Match #15: New vs. Old!

Fighters for Final Destination: Lucario vs. Mr. Game and Watch.

Stock: 2

Items: Medium

*Yesman's Room*

Yesman: *Sleeping*

*Later that Day*

Yesman: *Sleeping*

Twilight Sparkle: *Dashes in* ... Yesman!!

Yesman: *Jumps up*

Twilight Sparkle: Why aren't you out there?!

Yesman: ... Why are you talking to me?

Twilight Sparkle: What?

Yesman: Have you even talked to me since Metal uh... assimilated us?

Twilight Sparkle: Well... No.. That's not the point. Your match is going on!

Yesman: Twi... If my match was going on wouldn't I be commentating?

Twilight Sparkle: Not if you forgot about it and have been sleeping all day...

Yesman: But I have... Oh Crap. Is anyone out there?

Twilight Sparkle: Esco went out there and is commentating now. He's pretty peeved. Are you going out there?

Yesman: Ya because I love dying... No!

Twilight Sparkle: Well maybe you should go talk to Metal...

Yesman: Oh god...

*Metal's Office*

Metal: So what happened?

Yesman: I missed a match...

Metal: ... And...

Yesman: ... And what?

Metal: You really don't know? Do you realize what yesterday was?

Yesman: No... I don't believe in time.

Metal: Impossible! You couldn't possibly have forgotten... it's right here in the rulebook! *throws it into Yesman's face*

Yesman: Oof. Metal, this just has "Ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire" written across... Two thousand pages...

Metal: Look on the back, dagnabbit!

Yesman: *Turns it over to sees "If you forget, you die"

Metal: See! HAH!

Yesman: What did I forget?

Metal: You just admitted that you forgot!

Yesman: No... Well in a technical sense ya, but I didn't mean to!

Metal: Too bad! It's all your fault. Now you have to fight to restore your honor!

Yesman: I have to fight?

Esco: Yesman can't fight, even Mash could defeat him!

Yesman: When did you get here? And yes I can! Remember the not-so-immortal immortal time guy?

Esco: Oh, you mean the one you couldn't even scratch?

Yesman: But he was like invincible! But I did fight him, or at least attempted to.

Metal: I don't care! Next match, you fight. Or else!

Yesman: I have to commentate on that match! And not commentating is why I'm in this mess!

Metal: I'm sure you'll figure it out. If you like your honor, that is!

Esco: I could laugh, but I won't.

Yesman: Fine... You'll see. I'll get this done.

*Again Later*

Yesman: Hello everybody and welcome to The Stadium!

Crowd: *Cheers*

Yesman: Ya cool... So here's my co-commentator, Mewtwo! The fighter, not the SSQ person...

Mewtwo: ... Hmm.

Yesman: ... Thanks for your input. So today's match will take place between Lucario, Mr. Game and Watch, and Yesman.

Mewtwo: Wait, you're fighting? What are you doing up here?

Yesman: This match will take place on Final Destination. The items will be on... Whatever I can throw in at the time...

Mewtwo: Answer me, you fool!

Yesman: Each combatant will have two lives-

Mewtwo: *sigh* Why am I even here...

Yesman: Well, to help me commentate...

Mewtwo: Obviously.

Yesman: Yup. Well here comes in Lucario, jumping in from the side.

Mewtwo: Cursed move-mimicking bastard!

Yesman: Yes, and here's G&W, coming in from the right.

Mewtwo: And here's Yesman, sitting in the commentators booth...

Yesman: No... And here's Yesman... *Jumps onto the field* ... jumping onto the field.

Mewtwo: ... Right. So, we'll begin in 10, 9, 8, 7-

Yesman: 3-2-1-GO!!

Mewtwo: *Sighs* The Shadow begins the match by jumping toward Yesman, who is already punching the Move Copier... The Shadow grabs a torch... Out of thin air... And hits Yesman with it. Lucopy-cat then begins charging a cheap rip off of my shadow ball. Yesman hits The Shadow back and then... Runs out?

Yesman: *Runs into the booth* Um... Lucario shoots his Aura Sphere at G&W. G&W recovers really easily though. *Throws in a capsule* And a capsule appears on the field. Yesman jumps back onto the... *Jumps onto the field* ... field.

Mewtwo: Yesman throws the capsule toward The Shadow. In the capsule was a Beam Sword. Yesman grabs it and begins beating it the Shade with it, and finally smashes him away. The Copier runs toward Yesman... who trips him. Fool... Yesman sprints toward him and hits him with a slide, which sends him to the left. Lucopio recovers and Smash Attacks Yesman, who is sent toward the Flat One. Yesman recovers midair and hits The Shadow hard downward with his beam sword, toward his apparent death. Whenever he recovers, Yesman sprints toward the Copy Machine, who grabs Yesman and throws him backward. Yesman once again sprints out, and The Shadow respawns.

When in doubt... twist and shout.
Lives: 1
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Yesman: *Runs in* Huff huff.... So G&W is headbutting Lucario huff huff with a helmet, and I'm just gonna sit here and rest for a bit...

Mewtwo: LAZY AAA! *Kicks Yesman back onto the stage*

Yesman: Fine!

Mewtwo: Yesman throws his beam sword at Lucario. Lucario air dodges, and begins charging an Aura Sphere, but is cut off by... Game and Watch is it? Yes well Yesman dives at Lucario, who takes damage. Game and Watch smashes Yesman, with his scuba helmet, Yesman is sent flying up and lands...

Yesman: *Crashed through the ceiling of the commentators booth*

Yesman: Ow... Um well... Huff huff huff huff Game and Watch attacks Lucario with his huff huff huff huff... Pan.... OK! Stop fighting and move up here to the commentators booth.

*Lucario and G&W walk in*

Yesman: Ok. Let the fight resume here. Go! Yesman begins the resumed fight by... NYAAH!... punching Lucario toward G&W!

Mewtwo: Game and Watch is hit by... Lucario... and both hit the wall.

Yesman: Game and Watch recovers and smash attacks Lucario toward- oof!

Mewtwo: Toward Yesman, who is sent straight through the wall...

Yesman: K-OOoooo- *KOd*

Mewtwo: Lucario gets up but gets smashed by Game and Watch , and is sent toward... ME-

Yesman: *Respawning* Well Mewtwo was hit by them.... He looks pissed...

Mewtwo: THAT IS IT!! *Grabs Lucario and throws him toward Yesman who ducks*

Lucario: *Hits the wall* Oof I'm just glad I didn't go through...

Yesman: Mewtwo grabs Game and Watch and throws him at Lucario who is sent flying through the wall. Game and Watch gets up and grabs-

Lucario: *Respawning* -Yesman and throws him against the roof. He bounces off and- AAH

Yesman: Ow... And Lucario is hit by Game and Watch. Mewtwo floats toward both of them and-


Yesman: ... Both go flying different ways. Game and Watch flys out of the window... and Lucario-

G&W: *Falling* Bleep Bloop Bloop Bleep Bloo- *KOd* (Lucario hits Yesman who crashes through the wal- *KOd*)

Yesman: Well, I lose... *KOd*

There's nothing to fear... except for Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine!
Lives: 0
Lives: 0
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Mewtwo: DIE!! *Throws Shadow ball which hits Lucario, who almost falls out a hole in the wall*

Yesman: *Walks in* Well... Lucario runs back toward Mewtwo... Whatever.. They both suck, if there was a bigger space I would have won.

Esco: *enters* Well, it WAS your decision to move here, and you destroyed the commentators booth because of it... Lucario hits Mewtwo with a smash attack.

Yesman: Ya but we can do without... Maybe.. Here *Throws in a Party Ball*

Esco: Mewtwo grabs it and throws it at Lucario, who air dodges and begins charging a Aura Sphere.

Yesman: The party ball opens and reveals 4 bob-ombs. Mewtwo teleports behind Lucario, and hits the with a small shadow ball. All of them explode.

Esco: But Lucario rolls away from the explosion. Mewtwo on the other hand is blown through the ceiling of the booth and KOd. Look, the explosion left a massive hole in the floor! Stop the match right now! Lucario won anyway.

Yesman: Ya you're probably right... Hey guys! I'm calling it!

Mewtwo: You stole my place in Brawl! *smashes Lucario with a Shadow Ball*

Lucario: No, I won it fair and square! *retaliates with Extremespeed* It's not my fault I'm more popular than you.

Mewtwo: MORE POPULAR?! I'M THE ORIGINAL LEGENDARY!! *blasts Lucario with a psychic blast*

Yesman: Break it up guys...

Esco: The winner is Lucari- *Hit by a stray punch* . . . THAT'S IT, BOTH OF YOU ARE GOING DOWN!! *joins the fray*

Yesman: *Looks straight into the camera* MASH, HIGHTAIL OUT!!!

*The camera tumbles for a second then goes to static*

Yesman: *Standing with a rugged looking Esco in the hallway* ...Aaaand we're back. Sorry about the technical difficulties...

Esco: The winner by default is Lucario. He *ahem* "chose" not to be interviewed.

*Anguished cries can be heard in the distance*

Yesman: Yay... I'm gonna go sleep.

Esco: Wait! *Punches Yesman* That's for making me commentate on your match! *Walks out*

Yesman: ... Whatever... *Walks out*


Yesman: I wonder what I forgot yesterday.... It was Monday right? Screw it, I'll just go ask Esco...

*Esco's Room*

Esco: And THAT is how I became one of Kazan's elites!

Kevin: Man, that's intense... So what were you saying earlier about joint-missions?

Esco: Oh, right! So, after I had become an elite, Kazan paired me up with another ninja, thinking we would make the perfect team.

Kevin: Who was it?

Esco: ... Her name was Xaless. She was a psychokinetic user who focused on magical skills like energy attacks, invisibility, and telepathy.

Kevin: Oh, so there's girl ninjas?

Esco: Of course! Kazan was one who believed in "spiritual balance", after all.

Kevin: So, how did you two work out?

Esco: We performed phenominally! Beyond Kazan's wildest expectations! We were a perfect team- we fought in perfect synch with each other, combining our fighting styles and strategies to become an unstoppable force! *holds his fist high, in triumph*

Kevin: You liked her, didn't you?

Esco: Y-yes...

Kevin: So... what happened? Why aren't you together now?

Esco: *looks off to the side, sadly* Oh, we... had a falling-out.

Kevin: Ouch.

Esco: Yeah... That's all for today, kid.

Kevin: Okay, I guess I'll- there's someone at the door.

Esco: Well, let them in.

*Yesman enters*

Esco: Oh, it's you. You weren't eavesdropping, were you? *intimidates Yesman with his signature stare*

Yesman: N-no sir. Not at all.

Esco: Good. Now, what do you want?

Yesman: What was yesterday?

Esco: Yesterday was Thursday, obviously.

Yesman: Wait... Thursday!? What did I miss?

Esco: You really are clueless, aren't you? Yesterday was the anniversary of Metal's home planet's destruction. He had a party and everything.

Yesman: Oh. I didn't know that.

Esco: Well now you do, so get out!

Yesman: Yessir! *flees*

Kevin: ... Yesterday was Monday.

Esco: I know.

Kevin: *stifles laughter* You AAAAAAA, he's going to get into serious trouble tomorrow.

Esco: I can't wait.

*Both of them burst out laughing*