March #26: The Action 52 Challenge

Fighters For The Pit: Twilight Sparkle, Aries

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*In a brightly lit forest on a sunny day, a young purple dragon rides upon a pink unicorn with white and purple stripes in her hair*

Spike: Are you sure everything's safe Twilight? Things have been really quiet around here lately...maybe too quiet. What if the bad guys show up and we're not ready?

Twilight Twinkle: *giggles* Don't worry so much, Spike. We've got Spectrum to lead us, me, you, Wind Whistler and Applejack...with all six of us sticking together, nobody's going to stop the Light Warriors!

Spike: *smiles and blushes* Hee...maybe you're right.

Twilight Twinkle: It's all smooth sailing from here, Spike! I can't wait to see what will-

*Twilight Sparkle wakes up slowly in her bed*

Twilight Sparkle:*sit sup, yawns and looks around the room frantically* Spike? Spike, where did you...go..oh. *sighs sadly* Well, do I need to go to work yet? *looks at a clock on a nearby wall* Nope? Well...back to sleep, I guess. *Twilight doses off again*

*A green furred earth pony with pink hair stands behind the bottom of a water fall, one that, in defiance of conventional physics, has the end of a rainbow plunged into it. She hold a butter knife in one of her hooves, looking nervously over a table*

Minty: Just a little it's perfect! No wait, I think I missed a couple spots-

*A short blue dragon walks into Minty's view all of a sudden*

Spike: Minty! What in the blue blazes are you doing?

Minty: Oh, hey Spike! I'm getting these treats ready for the big party Pinkie and Rainbow Dash are throwing for those ambassadors from other nations! I've got to make sure everything is arranged right so we won't embarrass Equestria! I've made sure that there's as many bubble gum candy canes as tutti frutti ones, but I still have to make sure all the cupcakes have the same amount of frosting!!!

Spike: Minty, that's quite thoughtful of you, but I do not believe that you need to-

Minty: *makes a crazed looking smile, with one of her eyes twitching* EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT, SPIKE.

Spike: ...Ugh. *facepalms and walks over closer to the table, looking it over* Minty, this looks more than adequate. There won't be any problems unless one of our guests happens to be an exact copy of you.

Minty: *blushes and smiles* Duh huh huh huh! I'm sorry, Spike! I guess I got carried away again. I wish I could be all calm and wise and stuff like you!

Spike: *chuckles* Well, perhaps it's not impossible that someday you will be!

Minty: Hee shucks, Spike, that's silly. I could never as smart as-

Twilight Sparkle:*snorts, and sits up violently in her bed* Ooookay, that's it, no more sleeping for me. At least...not for right now. I should really quit eating nachos before bed...Huh...what's, this a note? *picks up a sheet of paper from Dash's side of the bed and starts to read it aloud*

"Hey Twi. If you're reading this, I've already left to go play a few rounds of Virtua Fighter with Kevin. I'll catch ya later, egghead. Hugs, nuzzles, and stuff, Rainbow Dash."

Huh. Well...guess I'll grab some coffee and get ready for work. It's been two weeks since Metal defeated Polemikós. A whole fortnight. We've even rebuilt at least half of what we lost since then...but it still feels like it happened yesterday.

*Twilight makes herself a drink with a coffee machine and her telekinetic powers, fills a mug, grabs it with one of her hooves, and begins using her other three legs to walk out of the room and down the hallway as she slowly sips and starts to softly sing an old melody in an attempt to cheer herself up*

Twilight: My Little Pony, My Little Pony, isn't the world a lovely place? My Little Pony, My Little Pony, everywhere you go a smiling face! Running and skipping, merrily tripping-

Yesman: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *trips down a nearby flight of stairs*

Twilight: YES! Oh dear! *runs to the doorway leading to the stairs, yanking Yesman to her with a psychic grab* A-are you hurt?

Yesman: *stands and dusts himself off* Only my pride. Thanks Twi.

Twilight: *blushes and smiles* D-don't mention it! Say, have you seen Esco? I've been kinda worried about him.

Yesman: Said he needed to check out some stuff over in the city. Didn't say what.

Twilight: *chuckles* Well, as long as he's walking around, I guess all is well.

Yesman: Yep! Later! *runs off*

Twilight: *watches Yesman go, and starts along her way again, sipping her coffee from time to time as she begins singing again* Running and skipping, merrily tripping, watching the morning unfold. My Little Pony, My Little Pony, what does the future hold?

*Twilight eventually makes it to the food court, sitting beside at a table Rarity, who is busy eating some pancakes*

Rarity: Oh! Twilight, darling! What a most unexpected surprise!

Twilight: Hey Rares. I kind of...wanted to talk you a bit before I get to doing another match. I'm...I'm really sorry about what happened to Spike...what I did to Spike. And if there's any way I can make up for it-

Rarity: *looks worried for a moment, then places a hoof on Twilight's shoulder and smiles gently, starting to speak, but without her usual posh accent* Twi, it's okay. You don't have to do anything for me, and besides, you knew him longer, anyway.

Twilight: But you were closer to him, and...and you two were going to get married eventually, and-

Rarity: *chuckles softly* Twi, I'm sure if Spike knew what we were up to right now, he'd want us to be happy. And I have a way to make us both very happy.

Twilight: do?

Rarity: *winks* Go to the entrance of the Stadium in about an hour. You'll see what I mean.

Twilight: *blinks in surprise* Well...okay. I'll trust you. Say, Rarity, your...real voice sounds a lot different, yet...kinda familiar.

Rarity: Just a little case of deja vu. Happens all the time to everyone, even if they don't know it! *laughs, finishes her pancakes, and puts on four roller skates* Well, have fun Twilight! I know I love having fun!

Twilight: Uh...see you!

Rarity: Later! Er...*puts her posh accent back on* I mean, farewell, dear! *skates away*

*One hour later, Twilight is standing right outside the Stadium entrance*

Twilight: Welp, here I am. If Rarity's right, something special is about to happen.

*An anthropomorphic cheetah, wearing a white head band, white wrist guards, white karate gi, and black belt, somersaults into view, holding too long clubs that vaguely resemble baseball bats. He starts stabbing his weapons at nothing and kicking the air*

Aries: Yo, yo, yo, horsey girl, it's time for you to meet Aries, of the famous Cheetah Men! I'm from the Action Realm, and I can use all kinds of tubular ultra super powers by channeling the bodacious Action Force! Nice to meet ya!

Twilight: Oh dear, this guy makes Fighter look like a genius. And I think I've seen him that horribly programmed game Pinkie showed me. The one where it took me six hours to beat that one bubble blowing game because of that stupid hill! But he's Rarity's friend, so he can't be all bad, I guess. Er...hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle. My friends call me Twi.

Aries: Woo hoo hoo! High Five Alive, Twi!

Twilight: Well, he can rhyme. That's kind of clever, I suppose. Uh...sure. *slaps her hoof against Aries' outstretched paw*

Aries: Woooo! This is gonna be ballin'!

Twilight: I um...appreciate your enthusiasm, but I've still got to find someone for you to fight, and figure out how to commentate on the ma-

???: Twilight Sparkle, WE HAVE ARRIVED TO AID THEE.

Twilight: *looks off to her side, and notices a tall blue alicorn staring at her with an excited smile.* Oh...hi Luna. Um...what are you doing here? I thought Equestria was still in ruins?

Luna: Oh, it's...not quite fully repaired, at least not to my personal standards, but Celly claims that she has everything under control for now...and that my services would be better applied helping her young apprentice. *She chuckles and ruffles Twilight's hair with a hoof*

Twilight: *blushes* That's...great, Luna, but how are you going to help me, exactly?

Luna: It's quite simple, you see. I will perform the "commentary" as I'm told it's called, and you will be free to do battle with this skilled young challenger! *She points at Aries*

Aries: *does a roundhouse kick randomly, then break dances on his head* Major props, pretty lady!

Twilight: *shoots a worried look over at Aries* I'm not so sure about the skilled part. Um...okay. That sure sounds like a workable plan! But if I'm fighting, who is going to commentate on the match you?

Luna: Why, my young apprentice of course! *She smirks proudly*

Trixie: *appears in a puff of smoke beside Twilight* Hi Twi, been a while. *smirks and wiggles her eyebrows teasingly*

Twilight: *smiles awkwardly* Uh...hey Trix. Okay then, um...I'll set everything up and meet you in about two hours then!

Luna: Huzzah!

Trixie: Terrific!

Aries: Jawsome!

Twilight: ...Jawsome? Well...I wish, I wish, I wish! *teleports back into the Stadium...and finds Rainbow Dash in front of her*

Rainbow Dash: Hey.

Twilight: ...Yo?

Rainbow Dash: *chuckles* Just here to let you know a couple things. First, that I heard the whole conversation out there.


Rainbow Dash: These walls aren't as thick as you'd think, heh heh...Second thing I wanted to let you know is that when something goes wrong with this match...and believe me, it will, I'll be there to bail ya out, Twi.

Twilight: *blushes* Thanks Dash, you're a real pal as always.

Rainbow Dash: Aren't I? Well, gotta juice! *flies off, leaving a huge wind in her wake*

Twilight: *takes a deep breath* Here goes nothing.

*Two hours later, in the commentary booth*

Twilight: Welcome back to another brand new episode, fillies and gentlecolts. Today will be a little different, since I won't be commentating, but participating in an actual battle against a mysterious new challenger!

*the crowd cheers*

Twilight: So get ready to be amazed! Or at least mildly entertained, whatever floats your boat.

Pinkie Pie: *appears out of nowhere in the seat beside the one that Twilight is sitting in* And special thanks to all the versions of our big fan "Lilfut" across reality, for their help in the conception of this episode!

Twilight: *raises an eyebrow, slightly scared, slightly angry* ...Pinkie, who are you talking about?

Pinkie Pie: Uh...quantum physics, multiverse theory...I'll have to tell you later.

Twilight: Oh...okay.

Pinkie Pie:'re taking this better than I thought, Twi, I thought you'd have the caps lock turned on.

Twilight: Caps lock? Oh, shouting...well, I guess I'm getting used to...predicting the unpredictable. ...Whatever that means.

Pinkie Pie: Welp, good luck! *pats Twi on the head and disappears*

Twilight: And with that...somewhat horrifying interlude over, I'm off! *winks away*

*Luna and Trixie appear in the commentary seats with a clap of thunder and puff of smoke*

Luna: *smirks* I bet you aren't rooting for Twilight.

Trixie: *rolls her eyes* Come on Luna, give more credit than that. I'm not the one fighting her today, so I can be perfectly fair and objective.

Luna: *chuckles* Okay. I suppose we'd better get "in-character" and start hamming it up for the audience.

Trixie: we have everything?

Luna: I'm kind of hungry. Are you hungry?

Trixie: A little yeah.

Luna: I'll just poke at the speed dial on the console, and then-

*A dial tone is heard, and a voice comes from the radio*

???: This is Roast, you're on the horn.

Luna: Greeting, citizen! We, the Princess of the Night, would like twenty cheese pizzas to feed our self and our loyal apprentice!

Roast: ...wait, you think my talk radio show is Pizza Hut? My show is serious business, you little-YOU THINK I'M PIZZA HUT!!!? GAH!!! *sounds of cans being tossed and smashed*

Luna: *hits a button, hangs up, and looks at Trixie, scared* Triiiiiiiiiixiiiiie! What was that!?

Trixie: *stares at Luna, trying to find an answer, but is too shocked to find on*I'm...not sure.

Luna: ...Oh well. Dinner will have to wait.

Trixie: ...Yeah. Well, the show must go on. Into character!

Luna: Yea, verily! Greetings, one and all! We are the ancient and mighty Princess Luna of Equestria!

Trixie: And I am her stunning apprentice, the Great and Powerful Trixie!

Luna: For this special occasion, we will use the power of our glorious moon to set the stage for the battle! *Her horn and eyes glow as she look up at the moon hovering among the stars, over the barren landscape where the arena will appear* NOW...RISE!!!

*The moon itself glows with immense power, shining its light down upon the ground, causing two towers with a long bridge between them to appear. Three columns covered in spikes then rise below the bridge and connect to it, with even more spikes appearing from the ground below. A huge wall appears behind the columns, stabilizing the structure, and finally, two menacing guardian lion statues appear on each side of the bridge*

Luna: Welcome friends...TO THE PIT!!!


Trixie: Impressive, Princess! And now our guests of honor are arriving!

Twilight: *winks onto the left side of the bridge* Hey there everypony!

*the crowd goes wild*

Aeries: *falls out of the sky, landing perfectly on his feet* Let's bust a move! Whoo! *fails his clubs wildly*

*the crows stares in stunned shock*

Trixie: *frowns in sympathy at Aries, whispering to herself* Wow, tough crowd...

Luna: *frowns, hearing Trixie, and then whispering to her* Poor guy...I don't think he even knows he's embarrassing himself.

Trixie: *winks at Luna, smirking, whispering more deviously* Well, we'll just have to spice up the show! He wins, we win, everpony wins!

Luna: *rubs her chin, thinking, then smiles, and looks back towards the crowd* The fighters will be using all new, never before seen techniques to attack one another! We and Ms. Lulumoon shall explain just what these are in full!

Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie will indeed tell of young Sparkle's spells!

Winking- Admittedly, you have all seen this one before, but a unicorn simply cannot go without the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize at will! It is tradition, you see!

Element Shot- A slower, but stronger variation of her "Starbolt" beam weapon, Twilight fires an explosive blast shaped like the stars upon her flank! My cutie mark is still far better, though!

Book Toss- She may be a bookworm, but this time, Twilight's going to make the books hit you! Who knows what spells may activate when she flings a grimoire!

Magic Bubble- A simple, yet efficient spell that knocks bullets back with ease!

Luna: And now, we shall elaborate upon our feline friend!

Star Evil: Utilizing the power of space travel, Aries summons a vehicle to fire at his adversary! We hope he visits our moon sometime!

Crossbow- We have been informed that this weapon was borrowed from Aries' brother old weapon, but an effective one, even amongst all this new fangled, perplexing modern technology!

Storm over the Desert- Aries, true to the god he is named for, summons a weapon of war that crushes any whom it falls upon, and blasts those that it does not!

Meong: We suggest that ye keep thyself away from this seemingly harmless gray square...or thou shalt be in for an explosive surprise!

Trixie: And that's a wrap! Now the real fun starts, heh heh!

Luna: Indeed! Remember combatants, Star K.O.s are the key! You must knock your opponent into our night sky to succeed! FILLIES AND GENTLECOLTS! CITIZENS OF EQUESTRIA, AND OTHER NOBLE INHABITANTS OF REVANDA!

Trixie: All those in attendance!


Trixie: I am the mighty archmage Trixie!

Luna: And we are the incomparable goddess of the night, Princess Luna!

Trixie: And so, without any further ado...


Trixie: Twilight winks behind Aries, grabs him with her mind, tosses him up, and burns him with a jet of flame before he can land! Not a bad start!

Luna: The ferocious feline, however, is quick to summon an armored death chariot from the sky!

Twilight: NOT A TANK! NOT A-ARGH! *is flattened under the falling tank*

Trixie: That's a heavy blow, but Twilight is undeterred, blasting the vehicle to pieces by setting her mane aflame!

Luna: Aries aims his crossbow and fires a bolt-

Trixie: But Twilight's keen eyes see it coming! She forms an orb of pink magic around her and reflects the arrow back!

Luna: As he stands stunned from his own projectile, the Cheetah Man gets blown into the air by an Element Shot from young Twilight, who now tosses a mystic text upward in an arcing motion!

Trixie: And as soon as the book strikes him, lighting rains upon the fuzzy man. Thundaga is not to laughed at! I'll toss in a Bob-Omb to make things interesting.

Aries: Incoming!

Twilight: *grabs the Bob-Omb and throws in it Aries's face* There now, I've...what, you're still standing!?

Luna: Twilight Sparkle is proving herself to be formidable, but she still must keep on her guard.

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Lives: 3
Lives: 3
Trixie: Case in point...Aries has used his cheetah speed to great to charge at Twilight from the left side of the bridge, and send her sailing to the left and down towards the spikes!

Twilight: *falls into the leftmost spiked tower* AGH! *is knocked into the middle spiked tower* RAGH! *gets knocked into the rightmost spiked tower* PAIN! *falls down towards the floor spikes* OH COME ON! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! *gets knocked into the background*

Luna: Astounding! Aries has done away with Twilight's first life with a single blow, in spite of taking far more damage!

Trixie: Quite the determined lad, indeed. But let's see if Twilight has any more tricks up her sleeve now that she's being revived over by the left lion statue.

Twilight: Okay. Think. Think. You're a genius, right? He's stronger than he looks, but you can still keep up with him if you watch him closely. Element...Shot! *fires another blast from her horn*

Aries: Batter up, dude! *knocks the blast back with one of his clubs*

Twilight: Oof! *falls over as the blast hits her* Okay, so he can reflect stuff, too. So, try something different! Something crazy!

Trixie: Twilight takes out a book and...tosses it in her own face?

Luna: She took a smidgen of damage from that, but know she can more easily smite her opponent with the Wall spell!

Twilight: Incoming!!! *charges towards Aries with a crescent shaped barrier of pink energy in front of her horn*

Aries: *shoots several crossbow bolts at Twilight, but the all bounce uselessly off the barrier* Woah, this is bogus! But at least they aren't bouncing back at-OOF! *gets slammed into with the barrier, which shatters as it hits him*

Trixie: Not a bad trick from Twilight, but Aries continues to be simple yet effective, knocking Twilight down with a sweep kick, and smashing both clubs into her face, sending her to the left once again.

Twilight: Ungh...maybe I should have stayed in bed.

Luna: Time for another item! Go forth from my hooves, noble egg! *tosses in a yellow and purple striped egg*

Twilight: I wish...I wish...I wish! *teleports next to the egg and throws it...causing a yellow anthropomorphic fox with purple gloves to appear, looking at Aries*

Renamon: Into action! DIAMOND STORM!!! *tosses a barrage of energy spikes at Aries, knocking him down towards the spikes*

Aries: Oof! *bounces off the middle tower* Agh! *falls down towards the floor spikes* Woah, talk about getting the point! *hits the floor spikes and is sent into the background*

Twilight: Hey...I know you! You were around during that time we had all those fights at the same time!

Rena: Hmm. *smirks* It is nice to see you again Twi. Even if you are kind of a dork. *chuckles and winks, disappearing*

Twilight: Thanks...I think.

Trixie: Another life down! Let's check the stats, shall we?

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Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Trixie: do you think we should proceed, Princess Luna?

Luna: I think that this is a grand old time for some old fashioned swordplay! *tosses in two beam sabers*

Trixie: Aries grabs a saber and runs from the right, leaping over Twilight, and slashing her in the neck from mid air!

Twilight: AAAAAAH! *slides towards the right of the bridge* Try this on for size!

Luna: Sparkle is using her telekinesis to pull the other saber from behind Aries towards her,slashing his feat and tripping him up in the process! Stupendous!

Twilight: *stands on her hind legs and holds the saber in one of her hooves* Had enough?

Aries: Baby, I'm just startin'! *leaps into a summoned space ship and starts firing walls of energy at Twilight*

Twilight: Well...this is ironic. Woah! *starts blocking the walls shaped blasts, but eventually gets knocked down by one*

Trixie: Aries leaps out of the star ship, and tosses his saber at Twilight, knocking her up in the air, giving him a chance to easily juggle her with his clubs!

Luna: But Twilight stomps on him with her...posterior, and slashes him up in the air with the saber she's clutching in her tightly bent hoof!

Twilight: All right, here goes...Element Shot! Again! *fires a blast up at Aries, sending him skyward*

Trixie: Twilight has hurt the cheetah bad, but it's not enough for a K.O.! He's tossing down an explosive tile as he falls, and now-

Luna: Twilight tosses the saber towards him with a strong flick of her foreleg, returning to all fours once more. But it is still not enough to vanquish this durable challenger.

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Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Trixie: Aries lands to the left of his tile, evidently being skilled enough to aim his fall properly. But will this save him?

Luna: Hmm...the feline appears to be trying He places some...chewing gum, I believe it's called, into his mouth, and...fires a thunderous barrage of bubbles at Twilight!


Trixie Twilight rushes at Aries, trying to jump at him...but her leap is too short! The blast sends her behind the arena-

Luna: And among our stars!

Lives: 1
Lives: 2

Trixie: Twilight is recovering at the middle of the arena...Aries is rushing from the left to attack her-

Luna: But I do not think this will end well for the spotted warrior.

Trixie: Indeed...I think Twilight's ready for a number sixteen.

Twilight: ENOUGH ALREADY! AAAARGH! *grabs a book between her front hooves and slams it into Aries' face*

Aries: Woooah! *A tornado comes out of the book, lifts him up, then flies down and slams him into the floor spikes*

Luna: There goes another life lost to our star field. This battle is winding down.

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Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Luna: Aries is being revived to the right, near the leftmost lion guardian. We believe it is time for a Pokeball! *tosses on into the arena*

Aries: Sweet! *snatches it as it falls and tosses it*

Trixie: The containment sphere opens to reveal...Abra?

Twilight: ...Uh-oh.

Luna: The creature flashes with bright light, and transports the two fighters to-

Trixie: The bottom of the Pit!!?

Luna: Hmm, strange. Well, at least the little one was kind enough to place the fighters in front of the spikes.

Trixie: Er...*whispers in Luna's ear* Luna, how are they going to get enough power to star K.O. each other!

Luna: *giggles softly and whispers back to Trixie* Don't worry, I've got a couple Smash Orbs. *She tosses them in*

Trixie: The two orbs are floating between the fighters! Twilight leaps in from the left, and bursts one of them open with an Element Shot! Her eyes are beginning to glow white as her body levitates and vibrates...that's a bad omen for our cat friend!

Aries: Um...hey, are you okay?

Twilight: WE ARE MANY. *forms a glowing white energy ring around her body, then expands it until it smashes into Aries and disappears, then repeats the process twice more*

Luna: Can Aries survive this onslaught!?

Aries: Don't count me out yet, dudes! *knocks Twilight over with a crossbow shot, then leaps into the air and breaks the remaining Smash Ball with a flying kick*

Trixie: Aries had better be quick, Twilight still has some Smash Energy left!

Twilight: CRUSH YOU!!! *raises her body from the floor, and fires off a another rings shaped wave at Aries*

Aries: Sorry buddy, no can do! CRASH ATTACK!!! *He raises his clubs over him, and shadows begin to flow from them, covering the arena in total darkness before Twilight's wave can hit him*

Trixie:, he turned out the lights. All of them!

Luna: My my, this cat man is quite worthy of our night!

Trixie: The darkness is clearing...and both fighters are laying upon the floor....out cold! But neither of them has made a Star K.O. !

Luna: Hmm. Perhaps something will wake them up soon?


Trixie: Uh...I don't know what that is, but it definitely sounds like something.

Twilight: *leaps to her feet* What in blazes?

Aries:...that can't be good.

*A gigantic fifty foot humanoid man in a gray chef's jacket and matching hat, with a long dark mustache, looms over the arena, beginning to smash it to pieces with a giant ladle*

Aries: RUN!!!

*Twilight and Aries run out of the way as the being reduces the Pit to rubble*

Twilight: Who or what is that!!!?

Aries: Alfredo...he's the head of the Action Realm, where I live! I bet he thinks my Crash Attack was a challenge! I totally screwed up and doomed us all!

Twilight: No no, no, it's not like that Aries...we...kind of mixed our attacks together. That must have been what brought him here. If he faces strong enough fighters and defeats them in battle he might-

Aries: ...convince the Elder Dudes to give him this realm as a trophy!

Twilight: *gulps in fear* ...exactly. I wish the rules of the multiverse made more sense!

Trixie: Uh...Luna, what do we do now?

Luna: Er...I guess we just play along. Pretend like this was supposed to happen.

Trixie: Well...okay. Guess the show must go on. Hey it out! A new challenger!

Luna: The fun has been...tripled?

*Suddenly all sound in the area, apart from a thunderous roar, is drowned out as a huge rainbow colored explosion of light fills the sky, causing Alfredo to stumble backwards and fall...a familiar blue figure is seen floating as the light begins to disappear*

Twilight: ...Rainbow!

Rainbow Dash: *smirks down at Twilight* Heh...told you something would go wrong. *shuffles her front hooves over her fur until she takes out two brightly colored metallic objects* Twi, catch! *She tosses one of them to Twilight, then lands upon the ground in front of the purple unicorn*

Twilight: *grabs the object with her telekinesis, looking it over, noticing that it's a necklace with a red lightning bolt shaped gem in the middle of it* Uh...Dash, no offense, but I think you goofed. This is your Loyalty Necklace.

Rainbow Dash: *chuckles* Oh, I know. *puts on a gold crown topped with a purple star shaped gem* But I've been thinking...and we've really traded places lately, you know? I've been more've been more loyal. I think Esco would agree, don't you think? *winks*

Twilight: Hmm...maybe you're right. Well...I'll trust you. *puts on the necklace*

Rainbow Dash: *looks over at Aries with a serious look* We'll need your help too. *smiles gently* We're counting on you, 'kay?

Aries: *gives Dash a thumbs up* Aye aye, dudette!

Rainbow Dash: Awesome. He'll only be unconscious for a few more minutes, but that should give us plenty of time. BY THE POWER OF HARMONY! *starts to float into the air as her crown glows...and after a few moments, Dash is clad in a shining purple armor with a helmet to match, cast in a Greco-Roman style. Her fur has turned bright white, her eyes red, and her rainbow mane and tail seem to be made of living flame* It's time for...SUPER Rainbow Dash! I call upon...EXCALIBUR, THE SACRED SWORD! *uses a front hoof draws a broad sword out of nowhere with a shining silver blade and bright purple hilt* I HAVE THE POWER! *focuses a gold beam from her sword onto Twilight who begins to shift into a new form, one with red versions of Dash's armor and helmet, white fur and red eyes in similar shades to Dash's own, and a bright orange flaming tail and mane* Arise, Burning Twilight! Wield Laevatein well! *a rapier with a golden hilt appears, Twilight holding the hilt in her mouth* And last but not least! *focuses another gold beam onto Aries, causing Aries's lower body to shift into the body of a feral, four legged cheetah,while his torso remains nearly the same, apart from the golden feathered wings that suddenly sprout from his back, making him a taur creature* ...Battle Aries!

Twilight: Wow...this much to take in at once!

Rainbow Dash: *chuckles* Don't worry. It'll be a piece of cake. I see Alfredo starting to stand up again...if you distract him long enough, we'll be able to finish him off for you! *starts to ride on top of Aries, with Aries beginning to take wing and fly upward*

Twilight: Got it! Here I go!


Twilight: We'll see about that!

*Twilight flies towards Alfredo as he begins producing giant boulder sized pieces of fettuccine, using his ladle to toss them at her. Twilight slashes through each enormous glob of pasta with her sword as she flies up next to Alfredo, and then she begins charging a flaming attack between her front hooves once she's close enough to the towering chef*

Twilight: SOUL...FIRE!!! *She shoots a huge flame missile at Alfredo's ladle, disintegrating it*

Alfredo: WHAT!? NO MATTER...DO NOT THINK YOU HAVE WON! *His hand glows, and a new ladle materializes in his hand, which he swings at Twilight*

Twilight: *closes her eyes and puts her front hooves in front of her, bracing herself for impact*

Aries: BATTLE BLADES! *slashes the ladle to pieces using lightning fast strikes from blades of diamond hard bone that have popped out of his forearms, flying in front of Alfredo's face*

Rainbow Dash: Great job Aries! *pats him on the head as she continues riding him*

Twilight: I'll say! Whew!


Rainbow Dash: Sorry, but you won't have time for that! FINAL COLOR BLASTER!!! *She points Excalibur in Alfredo's face, and fires a huge rainbow beam out of the blade*

Alfredo: NO!!! YOU CANNOT DESTROY MY DESTINY! *Scream in agony as he fades out of the realm of Revanda and back into the Action Realm*

Twilight:'re amazing!

Rainbow Dash: Heh...well, sometimes it's easier to be amazing with a little help. *smirks and winks at Twilight*

*After a few minutes, Twilight, Dash, and Aries are back to normal, and meeting with Luna and Trixie in the hallway just outside the commentary booth*

Trixie: Huh...that was...weird. But I guess it wasn't boring.

Luna: WE HAD A LOT, I mean, I had a lot of fun!

Aries: Hmm...I guess I'll be leaving. See you guys. Maybe. *starts to walk away*

Twilight: ...Aries?

*Twilight, Luna and Trixie stare at Aries sadly as he walks off...before Dash flies in front of him with blinding speed, floating by his face.*

Rainbow Dash: *staring at Aries with a serious face* ...Wait.

Aries: ..Eh?

Rainbow Dash: I know you don't have a lot to be happy about. Your realm exists because is the dumping ground for poorly conceived ideas, rushed out for the sole purpose of greed. It...must be hard for you try to move beyond keep on smiling even when you know people are looking down on you all the time.

Aries: ...Yeah.

Rainbow Dash: *smiles gently* I just...want to let you know you're not alone. You showed me a great time today, and you've given us the biggest ratings we've had in weeks. You'll always have friends here at SSS.

*Trixie, Luna, and Twilight nod in agreement with Dash*

Aries: Radical. I mean...Thanks. That means a lot. *smiles* See you guys again sometime. *stretches his arms a bit, then starts walking off*

Twilight: *yawns* I'm so tired.

Luna: Hmm...I guess our work is done, huh Trixie?

Trixie: Heh...I'd say so, Luna. *places her horn against Luna's*

Luna: Rest easy, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. You have earned it. If you two need us for anything-

Trixie: *smirks* -Or if you just want to pick a fight for kicks!

Luna: *chuckles* Call us!

*Trixie and Luna's horns glow, and they wink out at the same time*

Twilight: So, Dash, are you going to sleep?

Rainbow Dash: Not yet. I'll probably finish the comic book I was reading first.

Twilight: Well...good luck!

Rainbow Dash: *smirks* Naturally. Gotta jet! *zips off*

Twilight: Well...guess I'm going to hit the sack again.

Celestia: *appears in a flash of light, smiling down at Twilight* So soon?

Twilight: Gah! Princess! What the-

Celestia: Repairs are going well enough that I shouldn't be needed for at least another twenty four ours. I see you are doing your job well.

Twilight: Y-yes...I suppose I am, Princess.

Celestia: *chuckles* Don't you mean Celly?

Twilight: *sighs, frowns sadly, turns around, and sits on the floor* I...don't believe I do, Princess.

Celestia: *frowns sadly, sitting down, and staring at Twilight* I suppose...I knew this was coming...but I still don't...understand, Twi.

Twilight: *takes a deep breath and slowly begins to speak* My parents and I...were unusually close. Starlight provided for us by making her mark as a writer in the comic book industry, and Nightlight cooked our meals and kept our home clean. It was just like that for the longest time. On occasion...I'd mess something up, know that I tend to do from time time. I'd be confused, and a little scared when I was punished, but...I always felt safe, too. Somehow my parents had a way of making me feel like their emotional equal, even we weren't equals in a practical sense. I only called them "Mom" or "Dad" out of affection...they never needed me to avoid using their names to remind of my place. Metal...was like that too. Sometimes it's unpleasant working under him, because he just doesn't think the way I do...or the way most people do. But insane or not...we're friends. We can treat each other casually, even if I'm his lackey in practicals terms. With you...You've taught me a lot of things. So many things. But there's always been a distance between us. I can' you by your name. Not without a title before right now. We...are not equals.

Celestia: Do you love me, Twi?

Twilight: ...From the bottom of my heart.

Celestia: But...because we are not equals...we cannot be friends.

Twilight: *turns her body to sit facing Celestia, frowning deeply, as if pleading for some sort of answer* ...No. Not now.

Celestia: *continues frowning sadly as she has been for the last few minutes...but then slowly smiles* We were once, Twi. You just don't remember. But someday you will.

Twilight: I...I don't understand, Princess.

Celestia: *stands, still smiling, and spreads her wings* You will in time, Twi. I've done so many horrible...horrible things. I don't know I'll ever totally forgive myself for them.'re my hope, Twi. My wishing pony. A reminder that dragons like you and I can be more than what we were. *chuckles softly and vanishes in a flash of light*

Twilight: W-wait? Dragons? "Like you and I?" I...huh. *smiles slowly* I'll make sense later. *yawns and starts walking to bed*

Celestia: *takes one last look at the Stadium, frowning sadly as she thinks about Twilight, about Spike, about Dash, about her many centuries of life...then gradually smiles again, taking wing and heading back towards Equestria, beginning to sing softly*

My Little Pony, My Little Pony, isn't it time we started home?

My Little Pony, My Little Pony, who ever dreamed how far we'd roam?

Crickets are calling, evening is falling.

Over the meadow and glen.

My Little Pony, My Little Pony...when will I see you again?