Match #19: How can I help? I'm new you see.

Fighters for Final Destination: Megaman and Tron Bonne vs. Master Hand

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*In Esco's new room*

Esco: Finally, peace at last... Now I can-

*Twilight teleports into the room with a pink flash and a loud bang, causing Esco to turn around.*

Esco: -That damn aura again!

*The unicorn and the ninja glare at each other angrily.*

Twilight: Esco! You're going to pay for what you did to my friend!

Esco: I don't owe you anything. Stay out of matters you don't understand, you witch!

Twilight: I am not afraid of you, and I'm not afraid to die!

Esco: You fool, I will not hold back this time. PREPARE YOURSELF! MUUL... KAAAAAH! *Esco charges at Twilight with a green glowing fist*

Twilight: HNNNNNNNNNNNNGH!!! *Twilight rises to her hind legs, and punches at Esco's fist with a pink glowing hoof...the green and pink energies create a growing ball of light between the two of them that soon becomes larger than both Twilight and Esco combined* W-what? By the Sun, it's-

Esco: ...!?


*The ball of light explodes, causing Twilight and Esco to be flung in opposite directions across the room, ending up flat on their backs*

Twilight: *struggles weakly onto her four feet* The light and dark auras... they... canceled each other out.

Esco: *climbs to his feet as well* Spare me the statements of the obvious, kid.

Twilight: *catching her breath* I'm...not...a child.

Esco: Could have fooled me. Well, it's clear neither of us can harm the other, for now. So why don't you just leave me be? You're only wasting my time.

Twilight: Wasting your- WE WERE TRYING TO HELP YOU, YOU IDIOT! Are you really that angry over a failed romance that you're willing to leave people beaten and bleeding over it!!?

Esco: You really have no idea what really happened, do you, light mage? I thought you were supposed be "wise" and "learned," but you could not even see through the transparency of my deception? You did not understand why I could not reveal the truth? *Esco narrows his gaze, even more enraged than before*

Twilight: *frowns and raises an eyebrow, confused, rising to her hindlegs and crossing her forelegs across her chest as she does* ...what? What are you trying to say?

Esco: *silently turns, facing away from Twilight* Xaless did not leave me. I let her die.

Twilight: W-what?

Esco: On our last joint-mission, our target was a powerful rogue ninja. Little did we know, this man had mastered the forbidden technique of the Black Death. I watched as he overwhelmed Xaless and killed her with it. I completed the mission, but I could no longer consider myself worthy to live among my clan. And everyday, I must bear this reminder of my failure; of my dishonor. *Removes his shirt, revealing a pitch black spiral shaped symbol on his back surrounded by tangled black veins*

Twilight: What is-!?

Esco: Just before he died, the rogue ninja gave me my own curse to deal with. This seal brings me intense pain in the mere presence of positive aura, leaving me physically incapable of experiencing strong positive emotions. None of you understand my loss. None of you understand my struggle. None of you but Ridley.

Twilight: *Her jaw drops in shock* W-well...I...I...I want to...Uh. *She points one of her forehooves at Esco and tries to say something, but nothing comes out. She drops to all fours, hangs her head in shame, and walks out*

*Twilight almost manages to leave the room, before Metal Man pops out of literally nowhere*

Metal Man: Hey! It's not like I feel many positive emotions either!

Esco: Yet somehow you manage to produce maniacal laughter and other symptoms of happiness...

*Twilight raises an eyebrow*

Esco: ...Even if they are only psychotic imitations of true happiness.

Metal Man: Still, I lost an entire planet, and an army of godlike servants who killed all who dared oppose me!

Esco: *Facepalm* That's not the same type of loss I'm talking about, Metal...

Metal Man: Sure it is. I was much happier when demigods served me breakfast! *Stomps on floor* Speaking of that, I want breakfast! NOW!

Twilight: Aren't you going to tell us not to fight?

Metal Man: Are you KIDDING? Half my money is in video taping that stuff. I can steal the Soap Opera audience right out from under The Unhelpful Light Of Being Lost!

Esco: How did you get in here, anyway?

Metal Man: Smashed through your bathroom sink. Oh, by the way, you'll need a new one of those. I'm thinking gold trimmed with diamonds and platinum is required to satisfy structural integrity concerns.

Esco: . . .

Twilight: ...Right. *Slips out while Esco is distracted, still shameful*

Esco: Don't you know, Metal? You're not supposed to sneak up on ninjas, either.

Metal Man: Of course not. If it's against the rules of the universe... then it's on my bucket list! Next up... causing cats to land upside-down on the ceiling. Thanks for reminding me, I'll be on my way. Oh, and I still want breakfast! *Walks out, slamming door so hard it falls off the hinges* Ooh, replacing that one with a solid titanium door too!

Esco: *Face, or, well, whatever face-analogue he has continues to darken with rage* I'll deal with him soon enough...

*Later, in the infirmary, Rarity is in a bed, staring at the ceiling*

Rarity: Someone's got to do something about the paint in this's so...boring.

*Twilight teleports to Rarity's bedside*

Twilight: *smiling awkwardly* Um...did Dr. Mario electrocute you?

Rarity: *leans her head towards Twilight and grins in a friendly way* Thankfully you arrived before that could happen, dear.

Twilight: *frowns, worried* That's...a lot of cuts and bruises.

Rarity: I'm...weak, but it doesn't hurt anymore Twi. Believe me darling, I look worse than I...feel. *She blushes a little, with a slightly wider smile.*

Twilight: Huh...well...that's great! Because I've figured out a way for you to get all healed up in no time! Well...not literally in no time, that wouldn't make any sense, but in a very short time!

Rarity: *her eyes grow wide: Really? Please tell me you're not going to be feeding me those Poison Joke plants you've been experimenting on, Twilight.

Twilight: *smiles awkwardly again, her eyes shifting around* N-no, d-don't be silly! Heh! I'm going to have Applejack take care of it. Isn't that right, AJ?

Applejack: *walks through the door and over to the side of Rarity's bed that's opposite to Twilight, smiling down at Rarity* Howdy.

Rarity: Um...howdy indeed. So, um, what exactly did you have in mind? This will hurt, won't it?

Applejack: *chuckles* Rarity, relax. Ah know what I'm doin'. *She closes her eyes, concentrates, places a hoof onto Rarity's forehead, and a soft red glow appears from Applejack's hoof. Fifteen minutes later, Rarity's wounds have fully healed*

Rarity: My word...that was...actually rather pleasant. But how did you-

Applejack: Earth pony magic! Ain't rocket science, Rarity! It's nature related, remember? *She winks* An' everypony an' everything that's alive is part of nature! Even machines, in thar own way!! How'd y'all think I got so good at engineerin' mah own farm equipment? Ah guess I'm just naturally good as fixing things. *She blushes a little, smiling apologetically* Ah woulda healed ya faster, Rare, but I needed time to get all the little cells and what not to connect properly. Quality control, ya know.

Rarity: Hmm...I see. *hops off the bed, wiggling her tail happily and stretching her legs* Well! I'm fit and fabulous once again! Thank you so much Applejack, perhaps I can interest you in a larger cow girl hat, of the ten gallon variety?

Applejack: Aw shucks, Rarity, ya'll don't need ta make me anything! *smiles and hugs Rarity* I'm just glad to have you back. Now if you guys don't mind I've got a lunch date with Doug, hee hee.

Twilight: Doug? Oh! Right, Captain Falcon.

Applejack: *walks out of the room, grinning to herself*

Rarity: You know, it's kind of a shame she didn't stay in Manehatten. It would have been rather lovely to have another pony to discuss the finer points of fashion with.

Twilight: *blushes* I know how you feel, I wish I could get Rainbow into reading...but at least you have Fluttershy! And, um...Dash when she sleepwalks, though she understandably tries to pretend that never happens.

Rarity: *chuckles* So, where are you off too, darling?

Twilight: *frowns sadly* Um...I'm not sure. I've got a few other loose ends to take care of.

Rarity: *frowns in concern, placing a foreleg on Twilight's shoulder* can tell me anything. I know I may seem a, what with this charmingly posh way that I speak, and how protective I am over my nails...and my fur...and my hai-but I digress. *She smiles softly* I'm as much here for you as you've always been there for me.

Twilight: *smiles, relaxing a little* ...Thank you. Well...Esco, he's...That woman he broke up with...He didn't break up with her. *frowns and looks away* She's...dead. And Esco's been suffering from a curse ever since.

Rarity: Oh my...Twilight, I'm so sorry, I should never have-

Twilight: *places a hoof on Rarity's shoulder, shaking her head* No Rarity, you don't have anything to be sorry for. I was the one that suggested that you "cheer him up" like that in the first place.

Rarity: *rubs her chin, thinking, then looks at Twilight's face again* So...Esco. How do you feel about him now?

Twilight: Well...I wanted to be angry. You know how I get when it turns out I'm wrong. But I can't bring myself to. I don' that much about winning arguments. I care about helping people. And I don't know how to help Esco. I thought about just asking you guys to just help me blast him with the Elements...but I don't know if that would heal him, or just kill him. So my hands...hooves? Are tied for now, I guess.

Spike: Interesting conversation we're having, isn't it?

Twilight: *notices the young dragon behind her* W-what? Spike? How long...How long have you been here?

Spike: Ever since you got in here.

Twilight: Guh...well, I'm...I'm glad you here. Er...wait...I guess you're going to grab a potion from my room, grow all huge, and step on Esco, in some kind of revenge for what just happened to Rarity?

Spike: You're planning on stopping me?

Twilight: Spike, I boss you around a lot, but I know it would just make things worse if I did that. *Twilight blushes and looks away* I'd...miss Esco, but-

Spike: Twi, calm down, I'm not going to do anything like that. I've seen how your revenge mission went, and I really, really don't want to make a mess of my own just to look tough.

Twilight: *bLinks in surprise, looking back at Spike* Oh, um...okay then! I...guess I lead by example! By accident! We're cool, then, right?

Rarity: *hugs both Spike and Twilight, smiling.* We're cool.

Spike: *smiles lovingly up into Rarity's eyes*

Twilight: Th-thanks Rarity. But I um...I think I should leave you two lovebirds alone. I've got some SP business to attend to, heh!

Rarity: Ta-ta for now, and best of luck, Twilight!

Spike: *chuckles* See you Twi.

Twilight: *teleports out of the room*

*A few hours later, in the Smash Simulator*

Sonic: *is running in a formless white void, before jumping and trying to homing attack Twilight*

Twilight: Hnnnngh! *Her horn glows and she grabs him with telekinesis, forcing him to uncurl*

Sonic: *grins cockily*

Twilight: Wh-what's so funny?

Sonic: HA! *Sonic breaks out of Twilight's hold with Sonic boost, pushing Twilight into a wall with the wind aura that appears in front of him, ramming her repeatedly into an invisible wall*

Twilight: OW! OW! OW! OKAY, OKAY, I GIVE UP!

Sonic: *slows to a halt and crosses his arms, smirking.* Computer, end battle.

*The holographic white void dissipates, leaving a normal looking room in its place*

Twilight: Uuungh.

Sonic: Can you stand up? *offers a hand to help her up*

Twilight: *accepts his hand and rises to all fours* Th-thanks.

Sonic: You seem a bit off your game today, Twi. What's up?

Twilight: N-nothing. Nothing at all, ha!

Sonic: Hmm. *glares with an expression that's very serious, yet somehow absent of anger* Seems like a whole of nothing, if you ask me.

Twilight: *suddenly remembers Dash giving her this same look in the past, staring in shock at Sonic* I um...have you ever not really been sure if you're good guy or the bad guy?

Sonic: I don't think I'm ever sure.

Twilight: W-what? But you're a famous hero!

Sonic: *shrugs* I get lucky a lot, Twi. I go with my gut, and most times it turns out all right. Sometimes it doesn't.

Twilight: I'm...not sure how to respond to that.

Sonic: *sighs impatiently, but then kneels down, placing a hand on Twilight's neck and smiling in a comforting way* You trust me, right?

Twilight: Of course I do.

Sonic: *goes back to a neutral expression* Why?

Twilight: Because you seem...loyal?

Sonic: That's what I expected you to say. You want to help everyone, right Twilight?

Twilight: ...If that's even still possible, yes.

Sonic: Then you're going to need to learn that your loyalties are going to have to shift sometimes.

Twilight: But that's betrayal! I can't just-

Sonic: *places both hands on Twilight's shoulders and smiles comfortingly again* You can. You just have to follow your heart and keep hoping for the best.

Twilight: Sonic I-

Sonic: *pats Twilight on the head, chuckling* Just remember, even if I bail on ya, I'll always be back, Twi. I'll see you when when I see you! *smirks, gives a playful salute, and runs off*

Twilight: *manages a smile as he runs off, but rubs her chin, worried* Esco, I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me someday for what I have to do. I've got to face Ridley.

*Several more hours later, Twilight is walking down a hallway*

Twilight: All right, I've got to stay focused. I've got to think of a match.

*A figure in a pink dress with two large spikes in her hair grabs Twilight by the neck and holds her in the air*

Tron Bonne: Hey punk, watch where you're going! I've robbed plenty of places in my time, so there ain't nobody gettin' the drop on me, you lousy amateur intruder!

Twilight: Can't breath! Choking me!

Tron: Huh? Oh, you're one of the people what runs this place...*She sets Twilight down gently* Sorry lady, guess I jumped the gun!

Twilight: It''s fine. You...want to be part of a match?

Tron: Would I! It's time I got my armor back out of the closet! *She runs off*

Twilight: least that was...somewhat productive...*She walks down the hall a little further, encountering Yesman*

Yesman: Hi Twi.

Twilight: Hiya Yes!

Yesman: It's your match day, isn't it?

Twilight: Yeah. Um...say, you ever hear the saying "you should live everyday as if it were your last?"

Yesman: Well, yeah, but why-

Twilight: *closes her eyes and hugs Yesman tight*

Yesman: ...Uh...huh. I...can't remember the last time someone's been this nice to me.

Twilight: *lets go, laughing* It's...just what I do, I guess.

Yesman: *starts to relax again, straightening his mask and chuckling a bit* Well, good luck with your match, Twi!

Twilight: Thanks! Here I go!

*Ten minutes later after some much needed preparations, Twilight is sitting in the commentary booth*

Twilight: Welcome one and all! It's me, your old pal Twilight!

*crowd cheers*

Twilight: And now, as soon as Dash gets h-

Rainbow Dash: *flies into her seat with a WHOOSH*

Twilight: Oh...there you are.

Rainbow Dash: *makes a wide, toothy, slightly crazed grin* I'm ready to watch some explosions!!!

Twilight: ...You delight in terrifying me, don't you?

Rainbow Dash: *smirks* Just a bit.

Twilight: At any rate, we've got a special match for you all! Today, the most famous child of Dr. Thomas Light, Rock Light, better known as Megaman, is teaming up with...some thief girl from the far future who is in love with one of his eventual reincarnations. Er...Tron Bonne! Yes, that's her name! Thank you brain, for fetching that data! *pats herself on the head*

Rainbow Dash: *smiling and holding in a laugh*

Twilight: ...Stop looking at me like that, Dash.

Rainbow Dash: BWAHAHAHAHA!

Twilight: Uuuugh...but yes. Today Megaman and Tron Bonne will be facing off against our resident cosmic overlord, Master Hand! There will be only one life for everyone involved, and no items! Megaman's status as an android with his versatile Variable Weapons System will give him and edge! Tron may be human, but with her Gustaff battle armor, her skills are nearly indistinguishable from that of a true robot...and I know from personal experience that she's pretty strong when she isn't wearing the thing. *rubs her neck* Ugh.

Rainbow Dash: I wish she didn't steal stuff, but she was still pretty nice to me when we were sparring. I guess sometimes you don't really know someone until you fight them. And a fight's finally what we're gonna get!

Pinkie Pie: *suddenly appears from beneath the desk, sticking her head between Twilight and Dash, surprising them both* Well, it's about time! Up until now, this episode has been practically nothing but Twilight running around, meeting everypony and making a bunch of TALKTALKTALKTALK! I mean, where's the action? Where's the snappy comebacks? Where's the fireworks? Where's the streamers ?

Twilight: Pinkie! What are you talking about? We weren't filming anything I was doing before I came in here as part of the episode! And how do you even know what I was doing IF YOU WEREN'T EVEN THERE TO SEE IT? WHAT'S GOING ON!!?

Pinkie Pie: Uh...I'll have to tell you later, Twi. Bye! Hee hee. *bounces out of the commentary booth*

Rainbow Dash: She's a fun little ball of weirdness, huh?

Twilight: *slams her head into the desk* Ow. Depends on your idea of fun. Ugh...I'm sorry Rainbow. Let's just start the match, Dash. Fillies and Gentlecolts!

Rainbow Dash: We're back and here to put on a rad, heart thumping display for ya!

*crowd goes crazy*

Twilight: And now the SSS proudly presents...unicorn mage, Twilight!

Rainbow Dash: Explosive speed Demon, Rainbow Dash!

Twilight: To all in attendance...

Rainbow Dash: And the millions watching worldwide!

*Megaman teleports in on the right side of Final Destination, while Tron is lowered into view on the left by two Servbots flying with propellers on their heads, wearing her green, orange fisted Gustaff armor, her real body poking out of the torso. Master Hand floats into the center of the arena, laughing insanely *

Rainbow Dash: The fighters have arrived, and the Boss Fight is almost ready to rock and roll!

Twilight: And without further exposition, joking around, or any other sort of horsing around-


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Master Hand
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Lives: 1

Twilight: Tron starts off strong by leaping into Master hand and giving him a stomp with both spring loaded legs!

Rainbow Dash: But she's grabbed by the big guy in ten seconds flat!

Twilight: Good thing Tron's got a flame thrower in her chest! Master Hand's flailing in pain as Megaman does a graceful balletic twirl into him, pummeling the giant glove god with Top Spin!

Rainbow Dash: Nice trick Rock's got, but not as awesome or fun as my Rainbow Dry! Speaking of fun, Tron's having a lot, rocking Master Hand with bullets after transforming both giant hands into huge Gatling Guns!

Twilight: Master Hand's had enough, backhanding Rock over to the right, and poking Tron with a flaming index finger! But neither are out of the game yet, with Megaman using Dragon Punch to recover, and Tron summoning two loyal Servbots to drag her back with tiny, but strong arms, and cute little head propellers!

Rainbow Dash: There's nothing cute about what Tron's about to do the big Hand. Turning both of those big hands into chainsaws, she slashes right into MH's fabric!

Twilight: Megaman's in the mood for blades, too, calling upon ninja skill to toss a massive Shadow Blade shuriken at Master Hand!

Rainbow Dash: I'm lovin' all this cuttin'! And there's plenty more on the way as Tron turns her hands into yo-yo saws! It may not look practical, but who cares? It's working, and it looks totally radical!

Twilight: Unfortunately, Master Hand is tired of being ganged up on. He flies into the background, and crashes hard onto the arena, causing heavy damage to Megaman and stunning Tron as he breaks her shield!

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Master Hand
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Rainbow Dash: MH takes a gun pose as he shoots those weird looking golden bullets at Tron, but Rock's got her back as he leaps in front of her and takes the hit. He ain't down for long, though, coming right back up and blasting away with Magnet Missiles that home right into Glove Boy and fry him with tons of explosions!

Twilight: Tron's coming to, and just in Master Hand tries to deliver a lightning fast punch to both fighters, Tron grabs him!

Rainbow Dash: That won't hold 'em for long, but it won't matter! As soon the big fist shoves Tron over Rock's body and to the left, the blue bomber lets fly with a charged shot! I just can't say no to a big blast of colorful destruction!

Twilight: ...Often to the dismay of the rest of us, but I see where you're coming from. Tron grabs the left edge and hops back on, grabbing a boulder out of nowhere and flinging it at Master Hand! It's amazing that their teamwork has gotten them this far...Master Hand is one of the most powerful beings around, but through sheer determination, timing, and firepower, they're wearing him down!

Rainbow Dash: I think MH gets that too, Twi, because he's burning up the floor with lasers from every finger. This could be over soon, but I hope it's not too soon...I'm rooting for the underdogs.

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Master Hand
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Twilight: The fighters just keep taking damage, unable to dodge the quickly moving beams!

Rainbow Dash: If they can take him down in time, it might not matter how much they get hurt! Tron fires her fists with Rocket Punch, but, like a smart fighter, keeps the hands grabbed on to the big guy, tryin' ta keep him in place even while he's burning her with that heavy laser fire!

Twilight: It's all up to Rock now...and it looks like he's giving Master Hand a taste of his own medicine with Gemini Lasers firing from both cannons! Wait is that-

Rainbow Dash: Yep, it's that telltale explosion! Master Hand just got served! Way to go guys!


Rainbow Dash: Great fight, would have been even better if I'd gotten to join in! So, we done Twi?

Twilight: ...No, I'm pretty sure that some ridiculous contrivance will appear any moment now.

Crazy Hand: *swoops into view* BWAHAHAHA! Did someone say "ridiculous?"

Twilight: Sometimes I hate being right. Are Rock and Tron even going to be able to fight this guy in their condition? What's the point in commentating on this?

Rainbow Dash: *smiles excitedly*

Twilight: ...what are you so worked up about?

Rainbow Dash: Heh heh...I have a hunch that they have a plan.

Twilight: Well, they'd better hurry, because as they run back and forth across the arena, they're having to dodge a giant refrigerator, a swarm of exploding hamburgers, a Ford Pinto, an enormous ball of Virtual Boys...Crazy is warping in just about everything but the kitchen si- oh never mind, there it is. It's a good thing they're quick on their feet, one hit could take either of them out.

Megaman: *hops on the Gustaff armor and whispers something to Tron as they run along, then hops off*

Tron: Hmm...that might be crazy enough to work.

Megaman: Are you sure you want to go along with it? I'm not sure if you'd want to leave yourself vulnerable just to save face.

Tron: *smiles softly* For you Rock, anything.

Twilight: Tron leaps out of her suit and...what? IS SHE CRAZY?

Rainbow Dash: *giggles* Oh ye of little faith.

Twilight: Megaman is...He's absorbing the energy from Tron's armor! He's growing larger and larger...

Megaman: HYAAAAAAAAA! *grows seven feat taller with much larger mechanical muscles, wearing a new suit of blue and white armor with a pair of large wings attached*

Twilight: I don't believe it! Rock's ascended to Hyper Megaman!

Crazy Hand: Foolish boy! Heh're still nothing but a speck of dust to me! *warps a small planet onto Hyper Megaman, crushing him*

Hyper Megaman: *rises from below the planet, completely unharmed, holding the planet in one of his hands, before turning the other into a Hyper Mega Buster and punching the planet to pieces with it*

Crazy Hand: Th-that was just a joke!

Tron: We're the ones who're gonna win, No Face!

Hyper Megaman: She's right! It's over! HYPER PLASMA POWER! *shoots an enormous beam from the Hyper Mega Buster at Crazy Hand*

Crazy Hand: N-no fair! You can't have that kind of power, Light! All the power rightfully belongs to me! ME!!! *explodes as he's hit by the beam and falls into the background*

*Megaman shrinks back to normal*

Megaman: Sizzling circuits, that was something!

Tron: Atta boy Rock, I knew you could still kick ass! Nothing can stop you with me by your side! *aggressively hugs Megaman*

Megaman: Whoa, Tron, easy!

Master Hand: *teleports back into the arena* Well done, Light, Bonne. It's always amusing to try my...hand, if you'll excuse the wordplay, at gladiatorial combat. Or to watch my brother attempt the same. Speaking of which, I need to tend to Crazy's shattered mind and get back to making sure this realm is functioning properly. Farewell for now, mortals! Bwahaha! *disappears*

Rainbow Dash: Guy really knows how to show off. Maybe I could learn something from him.

Twilight: I'm...not sure you'd learn anything useful from a guy like that, Rainbow. But at the last that was fun...and I'm relaxed enough to plan for the future.

Rainbow Dash: Hmm?

Twilight: Wait for me to call you through telepathy. *blushes* It's...a long story, Dash. *teleports out of the booth*

Rainbow Dash: Huh. Hard to predict that gal.

*Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Trixie is delivering mail*

Trixie: Ah yes, I am almost finished with my Great and Powerful mail route!

Twilight: *teleports into view*

Trixie: *hears the teleporting noise* Who dares interrupt the Great and-*turns toward Twilight* Oh...hello Twi. Um...what's up?

Twilight: Trixie, I need you to help me assassinate someone.

Trixie: Uuuuuh.

Twilight: It's...not quite what it sounds like. There's a powerful dragon who's a threat to Equestria and I need a assemble a team to stop him. Since you're Luna's apprentice, I thought I'd look you up.

Trixie: Oh, all right. Sounds fine to me. When do we get going?

Twilight: Um...few...hours from now...wait, aren't you scared?

Trixie: *smirks* I may be a braggart, but I'm not a coward. You can count on me.

Twilight: Good...good to know...uh...see you later, then, bye.

*Twilight teleports into the Everfree forest, the sun still shining a little through the leaves, and walks around until she comes across Gilda sleeping with her back against a tree trunk. The bang from the teleportation awakens the Griffon*

Gilda: ...what? Twilight! *She rises to her feet* What are you doing here?

Twilight: Actually, I wanted to talk about somethin-GRRRRRARK, not again!

Gilda: *is now standing on her hind legs and gripping Twilight's neck in her hand* Look, purple dweeb, there ain't no way I'm comin' back, no way no how!

Twilight: No one's...forcing do...anything.

Gilda: If this is about Dash, I'm not going to see her again. Ever. *slowly puts Twilight down and lands on four feet again* I know it was all my fault, okay? I don't...*frowns sadly* I don't deserve her, all right? So go home, and let me face the harsh realities of who and what I am, okay?

Twilight: Gilda, you don't have to-

Gilda: No. You don't get it. You'd follow Dash anywhere. You'd suffer for her, die for her. I used to be that person...that's...not who I am anymore. *She sighs and turns around, rising to her hind-legs again, staring at the tree she was sleeping on* You're a pal, Twi. But I ain't. So go home, and enjoy your life. I have my freedom. I'll be fine.

Twilight: *frowns sadly, looking at the ground for a moment before looking up again* I...can't yet. I need your help. There's...a dangerous man who has to be stopped...a threat to Equestria, the whole continent of Ponyland...maybe the world.

Gilda: *remains silent*

Twilight: I know that...I can't make you help. Maybe I wouldn't help if it was me in your place. stupid as it sounds...I need you because you're still a light being. I can't read your mind, but I can read your heart, and feel a little of your pain. You may not look like one, but you're a pony in every way that actually matters. Right now...I don't care what you've done, because...well, my future is in your claws. You're like an angel, even if you don't think so.

Gilda: *stands silent for a few more moments, before turning around and landing on all fours again, and walking up to Twilight, pointing an idex claw in Twilight's face* Look Twi...listen, and listen good. I'm going to go with you, but only because I don't want to be remembered as the girl who stood around while the world died. This isn't personal. It's not for you, it's not for Dash, it's about my honor and mine alone. Got that?

Twilight: Got it. I' seeing you, then! *teleports away*

*That night, in the Staff Lounge, Twilight is sitting on a stool in the center of the room. Gathered around her are the five other members of Team Harmony, Trixie, Gilda, and a mysterious man in red armor.*

Twilight: Welcome, everypony. Celestia, Luna, and Metal are all too busy to handle this, so the fate of the world falls upon our shoulders. Spike isn't here because he felt he'd be more useful guarding the rest of the Stadium while we're raiding Ridley's lab a few days from now. So, in his place spiky haired armored guy. Who, to the surprise of no one, was brought here by Dash. What was your name again?

Fighter: I like swords! I mean...I'm Fighter. Any friends of the Sun Princess are friends of mine! I'll do my best for the sake of justice!

Twilight: *smiles* That's the spirit. Everypony else ready? You can back out at any time.

Applejack: Aw shucks, sugar, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Rarity: I'm as ready as I'll ever be, dear!

Fluttershy:'m okay with it if you guys are okay with it.

Pinkie Pie: No objections from this party pony!

Rainbow Dash: I'm not one to back down from a challenge! Let the carnage begin!

Gilda: You know how I feel, Twi.

Trixie: The show must go on!

Twilight: Wonderful. Thank you all so much, and the Sun's light be with you all as we face this difficult trial. Dismissed, everypony!

*Everyone but Pinkie and Twilight leave the room, Dash and Gilda frowning in regret as they pass each other, trying to avoid eye contact*

Twilight: *looks over at Pinkie* have a question to ask, Pinkie?

Pinkie Pie: Not so much a question to ask...*her curly hair turns straight and her fur turns a darker, almost red color* ...but a message to give.

Twilight: Uh...are you sure you're okay, Pinkie?

Pinkie Pie: It's you I'm worried about Twi.

Twilight: *notices six identical straight haired Pinkie Pies surrounding her* GAH! Wh-what are you-

Pinkie Pie: *with all her bodies speaking in unison* Please don't be afraid Twilight. Just remember, I'm always here for you. Even when it doesn't look like I am. You shouldn't try to run from me, anymore than you should run from yourself.

Twilight: Pinkie, this...I appreciate it, but it's so unlike you!

Pinkie Pie: *still speaking from six mouths* Sometimes I need to be this way, Twi. In...emergencies.

Twilight: I hope...someday I can make a world where you won't have to, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: *hugs Twilight gently with all her bodies* Thank you Twi. Remember...I'll always be around. *becomes one pony again...before fading from view and disappearing from the room*

Twilight: *rubs her forehead in exhaustion* It's been...a long day. A really...really long day. *She looks out the window at the stars* I could use a miracle...Will you give me one, stars? I wish...I wish...I wish.

*Meanwhile, in a garden near the majestic Dream Castle, in the Equestrian capital of Canterlot, Princess Celestia is glaring angrily at a stone serpent like figure. After a few moments, her anger fades, and she stares at the figure with a sad look on her face. She places a bouquet of flowers below the statue, before turning around and looking up at the moon in the sky*

Celestia: The moon has risen...Luna must have awakened. So much has changed...

*Celestia begins to remember a time over a thousand years ago, when her younger, pink haired self fought a shadowy figure in light blue armor, the two alicorns floating over Canterlot*

Nightmare Moon: *punching Celestia in the jaw repeatedly, knocking her through the night sky* WHY DO THEY ALL LOVE YOU!? WHY DO THEY ALL IGNORE ME!? IT'S...NOT...FAIR!!!

Celestia: *flinching as she's struck over and over* Luna, I'm sorry! Please, go back to how you used to be! I'll even let you have the whole kingdom yourself, I promise!

Nightmare Moon: Liar! LIAR!!! EVERYONE LIES TO ME!!!

Celestia: Hnnnngh! *six gems suddenly appear and circle around her. Bright colored stripes appear in Celestia's hair as she fires a rainbow beam from her horn*

Nightmare Moon: *being propelled by the beam into space* ARGH! Help me, Celly it hurts! I'm burning Celly, I'm burning!!!

Celestia: ...I'm sorry...It's all my fault...I'm so sorry.

*Back in the modern day*

Celestia: I'd...I'd better go to her. *Celestia teleports into her and Luna's bedroom, the later alicorn sitting on the bed and using telekinesis to brush her blue hair in a mirror*

Luna: Brush my hair, brush my hair, hmm, hmm, hmm...Oh hello Celly!

Celestia: *smiles softly* Good evening, Luna. *She looks out the window at the sky and frowns sadly* ...There's a storm coming.

Luna: Huh? *puts down the brush and looks at Celestia: If there's a problem with the weather, I could get someone to...

Celestia: *looks at Luna and smiles, blushing* N-no, it's just...*She frowns sadly again* I have a feeling great danger is on the way. Will Twilight be ready for it? Was I right to place her in Metal's care?

Luna: *hops off the bed, looking concerned, then hugs Celestia as she gets close to her* I know things look bad...and you've...been through a lot over the centuries. But...things can get better, Celly, even when they look the worst. *she looks at Celestia and smiles softly* Like with me...I'm here now, I'm not on the moon anymore. Whatever pain is to come, we'll face it together.

Celestia: *smiles back* Yes...together. Thank you Lulu.