March #25: Endgame!

*Outside of the Stadium*

Yesman: Where to begin? Twi wasn't there when I woke up, so she's probably okay. I could try to find her... But where to begin?

???: Look over there! A Super Power!

*Yesman turns toward the voice to see Ganondorf with a group of Alloys around him*

Yesman: Ganondorf? What are you doing out here? Anyway, I'm glad I found you. If I were to run into another baddy I don't know if I could take him alone.

Ganondorf: Hahaha! Yes, I'm glad I found you too, but not for the same reason you are. It seems you already have run into a "baddy" without any help.

Yesman: Ya, that shadow guy just ran off.... *Trails off* Wait a second. Why are those Alloys following you?

Ganondorf: For the love of Twinrova... I am the villain, you imbecile!

Yesman: Oh... Damn... I mean, I knew it! I bet your commanding those Alloy too!

Ganondorf: ...Did you really think they were here for no reason? *Turns toward the Alloys* Alloys, show him what you're here for! Attack!

*The Alloys just stand there*

Ganondorf: I said, Alloys ATTACK!!

*Slowly, an alloy raises his leg as if it is going to walk, but then begins... dancing? The others join in and begin dancing toward Yesman*

Ganondorf: Well, this is embarrassing....

Yesman: Hey-AH! *Karate chops an Alloy then jumps into the middle of them and begins doing a break dance style kick*

Ganondorf: I knew I forgot something! The Overlord Module! The only thing that controls them! Curses!

Yesman: Wha-CHA! *Swings an Alloy around and throws him into more of them, who all fall down bowling pin style.* Take this! *Does a kick-flip on the remaining Alloys. All of them are now defeated.*

Yesman: Huff huff... Phew... What a workout... Huff huff...

Ganondorf: Well, that was pointless. Now that you're done fooling around, I'll engage you. *Leaps forward with a Dark Dive*

Yesman: *Is caught in the Dark Dive* Oooooooooooooow! *Falls to the ground after the attack is over*

Ganondorf: What, you wore yourself out playing with my Alloys? Too bad! *Charges for a Warlock Punch*

Yesman: *Stands up* No, I won't go down without a fight- AAH! *Hit by the Punch, and once again falls to the ground. Ganondorf stands over Yesman and mercilessly kicks him until he is nearly unconscious*

Ganondorf: Now, *Pulls out a glowing white blade* time to finish you.

Yesman: No! *Struggles trying to get himself up but can't*

Ganondorf: I have no personal quarrel with you, but you must die if Seraphis is to win. Seraphis must rule if I am to usurp him. *Raises his sword* Any last words Yesma- *Hit in the face with a ball of fire* Who dare-

Sonic: Oh, just us! *Tails, Mario, and Luigi are standing beside him*

Ganondorf: Well then, I'll just kill you too if that's what you wish!

Sonic: You'll have to catch me first! *Disappears in a blur and reappears behind Ganondorf, hitting him in the back*

Mario: *Bounces into this air, and comes down with a fist to Ganondorf's face*

Tails: Here Yesman, have this. *Hands Yesman a Heart Container, who gladly accepts it*

Yesman: *Hops up* Thanks Tails!

Tails: No problem, now let's get him!

*Luigi, Tails, and Yesman all dash toward Ganondorf, who notices them, and swings his sword that direction, but is grabbed by Mario behind him, who throws him toward Sonic, who smashes him into the ground.*

Ganondorf: What?! I will not be defeated by a weak Super Power and group of wannabe Heroes! *Floats into the air* I'll.... *Begins glowing* DESTROY YOU ALL!!

*Ganondorf tosses his sword to the ground as he begins growing in size and shape into what looks to be a giant, dual-sword wielding, man-bear-pig*

Ganon: RAAHHH!! *Roars loudly and swings his swords about*

Yesman: Oh my god....

Luigi: Well-a it was good a-knowing you guys...

Sonic: No, look! *Points toward the Sages Sword Ganondorf threw onto the ground* You guys distract him! *Zooms away*

Mario: Hey Ganon! Catch! *Throws a fireball at him, as does Luigi*

*Ganon just cuts through the fireballs and swings his swords toward the fighters. Yesman leaps forward hits Ganon in the chest with a punch... but it was ineffective.*

Ganon: Fools!! You cannot beat me in this form. I am unstoppable!

Sonic: *Suddenly behind Ganon poking him in the back with the Sages Sword* Nobody is unstoppable. Hate to break it to you, but even you have weaknesses! *Swings the sword (with a bit of difficulty) at Ganon's tail, and which leaves glowing cuts*

Ganon: RAAAAA!!! ENOUGH!!!

*Sonic stops*

Ganon: *Begins shrinking back to human size* Huff Huff... Enough....

Ganondorf: *Now back to normal size* I... am done. *Does a backflip onto a heretofore unseen black steed* Hya! *The horse begins riding away*

Yesman: *Watching as Ganondorf and his horse disappear into the distance* Two down. Three to go....

Luigi: Hey guys, we-a better get moving.

Yesman: Where are you going?

Tails: To meet up with the others.

Yesman: I'll come with.

*Meanwhile, Ridley and his party have stumbled upon Seraphis' secret desert base*

Esco: Everyone, barge in through the front door.

Dark Twilight: Wait, where are you going?

Esco: Don't worry about me. I'm taking a shortcut. It's time to get back to my roots... *Kicks up a cloud of sand and disappears*

Ridley: Very well, let's just make this quick... time is of the essence, and I cannot stress that enough!

Ridley: We must be cautious. There is no telling how many warriors may be-

*A crowd of alloys suddenly decloak, having surrounded the party while invisible*

Ridley: -guarding this place. Damn. No matter, this will end quickly!

Dark Twilight: Careful, they've been upgraded to utilize special moves!

Gilda: *rises to her hind legs and takes a fighting stance* Never a freakin' dull moment, lately.

Ridley: DIE!!!*rips through a crowd of red alloys attempting to Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick him by slashing them with his claws, wings, and tail*

Gilda: *dodges fireballs from a horde of yellow alloys* IRON REAVER, SOUL STEALER! *charges her claws with lighting and rushes through the yellows alloys, hacking them to pieces* Nice try, but you lame-os are still really weaksauce. *senses a high amount of power from behind her* What the-great, homing shots. *flies into the air as the Din's Fire blasts from dozens of blue alloys chase her, then dives down towards the blue alloys at a blinding speed* Dash ain't the only badass who knows how ta play chicken! See ya! *dodges out of the way just as the flames are about to hit her, causing the blue alloys to be blown apart in a massive explosion*

Dark Twilight: DARKNESS CLAW! RARGH! *ignites her clawed mechanical hand with gray flame, and slashes through several dozen green alloys* Bwahaha, death to all who oppose me!

Ridley: All enemies here have been neutralized. Now we must enter the lair of our true foes.

Dark Twilight: *takes a deep breath* Well, here we go.

Gilda: *chuckles, smirking* Well, never did wanna live forever.

*Esco dashes across the desert surface, heading towards an area where several stone spires have punched their way through the sand*

Esco: Hmph, like I'm foolish enough to waltz right through the front door like that! This Seraphis guy is expecting us. He's probably planned an ambush of some kind! No sign of the Iron Giant anywhere, which leads me to believe he has it stored somewhere underground. There must be another entrance!

*Esco climbs on top of one of the spires, and scouts out the surrounding landscape*

Esco: Dammit, I can't see anything distinctive. How did they ever... Wait, is that a hole?!

*Esco turns his focus to one of the spires to his far right, which has a noticable indent on its far side. He climbs down from his high point and makes his way towards it. Sneaking his way around the edge of the spire, he discovers that nearly half of the spire is completely gone, and that there is a hole right at the spire's base*

Esco: ... Why, yes. Yes it is.

*Esco unravels the rope tied around his waist and descends into the pit*

*A large, rounded chamber carved into the rock of the spire. The room is completely darkened, save for a small patch of light trickling down from a hole in the ceiling. The light reveals the vague form of a round table in the center of the room, as well as two doors perpandicular to each other along the outside edges of the room. Esco appears from the light source and quickly examines his surroundings.*

Esco: Nothing but silence and darkness.

Seraphis: On the contrary!

*The surrounding blackness vanishes as Seraphis climbs down from a chair atop a pyramid of large containers stacked across the room from Esco*

Seraphis: So, I finally get to meet the famous Escomanivero Deisedarah! It truely is an honor.

Esco: So, you must be the AAAAAAA who blew up my Stadium. What do you want from me?

Seraphis: I believe you already know the answer to that.

Esco: What do you mean?

Seraphis: Allow me to spell it out for you. It's obvious that we share a mutual hatred towards these light beings.

Esco: Sure, you can call it that.

Seraphis: Well, little do you know, they are planning to seize the entirety of this realm for themselves.

Esco: Are you... sure? They don't seem like-

Seraphis: Let me finish! They were not always like this... A long time ago, they used to be an army of demons and dragons. They nearly exterminated my race, the Leukos, permanently.

Esco: Do you really think I'm foolish enough to fall for something like that?

Seraphis: *Sigh...* You want proof? I'll give you proof.

*Seraphis lifts up his hair above his left eye, revealing four faint red markings streaking across his forehead*

Seraphis: I was barely able to escape the attack. Only a few hundred of us remained, swearing vengeance for this horrible act. Eight hundred years later, we still have yet to succeed.

Esco: So what you're telling me is that all this time, underneath all that uber-happy AAAA, they have been planning a second attack?

Seraphis: Second? Hah! Try the twenty-third. My people are the only ones who have ever matched their power, so they will not stop until all of the Leukos are dead.

Esco: So if their main target is the Leukos, what is my motivation in all of this?

Seraphis: The only known Leukos population is hiding in a ghetto within Smashtopia. It's possible that the entire city will perish in the crossfire.

Esco: Dammit. So why did you attack the Stadium?

Seraphis: The Stadium was my pride and joy. After our people's banishment, I created the arena as a way to restore people's honor.

Esco: Wait a minute. YOU were the original owner of the Stadium!? That means that you were the one who abandoned it just before we arrived! Why would you do that if it was so important to you?

Seraphis: Over time, Smashtopia became a gathering place of numerous people from across Revanda. As the Leukos became less and less prominent, the Stadium's popularity declined. I saw no point in continuing it any further. Unfortunately for me, your "Super Powers" took over the Stadium and turned it into a bastardization of its former self! I knew that I had to regain control and use its newfound popularity to reach all corners of Revanda, finding and reuniting all of the scattered tribes of Leukos to prepare for the battles that await.

Esco: The next Great War of Revanda...

Seraphis: Exactly. *Turns away from Esco and returns to his makeshift throne* So now, Esco, I must ask for your help. Together, we can abolish war and restore Revanda.

Esco: . . . I have to think about it.

Seraphis: Very well. I shall wait here until you decide.

*Esco thinks it over to himself for a few minutes*

Esco: I decline the offer.

Seraphis: Hmm. So you don't care about all of your friends?

Esco: I left all of my friends behind ten years ago when I lost my honor, but that's besides the point. I have a great desire to protect my new home, but I refuse to join you because I think you're twisting the truth into bullAAAA. I once knew a man named Kunzo Hashan, who was an expert in psychology. He taught me all about the audial cues you've been dropping during this past conversation. Your true intentions are more malicious than you make them out to be, and I want no part in it.

Seraphis: How unfortunate. I could've really used a man like you. So then you're working with them... Very well. I will have no regrets killing you. *Opens one of the containers, absorbing its contents, and floats to the center of the room*

Esco: I will hold your people in high regard. Let this be an honorable battle. *Gets into a fighting stance*

*The table in the center of the room vanishes into the floor, and the walls shift to reveal intricate patterns that glow faintly, lighting up the entire room*

Seraphis: Let us begin!

*Seraphis expels an overwhelming aura from his body, blinding Esco with a brilliant light. Esco stands motionless for a moment, before quickly spinning around and blocking Seraphis's sudden attack with his kunai. With his other hand, Esco pierces through the void, striking Seraphis with a powerful uppercut. Seraphis teleports to the other side of the room to regain his bearings, then charges at Esco with a flying fist. Esco avoids the attack, only to be sliced across his shoulder by an invisible force.*

Esco: *Clutches his shoulder* What?!

Seraphis: I would not recommend trying to dodge my attacks like that. You see, as a Leukos, I can shift the air around me into tiny blades that will slice through any defense. I call it the White Wind.

Esco: White Wind?! It seems I must pull out my Green Flame sooner than expected.

*Escos palms converge as a green light shines out between his fingers. Seraphis, knowing full well what Esco's planning, creates a wide circular motion with his own hands, creating an invisible barrier of millions of blades. Esco fires a concentrated blast of green flame straight towards this shield, only to suddenly jerk his hands away from each other, causing the beam to diverge and curve around and strike Seraphis from behind*

Seraphis: Dammit... I underestimated you. *Breaks open another container, letting the white fluid cover his entire body* I will now show you my true strength!

*Seraphis starts glowing as the light energy is consumed, reinvigorated by its power. He floats away from Esco, and slowly raises his hand. Suddenly, one of the markings on the wall behind Esco fires a beam of light, which Esco narrowly avoids. He throws a few kunai towards Seraphis, only for them to phase into nothing before they have a chance to touch him. Seraphis retaliates by zipping down to Esco's level and pushing his fingers through Esco's body before he can react*

Esco: G-hurk!?

Seraphis: Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm pretty much invincible in this form. Don't worry, this will be over before you know it.

*Seraphis separates his fingers and pulls his hand back through Esco's body, the thousands of small blades slicing up his insides. He collapses to the floor as a fountain of blood pours out of him. Seraphis rises high above Esco in triumph.*

Seraphis: I declare this victory for the glory of the Leukos! *Charges a ball of light energy* WE SHALL OVERCOME ALL WHO OPPOSE US!!

*Seraphis blasts Esco with a massive white beam. Once the attack finishes, all that's left of Esco is a twisted corpse.*

Seraphis: I thought my attack would erase him from this world entirely... Oh well. I should go check on my Danielle now. Chances are, there are more of their kind in here.

*Esco slowly phases into existance within a formless void. He is in a world of complete isolation and darkness.*

Esco: Once again, I have returned. Great. Just when I thought I was rid of you...

Oh Esco, you know that you need me in your life. After all, I am the one that drives you to fight; to kill. What pleasure is there in living a life without conflict?

Esco: Shut the AAAA up. Just let me be at peace!

... If peace is what you desire, then so be it. Welcome to the perfect peace. I will not bother you any longer.

Esco: Finally.

*Complete silence follows... but it does not last for long.*

You know what? It's boring without you. Let's have some fun, shall we? You should be familiar with this one.

*An apparition of Xaless appears off in the distance*

Xaless: Come, Esco. Approach the light.

Esco: Oh God no. Not this again!

Xaless: What's the matter, Esco? There's nothing to be afraid of. Now come with me, so that we may live together forever.

Esco: This is just like the dream. As soon as I approach, they show up...

Xaless: This is different... You are truly dead, Esco. There's no turning back now. So come.

Esco: I'm not buying it. I'll see you on the far side of the void, Xaless. *Turns his back on the ghost and starts drifting away*

Xaless: Esco, what are you doing? Don't you want to see all of your old friends? Don't you want to relive the days of Kazan?

Esco: I am not a Kazan anymore.

Xaless: What about me? We were together as one in life... Don't you want to become whole again?

Esco: . . .

Xaless: Esco... Get over here.

Esco: . . .

Xaless: Esco. Esco. Esco. Esco. Esco. EESSCCOO. EscoEscoEscoEscoEsco. EscoMANIVERO DEISEDARAH, GET THE AAAA BACK HERE!!

*Dark tentrils materialize from the aether and lunge towards Esco*

*Esco spins around and pulls out his katana, slicing all the tentacles to bits*

Esco: You are not Xaless, you AAAA. Get out of my world.

*Esco fires a beam of green flame from his sword, piercing the false image. The image fades away, leaving Esco by himself once again*

Esco: Now to find my escape...

You fool. This is my realm! You cannot simply escape! Now stay still like a good boy and stop resisting the darkness!

?: Esco! This way!

Esco: Who's there?!

?: Follow my voice. I shall set you free!

*Esco stumbles in the darkness towards the source of the voice, fending off the darkness as it creeps around him*

Get back here! I must consume you again!

?: I will help you to find yourself once again.

Esco: Who are you?

?: You really have forgotten my voice, haven't you?

Esco: ... Xaless?

*The familiar ninja appears before Esco*

Xaless: Exactly.

*Xaless turns and swipes at the air, causing a tear in the void which emits a bright light*

Xaless: Now, approach the light!

*Esco steps into the hole, disappearing from the void*


*The void collapses into itself, as the hole expands and envelops it*

Esco: I am no longer consumed by the darkness. From this point on, the darkness will serve ME. I will walk my own path, and become my own once again!

Seraphis: ... Did he just move? Heh... I think my mind lost itself for a moment. Now, to-

Esco: Actually, I did.

*Seraphis stares as Esco climbs back to his feet, his bones snapping back into their proper places, his body shrouding itself in a new layer of skin, and the hole through his chest closing. He stands before Seraphis, a complete man, surrounded by blackened flames of darkness. Esco takes a moment to look over his body, taking in the aura of strength given to him by his new form. He is Nightmare Deisedarah.*

Esco: Perfect. This time, I'm in control.

Gilda: *sighs and rolls her eyes as she walks beside Ridley and Twilight* This is taking a bit long dude. Do you seriously know where you're going?

Ridley: I was an elite Space Pirate before you were even born. Stop questioning my judgement.

Gilda: *sighs again, frownly sadly as she backs off of Ridley* All right man. Not like I got anywhere else to go, anyways.

Ridley: *points a door, in a row full of identical doors, somehow knowing that it is the precise location he is looking for.* There. That is where we will find the hunter..erm, the bio-weapon, and destroy her.

Dark Twilight: ...did you guys hear something?

*A group of alloys, even larger than the one that was destroyed by Ridley's party on the outside, suddenly decloaks, blocking the way to Warhorse's lab*

Ridley: DAMN IT! These automatons are more numerous than rats!

Gilda: You too go on ahead, I'll handle this.

Dark Twilight: Gilda, no! You'll be killed!!!

Gilda: *grabs Twilight's shoulders gently, looking completely serious, but devoid of anger* Twi, listen to me. I've already been dead for a long time. I'm expendable. *smiles slowly* Don't worry about me, okay?

Dark Twilight: All...all right. Good lucking, and good hunting, Gilda.

Gilda: Same to you, egghead.

*Ridley tears through the door with his claws, runs inside, and Twilight follows him*

Gilda: All right, you bunch of one-eyed bastards! Let's see how tough you really are! *charges into battle, swiping wildly with her claws*

*Inside the complex, mechanized lab, Danielle Morrison looks upon her repaired suit with pride*

Warhorse: Finally, now I can- *hears footsteps stomping down the hallway* What!? How was I found? It doesn't matter...I'm ready down! *dons her equine armor and flies into the air* Who dares trespass in my chamber!?

*Ridley runs into the lab, and immediately takes flight*

Ridley: Target acquired...termination will begin immediately!

Warhorse: Well, well, well...if it isn't my mother's killer! I wasn't expecting to see you again this soon, to be honest. But I'm not one to look a...heh, gift horse in the mouth! I'm going to enjoy reducing you to atoms! REPULSOR BLAST! *shifts her front hooves into cannons and fires lasers at Ridley*

Ridley: Not nearly enough, hunter. *blocks the lasers with his wings, and takes no visible damage at all*

Warhorse: Hmmph. So you want to play rough, huh? Well, I've had years to learn to play rough! INFERNO KICK! *uses one rocket powered hind leg to propel her towards Ridley while the other is aimed straight at his face*

Ridley: Have you forgotten that my very breath is flame? *catches Warhorse's leg in his mouth and sends her flying into a mechanical tower, her armored body making a huge dent in it, before falling to the ground*

Warhorse: Rrrrgh! I'm not through yet, you animal! *rockets up into the air again* CRASHER MISSILE! *fires a missile from her mouth at Ridley, then fires two more*

Ridley: I'm still far from impressed. *swats all three missiles back at Warhorse using his tail*

Warhorse: What? No, you can't be that strong! Not after all the power I've gained! AAAGH! *falls to the ground, her armor smoking, with a loud clang*

Ridley: *lands in front of Warhorse* Now then, to complete my mission and be on my *suddenly is grabbed by a bright red aura* -HURK! WHAT!

Warhorse: Ha Ha Ha! *flies into the air once more, her horn glowing with crimson light* You arrogant fool. I don't care how highly the Mother Brain thinks of you, you're still as stupid and feral as every other one of her lackeys! *slams Ridley into the ceiling* You left me alone. *slams him into a wall* You left me with nothing. *slams him into an equipment filled table* And now I'm going to leave you to die! *feels a sudden pain in her backside* Wh-what? Who shot me? *feels another shot hit her and knock her to the floor* Aaah!

Dark Twilight: The only one dying will be you. *smiles insanely, as her cannon arm smokes* You know, it's technically my fault Spike died. But you and your boss helped. You have no idea how much I hate you right now, and that's only a fraction of how much I hate Seraphis. *suddenly looks furious* When I'm done, there's not going to be enough left of either of you to fit in a matchbox!

Warhorse: Wait, you're here to avenge a loved one, too? That's...kind of ironic and surpr-

Dark Twilight: STOP. TALKING. BADA-BOOM! *points the index finger on her clawed hand and starts pummeling Warhorse with small fireballs*

Ridley: Sparkle, can you hear me?

Dark Twilight: *still firing off blasts as she pins Warhorse to the ground* Yeah, but I'm kinda busy right now.

Ridley: You can't stop her by yourself. Believe me, I know. The only way to destroy her is with my sample of nanotech. I'm going to need you to fight her long enough to allow me to recover, and I'm going to need to you keep her eyes off of me.

Dark Twilight: Affirmative. Mission accepted.

Warhorse: Uuugh...I don't have time to play with you! TONGUE LASH! *opens her mouth and extends a cylindrical metal cord with a sharp tip out of her mouth,stabbing the shoulder Twilight's clawed arm is attached to and stopping the fiery assault from the unicorn*

Dark Twilight: GAH, THE PAIN! *stumbles back*

Warhorse: *flies into the air* Sorry, kid, nothing personal, but I gotta kill you now.

Dark Twilight: NO, NO! SUMMON! *launches herself skyward by causing a geyser of gray fire to push her upwards before extinguishing itself* GET...OVER HERE! *extends her cannon arm over to Warhorse, grabbing her neck with the pincers, retracts the arm, and then begins slashing at Warhorse's face with her claw arm, causing Warhorse to fly around the room uncontrollably*

Warhorse: Argh! Geez, kid, what the hell got into you!!? *plummets to the floor*

Dark Twilight: *manages to use her grip on Warhorse to make sure the armored warrior is underneath her, thus taking the brunt of the landing's force. She then hops off of Warhorse and aims her cannon arm at her* Now...feel the full force of my vengeance! CHAOS...FLARE!!! *screams to the top of her lungs, places her clawed arm on her cannon arm to keep it steady, and fires a continuous beam of gray energy at Warhorse, burning her repeatedly* Bwahahahaha! *laughs maniacally as she finishes her attack*

Warhorse: *begins slowly rising to her feet* did this kid get so much power? Never mind can't destroy me! I will recover from anything you can dish out!

Ridley: *lands behind Warhorse, jamming a syringe into her neck* ...But not anything I can dish out.

Warhorse: *her armor begins to malfunction, causing her organic body underneath great pain as it does* W-what? This...this is impossible!!! *falls to her back, writing in pain*

Dark Twilight: Ha, ha, ha, serves you right, monster! *walks up to Warhorse's body and starts kicking it repeatedly* How glorious it is to see those you hate suffer!

Warhorse: *Her helmet shatters, revealing her human face underneath*

Dark Twilight: *slowly stops kicking Warhorse, her eyes wide with horror, and her jaw dropping* Your...your''re just barely older than I am.

Ridley: My work here is done, Sparkle. My wrath now seeks another. I-somewhat begrudgingly-thank you for your aid, but I must be off. *blows a hole in the ceiling with a giant fireball, and flies off*

Dark Twilight: *watches Ridley leave, then looks back at Danielle*

Warhorse: I don't have long. Kid...what's your name?

Dark Twilight:''s Twilight.

Warhorse: Twilight...between light and dark. Story of my life. Mine's Danielle. Nothing fancy or anything. Kid...I can understand if you don't take this advice, because...I'm here because I ignored the words of a friend. But if you can find it in yourself to try...please don't waste your life on revenge like I did.

Dark Twilight: Don't talk, you're hastening your death!

Warhorse:'s all right kid. I'll see you some day in some other life, kay? *takes a last gasp, closes her eyes and expires*

Dark Twilight: I didn't...I didn't know what it was...what it was like for you. *cradles Warhorse's body in her arms* ...Sunshine, sunshine...ladybugs awake.

*Meanwhile Gilda has been pinned to the floor, being punched and stomped on by a crowd of alloys, having barely reduced their numbers in her struggle*

Gilda: You know guys...being a bunch of killer mooks, you're probably not actually listening to me. Still...since I'm most likely gonna die anyway, I'll just go ahead and blab. Ya know why I didn't just go and apologize ta Dash. It was 'cause I knew it would have been just ta make myself feel better. I'm not that nice. I've never been that nice. I'm not entirely sure if I did any of this heroic sacrifice AAAA for anypony but me, either. Heh...anypony. I never would have said anything this sappy before, and you're probably the only ones who are ever gonna hear this, but I always wished I was a normal pega-whatever instead of a cat...bird...mutant thing...damn it, I've lost so much blood that I can't remember the name of my own freaking species. But hey, I don't care, fellas. I still wanna hear about me. I really don't think I can ever make it up to Dash. But maybe I...can kinda learn something from 'er, if by some lame, stupid contrivance, I actually live through this. Maybe the nicest people are just the ones who are selfish in the right way, ya know? Doin' stuff for their own kicks that somehow helps every...ack, geez, do you have to keep hitting the ribs? Doing stuff for themselves that somehow helps other people. Maybe that's where I screwed up. Wasn't taking what I really wanted, but I told myself I wanted. Wasn't living my dream, so nopony else wanted to be part 'o that dream. Well...I'm probably boring you guys to tears. So, let's see what happens...WHEN I DO THIS!

*Gilda lets out a surge of negative energy that fills the room with gray flames. The alloys are knocked down, but are undamaged as they were able to activate force-fields before the blast hit. As the smoke clears, a figure floats above them, a light blue furred pegasus pony with a long, sparkling, glitter filled mane and tail. On her flank are emblazoned three pink whistle symbols and two dark blue ones. She smiles confidently as she begins to open her pink eyes, summoning a pink electric guitar and holding it in one hoof*

Mystery Pegasus: I am...WIND WHISTLER! The angel of hope! And today, I soar to my future!

*Wind Whistler takes her free front hoof, applies it to the strings on her guitar, and plays rock music so full of unashamedly 80's style that it manifests a shining glittering blue beam of sound that erupts from the neck of guitar and floats around the room, guided by Wind Whistler's mind, disintegrating the alloys one by one as it tears through them with extreme speed*

Wind Whistler: Well, that! *giggles* But there's another show to play...time for the encore! *strums her guitar, causing her to teleport into Warhorse's lab*

Dark Twilight: *gently sets aside Danielle's body, staring at the strange pegasus* W-who...who are you?

Wind Whistler: *giggles* Twi, it's me, Gilda. I had a lucky break...and I'm here to give you a ride.

Dark Twilight: I don't...I don't know if I can fight Seraphis. I can't hate him anymore, even after he took Spike from me.

Wind Whistler: Fight not with hatred, my friend, but with the desire to help your friends...*lands next to Danielle's body and gently touches its cheek* Even those who are not currently with us.

Dark Twilight: *slowly smiles* Well...I's time for the story to end.

Wind Whistler: Right you are, Twi! It's showtime! *giggles, strums her guitar, and teleports herself and Twilight away*

*Seraphis's chamber. A confused and alarmed Seraphis looks as the man he just oblitherated starts walking towards him*

Seraphis: T-this is impossible! You are supposed to be dead!

Esco: Am I? Then why am I standing before you?

Seraphis: Hell if I know! Y-you're a demon! You are a corrupt one, just like the dragons! I MUST KILL YOU! THE FUTURE OF REVANDA DEPENDS ON IT!!

Esco: You are not the protector of Revanda. Your ideal world is that of tyranny. I refuse to accept such a blatant injustice!

Seraphis: Blatant injustice!? Haaaah... *Starts glowing with intensity*

*Esco fires a corrupt shot at Seraphis, who teleports out of the way and appears right in front of Esco. Esco launches himself into another uppercut, but Seraphis again dodges the attack and blasts Esco with a gust of white wind from behind. The draconic wing emerges from Esco's shoulder and absorbs the blow of the attack, as Esco spins around and blasts Seraphis point-blank with his own dark flames. Seraphis reels back in pain, while Esco follows up with a flying kick, sending Seraphis flying back into one of the chamber walls. Seraphis launches more light beam attacks, but Esco disappears into the blackness. Seraphis uses his powers to light up the entire room, but Esco approaches while he's distracted and pins him against the wall with a hurricane of jabs, digging Seraphis deeper and deeper into the wall of the chamber. Seraphis blasts Esco with another front of wind, and climbs out of the large gash Esco created.*

Seraphis: GAH! My control is slipping away... I refuse to allow this!

*Seraphis opens another container, filling himself with the energy stored within. His body becomes pale as his hair descends past his shoulders and angelic wings sprout from his back.*

Seraphis: Ahh, much better. *Begins charging another attack*

Esco: Oh great, a Sephiroth cosplay.

Seraphis: SILENCE!! *Fires another massive beam at Esco*

Esco: That won't work again! *Holds his arms out, preparing to deflect it*

Seraphis: You won't be disappointed!

*Right before the beam reaches Esco, it splits up into thousands of tiny spiraling particles of light, moving in a highly erratic manner*

Esco: ... Damn.

*Esco is unable to reflect the beams and is cut up and battered around by the beams of light*

Seraphis: Do you like that? Well, why don't you have some more!

*Seraphis fires out additional beams from his fingertips, the floor, and the walls, which mercilessly pelt Esco from all sides*

Seraphis: Do not even bother with attempting to resist the blows. I have you locked in an infinite juggle combo. You will meet your end soon enough.

*A black cloud suddenly envelops Seraphis, freezing him inside a collection of dark crystals*

Esco: ... I didn't do that! What...

*Enter Ridley*

Ridley: So much for being a traitor, eh Esco?

*Seraphis breaks out of his crystalline prison*

Seraphis: What?! You are supposed to be dead! My plan assured it!

Ridley: I'm not an idiot. I've been monitering your antics ever since I arrived at the Stadium. I had enough time to create a system to revive me if I died.

Seraphis: Little did you know, I had been spying on you as well! I know of every one of your creations, so you will not catch me off guard again!

*Seraphis phases out and attempts to strike Ridley from behind, but Ridley pulls out another gun, firing an electrical shot that automatically homes in on Seraphis before he can react*

Ridley: I forgot to mention: I found these phason weapons when I looted Danielle's laboratory. You know, after I killed her.

Seraphis: You... killed... ... I WILL PULVERIZE YOU INTO DUST, DRAGON!!

Esco: Don't forget about me!

*Esco and Ridley jump at Seraphis and the three clash in the center of the room*

*Ganondorf stands out in the desert. Slowly, Metal's SPs, Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Tails all close in on him. He looks to all of them, drawing out his sword.*

Ganondorf: You do not understand what goals I work towards. You cannot comprehend what has occurred in this realm. I am only doing what I have done for the good of everyone...

Digi: If that's so, then why is there mayhem and destruction everywhere?

Pat: Save us the villain monologue, Ganondorf. We know you're evil. We always did.

Sonic: Yeah, about all that's left is your butt being kicked yet again!

Mario: I-a never really trusted you anyway, Ganon-dorf-a!

Ganondorf: *Grins* But you see, it really WAS for your own good. Had I not allowed things to go down this path... none of us would have had a chance.

Luigi: You're-a talking gibberish!

Ganondorf: No. You see, it all began, long ago, when--

*Sonic leaps up and spindashes at Ganondorf, bouncing off of his head. Ganondorf doesn't even flinch. He stares, annoyed.*

Sonic: Look, buddy, half of everyone I fight is some sort of otherworldly monster or mad scientist with a chip on his shoulder the size of a small town. If you want to waste your time talking, do it after we've thoroughly destroyed the last remnants of your robot army!

Ganondorf: Have it your way, hedgehog.

*Ganondorf raises his Sages' sword; the Alloys rise up out of the sand, grabbing everyone.*

Kevin: What?

Yesman: But they were disabled!

Tails: Aaaah! Help me Sonic!

Sonic: After I get this modern art sculpture of a machine off my ankles!

Mario: *Punches the robot away*

Ganondorf: Yes. That traitor, Sloan, appears to have been using the robots for his own purposes. But that doesn't mean my dark magic couldn't make them serve me, given a few moments of casting time. Now, you will be removed from this world, so I can undo the damage your bumbling has done.

*Ganondorf walks over to Pat, raising the sword over Pat's head as Pat struggles.*

Ganondorf: YOU have been a threat to much more than me. Killing you will end the cycle of failure you seem to cause my peers. Begone, Pat V--

*Ganondorf is interrupted mid-swing by Mario shooting a fireball at him.*

Ganondorf: Always getting in my way, aren't you Mario?

Mario: We're-a not going to let-a some old man wearing a carpet beat us!

*Mario breaks free fully from the alloy that was holding him and smacks Ganondorf again. Ganondorf wields his sword and swings heavily at Mario, but while his back is turned Pat manages to slip loose and shoot a kamehameha wave at him. Ganondorf stumbles while the others also break loose. Luigi Green Missiles into Ganondorf and Digi ice punches him, as he stumbles backwards.*

Ganondorf: You... are simply on the wrong path! That madman you called a leader destroyed your stadium! Why don't you join me?

Pat: Why don't you join us instead?

Ganondorf: I can't do that... you are the fools, not me!

Sonic: Enough talk! Time to end this!

*Tails picks up Sonic and flings him at Supersonic speed into Ganondorf. Ganondorf bats him away with the sword, but his sword is bent. Ganondorf further tries to run for his horse, but his horse runs away due to Luigi spinning so fast a small windstorm hits the area. Mario then stomps on Ganondorf, who falls over, dizzied.*

Pat: I'm not proud of everything that has happened while I've been at the Stadium, but I'm not going to listen to the third Ganondorf in a row telling me lies about things I know. You will go away and your alloys will too. Otherwise we will beat you in battle, every time.

Ganondorf: Ghhh.... this is not how it ends!

*Kevin and Light fire a combined electric beam, but Ganondorf diverts it away and hurls his own lightning ball at them. Pat tries to counter it, but gets zapped. Ganondorf straightens out his sword, and bats away Tails with it, then slashes Mario. Sonic is too fast, however, and trips Ganondorf... towards a cliff.*

Ganondorf: You wish to leap off the proverbial cliff with your foolishness. So be it. I will not interfere in your self-destructive foolishness.

*Ganondorf powers up his sword one last time--making a huge wave of energy that pushes everyone back... then leaping off the cliff and... hovering down it to places unknown.*

*The fighters and SPs stand up, dazed.*

Digi: What just happened?

Pat: I think we got rid of him for now.

Sonic: He'll be back. He's just like Eggman. *Smacks the side of his head; a ton of sand comes out of his left ear* Why don't we get back to where the action is, already? I'm tired of this wasteland.

Mario: Yeah, we-a need to make sure-a the others are alright!

Pat: As much as I'd want to ensure Ganondorf is gone, it's clear we have to go back.

*The group nods to one another, then walks out to meet up at Seraphis' base*

*Esco and Ridley lie down before Seraphis. Esco has reverted back to normal, and Ridley is surrounded by assorted bits and peices of assorted weaponry. Seraphis laughs heartily as he looks down upon them.*

Seraphis: Such fools! You are little more than motes of dust before my might! Your struggle proved quite amusing, but I'm afraid I no longer have time to toy with either of you. *spreads his wings to their full span, charging light energy within his hands* Proceed, on your way to oblivion!


Seraphis: What the devil is that shouting! *Turns to look behind him, and sees a body with two electrified hands stretched out zooming towards him* ARGH! *Folds his wings in front of him to block the attack, managing to remain standing even as he feels his feet slide backwards a bit* You! The runt! How could you have survived!?

Kevin: *straightens his pointy hat* That's "Runt Superpower" to you!

Seraphis: A clever sneak attack will not spare the lives of your allies! *turns towards Esco and Ridley again and fires the blasts he's been charging*

Wind Whistler: *appears out of nowhere, in a flash of glittering light, in front of Esco and Ridley* Sorry, can't let you do that! *grabs her guitar by its neck with a hoof, and blocks the beams by moving the guitar's body in front of them with lightning fast reflexes*

Seraphis: Raarrrgh! Impossible! I thought I'd dealt with every invader!

Dark Twilight: *somersault jumps into view* It's over, Polemikós. You're outnumbered...*points her cannon arm at Seraphis*...and outgunned.

Seraphis: Nothing is over until I say it's over!!! You are a weak pathetic fool! And I will crush you where you sta-URK! *finds himself sent skyward with a flaming uppercut from Esco*

Ridley: *takes wing, and shoots a giant fireball at Seraphis*

Seraphis: *regains control of his body in mid-air, batting the fireball back at Ridley with a wing*

Ridley: *swallows the fireball, allowing him to avoid taking damage*

Dark Twilight: Death Slinger! *fires a ball of gray energy at Seraphis from her cannon arm*

Esco: Koh... RYAAAH! *fires a spread of ballistic fireballs from his hands, sending them sailing at Seraphis*

Seraphis: *flies higher, creating a field of light energy around himself that absorbs the shots* Why do you delay the inevitable! *feels a sudden jolt piece his energy shield* NYARGH! *looks behind him to see Light Bear riding Ridley, smoke flowing from the tip of the stick-man's cane*

Light Bear: My my, you certainly love to her yourself talk. All right, Ian, your turn!

Digi: *runs up below Seraphis, looking over the Sunlight Sword in his hand* I hope this works...Tails, can you give me a lift?

Tails: Got it! *grabs Digi, flies up with his tails, and tosses Digi towards Seraphis*

Digi: Eat this! *slices at Seraphis's chest with the glowing blade*

Seraphis: RAR! You will pay for that! *backhands Digi to the ground*

Sonic: *snatches up Digi right as he falls* You okay, dude?

Digi: Don't worry! Just throw me back up there!

Yesman: I think we need a new plan of attack.

Luigi: Wow, that's about a the first a time I've heard you disagree with somebody!

Mario: I'm a all ears, Yesman!

Digi: *sighs as Sonic releases him* Pat, what do you think?

Pat: I'm open to just about any plan right now, given the circumstances!

Digi: Okay then...let's hear what the new guy's got in mind.

Seraphis: You had better stop stalling, puny ones...because as of now, this conflict is an official Stadium match! I challenge you for the right to what is mine!!!

*Enter Metal*

Metal: As the true head of the Stadium, I will accept your challenge!

*Seraphis grins as he opens up another container of the lifeblood that fuels his powers, flaring up as he absorbs its essence*

Seraphis: It's too late, Metal! You cannot defeat a light being such as myself! Not with the kind of power I have!

Metal: Don't make me go back in time and kick you seconds before you say that!

Seraphis: Hah, but the Time Knights are watching, so you can't! This is it, you're done for!

Metal: Say one more cliche villain line and-- *Glows darkly*

Seraphis: What? You're going to kill yourself? Go ahead!

*Sloan uncloaks*

Sloan: Uh, Seraphis, I wouldn't taunt him again if I were yo--

Seraphis: Silence! *Devilish smirk* Time to die, everyone! Your have no chance to survive! I am going to knock you all down!

Sloan: *Facepalms*

Metal: Hah... hahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Metal is consumed by darkness, and begins floating off of the ground.*

Metal: You question my determination?

Seraphis: No. I question your intelligence, moron!

*Metal glows some more, and the entire spire above rumbles, as Metal takes out... 7 Dark Chaos emeralds.*

Sonic: Whoa! Those things can turn ANYONE evil, let alone HIM!

Seraphis: What is this? I thought you were the "good" guy, hmmm?

Sloan: You don't know how things work in his world. His Questers brutally killed all that was evil until the entire planet exploded. He and his crew never really cared if they used the evil powers of their enemies to do it or not. They just didn't stop until all their enemies were dead. So stop galling him and do something like warp him away!

Seraphis: And refuse a challenge from an inferior being? Do you have no honor, Sloan?

Sloan: No. Honor is for dead, stupid people who hate living!

Seraphis: ... You are digging your own grave. One more insult and I'll kill you myself!

Sloan: Fat chance. You're screwed, buddy! Enjoy your hubris! *Disappears into one of the darkened passageways*

Metal: Ha ha ha ha haaa...

Seraphis: Are you just going to stand there doing nothing?

Metal: *Takes out a skateboard and attaches rockets to it*

Digi: Oh no... not that... anything but that!

Pat: What?

Seraphis: Let me guess, there is another long story behind this, too.

Digi: Well, I could not tell you, then the confusion would help ensures he wins.

Seraphis: Point taken, but I still find this tiresome!

Metal: Yeah! Don't tell him my moves, Digi!

Digi: You tell everyone else about how much mine suck, Metal.

Metal: ...Whatever.

Digi: That board is the Star Board. It is a rocket skateboard. With the Dark Chaos Emeralds and it, Metal can become--


Digi: ...That. There was an incident where a hologram Metal made did the same thing. It... wasn't pretty.

Seraphis: All I see is an idiot on a skateboard. He'll fall off and the fancy powers will do nothing but drive him insane. Are we ready to fight yet?

Metal: No! I also have to take out these!

*Metal takes out a box labeled 'REJECTED SUPER SMASH QUEST STADIUM ITEMS: TOO POWERFUL' and begins to take out some sort of hand-gun...*

Digi: Hoo boy, those are at least 10 hours more of stories...

Seraphis: ENOUGH! *Blasts the box away, it lands on Digi, KOing him, and explodes*

Sonic: Man, that guy has no luck...

Yesman: I guess we'll have to wait another day for Ian to tell those stories... (sighs and turns to the rest of the party) We might want to leave this area and make sure the other Smashers are safe. All we are is targets for Seraphis!

Sonic: Come on, I got seven Chaos Emeralds that say I'm not done yet!

(Mewtwo teleports in)

Mewtwo: (shakes his head) Let them be, Sonic. You and your party just took care of Ganon, and Seraphis is unraveling minute by minute... Dr. Robotnik is rather normal compared to what Seraphis is right now.

Sonic: Bummer!

Tails: Let's just go...

(Yesman's party heads out)

Pat: Now what about me?

Metal: You wish to hear 10 hours of stories about my epic adventures?

Pat: thanks, I've already lived through most of them.

(Meanwhile, as Yesman's party has ran off and met up with some of the other Smashers...)

King Dedede: What in the name of Nightmare is going on over there?

Pit: It's very bad, Your Highness. Metal Man is clashing with our old boss, it seems.

King Dedede: Uh, what boss?

Mewtwo: Seraphis... (closes his eyes and senses the situation) Metal Man is putting up a good fight, but I am not sure how long he can hold up.

Mario: Mama mia! Is this-a an act of-a revenge?

Mewtwo: It appears so. Seraphis is not happy of the way the other Superpowers just walked in and took over the property...but unfortunately, Metal Man is the more sane of the two right now.

(another explosion is seen off in the distance)

Luigi: Wow! That's-a not-a good!

Mario: That was a big-a one! What-a caused that?

Yesman: I hope that giant explosion didn't come from...

Tails: Metal's secret stash?

Yesman: do you know about that?

Tails: It's a trade secret...once you get past how weird he is, he's actually not tha--



Metal Man (faintly): You're lucky I don't have time to tell them all your embarassing past mistakes, fish man.

*Several hours later*

*Anyone who remains in the stadium has fallen asleep. Metal has been talking for quite a while.*

Metal: ...And that is where the E-123 Kill Everyone gun came from.

Seraphis: I blew that up! What is WRONG with you!?

Metal: I just like to hear myself talk.

Seraphis: ...Fine, you shall talk enough. Your screams of pain shall be my reward for hearing you discuss each and every item VG accidentally made capable of destroying a city block! Now return to the hellish world you and your cretins came from!

*Seraphis fires an immensely powerful beam, so powerful it shatters the spire above Metal, allowing the outside light to pour in. Metal is seen on the ground, burnt to a crisp, his board broken in two. Seraphis crosses his arms.*

Seraphis: THERE. Now the Stadium is mine.

*Horror music plays as the crispified body stands back up*

Seraphis: Oh AAAA no!

Metal: I will not be stopped...

Seraphis: You're dead! Your heart stopped! Your body is a fried husk!

Metal: You have only damaged my body... my mind lives on...

*The dark energy recharges Metal Man, who floats up on the Star Board, as the evil aura increases*

Seraphis: Then I'll just... launch you even further away!

*Seraphis powers up and shoots a larger beam... but Metal holds out a single pinky finger and it is blocked.

Metal: You don't know... what darkness lives inside me... do you?

Seraphis: A wannabe Shatner? A bunch of bad puns? You must die!

*Seraphis floats over, lifts up the chunk of ceiling he smashed, and smashes it into Metal. He floats out of the rubble, as if that was a mere inconvenience. Metal stares into Seraphis's eyes with a horrific glance... an inhuman, demonic stare... Seraphis can see the entire universe in there, across time and space. Seraphis rips his glance away.*

Seraphis: What the AAAA are you? That's not--

Metal: I have been to hundreds of dimensions, across time and space, and escaped from the worst beings in the galaxy across vast eons. The darkness of dark space consumes me. This discussion is pointless... it only delays your imminent doom.

*Seraphis shakes his head and fires another beam. Metal takes the beam but isn't visibly damaged or moved by it. The emeralds supercharge Metal, and his armor violently glows a radioactive blue. He then flies at Seraphis too fast to be seen. Seraphis is smashed into, but holds on and pushes Metal back. Metal chuckles slightly, and moves to the left, revealing 7 afterimages of himself.

The first fires a silver TT33 Soviet handgun at Seraphis, the next fires a NES Zapper which actually fires red lasers. The next fires a bulky plastic abomination which shoots Gigli DVDs. Then the next one fires an elephant shotgun, and the next one fires a triangular blast of energy of blue, red, and yellow which he calls "TRI-ATTACK!"

The next one hurls an exploding vacuum tube radio and the final one, the current Metal Man, makes a high pitched "YEEAAAAAHHHHH" noise which fires a cone of sound at Seraphis.

Seraphis shields himself with a barrier of light, but the 7 Metal Men barrage the field so much it breaks and Seraphis is blasted back into a wall.

Seraphis flies directly at Metal and generates a sword of light. The 7 Metal Men compress back into the main one, who takes out a glowing yellow-gold sword which is also glowing with light. The two Swords of Light clash, and neither beats the other. But then Seraphis headbutts Metal Man so hard he smashes into the ground, cracking a bunch of his armor.

Metal floats back up with his Star Board and then mightily punches Seraphis, who spins around before returning the favor. The two dizzied fighters meet mid-air again, both firing lasers of their respective elements so close up that both of them are blasted back by an explosion.

Seraphis makes another powerful beam of light, while Metal reaches out and grabs the beam of light in his hand and chucks it back at Seraphis, who dodges as it blows up another section of stands.

Metal snaps his fingers and generates a powerful axe made of light energy--though it glows dark black--and floats at Seraphis. Seraphis also generates his sword of light. Metal's axe smashes the sword out of Seraphis' hand though, and Metal coldly cackles as he then slashes Seraphis across the face with the axe. As Seraphis falls, Metal then dismisses the axe and charges up another beam, as he regards Seraphis from the sky.*

Metal: You are no fool, but I have fought too long to be defeated by an upstart like you. Flee, and you shall live. Fight, and I shall treasure every moment of your demise. *Shakes some of the darkness out of his eyes and clears some of it out of his voice.* Insanity or no, I don't really have any choice here. Either you go, or you die!

Seraphis: No... flight is not the way of the Leukos... *Images of his past home flash back to him* I cannot give up... not to a monster like you!

Metal: We're all monsters, Seraphis. Some of us just treat our friends better than others.

Seraphis: To say that... from YOU of all people... how is that even...

*Metal's non-Digi SPs stand behind him*

Pat: You may be completely insane, but this guy's lost his mind! Take him down!

Digi: Metal, we've been through worse before...go ahead, boss.

Kevin: Come on, Metal! You have my support!

Dark Twilight: Even in the midst of his madness, Metal was able to inspire me. To have that special touch that allows a person to bring hope to others, even in the process of pursuing their own selfish goals...that is the heart of magic!

Wind Whistler: To cause empathy among people who should have nothing but hatred or indifference between them, to show people that they never have reason to believe that they are solely defined by their crimes...that is harmony!

Light: I do not understand your methods, Metal, but I will trust you as I once trusted The Great Animator!

Esco: I may despise you, Metal, but I know damn well that nothing can stop you. Not even death.

Yesman: I, um...agree with everything they said Metal! Go get him!

Seraphis: No... no! It can't be! How can a being of darkness and chaos have elements of compassion?

Metal: You live in a box, Seraphis. You never learned that good and evil are arbitrary concepts, worthless to determining the true nature of a person! You betrayed your friends in the name of "Good" that made no sense! No one wanted this but you. I was once in your shoes... but I have learned that that is not the way! So back off... or we WILL kill you, hateful mockery of a light being!

Seraphis *Taken aback, but he straightens up* No... you are a lunatic! You let this stadium die by hiring a person who literally killed you! You invaded this stadium because your stupidity with AI killed the other one! You actively hate on one of your 'friends' and the others suffer from dealing with you! YOU are the villain!

Metal: Villain? Who said there has to be one? You? I am not perfect, but my team stands behind me. Yours...

*Camera shows lack of anyone behind Seraphis*

Metal: Deserted you.

Serphis: The Questers, what of them? They wanted you dead!

Metal: That's because I treated them like you treated your current team!

*Seraphis' mind makes a glass shattering noise, as his eyes start to freak out. He steps back, shaking, staring at unseen things.*

Seraphis: No... no! NO! Get... out of... my head!

*Seraphis holds his head, as his light energy begins to wildly fluctuate*

Seraphis: You CANNOT be right! No! I cannot be right! No! Both of us are right! NO! GET THE AAAA OUT OF MY HEAD!

Metal: You guys might want to take cover.

Esco: Oh AAAA. Everyone get out! *Points to the rope hanging from what's left of the ceiling*

*The SPs flee from the impending doom*


Metal: Now to end this. I like madness, but this is ridiculous, even by my standards!


*Seraphis fires an intensely huge beam of light engulfing Metal and the surrounding lands.*

*A fair distance away, the others can only watch as everything is consumed in a huge beam of light energy reaching towards the heavens.*

Dark Twilight: *gasps in shock at the beam* Faustus' mane. What a sight.

Wind Whistler: It's a good thing you teleported us out of there, Twi. I don't think Esco's escape route was very solid...

Dark Twilight: Heheh, thanks.

Esco: It's the best I could come up with at the time. I wasn't expecting this.

Pat: Gah! Metal, don't die on us again!!

Digi: Relax. He came back last time, right? What makes this any different?

Mewtwo: This is going to tear the whole base apart! What a mess...

Sonic: These two might blow up more than that. Good thing we split!

Digi: For as long as I've known Metal, I suppose I can say that this if he'd have to go down, this would be it...except for maybe driving his limousine off the Grand Canyon with the engine grenading on him...

Yesman: I suppose.

Tails: Only a madman would have that death wish...

Esco and Digi: Exactly.

Mario: Well, time to take-a-cover,'s-a gonna blow!

(everyone gasps and leaps out of the way as the light starts to explode)

Dark Twilight: That massive explosion...can Metal survive it?

Wind Whistler: Do not fear, my friend. All will be well.

*Inside the beam of light*

*Metal's suit systems are going berserk. Bits and pieces of his defenses die as parts of his suit visor HUD spark out and cracks form in his visor. The light is all around him, a continual blast, melting his entire suit bit by bit despite Metal's super energy invulnerability. Seraphis is in the center, no longer conscious but rather, endlessly spewing light.*

Metal: You... can't take me down with you... I won't be stopped by a broken being like you... that'd be anticlimatic after what I've faced...

*Metal slowly moves through the light. Seraphis awakens violently, strangely peaceful now.*

Seraphis: It is all over. I killed you. My stadium is dead. No one is going to bother this land anymore.

Metal: *Unholters his TT33 and smoothly points it at Seraphis as he says those words, and pulls the trigger*


Seraphis: I cannot be destroye--


Seraphis: Why were you so simil--


Seraphis: This plan was mine to beg--


Seraphis: You are just as evil as m--


*Seraphis, still glowing, falls down, face first, on the ground, as his blood leaks from the 8 chest wounds Metal gave him. The attack stops, revealing that all the surrounding spires have been tilted at extreme angles facing away from the explosion, as if a giant's fist flattened them into a crater shape.*

Metal: *Pants for breath slowly, his armor melted and horribly damaged, as he stands on one knee and his Star board is destroyed* You... *Wheeze* won't stop ME *Cough, wheeze* with your mental problems! I am the only *Wheeze* one who *cough* gets to be *wheeze* insane... you *cough* broken dipstick!

*Seraphis extends his arm out to his side, dipping his fingers into a pool of silvery fluid. With great effort, he gets back to his feet.*

Seraphis: Ngh... mh... bh... GET... THE... AAAA... OUT OF...

*Seraphis glows violently and absorbs the light energy he had just put out, as he stands up, morphing into a strange but familiar inhuman form*

Seraphis: ...MY HEADDDDDDDDD!!!!!

Metal: I'm *cough* not getting out of ANYTHING! *Deep breath* Get... the... AAAA out of MY STADIUM!

*Metal punches Seraphis in the face so hard an explosion occurs on impact. Seraphis releases all the light energy, and the remaining spires shatter... leaving a featureless landscape and a mostly outer-armorless Metal standing there, the socket where his right hand used to be sparking uselessly and a huge crater where Seraphis was.*

Metal: ...I'm going to regret not getting insurance on my suit, aren't I? *Passes out and falls over cold*

*Back at what's left of the Stadium, the Mewtwo of the SSQ Stadium floats into the staff lounge, where Sonic, Tails, the Mario Bros. , Sonic, Tails, Ridley, and the Superpowers, minus Twilight, are waiting*

Mewtwo: Well, I've given Metal Man a thorough examination and-

*Twilight bursts in, having returned to normal, and Gilda follows behind her, back to her old self as well*

Twilight: Is he?

Mewtwo: *gives a belabored sigh* Twilight Splash...I mean, Twilight Spinball...I mean...Twi! Metal will be fine. Just...slower than anticipated. I was not able to enlist the help of Dr. Mario, since...well, he claims that a "double dealing Shyguy" owes him many coins. *glares in Yesman's direction*

Yesman: *whistles innocently*

Mewtwo: Nonetheless, I was able to find someone to reconstruct Metal's cybernetics.

*Zero walks into the room, his armor a bit dusty, but looking healthy otherwise*

Twilight: Zero! But I thought you'd died in the-

Zero: Twi, nobody died in the attack. We were out cold for a long, long time, though...*smirks confidently*...and it looks like I woke up just in time to help pick up the pieces. Figuratively, and in Metal's case, literally.

Twilight: Well...that's...great! *giggles, then looks over at Gilda* But...what about Spike?

Gilda: *smiles softly, and puts a hand on Twilight's shoulder*, Twi. I know it's hard knowing Spike's gone, and you can't help him, but...don't worry too much about 'im. I'm sure he'll be real chill til you're able to bring 'im back somehow. Or if you suddenly die in accident or something, I guess...just sayin'. I mean is, I think it's best that ya concentrate on the friends ya got right now.

Yesman: *hops on Twilight's back*

Twilight: *looks at Yesman and smiles* You know, maybe you're right.

Rainbow Dash: *swoops in, landing by Twilight and Yesman* So, I take it I missed a whole ton of AAAA.

Twilight: *blushes* Well...technically. But...from now on, I'm going to make sure you'll see as much adventure as possible, Dash. Isn't that right, Gil- *takes a look beside her, and sees absolutely nothing where Gilda was*-da. O...kay.

Yesman: Huh. Too bad. She was pretty fun while she stuck around.

Rainbow Dash: Ugh...will someone please tell me what's going on?

Twilight: *chuckles* Sorry Dash. You'll get the whole story in time.

Pat: So, Ian.

Digi: Yeah?

Light Bear: Do you still have the artifact?

Digi: ...Artifact?

Pat: That Sunlight. Think it came from Sloan?

Digi: *facepalms* Pat, I know you're trying to help, but get real. Of course it came from Sloan. Who else would have a stolen Quester weapon? I'm going to check if the thing's booby trapped, and then I...I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do. Things make less sense than usual lately, and I don't think I'll ever escape Metal's nuttiness.

Pat: Hmm. Is that such a bad thing?

Digi: I told you. I can't make up my mind on anything right now.

Metal: *bursts into the room, fully repaired and well rested* I've had some time to think, and I think... it's PARTY TIME! Time to flood the fountains with apple cider! Time to light golf clubs on fire! Time to... have a brand new shiny tournament right after all of that!

Kevin: A tournament? All right! Esco's going to be psyched when he hears about this!

Digi: Speaking of which, where is he?

Pat: He's probably off somewhere, doing his own thing. He doesn't seem like the partying type...

*Esco's Room. Esco is lying in bed, as usual, in a state of contemplation.*

Esco: . . .

Seraphis: It's obvious that we share a mutual hatred towards these light beings...

... They are planning to seize the entirety of this realm for themselves...

... They nearly exterminated my race, the Leukos, permanently...

... They will not stop until all of the Leukos are dead...

... The only known Leukos population is hiding in a ghetto within Smashtopia...

... It's possible that the entire city will perish in the crossfire...

Esco: I do not want to believe what this man is saying. It's entirely possible that it was all made up by the mind of a deranged psycho, though for some reason, I can't stop shaking the idea that there was an air of truth to his voice...

Dark Twilight: And then he stood before me, and killed one of my best friends without mercy...

Esco: Wait a minute.

Dark Twiilight: He was a dragon.

Seraphis: A long time ago, they used to be an army of demons and dragons...

Esco: ... Tomorrow, I shall go to Smashtopia, and find the last of the Leukos. I must know the truth.

*Standing on a cliff overlooking Equestria, a tall, muscular horse with a white coat, feathered wings, a long horn on her head, and long, flowing red hair gazes down upon the nation below her solemnly*

???: Peace has returned to the White Lands...But it will take my children much time to rebuild both their cities and their souls.

*Lightning strikes from behind the alicorn, forming itself into a man wearing a bright blue and white outfit, a straw hat atop his head. His eyes appear to be pure glowing white light.*

Raiden: The crisis has ended...but I would be correct in assuming that your fears have not been laid to rest, would I not, Faustus?

Faustus: *turns to face Raiden, walking close to him* I have stood by and watched the evolution of my people for far too long, old friend. I must take action soon...but I know not when.

Raiden: Perhaps the road that lies ahead is not so bleak. There is much courage in this realm...courage much like that within the boy who was so eager to learn from me.

Faustus: Be that as it may, do you not fear Armageddon, the end of all things?

Raiden: *chuckles softly* My friend, there are no true endings. Only the signs of new beginnings.

Faustus: You may have a point there. *smirks* Until we meet again.

Raiden: Indeed...I will be looking forward to it. *disappears in a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder*

Faustus: *leaps off the cliff, and flies off into the skies*

*Metal sits down at his ruined, crater-filled room, idly drawing blueprints to rebuild his room in sparkling, completely tasteless mirror tiles and gold, with images of his SPs alongside the Questers... well... the ones he hasn't made into his mortal enemies anyway.*

Metal: Heh heh heh. What did I say? It wasn't that hard to do this. I don't get what Game Guru was going on about. I mean, sure, there were some rough spots, me being permanently dead, and the entire Stadium being wrecked... again... but the insurance money is good, and Dr. Mario seems to think that someone other than me owes him.

Metal: I just hope the Questers don't find out what happened earlier... maybe they fell for that huge explosion being my death. Oh well. At least for now... we can rest. And if we can't...

*Metal's eyes turn dark for a moment and he pauses drawing, picking up his pistol instead*

Metal: We'll be ready!

*Scene fades out*