Match #2: Fierce rivalry! The plumber and the speedster!

The Fighters for Peach's Castle Bridge: Sonic, Mario

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*A purple unicorn walks into the commentary booth*

Twilight: Okay, Twi, you can do this. It's you're first day, but it's just a television program. Nothing that you can't handle...*her stomach suddenly growls* ...Darn it, I forgot to eat lunch again. Hey Spike, could you...

*The sound of crickets chirping is heard.

Twilight: *frowns sadly* Oh...that's right... Spike running home. *smiles excitedly as she gets an idea, noticing Mash Toady, interviewer extraordinaire, walking by* I know! Mash! Hey Mash!

Mash: *sighs and enters the commentary booth* What do you want, you sickeningly sweet amorphous purple blob of a woman.

Twilight: Can you get me a chocolate cake donut.

Mash: ...No, Twilight, get it yourself.

Twilight: Pleeeeeease? *smiles a huge toothy grin at Mash and opens her already enormous eyes wide*

Mash: Twi, no, stop that...cut it out...fine. *Mash walks off, then comes back with a small plate with a chocolately, cakey donut on top, seeting it in front of Twilight*

Twilight: Thank you Mash! Now, was that so hard?

Mash: ...It kind of was. Anyways, good luck on the air, Twi. *He walks off*

Twilight: Looks like the cameras are starting to roll...Welcome everypony! I'm Twilight Sparkle, one the latest editions to the esteemed team of Stadium Superpowers! Um...Well, I guess we can't exactly be "esteemed" when we've only been running the show for...what, a week, tops? Um...Anyway, we've got a great fight lined up for guys in the television audience today! All brought to you by my amazing unicorn self! Um...ugh, that last line sounded terrible. *buries her face in her hooves* I'm worse than Trixie.

*A blue unicorn in a purple hat and cape teleports in the booth and begins glaring at Twilight*

Twilight: *smiling nervously* offense, of course!

Trixie: *smiles* None taken! *disappears*

Twilight: Well, that was least it can't get any wor-

Rainbow Dash: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!*is flying into the commentary booth at supersonic speed*

Twilight: ...Me and my big mouth. *gets slammed into by the flying pony* Argh...Tell me Dash, are you naturally this clumsy, or do you have to work at it?

Rainbow Dash: I gotta train real hard to stay this cool, baby! Heh heh! *hops off of Twilight and sits in a chair beside her*

Twilight: Whatever you say...Look Dash, it's real nice of you to help me with this, but we're on live TV for Celestia's sake. Don't you have anything productive to say?

Rainbow Dash: Of course I do! I can totally promise that we're going BREAK a ton of stuff today! *She grabs a camera and shoves her face into it* YOU HEAR THAT EVERYPONY? WE'RE GOING TO ROCK THE HOUSE! YOU WILL NOT BE READY FOR THE AWESOME! NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU!!!

Twilight: Uh...Huh. That' interesting display Dash. I don't whether to hit you or hug you.

Rainbow Dash: We're Little Ponies, Twi! Why not do both! *smiles proudly*

Twilight: No time, old friend. The people didn't tune in to see us roll around being cute.

Rainbow Dash: *stares as if this is news to her* ...Really?

Twilight: Uh...*blushes, rubbing her forehead* Well, the thing is, we're trying to start off strong by pitting two of the world's greatest heroes against each other.

Rainbow Dash: Freddy Mecury and Michael Jackson?

Twilight: NO! Mario AND Sonic!!!

Rainbow Dash: *smirks* Close enough.

Twilight:'re such a troll, sometimes...Anyways, we've really, really got to quit messing around, Dash. Whose moves do you want to commentate?

Rainbow Dash: Obviously I'll be handling Sonic's awesome attacks! He's one of my idols!

Twilight: ...You sure do have a lot of idols.

Rainbow Dash: Never can find too many positive influences!

Twilight: Well..okay then. I'll be handling Mario's moves, naturally. Our two capable fighters are similar in some ways...

Rainbow Dash: ...but totally different in others!

Twilight: Both are agile, focused, and strong willed hand to hand fighters, but their technique specializes in opposite areas. Mario's blows are somewhat slow, but pack a lot of power, like a blow from a heavy hammer!

Rainbow Dash: And Sonic's gonna thrash you with moves that are quick and stylish, like the stabs and slashes of a legendary sword!

Twilight: It's not enough for us to just explain the basics of their fighting styles though. If you're new-and if you're even watching this, chances are that you are- it's important to play close attention during the match proceedings to truly comprehend all the action.

Rainbow Dash: What my wordy pal is trying to say is that these two rockin' dudes have got lots of extra tricks up their sleeves that'll let 'em kick a ton of butt!

Twilight: ...Dash, what color is the sky in your world?

Rainbow Dash: Every color in the spectrum, in bright neon.

Twilight: ...Should have seen it coming. But enough stalling. It's time to start the fight!

Rainbow Dash: *punches Twilight in the face*

Twilight: ARGH!!! NOT BETWEEN US, BETWEEN Mario AND Sonic!!!

Rainbow Dash: Sorry, got caught up in the moment.

Twilight: Ugh...let's just move on...The fighters are entering the arena, now...Mario hopping out of a warp pipe, and Sonic spinning into view out of no where. Mario's standing on the left side of the crooked bridge, while Sonic waits to the left. It's now or never. Time for our intros. Ready Dash?

Rainbow Dash: I was born ready!


Rainbow Dash: All those in attendance...

Twilight: And everypony watching world wide!

Rainbow Dash: The SSS proudly presents...

Twilight: The unicorn Superpower! Twilight Sparkle!

Rainbow Dash: Element of Loyalty, and a force of nature! The rapid running and fast flying Rainbow Dash!

Twilight: So without further ado...

Rainbow Dash: "Ado?"

Twilight: It's a somewhat archaic word for commotion.

Rainbow Dash: Oh.

Twilight: Let the fight...thingy...start! Wow, that was awful! Um, Dash, how would you start one of these things?

Rainbow Dash: Oh, I'd say, LET'S FLY INTO OVERDRIVE!!!

Twilight: *chuckles* That'll do.

Rainbow Dash: Sonic wastes no time in slamming into Mario with a Homing Attack!

Twilight But Mario's no slouch, immediately countering with a Super Jump Punch in midair! He manages manages to knock Sonic into the Bumper above! Ouch!

Rainbow Dash: Sonic lands to the left of the stage, and decides to curl back up into a ball, leaping into his Spin Dash! And Mario gets sliced up by the glowing blue quills as soon Sonic jumps!

Twilight: But Sonic's left himself open again as he rolls to the right of the bridge, Mario managing to blast him with several fireballs!

Rainbow Dash: Sonic's got to get off the ground! And he does! One spring later and Sonic's zooming down at Mario with a divebomb kick!

Twilight: A clever strategy indeed. But Mario's ready for him...and with a flaming press of his palm, Sonic is smash attacked into the floating wedge to the right!

Rainbow Dash: The cool blue dude is losing altitude, sinking fast...but he manages to land on the sliding ledge below the bridge! Whew, just made it!

"Koopa Kola...the only soft drink with the crunch of real coal!"
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Lives: 3

Twilight: Mario walks right above Sonic, and starts charging up FLUDD...

Rainbow Dash: But that might be a costly mistake! Sonic's leaping up towards Mario...

Twilight: But Mario drops down with a Mario Tornado! The spinning punch sends Sonic downward...and Mario lets out a fully charged blast of water to send Sonic over the edge...

Rainbow Dash: ...And helplessly exploding in a blast of color. Rats.

"Game Boy! Now you're playing with power!"
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Twilight: Mario had better watch out for the respawning Sonic...

Rainbow Dash: He doesn't have time to watch, 'cause Sonic's is dropping down and getting right in plumber boy's face! A left punch, a right punch, a kick, and lastly a grab! Is he doing what I think he's doing? Yes! Sonic tosses Mario down, drops down on top of him with a quick spin attack, and the overall wearing guy flies away! And with enough time to jump back beneath the bridge as the bottom platform starts to slide dangerously out of reach!

Twilight: Mario's in for a world of hurt if he doesn't recover...He tries to Super Jump Punch up to the platform...will he make it? he won't. Huh. Well, they've both died once now. I guess that's fair.

"Are you keeping up with the Commodore? 'Cause the Commodore's keeping up with you!"
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Lives: 2

Rainbow Dash: Heh heh, just about everything's fair in this place, Twilight!

Twilight: That's a good point. In fact, we should throw in some items to make things more interesting.

Rainbow Dash: Coming right up! *tosses a capsule, a crate, and a hammer into the arena*

Twilight: Mario's on the bridge, and he tries to grab the hammer!

Rainbow Dash: But that's not gonna do him a lick of good. The head of the hammer falls right off, and Sonic leaps up from below, clapping Mario between his red and white sneakers. Awesome!

Twilight: Both fighters on the bridge again...this could get messy.

Rainbow Dash: Sonic revs up a Spin Charge, rolling right through the item containers and leaping back on the bridge before he can accidentally kill himself off the left side of the stage.

Twilight: A ray gun comes out of that crate...Mario grabs it...

Rainbow Dash: And Sonic manages to snatch up the blue glowing Beam Saber after a burst of blurry footed speed.

Twilight: Mario blasts at Sonic, the beams juggling the hedgehog boy with each shot...

Rainbow Dash: But as soon as Sonic gets to his feat, he slashes a plasma bullet right back at the cap wearin' weirdo! Great reflexes, my man!

Twilight: Would it be too much to ask you to be impartial?

Rainbow Dash: *smirks proudly* Yes. Yes it would.

"Genesis does what Nintendon't!"

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Lives: 2

Twilight: Fine. Mario flings the gun at Sonic in a moment of desperation...

Rainbow Dash: But Sonic throws the saber at the same moment, both weapons vanishing into thin air as they hit each other, this is intense!

Twilight: Apparently it is, because Mario is slapping Sonic silly with the yellow cape. He seems to be muttering a few curses in Italian under his breath.

Rainbow Dash: How would you even know which Italian words are swear words?

Twilight: I've read a lot of encyclopedia volumes, okay? Anyways, let's take another look at the damage...

"Reach for Atari!"
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Lives: 2

Twilight: ...I think your idol is in trouble, Dash.

Rainbow Dash: I'm not worried.

Twilight: Right. ARE YOU INSANE?

Rainbow Dash: *giggles* Twi, you should know by now that not everything is so predictable.

Twilight: Riiiight...So Sonic has managed to break out of Mario's cape barrage, and he's rushing off towards the right of the stage.

Rainbow Dash: I thought I was doing Sonic's commentary.

Twilight: ...I'm honestly not real sure what's going on anymore, to be honest. Um...Mario's trying a slide kick on Sonic...

Rainbow Dash: Which trips him up a bit, but not for long, as he grabs Mario and rolls off the side...killing them both!!?

Twilight: Well, that was either brave, or stupid.

"Can fifteen minutes with Geico save you fifteen percent on car insurance? Is Luigi neglected?"
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Lives: 1

Twilight: Well it's been fun...when it hasn't been confusing...but it looks like this match will be over and done with soon.

Rainbow Dash: I dunno Twi. A lot could happen between now and then.

Twilight: Like what?

Rainbow Dash: Well, Sonic could grab Mario, knee him in the stomach, throw him into the floating wedge to the left of the screen, then use a spring to get high enough to land a flying kick that sends Mario slamming into the ledge a second time.

Twilight: ...That's oddly specific.

Rainbow Dash: I call 'em like I see 'em, dude.

Mario: Mmmf...

Sonic: Hey Mario! Ready to throw in the towel! Don't feel bad, we can't all be me! *makes a cocky smirk and crosses his arms*

Mario: *slowly rises to his feet*

Sonic: Hey! You jokin' around with me, man?

Mario: *grows the ears and tails of a raccoon* the greatest man who ever lived! Witness the glory of...Citrus Man!!!

Sonic: ...this won't end well.

Twilight: ...And Mario has just had a nervous breakdown. I should be surprised, but I'm not.

Rainbow Dash: This...does not look good. In any way.

Citrus Man: LIME LIFT OFF! *is rocketed in the air by a green beam of energy that bursts from his feet, and uppercuts Sonic*


Citrus Man: ATOMIC ORANGE! *Still fallin in mid-air, he shoots an energy ball from his fist that ends Sonic into the bumper, so hard that it winds up being destroyed*


Citrus Man: And finally...LEMONY LASSO! *A yellow beam of energy shoots out of his tail, wrapping around Sonic and throwing the hedgehog to the ground, before Citrus Man lands on the bridge, Sonic's limp form to the right of him*

Sonic: Argh...lousy cheater...

"Fanta Fanta! Don'tcha wanna Fanta?"
Citrus Man
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Twilight: Um...maybe we should call the match off...

Rainbow Dash: Not yet, Sonic's got one trick left!

Twilight: ...Seriously?

Sonic: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *glows with purple energy as the arena suddenly shifts from day to night, and the full moon comes out*

Twilight: Tell me he's not-

Rainbow Dash: He is! ALL RIGHT!

Sonic: *turns into a hugely muscled werewolf version of himself* NOW YOU'VE DONE IT Mario!


Werehog Sonic: SMITE THIS!!! *stretches his arms downward, grabs the sliding platform, then starts beating Citrus Man over the head with it*

Twilight: ...Is beating the enemy with the arena itself legal?

Rainbow Dash: Well, it's not technically illegal...

Twilight: Um...Mario seems to be...charging...something. I guess. I don't know.

Citrus Man: ALL ACIDIC FRUITS OF THE WORLD, HEAR MY PLEA LEND ME THE ENERGY TO CREATE...THE CITRUS BOMB! *holds up his hands and creates a gigantic yellow energy ball above his head and flings it at Sonic*

Twilight: We're going to die, aren't we?

Rainbow Dash: ...Probably.

Werehog Sonic: Hey mustache man! Nice pitch, but I'm a great catcher! *Sonic stretches his arms out, grabs the Citrus Bomb, and tosses it back*

Citrus Man: I have no regrets! *is K.O.ed*


Rainbow Dash: Woohoo! Sonic wins! Wasn't that totally radical, Twilight?

Twilight: *blushes and smiles shyly* It had its moments. Let's check on the fighters...

*The camera switches to the locker area, where Sonic and Mario are standing with Mash, both back to normal*

Mash: So, Mario, um...

Mario: *stretches his arms and smiles in a kind way, chuckling.* I guess I kinda went overboard with the "Citrus Man" stuff, huh?

Mash: ...You remembered that?

Mario: Part of it. It's a little blurry...But you really kicked my tail, eh Sonic?

Sonic: Oh come on, dude, it was real close. *smirks playfully* I just got lucky enough to pull out the right moves in the nick of time!

Mario: *laughs winks at Sonic* You're a bein' surprisingly humble! What's the occasion, blue boy?

Sonic: Eh, nothin' special! I'm just full of surprises.

Mash: I can't argue with that...Well, back to you, Little Ponies.

Rainbow Dash: So, how ya liking things so far, Twi?

Twilight: It's...exciting, but I don't know what any of this has to do with friendship.

Rainbow Dash: Friendship works in mysterious ways. *smiles*

Twilight: I guess you're right Dash...I'll just...try to go with the flow. *laughs." Well, that's all for now, everypony. See you next episode! And remember...

Rainbow Dash: Teamwork...

Twilight and Rainbow Dash: Makes the dream work!