March #23: The Raid!

*A sunrise lights up the Stadium with a soft orange glow. On the horizon, a large battle mech is visible, slowly walking towards the foreground*

*As the camera zooms in on the mech, its features become more detailed. It appears to be a giant chrome man, covered with bizarre black and purple markings, which appear to vaguely outline the body of the figure. The midsection of the machine is made up of what appears to be a black hole surrounded by a purple mesh frame. The automaton is almost completely featureless otherwise, save for a single red eye that takes up most of the face. The robot is surrounded by an army of thousands of similar vaguely humanoid machines, though many times smaller and colored. Atop the large figure are three individuals concealed in cloaks.*

?: Ah yes, we have finally returned. Take a look, everyone. Isn't it wonderous?

??: Yes sir!

???: I must admit, it does look somewhat peaceful. It's a shame we must break that sense of security.

?: Ah, but it's for a good cause. How are things in there, by the way? We've almost arrived to our destination.

????: *Coming from within the giant* Everything's a-ok over here. I've got all the army under control.

?: Good, good.

???: Can we remove these cloaks now? I feel they are no longer needed.

?: Certainly. While we're at it, let's do so dramatically while announcing our names!

???: Why?

????: Uh, what's the point of doing that?

?: It's a psychological thing. Boosts your morale.

???: Oh, okay. *Removes his cloak* I am Orion, the Lord of Shadows.

*A vague representation of a man stands, surrounded by a formless mass of dark energy*

??: I will do so as well. I am Danielle Morrison... *Removes her cloak* ... Also known as Warhorse.

*She is revealed as some sort mechanical equine figure, appearing to be some sort of blue armored unicorn with a mane and tail constructed of crimson synthetic hair.*

?: And I... am Seraphis.

*The third cloak is cast aside, revealing a young man, who appears to be no older than 20. He is surrounded by a faint white glow, and his hair blows excessively in the non-existant wind.*

Seraphis: I think that about does it.

Orion: Hey, what about--

????: SHHH! Some of us actually VALUE being hidden.

Orion: Never mind then.

Seraphis: All right, we're here. Prepare the soldiers!

????: All righty, one heck of an invasion, comin' right up. *Extends the giant's hand outwards, commanding the smaller figures to march forwards*

Seraphis: *Turns to Warhorse and Orion* You two, join the Zakomen below.

Orion: All right.

Warhorse: Got it!

*The two climb down the giant mech and disappear into the swarm of lesser machines below*

Seraphis: As for me... I shall act as the overseer. *Levitates away from the others and heads for the Stadium* It's time to launch our attack!

*Metal's Former office*

Mewtwo: Senses... tingling... I remember... something...

Mewtwo: What are these images... what is happening?

*Mewtwo holds his head. He has a flashback.*

*Mewtwo's flashback.*

*Dr. Wily, Bowser, and Ganondorf face the Questers, at a burning Stadium... the Super Smash Quest Stadium.*

Dr. Wily: Hahaha! You're done for, Questers. The Slytock has drained all your abilities. All thanks to Mewtwo!

Mewtwo: You!

Bowser: You messed up big time, Mewmix! Your field infected everybody. Now we're gonna beat you punks up and take over this Stadium!

Ganondorf: You copied our moves without our consent, and let us be beaten up far too many times. It's time that we got our revenge.

*Mewtwo's vision turns red from being hit by an attack. The memory moves forward... he and the others are now beaten up, having failed to defeat the trio.*

Bowser: ...And that's why you don't mess with us, punks!

Mewtwo: Urgh... no... must... save... Stadium...

*Suddenly, a boomerang with razor sharp edges hits Dr. Wily's saucer... and blows up the Stadium.*

Mewtwo: Why am I remembering this? Is something... my fault? No... it must be something else...

*Mewtwo holds his head*

Mewtwo: Another flashback? Why--

*The next flashback*

*A weird looking mage wearing... jeans of all things stands there. Behind Mewtwo is the Super Smash Quest Stadium. The Stadium has been rebuilt and looks different from how it was in the last flashback.*

Mewtwo: Kuja! You will not destroy the Stadium!

Kuja: Do you fools ever learn? I am unstoppable. I'm something beyond anything you know. I...

Mewtwo: I know, Kuja. I've read your mind.

Kuja: *Narrows his brow* Well... that makes no difference! You're too weak to stop me.

Mewtwo: I won't forgive you for what you did to the Questers. Revenge... will be mine.

Kuja: How pathetic of you. Everything comes down to revenge... but your mental problems are not my problem. Why don't you just leave to wherever you came from?

Mewtwo refuses to budge.

Kuja: Fine, we'll do it your way. FLARE STAR!

The powerful attack hits a powerful field. Mewtwo puts up the field to keep intruders out around the stadium. Kuja stood for a moment... ..and then simply raises his hand again.

Kuja: Stubborn, but stupid... no matter. ULTIMA!

Mewtwo braces as a blue beam smashes into his blue field, cracking it. Kuja continues to throw Ultima after Ultima at the field, as Mewtwo slowly falls to his knees. The strain is too much for him to bear, for Kuja has power beyond anyone in the realm.

Mewtwo's vision turns red from being knocked out, yet again.

The next thing he sees... the Stadium is wrecked. Again.

Mewtwo: No... that's it. That's what it is. People are coming to destroy this Stadium. I must... read their minds...

*Mewtwo glows*

Mewtwo: ...No. They're like... him... but later?

*Flashback again*

*The mage in jeans now stands inside a weird glass dome, with strange super-artifacts. The Questers are KO'd at his feet.*

Kuja: You fools played right into my hand. With my mighty plan, I subdued your incoherent madness. Today, I build my empire atop your defeated bodies. This is the beginning... of my ascension. I am GOD of Nintendus! Death to the Stadium!

*The Super Smash Quest Stadium is blown up... again.*

Mewtwo: Urgh! No, it can't be! But--*Hit by flashback*

*A final Flashback, the Questers are in YET ANOTHER REBUILT SUPER SMASH QUEST STADIUM.*

Metal: Hey guys, there's a weird door that leads to a weird hole in reality over there. Let's go and open it!

Garrick: I swear to AAAAing God, if you open that door, I will personally rip your metal spine out your metal AAA--

Metal: Hey look! I've opened the door and am running in with all your paychecks!

Deloth: Dammit, Metal, that's my DATE money! I had one lined up tonight, you tinfoil-covered bastard!

*Red flash, again*

*The Super Smash Quest Stadium, and all of Nintendus (the dimension the Super Smash Quest Stadium was in), violently explodes as Metal Man is shown to have blown up some metaphysical book entity that represented all of Nintendus...*

Metal Man: Oh well, better luck next time!

Mewtwo: ...No. I must not repeat history. It is hopeless. Every time... every way... I always lose when I try to save the Stadium. I must flee!

*The Stadium alarms go off*

Mewtwo: You will not catch me this time, Stadium destroyers! I am too smart to be fooled this time! *Warps out*

*The SSS Lounge. The SPs are taking a much-needed break after all that has happened so far*

Yesman: ...and that's when I got my degree in law school. Whelp I can't stay any longer. Got stuff to do. Sorry guys. See you. *Exits*

Light Bear: Good day.

Digi: So, now that Mewtwo is running the place, I'm thinking I should probably get out of here as fast as possible.

Kevin: Eh? Why would you do that?

Digi: We have a history... a very turbulent history indeed...

Kevin: Don't worry, man. If anything happens between the two of you, I'll be there to protect you.

Digi: Thanks, I guess. You really shouldn't underestimate Mewtwo though. He could rip you to shreads without even laying a finger on you.

Pat: Yeah, he'd do it too, given the opportunity.

Kevin: Yikes.

Light: Er, changing the subject. I must say, Master Kevin, I'm impressed with your abilities in lightning-bending. How ever did you learn to do that?

Kevin: Like I said, I learned it from Raiden. It's too bad the dumb Lakitu cut out my badass boast before my Final Smash.

*Flashback to the SP Melee*

Lakitu: Wow, this match sure is exciting! Oh darn, my camera batteries ran out. *Takes out some spares and fumbles around with the camera for a bit*

Kevin: Heh, you think I can't hold my own in a fight, just because I'm still a kid? What you don't realize is that I was taught by the one, the only, Raiden! Now, watch this! SHAZAM!!

*Kevin triggers his FS, filling the stage with lightning*

Lakitu: There we go! Good thing I didn't miss anything important!

Kevin: Say, does anyone know what happened to Esco and the ponies?

*Some of the fighters turn their attention towards the SPs*

Ness: I wouldn't worry about it too much. They seem to have a tendency to disappear.

Roy: Actually, now that I think of it, I haven't seen Mario or Luigi since the last match.

Ike: Or the new furries, for that matter.

Samus: I'm just glad I don't have to fight Ridley any time soon.

*Suddenly, the Stadium shakes violently*

Digi: Earthquake?!

Pat: No... *Looks out the window* This is something much worse.

*The white figure is seen just a couple hundred meters away, with a sea of Zakomen at his feet. Suddenly, the giant thrusts both hands forwards, and the Zakomen charge forwards all at once*

Kevin: My God... Everyone get out at once! Defend the Stadium!!

*Captain Falcon throws a chair through the window and jumps out, followed by several of the flying fighters*

*The Swordsmen gather together for a moment, clash their swords, then race out*

*Fox pulls out a communicator and attempts to call for backup*

Fox: Dammit, no service. We'll have to do this by ourselves.

*Fox and Falco head to the Stadium Garage*

Wolf: I want in on some action too.

*Wolf runs after them*

*The rest of the fighters exit*

Digi: Sound the alarm, Pat!

Pat: On it! *Exits*

Kevin: Macblank, come with me.

*Kevin and Light exit*

Digi: I have a bad feeling about this... *Exits to join the other fighters*


*The Light Warriors teleport onto the battlefield, right in the midst of the Alloys*

????: Would you look at that. A bunch of immature horse children in the middle of my battlefield. *Cracks his knuckles* I'll just clean up this mess, then eat a roast beef sandwich.

*???? turns on the PA*

????: Hey there, puny pony people! Try some of my extra-spicy OVERLORD WEAPON brand death, why don't you?

*The giant twitches its index finger inwards, causing several of the surrounding alloys to pounce on the disoriented light warriors*

Twilight: What the- where did all these robots come from? Why are they attacking the fighters? It's a war zone in here! We'd better- *turns around and notices that her entire team is unconscious and surrounded by alloys of several colors, the giant OVERLORD WEAPON machine looming over them*

????: Pft. These 'Light Warriors' were almost as dim as the Questers. I didn't even have to get out my bowling ball to defeat them.

Twilight: I hate to leave the others, but I have no choice! *winks out*

Simon: *whips at the alloys as fast as he can* I may be handsome and skilled, but I don't think I'm going to make it!

Pit: This is major-icus bogus maximus! *fires arrows at the alloys*

Roy: Why won't these stupid things stop coming? *slashes at several alloys, setting them on fire*

Wolf: Incoming, gentleman! *fires his blaster at the alloys, but gets pounded to the ground as Simon, Pit, Roy, and himself are buried under a mountain of leaping robots*

*Digi walks into the battlefield. Many fighters are KO'd all around him. The huge mech stands tall over the battlefield, flanked by alloys.*

Digi: Hey, you're not going to get away with this, you know? You're just being a bit unfair.

????: Oh, but I am, Digi!

Digi: What? How did you know my nickname?

????: Because you know my name, too!

Digi: Don't tell me, you're Jacob Jingleheimer--

????: NO!

Digi: Sheesh.

????: *Horrifying atonal trumpet fanfare music plays* Behold, Digi! Your old friend!

*A panel on the mech opens, revealing a greasy looking man with raggedy brown hair, a weird pink-and-green pinstriped eye-searing suit, and horrific yellow cowboy boots along with an insanely ugly red and green fedora, wearing an orange and purple tie which says 'DIE QUESTERS' on it over and over again.*

Digi: WHAT?!

Sloan: That's right, it's me, Sloan! The last, the best, the undefeated Commander of Borne's! No one is smart enough to defeat me, I've gotta tell you. That's why I'm suggesting you vamoose before I make you into moose shavings.

Digi: Look, Sloan, I know what happened, but I can't let you--

Sloan: Et tu, destroyer of Stadiums?

Digi: That was an accident! I didn't mean to--

Sloan: No. YOU were an accident. I've watched you for a while now. You have no special powers. You have no intelligence. You can't even beat up Metal! A random Ninja with about 1/10th your true power did that, but you? Nope, you lost like it wasn't even a contest!

Digi: Sloan, you can't be serious...

Sloan: I am! You're more senior a Quester than he was. Yet he treats you like dirt, and you LET him!

Digi: I'm not going to join your side, Sloan. You stole our washing machine... it's not like we can trust you.

Sloan: Don't trust me, Digi. But if you respect yourself... maybe you should try defending yourself against your haters some time. I just don't like to see an old classic mauled by the upstart newcomers.

Seraphis: *In the distance* Hey! Stop talking to the fools and continue destroying them!

Sloan: ...Yes, supreme master. *Sticks his tongue out as Seraphis cannot see it*

Digi: You have another master you don't serve? This is giving me deja vu.

Sloan: Yes! Too bad you won't be able to tell him...

Digi: Oh come on. You aren't going to beat me up...

Sloan: What do you think I stole all these fun toys for? *Starts taking out a series of strange weapons and objects, and clipping them to his horrific lime green and hot pink belt*

Seraphis: Sloan! What are you doing? Use the mech! You even said it was superior!

Sloan: Psh, let me have a little fun. You'll see why I'm as smart as I say I am.

Seraphis: Fine, but if you lose, I am piloting the mech and leaving your eye-blinding corpse for those fools to dissect at their leisure!

Sloan: Such a party pooper... anyway, it's time for Sloan's Disco Excitement Hour, starring... the soon to be dead Digifanatic, Least Respected, Least Powerful, and Least Interesting Quester!

Digi: Hey, watch your mouth.

Sloan: So bland! So uninspired! So pointless that I have to provide all the spice by myself! *Takes out a cannister of Old Spirce and hurls it into Digi's eyes*

Digi: Ack!

Sloan: Now get ready to rumble, because your corpse is going to vibrate into dust! *Whispering* And then revive, so you can get out of here and away from these fools who treat you badly.

Digi: I told you, I--

Sloan: Enough! The battle is begun!

*Sloan leaps down, surrounded by a force field. He takes out a Chainsawd--a chainsaw sword with energy blades-- and then walks towards Digi.*

Digi: You won't get away with this...

Sloan: Like I didn't get away with everything else I did?

*Digi swings his golf club. It bounces off of the force field and he falls over backwards.*

Digi: Oh brother... this is just like Alsa...

Sloan: *Devious glance* Of course it's like Alsa! Reliving the glory days is what it's all about! HYAH!

*Sloan makes an over the top swinging motion with the Chainsawd, but misses as Digi rolls away. Good thing too--it could have slashed him in half.*

Digi: I'm not going to just lay down and let you beat me up. *Attacks Sloan with a fiery punch*

*The punch bounces off of the force field.*

*Digi backs up, then flies into the force field with an Icy Kick!*

*The kick bounces off of the force field*

*Digi gets really juiced up with light energy and then flies at Sloan with a Celestial Fury attack!*

*The charge attack also fails*

*Digi gets up after that and shoots a Light ray at Sloan!*

*That ALSO is deflected*

*Sloan just laughs*

Sloan: All your moves are worthless against me, Digi. You should have just run away.

Digi: I'm not going to run away from you...

Sloan: That's why you're not smart, Digi!

Digi: *Weakly* Don't make fun of me...

Sloan: Make fun? No. I'm just telling the TRUTH!

*Sloan swings again. Digi goes to block--the Chainsawd rips the golf club in two.*

Sloan: You're a bunch of old moves stapled to a vanilla stick figure! Even the literal Stick Man is more emotive than you! Now, fall down and think about how bland you are!

*Sloan takes out a Zat from his belt and zaps Digi, who slowly falls down.*

Digi: You can't... you... won't... I'll... *falls over*

Sloan: Sorry to have to do that, Digi, but it's for your own good.

*Sloan takes the golf club pieces*

Sloan: Don't use this thing ever again. It makes you look like an idiot. You know. Like Metal.

*Sloan takes out of his pockets a glowing sword with sun marks on it*

Sloan: I stole this Sunlight from Aribar. You'll thank me later. *Stuffs it into Digi's hands and sneaks back to the mech*

Seraphis: Have you finished WASTING MY TIME?

Sloan: *Winces, but then straightens out when he realizes Seraphis didn't notice him handing the sword to Digi.* Yes, infinitely idioti--er, supreme master!

Seraphis: Good! Finish the job!

*Kevin and Light Bear are hiding near the OVERLORD WEAPON, watching the carnage and fomulating their own plan*

Kevin: AAAA! He got Digi!

Light Bear: I say, that is probably the first time I have ever heard you swear...

Kevin: Keep focused!

Light Bear: Right, sorry. As I was saying, I believe the larger one is not just commanding the army, but controlling it directly.

Kevin: How do you know?

Light Bear: I don't, but judging by their movements, there is no delay between when the larger one directs and when the smaller one reacts. It could possibly be transmitting a wireless signal of some kind.

Kevin: I'm not so sure about that.

Light Bear: Well, it's only a guess... but an educated one at that.

Kevin: All right. Now, on my signal, we sneak up behind the giant one and climb up its back. I need you to plant your cane into its head, then I'll use my lightning powers in combination with your cane's and short it out.

Light Bear: Right-o.

*The two continue to hide, waiting for the right opportunity to attack*

Twilight reappears into a different part of the Stadium...shocked to notice Yesman beside her.

Yesman: Twi? I'm guessing you're running from the killer robots, too?

Twilight: Uh...heh heh...yeah, pretty much. *notices several alloys moving towards Yesman and herself* Yikes! I'm taking us out of here! *winks Yesman and herself away to another room...and quickly notices that several alloys have surrounded them, two red, two blue, and two yellow* What the hay?

Red Alloys: *knock down Twilight and Yesman with Falcon Kicks*

Blue Alloys: *blow up the two SPs with Din's Fire blasts*

Yellow Alloys: *pummel the duo with Super Jump Punches*

Yesman: Ungh...Hate to say it Twi, but I don't believe we're gonna be able to run from the things much longer.

Twilight: *sighs* Well, do or die, here we go. This might be a funny thing to ask, you think you're up to riding me? I may be a genius and all, but...I'm not really trained for this specific situation.

Yesman: Oh my god... Yes!!! I've never rode a horse before! Or an animal for that matter. *hops on Twi's back* Tally ho! *tugs Twilight's mane as a signal for her to move forward* Try to run between the red ones!

Twilight: Got it! *runs as fast as she can between the red alloys, trying to avoid their charging Falcon Punches, and, much to her surprise, hears them explodes behind her as they miss and Falcon Punch each other to bits*

Yesman: *tugs on her mane again to signal her to change direction* Now take a left and charge one of those yellow guys with horns!

Twilight: *charges energy into her horn, races into the torso of one of the yellow alloys, and impales it* Uh-oh! *notices the other yellow alloy jumping at her*

Yesman: Fire your laser!

Twilight: *fires a starbolt, sending the alloy that was stuck on her horn flying at the one jumping at her, causing the robots to explode in mid-air*

Blue Alloys: *cause energy whips to sprout out of their hands and start walking menacingly towards Twilight and Yesman*

Twilight: I don't like the looks of this at all.

Yesman: Don't worry. Just give me a boost with your TK powers, and I'll take care of the rest!

Twilight: I hope you don't get motion sickness! *flings Yesman as hard as she can at the blue alloys with a psychic toss*

Yesman: *rockets past the blue alloys' attempt to whip him easily, performing a break dance kick in mid-air, his spinning feet decapitating the machines within seconds* Whoo...That wasn't too bad. As long as we keep up the pace, we should be able to-

*A tall, muscular man walks into Yesman and Twilight's view, his appearance making him seem to be some sort of living shadow*

Orion: I cannot allow you to do that. This arena remains our property. I will continue the repossession process immediately. *fires glowing beams of shadow from his fists which have hammers at the end of them, striking at the two SPs*

Yesman: *avoids the strikes with carefully timed hops*

Twilight: *winks out of the way of the strikes*

Orion: A valiant effort, but ultimately a futile one. *shifts the hammer beams into obscenely long energy swords that cut at Yesman and Twilight's torsos with blinding speed, knocking them to the ground*

Twilight and Yesman: *wince in pain*

*Warhorse moves near Orion, using jets firing from her lower legs. She begins to grin evilly* Such lethal precision... as expected from you, Orion!

Orion: I have inflicted deep wounds upon the usurpers, Warhorse. Shall we leave the false Superpowers to perish from their injuries?

Warhorse: A wonderful idea under normal circumstances...heh heh...but the Number One wants all of our enemies terminated with extreme prejudice! Repulsor Blast! *changes her forelegs into arm cannons and fires energy beams at Twilight and Yesman*

Twilight: *causes her horn to dimly glow, creating a small force field around her that reflects the beam, just before the field fades away*

Yesman: Crap! I hope this works...okay, concentrate...there is no spoon! *holds out his hand and blocks the beam with it*

Warhorse: *is hit by her own blasts* Gah! So, there was a little fight in you after all! I'll just have to snuff it out! CRASHER MISSILE! *fires a missile out of her muzzle that slams into the floor, creating a huge explosion where Yesman and Twilight used to be*

Megaman: There's too many of them! *fires into the crowd of alloys surrounding himself, Tron, and Zero with his Mega Buster*

Tron: *is wearing her mech armor, and firing into the crowd with her Gatling Gun arms* They're starting to glow all of a sudden...are they shortin' out?


*All three fighters get blown up as the circle of alloys explodes*

*Pat walks out and confronts the OVERLORD MACHINE*

Pat: You beat them, but they don't have the experience I do.

Sloan: Another worthless Quester. Oh, yeah, they you're the most infamous SuperPower, but I know better. You had to learn from people who weren't even fit to polish my bowling ball, let alone defeat this triumph of a machine. Why, I could defeat you with that washing machine I stole from the Questers alone!

Pat: No, you're not going to win this time. I've fought people like you before. And I've seen Metal's wackiness. You won't destroy me without a fight, even if you do win.

Sloan: Well, it's nice to see you have some backbone, but it still won't do you any good!

*Pat fires a Kamehameha wave into the OVERLORD Weapon, and it stumbles back a bit.*

Sloan: That doesn't change anything!

*Pat throws a Killerang, cracking the machine's eye slightly*

Sloan: Gah! You're really starting to annoy me!

*Pat leaps up and kicks the mech in the face, and it stumbles backwards*

Sloan: Aaaaaaa--

Pat: I told you, I've got not patience for people trying to take over the Stadium. I've been through it all, you're not going to do anything new that would shock me!

*The Overlord machine falls backwards onto the Stadium, smashing a big chunk of it, then stands back up and hurls an entire chunk of it at Pat.*

Pat: Oh AAAA.


Sloan: *Dusting his hands off... the OVERLORD WEAPON doing the same* I tried to warn him. But nooooo, he had seen it all! Well, so have I.

*Pat smashes out of the rubble*

Sloan: Round two already?

Pat: *Panting for breath* You... got one sneak attack on me. But that isn't the end of this, whatever your name is!

Sloan: Sloan!

Pat: Sloan. I'll beat you like I did Rex!

Sloan: I don't have an airship. Metal does.

Pat: He does?

Sloan: The Wing Fortress?

Pat: Oh... that thing...

Sloan: By the way, you should look into getting more life insurance. You're getting a bit old.

Pat: Wha?

Sloan: Also, this.

*The Overlord weapon snaps its fingers; ten alloys of different colors all rush at Pat*

Pat: How nice of you.

*Pat does a variety of kung fu moves and Kamehameha attacks to destroy the Alloys.*

Sloan: Meh. More alloys!

*The alloys charge at Pat again... more of them*

Pat: Hoo! Haa! Hya! ...*Begins to get tired after destroying 20 more*

Sloan: MORE!

*Pat continues fighting them, getting more and more tired*

Sloan: You have no clue how many of these I have, do you?

Pat: I thought this was only a training mode... no one would be crazy enough to use them as a weapon...

Sloan: Wrong! I know this Stadium and its technology as well as you do!

*Sloan opens up one of the fingers... and begins shooting Bob-ombs at Pat, as Alloys keep rushing him.*

Pat: *Is hit several times and thrown around* Argh! Ow! No! I must defend the Stadium!

Sloan: I would say for you to give it up, but... no. I would much rather kill you. You're one of the most infamous plan destroyers in this group. If I kill you, then no one is going to be able to stop me!

Pat: *Weakly* Is that really all you want? To kill people?

Sloan: No. I just like to see the expression of defeat on their faces, when they know they've lost!

Pat: *Stands up, despite being horribly injured* I won't give you that, then!

Sloan: Grrr... I hate the feisty ones. Fine! I'll just grind you into dust with one hand, and eat my too-often-delayed lunch in the other!

*The OVERLORD MACHINE drunkenly stumbles towards Pat, while one hand mimes holding a sandwich, which it appears to be doing. Bob-ombs rain down, and some blow up parts of the Stadium.*

Sloan: *Mouth full of food* Mmmfr. You'd think thamh Serefis guy would be maf ad me blofing dup his stashium...

*Pat is overshadowed by the mech. It goes to step on him while five Alloys whale on him with merciless punches and lasers.*

Pat: No... I can't go down... I'm the only person this Stadium can count on!

*Pat powers up... and fires one last kamehameha wave. The alloys are knocked away, and the OVERLORD weapon stumbles back, its foot damaged.*

Sloan: No! No! You're supposed to be squashed!

Pat: You won't take me like that! *Walks to fight some more... then falls over, completely out of energy.*

Sloan: ...Darn it! He wore himself out. I can't kill someone after that! They have to make a fool of themselves, not bravely fight to the finish! *Punts Pat aside with the Overlord Machine* Bah! Oh well... that's it for that worthless SuperPower.

*Light Bear notices the Overlord Machine is idling after taking that damage. He climbs on top of the giant and plants his cane into its head*

Sloan: Hey, what's the big idea?

Light Bear: Now, Kevin!!

*Kevin jumps above the cane, then blasts it with all his might*

Sloan: Oh. More idiocy. Never mind. You're late, you know. I planned for this to happen, but you sure took your time in doing it.

Kevin/Light: !?

Sloan: What's the first thing anyone is going to use against a big metal machine? Lightning, that's what. Which is why I took the initiative to properly ground and insulate this machine. Your lightning will not work against me. Now get off of my machine, losers.

*The OVERLORD WEAPON casually brushes Light Bear off its head, then turns and swats Kevin out of the air*

Sloan: Pathetic. Is this the best the Stadium can come up with? Hah!

*Suddenly, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Ganondorf appear out of nowhere*

Master Hand: You have really done it this time, Sloan.

Crazy Hand: Yeah, and now we're going to kick your AAA!

Sloan: Psh, what do you take me for, Autumnus? You won't even ruffle my hair.

Mewtwo: *Looks at the burning Stadium* Yes... I escaped my doom this time. I am alive!

Julian: La-de-AAAAin' da, Mewtwo. That doesn't explain what happened.

Mewtwo: Metal did what he always does... mess up and get his Stadium exploded. Just like VG...

Deloth: Again? These people really need to learn not to build their Stadiums out of explosives.

Dragoshi: To be honest, I'm surprised it hadn't burnt to the ground earlier.

Mewtwo: This is Metal's fault. You know how he is.

Julian: Yeah, yeah, I know this story. He's a AAAAin' maniac who takes all out AAAAin' money and spends it on some stupid AAAAin' trinkets that we never see again.

Garrick: Like the laser powered shopping cart. It makes no damn sense, it's supposed to hold groceries, not slice them into ribbons. AAAAing loon.

Deloth: Yeah... it's about time we got our pay. You have any idea where Metal is?

Mewtwo: Metal is dead.

Julian: What tha AAAA? Where are we gonna get our money now?

Dragoshi: ...Well, that's all sorts of problematic. Any way to un-corpse him?

Deloth: ...He can't possibly be totally dead. I mean, we've seen him survive an entire frickin' planet explode. How could some random person from here kill him? Really. It doesn't make any sense!

Garrick: I've killed that two ton back of trash one before, but then they just put him back together like a AAAAing jigsaw puzzle. If we want to revive his dumb AAA, we could probably find a way...and then I can just kill the AAAA out him again once it's all said and done.

Julian: Yo, Garrick, can the AAAAin' rage for a moment here. We need our money, alrigh'? You can go and re-kill him once we've taken every AAAAin' coin off his bank accounts.

Garrick: Right, that's the idea. You can get your money, I get to kill him again. Everyone wins.

Mewtwo: I cannot fault your action. He still owes ME coins from back when he broke the rules. Appealing to Wolfman managed to delay my revenge... but the time is ripe.

*A blue Kirby wanders over to the group*

Deloth: *Gasp*

Dragoshi: 'hoy, Gibby. It's been a while.

Garrick: ...wait...the Gibster? The Gibmister? Gib-a-rino?

Gibby: Alright, what's the big idea? I wake up to the smell of burning shelf, and now i'm hearing something about a takeover. What are we taking over? And can I eat it?

Julian: Yo, Gibby. We're gonna revive Metal an' take all his cash. Wanna come with?

Gibby: Did you! $_$

Julian: Yeup. All tha' cash we can take off'a his sorry AAA.

Gibby: Wait wait wait...this is by the books, right?

Deloth: It's okay, Gibby. We don't plan anything excessively cruel.

Mewtwo: *Contorts some steel wreckage into hazardous spiky spears*

Dragoshi: I promise I'll only leave a dent. ...Well, a more like a large dent and several holes, but. Same difference. *menacingly wields bread*

Gibby: ....I should have stayed back on the shelf.

Garrick: Ohhhh, it'll be all right... everything will be right again once I pound that sucker's head in. With a gun. Or twelve.

Sloan: So as I was saying, you guys can't even touch my righteous tie, let alone make my shoes get scratched.

Master Hand: Somehow I doubt you have the power to defeat us.

Crazy Hand: Yeah, you're gonna die big time!

Master Hand: It's time we ended this, sleazy eye-melting shoe salesman! Ganondorf, Crazy Hand, prepare to fight!

Ganondorf: Ha... *Begins floating toward Seraphis*

Master Hand: Wait! We need to take out the others first!

*Ganondorf floats directly in front of Seraphis*

Ganondorf: ... My Head Super Power.

The Hands: !!!!

Sloan: Hahahahahaha! You fell for the oldest trick in the book! You idiots! I don't even need to fight you... instead, I'll just repair what insignificant damage my mech got! *Retreats to do so for a little bit*

Seraphis: Ah, Ganondorf. So good of you to return to my side.

Ganondorf: Yes. It has been entirely too long. I've done exactly as you ordered. Spying on the False Super Powers was as easy as gaining their trust.

Seraphis: You've served me well. Now do me one last favor.

Ganondorf: Certainly.

Seraphis: The Hands; dispose of them.

Ganondorf: Of course.

Master Hand: Wait! Ganondorf you don't have to do this!

Crazy Hand: Listen to him!

Ganondorf: Ah! *Slowly descends to the ground* But I do have to do this... *Begins glowing* Herrrr.... NYAAAA!!!

*Ganondorf begins growing to ten times his size, horns sprouting on his head and two swords growing in his hands*


Crazy Hand: Giant monster or not, we'll still kick your AAA! *motions to come forward* Bring it on!

Master Hand: Ganondorf...

*The hands both begin spinning and go into their drill attacks and charge Ganon.*

Ganon: HA! *Swings his sword in an X shape which hits the hands who at that time were right in front of him*

Master Hand: Ahhhh!!! *Falls to the ground*

Crazy Hand: Oww! *Sees Master Hand* No!! HhhskdjgnapiebdjDIE!

*Crazy Hand charges himself with dark energy and begins rushing Ganon*

Ganon: RRRHEERRR AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! *Does a monstrous form of a Warlock punch hitting Crazy Hand. Dark energy explodes everywhere blackening the sky for a moment. It clears to reveal a motionless Crazy Hand on the ground, and a shrinking Ganon.*

Seraphis: Well done, my minion!

Ganondorf: *Now back to original form* Huff... Huff... That took a lot of my energy.

*All of the Stadium's fighters have been defeated. Only Seraphis, his minions, and Sloan's robots remain*

Sloan: *Finishes repairs. Scans the area, seeing nothing but defeated people.* Alrighty, that's a wrap. Now, Mister "Fearless Leader", your Stadium awaits! As does my pay promotion!

Seraphis: Command your army to cease, Sloan. We are done here.

Warhorse: W-what?

Orion: Lord Seraphis... Why? We just wanted our Stadium... Right?

Seraphis: I couldn't care less about the Stadium. I just wanted to destroy all opposition, so that I may revive the Leukos and rule over the entirety of Revanda. I am the warrior this world needs, so I will be the one to lead it into a greater future! Let us go to the main city!

Warhorse: *Shocked* Whatever you say, boss! *Turns around and leaves*

Orion: Hmmm... I don't like this. *Follows Warhorse*

Sloan: All set! *Turns his machine around and starts heading back*

*...As a different, invisible Sloan casually sneaks out and into the Stadium itself.*

Sloan: Little does that pinhead know, I've got the winning plan right here. I'll just let my alloy doppelganger tell him whatever he wants to hear, while I make sure EVERYONE is eliminated from this Stadium. I learned from Sergeant Levis NEVER to leave the enemy Stadium intact... no matter what.

*Sloan disappears into the Stadium, wielding what is clearly a stolen sith light saber.*

*Twilight awakens*

Twilight: ...What? I'm alive? But...where's Yes? Where's...where's anypony?

Seraphis: Oh, you're finally awake.

Twilight: Polemikós? I...I don't understand!

Seraphis: I must say, your Light Warriors did a great job taking out that dragon bastard. Little did he know that we were on to his scheme the entire time, thanks to all those hidden cameras. Oh, I almost forgot your gift...

Seraphis: *reaches into a bag, and takes out a small, familiar dragon, holding him by the neck*

Twilight: SPIKE!?

Seraphis: Unfortunately, it seems my work is still unfinished. *a FZZAP is heard as Seraphis fires a blast from his hand into Spike's neck*

Twilight: SPIKE, NO!!! NO!!!

Seraphis: *Casually throws Spike off to the side and turns to leave* Ah, there we go. One more dragon down. Well, I must go now. My people need me.

Twilight: *hangs her head, her hair falling over her eyes, and sobs*