dragon Battle at Castle Siege!

*Crowd goes crazy*

Twilight: I made sure the roster for this fight had a little variety... Two dragons with wings, two without, one that's part tortoise, one that's part dinosaur, a Pokemon, and one from space!

Spike: Space Dude was Morse Code guy?

Twilight: ...Huh, how'd you know?

Spike: I figured you wouldn't be able to speak Moonman.

Twilight: *blushes* Right. So, to recap, Charizard has appeared alone after discussing things with his trainer Red, popular favorite Ridley the Space Pirate has returned, Yoshi is stopping by, and the ever tenacious King Bowser Koopa rounds off this group of pugilists!

Spike: As long as they aren't beating me up, it sounds great!

Twilight: Just what I had in mind for my little buddy! And so...fillies and gentlecolts!

Spike: All in attendance...

Twilight: ...And the millions watching worldwide! It's me, genius unicorn Twilight Sparkle!

Spike: And Kenbroath Gillspotten Heathspike!

Twilight: ...what?

Spike: It's the name on my birth certificate, Twi. You should know this.

Twilight: Oh! Yes...of course! Um...where were we?

Spike: Uh...well, how does Dash usually intro these things?

Twilight: *whispers into Spike's ear*

Spike: Oh, okay, sounds cool!

Twilight: And without further ado...

*Bowser walks out of a cloud of flame and onto the leftmost platform. Charizard swoops in below Bowser on the slanted floor of the tower, and Ridley lands upon the floor on the right. Just above him on the rightmost platform, Yoshi explodes out of an egg*

Spike: Let's fly into overdrive!

Twilight: Charizard starts of strong by using his Flame Fly technique to fly up and burn Bowser with fire breath while spinning in a neat little drill motion!

Spike: Meanwhile the Big Purple Guy jams his tail into the ground, slamming him into Yoshi, setting up for Ridley sending the little guy flying left with a giant fireball!

Twilight: That's bad for the other three fighters, because Yoshi slams right into Bowser and Charizard, doing damage to all of them and knocking them to the floor!

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Lives: 3
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Spike: Scary Space Guy's really rocking the arena with those winds he's kicking up from his wings! All three of the other guys fell off 'cause of Ridley!

Twilight: Good thing Charizard can just fly back up, and Bowser and Yoshi are getting back in the ring with a Whirling Fortress spin and Flutterjump.

Fluttershy: You called?

Twilight: offense, old buddy, but I was talking about something else.

Fluttershy: *smiles sweetly* Oh, all right. Have fun! *leaves the booth*

Spike: Now Yoshi's bowling 'em all over with Egg Roll! Go little guy, go!

Twilight: Bowser's quick to catch Yoshi in mid-roll, though, with his Koopa Klaw slash, and transitions into the flying slam, crushing Yoshi with his belly and landing on Ridley!

Spike: Turtle guy better enjoy the moment while it lasts, 'cause Charizard comes up from the left and scorches those other reptiles with Flamethrower! And while everyone's recovering from being burned, he slams them all with a boulder, sending them up while the arrows rip apart the castle! Nice!

NEVER RUN AWAY FROM THE TIME POLICE. YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE.- A public service announcement from Officers Against Time Felony
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Lives: 3
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Twilight: I think it's time we threw in some items. *tosses in a ray gun, Ridley catches it*

Spike: Alien grabbing the ray gun, huh, seems fitting. *tosses in a Beam Saber, which Yoshi catches*

Twilight: Charizard is stalking up to the guys on the right platform...Ridley shoots Bowser, causing him to land right where the fire Pokemon wants him...and he's using rather unique smash attack on the Kind of Koopas! Using the fire from his mouth as a rocket boost, Charizard's head slams into Bowser's and the tortoise flies off to the right, and his first life's gone in a flash of light!

Spike: Ridley seems happy about that, even if he didn't make the final blow...he looks pretty cool, taunting while holding that gun in the air and roaring. But Yoshi sees an opening, and slashes Ridley away like a real Jedi. He's landing on the left platform...

Twilight: *tosses a Bob-Omb onto the left platform* And is going to have to act fast to save himself...

Ridley: RAIEEE! *grabs the Bob-omb with his tail and flings it at Yoshi*

Spike: Whoops...there goes our little green friend.

Twilight: With a surprise turn around, Ridley bends chance in his favor, and Yoshi flies into the background among the arrows!

Spike: Speaking of chance, Charizard's luck just ran out...Turtle Guy's back, and out for revenge, re-spawning in the center of that weird sloped floor and grabbing the Poke-dude. One push of Bowser's nose and Charizard's shoved off to the left...

Twilight: And a leaping claw swipe from below sends Ridley over the horizon. Everypony- er, every dragon is down a life, and the gray void means it's time to switch to a different section of the stage.

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Lives: 2
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Spike: Now we're in a big hallway...sweet! But...should we be worried about those hugely muscled guys?

Twilight: Huh? Oh those! Don't worry, Spike they're just statues. I don't think they'll be standing much longer with these guys around, either...Ridley dives down from the top right platform and lands on top of the platform the right statue is holding up...

Spike: Yoshi follows and stomps on Ridley with his butt!

Twilight: Bowser and Charizard are already on top of the left statue...Charizard starts slicing Bowser with his wings, and follows up with a Rock Slam. Great use of careful technique, but he's going to have a hard time matching Bowser's strength, as the Koopa King has the same idea Yoshi did...One tap of the posterior and the statue comes down, burying Charizard in rubble!

Spike: Speaking of Yoshi, he may be small, but he's got Ridley on the ropes after swallowing and trapping him in an egg!

Twilight: Predictably, Ridley doesn't like that one bit, and starts gnawing on Yoshi's neck, blowing fire out with every bite!

Spike: Yeah, that looks like it hurts, I can practically feel it...

Twilight: Not to worry, Yoshi can transcend the pain! He slurps up Ridley and burps him and down and to the left...

Spike: While Charizard breaks out of the rubble and grabs Mr. Tortoise in his jaws...

Twilight: And Ridley and Bower collide in mid-air! Astounding! Astonishing! Amaz-

Spike: Twi, you're doing the "thesaurus" thing again.

Twilight: Uh heh...sorry.

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Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Twilight: Ridley takes wing, hovering off the ground, and lunges into the remaining statue, raking it with his teeth, causing Yoshi to fall, but the green dragon dinosaur rolls out of the way of the rubble...

Spike: But he's not quick enough to avoid getting juggled by three giant fireballs from Ridley. He's taking way too much damage too fast, and the poor guy gets sent off stage to the right. Harsh.

Twilight: Charizard blasts Bowser with Flamethrower for a while, but as it runs out of steam, Bowser grabs the Pokemon and forces his belly on him...

Spike: And he grabs him...and does the belly thing again...and...he does the same thing again, and...Twilight what's he doing?

Twilight: Oh, that's a chain grab, Spike. Standard incapacitation maneuver.

Spike: It' a lava lamp...*drools*

Twilight: Well, thankfully Spike won't be in a trance for long, because Bowser finishes off his repeated tummy assault by crawling into his shell and knocking Charizard into the back of the pretty, expertly crafted hallway with Whirling Fortress.

Spike: *blinks, snapping out of his trance* Yoshi's re-spawning in the center, between Turtle Boy and Space Guy...Charizard's coming back on the far right...this could get ugly.

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Lives: 2
Lives: 1

Twilight: Time for another item to even things up! *tosses in a Golden Hammer*

Spike: Wow! It's shining with magical energy! Whoever grabs that shillelagh's going to tear up the ring!

Twilight: Right you are, Spike! Everyone makes a dive for it, but Yoshi's closest to the center, so everyone else is just...

Spike: practice, as they bounce right off the hammer in mid-jump! Looks the shortest guy in the match is the one who's got in the bag!

Twilight: Don't affirm that hypothesis yet, Spike. Everyone still has one life left...and we're getting warped again!

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Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Twilight: Well...we've somehow been transported to the molten depths of the earth's mantle. It's a wonder that the heat radiating from the magma hasn't killed us all instantly.

Spike: Heh, funny thing is that temperatures this hot are extremely comfortable for us dragons.

Twilight: *chuckles* Well, this match is a gift to you, after all, Spike...The fighters have dropped onto the huge floating rock, Yoshi watching carefully from the left, Charizard doing the same from the right, Bowser standing in the middle, and Ridley floating over him...

Spike: ...And I'm throwing in a Smash Orb.

Twilight: Ridley takes a cue from Charizard and slices it open with his wings...get ready Spike, this is going to be big...

Spike: ...okay, he's glowing, he's glowing, and...holy hay fries, did he just turn into a cyborg??? I mean, I know he's from space and all, but...

Twilight: Ridley's techological alter ego, Meta Ridley has awakened, and I can't describe how bad that is for the other fighters. Ridley's Multi Missile System activates, and three homing missiles fly out of his mouth as he hovers over every one...amazingly, one shot is all it takes to dump Charizard and Yoshi into the magma. Bowser has...somehow survived by hiding in his shell. Huh.

Spike: I'll miss those guys, but they did a great job til the end.

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Lives: 1

Twilight: I should have seen this coming from reading his data file, but Ridley's got way, way too much of an advantage...So in you go, little orb...*flings in another Smash Orb...which falls and breaks on top of Bowser's head*

Bowser: OW! Watch yer aim, will ya lady?

Twilight: Uh...sorry King Koopa

Spike: So...does he turn into a monster too?

Twilight: ...Yeah, pretty much.

Bowser: *grows enormously tall and mutates into a much more muscular form*

Giga Bowser: GRAAAAA!!!

Spike: ...uh...Well, I can definitely say I'm impressed.

Twilight: Glad to hear it! *giggles* But er...words word words...oh yeah. Bowser's got a pun intended...height advantage, but Ridley's still got all that fire power...

Spike: He's spitting bombs from above and it looks like it's hurting the tortoise bad...

Twilight: But Bowser doesn't flinch at all and swats Ridley with claws growing with dark energy. Ridley counters by slamming into Bowser's head with his Ultrathermal Flamestrike Projector, fire bursting from his clawed feet, but even setting Bowser's head on fire is making the Koopa lord budge...

Spike: Time for desperate measures.

Twilight: Looks like we're in for a beam fight! A huge red laser emerges from Ridley's throat, his Kinetic Breath Weapon...But Bowser's starting to fire a purple mouth laser of his own!

Giga Bowser: GALACTIC GUN...FIRE!!! RAR!

Spike: Woah, they'd better be careful not rip the whole planet apart...this is starting to remind of a show about balls...

Twilight: I read some of the manga, come to think of it. It's so close,'s over! Bowser's beam just consumed Ridley and blew him away! We have our victor!

GAME SET! This game's winner is... BOWSER!

Twilight: Well, Spike it's been great having you back.

Spike: It's been great being back, Twi. Why don't we get some...

*An extremely loud roar is heard*

Spike: ...shakes. Something bad is about to happen, isn't it?

Twilight: Uh...huh.

*Giga Bowser is greeted by a golden three headed dragon twice his size landing to his left on the floating platform. He's knocked to the ground by three lightning-like rays.*

Twilight: ...ooooh no, this isn't good at all.

Spike: Twilight! Who is that guy!?

Twilight: ...Ghidorah, king of dragons. I'm unable to read his mind...but I'm fairly certain he's angry that we didn't invite him. He's...quite capable of destroying the planet given his power and the position underground he's in.


Ghidorah: ??

Giga Bowser: ??

Spike: S...So...what do we do?

Twilight: We help Bowser. Good thing I read up on alchemy...

Spike: ...wait, what?

Twilight: *smirks at Spike, levitating a bottle of green liquid with her horn* Spike, how'd you like to find out what it's like to be grown up?

*Twilight and Spike walk out of the booth*

Giga Bowser: Ugggh...lousy cheap shot opportunist...

Ghidorah: Rrrrrgh...

Giga Bowser: Hey pal, you ain't got no business callin' me a hypocrite. At least I cheat with class!


*A huge purple dragon, as tall as Ghidorah, with a single, long necked head, powerful beak like jaws and a green belly stretches its wings out and gives a roar. Atop its head rides a familiar purple unicorn*

Giga Bowser: ...Ridley? No, couldn't be...

Twilight: Your highness, we're here to help! Together we can defend against his Gravity Beams!

Spike: *smirks and offers Bowser a hand* Need a lift?

Giga Bowser: Eh...beggars can't be choosy. *allows Spike to help him up*

*Back in the booth, a pink equine figure with curly hair bounces in, while an orange furred, purple maned young pegasus flies in behind her*

Pinkie Pie: Oh I'm so excited! Aren't you excited, Scoots?

Scootaloo: Yeah, I could get my "Narrating a fight during the apocalypse" cutie mark!

Pinkie Pie: Hello everypony! We're your substitute commentators! Pinkie and-

Scootaloo: Scootaloo! This is gonna be rad!

Twilight: Spike, he's charging his beams. When he fires, execute the plan I gave you!

Spike: Got it!

Pinkie Pie: Ooo, Three-Face is shooting weird lightning looking stuff at Spike!

Scootaloo: But Spike expertly the extreme!!!

Pinkie Pie: Hee hee, the heads are chasing Spike and trying to shoot at him, but they're getting all tied up like a big tasty pretzel!

Scootaloo: And now Spike makes a perfect finish with his shining green breath weapon! Cool beans!

Twilight: King KoopaSpike's successfully subduing Ghidorah with his fire breath, but he can't hold this stream forever! Aim carefully and attack before Ghidorah and untangle himself!

Giga Bowser: It's finally payback time! GALACTIC GUN, FIRE!!!

Ghidorah: RAAAAAAGH!!! *roars in pain as Bowser's beam hits, and he's sent flying through the ceiling, still being burned by Bowser's purple energy and Spike's green flames*

Giga Bowser: Ha! Game over!

*Bowser and Spike shrink back to normal and Twilight teleports them back into the commentating booth...Pinkie and Scootaloo have mysteriously vanished*

Twilight: Woo...what a rush. Well, I guess it's time for Mash to...*walks about the booth with Bowser and Spike following her* ...where did everyone go?

Spike: Looks like most of the fans and staff fled from the impending doom.

Twilight: ...Oh. That...that figures. Um...King Koopa

Bowser: Eh, rather woulda done all myself. Don't care much for bein' saved an' all. But a win's a win. And you small fries have earned my respect. Well, most of it. Yer still too cute. But you know your way 'round a fight, can't argue with that.

Spike: *laughs* All in a day's work!

Twilight: Heh, yeah, what he said...

Bowser: I've got to go home and make sure Lemmy hasn't trashed my keep while I've been gone. Catch you on the flip side, kids. *walks off*

Twilight: I'm proud of you Spike, I always knew you had potential!

Spike: *blushes* Easy Twi, it might go to my head...

Twilight: I guess we've got the whole place to ourselves...

Pinkie Pie: Noooot quite! *drops from the ceiling*

Twilight and Spike: GAH!!!

Pinkie Pie: Hee hee...Twi, Spike, I think you'll be happy to know that Dash has arranged for a little celebration in honor of you two saving the world today.

Spike: Huh...sounds cool.

Twilight: Yeah, so...when is it?

Pinkie Pie: *giggles* Right now, silly!

*suddenly blue smoke fills the area in front of Twilight and Spike, covering their view of Pinkie. When it clears, Pinkie is starting to play a guitar, Sonic is playing bass right next to her, and Scootaloo is hovering in front of a microphone on a stand...After a few moments, Scoots begins to sing.*

Scootaloo: Someone always playing corporation games! Who cares they're always changing...corporation names! We just want to dance here...someone stole the stage. They call us irresponsible...

Pinkie and Sonic: Write us off the page!

*Dash flies in, doing elaborate pirouettes and turns in mid-air to the rhythm of music, still in the tutu Twilight accidentally talked her into*

Scootaloo, Pinkie, and Sonic: Marconi plays the mamba! Listen to the radio! Don't you remember...we built this city on rock and roll!!

*Dash and Scootaloo land, and all four band members take a bow*

Twilight: Uh...different...

Spike: ...But fun.

*Twilight and Spike clap for the others for putting on a show and all laugh cheerfully*

*Later, in Esco's Chamber...*

Esco: Damn, I feel like AAAA right now. I'm glad I have some company...

*pan over to Ridley, who is just barely able to fit into the small room*

Ridley: ... Right. This is the first time someone has enjoyed my presence.

Esco: Anything's better than that damn light aura. Ever since those light beings recovered, I've continued to decline.

Ridley: Oh, quit being so melodramatic! I already know that you hate positive energy, so stop slipping it into every conversation! I get it!

Esco: It's more than that... Anyway, we're getting off tangent. The reason I called you here-

*The door opens and Kevin walks in*

Esco: Oh, hey Kevin.

Kevin: Uhh, what's he doing in here? *points to Ridley*

Esco: I'm... er... interviewing him for the post-match, since apparently a stadium disaster is a good excuse to get out of working. So, why are you here?

Kevin: Oh, I was just... You haven't told me any more of your ninja tales in a while.

Esco: Wait until tomorrow. I'm busy at the moment.

Kevin: Okay, see ya! *leaves*

Esco: *Turns to Ridley* As I was saying, I managed to sneak a robo-sample off of Twilight when she was off in the staff lounge. *hands Ridley a vial with several nano-parasites contained within* With your technical genius, I believe we can reverse-engineer this technology and use it to our benefit.

Ridley: *Examines the vial a bit* Hmm... I'll see what I can do with these...

Esco: All right.

Ridley: It's going to cost you, though.

Esco: ... Must you make things difficult?

Ridley: I wouldn't be talking if I was you. I still have yet to see the bounty hunter.

Esco: Fine. I'll abuse my SP powers once again to get you into another match. Happy?

Ridley: That's not going to cut it this time. I lost humiliatingly as a result of a stray item! Next time, I want the odds to be stacked in my favor!

Esco: *imitating Ridley* Hmm... I'll se what I can do...

Ridley: Oh, go jump off a bridge. *shuffles around and crawls towards the exit*

Esco: I can levitate, remember?

*Ridley flashes a death glare and leaves*

*Meanwhile, in a dark chamber... you should know where this is going by now.*

????: Hey, Leader-guy!

?: What is it?

????: I took care of that interdimensional threat.

?: Good work. Now, where are the robo-parasites? I HUNGER FOR MORE LIGHT POWER.

????: I'm afraid those bugs won't be sucking in any more juice... they got fried in the clash with the Time Lord.

?: ...

??: If it makes you feel better, the north-bound swarm has almost reached the White Lands.

?: Yes, that does soften the blow slightly. Slightly.

???: Sir, I don't feel that attacking the White Lands is a good idea... With the destruction of light, darkness follows.

?: I'm aware of that. Once I absorb enough essence, no amount of darkness will be able to defeat me!

???: Uhh, I don't think you should be taking that so literally-

?: NONSENSE!! Of course it's a good idea! You are dismissed!

???: *sigh* Fine... *exits*

?: Now, how are the preparations for the upcoming battles?

????: What are these preparations you speak of? I don't recall us making any.

?: WHAT?!

????: I can't read your mind, you know! Everything's all "battle this", "battle that", what in the world do you want us to do?!

?: Train yourself. Push yourself to your absolute limit, so that you shall peak in your strength! The battles ahead demand it!

????: I'm already the best I can be. How can I be better than perfect? Battling won't improve my mental capacity, you--

??: *jumps between the two before conflict can break out* Guys, guys! Settle down! Number One, I've been collecting data on the stadium's fighters, and my results suggest that we lie low for a while. Keep them off our trail.

?: Very well, but I must gain power soon... *starts twitching* I think I'm suffering from withdrawl...

????: Whatever. Just... whatever. *Throws his hands up and walks away*

*Meanwhile, in an even darker chamber...*

*Loud thunking noise*

Metal: Curses! I forgot to put a new lightbulb in my office!

*Room is lit up by Metal's desk inadvertently bursting into flames*

Metal: ...I'll fix it later.

*Fade to black*