March #31: Tournament Semifinal

Fighters for Dream Land (64): Samus vs Sonic
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(Digi walks into Metal's office...)

Metal: Howdy there, Digi. Have you finished updating those computer things already?

Digi: Yeah, I have. All set for the semis. I need to talk.

Metal: *Looks nervous* If it's about the vast amounts of pay I've--

Digi: Well, I've been thinking about taking a leave from the Stadium after this season.

Metal: *Looks relieved* Ah... uh... yeah. Yeah! I would say you've earned a break. We'll just need to hire another nerd to take your place, but that's fine. Yeah. Definitely better than uh... nevermind.

Digi: (chuckles) You wouldn't have to do that, Metal. You do have quite the...technological base yourself.

Metal: Well, don't tell anyone, but I actually just kind of... smash things together and hope they work. They do, but... uhhh... yeah. Let's just say without Professor Oak putting things together for me, it might get a leeetle bit hairy. And, uh, who would tell me the finer differences between Pikachu and uh...your friend's uh...

Digi: Elecmon?

Metal: Yes, that guy's abilities.

Digi: I don't see that to be a huge loss in the long run, Metal. Hopefully the Stadium can still do well without me as a full time Superpower...

Metal: *shrugs* I, er, I made a lot of jokes about you, but I never realized--

Digi: Alright, thanks. (heads out)

Metal: ...

*Metal takes out a telephone from his suit and dials the number for Iron Man*

Metal: SOMEBODY is gonna have to make sure no one figures out my astonishing lack of technology prowess. *Leans on a pile of keyboards that aren't even connected to anything*

(Now up to the booth with our latest match...with a Patamon serving as Head Pet of the Match.)

Digi: Hello, everyone! Good to be here for the first semifinal of our tournament. Samus and Sonic pretty much curbstomped their way into this match, so I've got a feeling they're gonna be putting on a good show. How's the view up there?

Patamon: Good.

Digi: Alright, good to hear.

Patamon: Yup.

Digi: Got a favorite?

Patamon: How about Sonic? He beat Ash, you know. (smirks)

Digi: That's not nice, I'm trying to be impartial up here.

Patamon: I'm not saying that because Ash is part of the Pokemon team. I'm saying that cause he's a sore brat of a loser. ^-^

Digi: Don't say I didn't warn you, Patamon. But anyway, here at the Stadium, we sometimes like to go old school, and with Samus and Sonic having some history behind us, we'd like to dust off one of our oldest arenas. Namely, our original Dream Land blueprint--Whispy's gonna be blowing today, that's for sure.

Patamon: Plus I'm cute and puffy like Kirby.

Digi: Yes you are. Now, we're going with the two life convention of our previous fights, but today, our items will be everything but Smash Balls. We'll see how they fare without a chance to use their big finishers.

Patamon: Sounds good!

Digi: I think so. Let's send the fighters in!

Patamon: I like that! Here they come!

"Xavier Arms Co: This time I actually guarantee to send you some actual weapons, instead of severed arms! -Metal"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

(Samus walks onto the arena stage right, and Sonic jumps up to stage left.)

Digi: They're looking around, ready to fight, and there they go! Sonic gets a few quick punches in, but Samus hooks him, tossing him into the ground.

Patamon: Sonic charges a Spin Dash and conks Samus right in the head! He's running circles around her and tosses her into the air!

Digi: I don't think Samus likes that too much...she rolls off to the side and charges a shot. Sonic takes a few hops around, trying to trip her up.

Patamon: She fires but Sonic uses a spring to get out of the way! Meanwhile, Ian's tossing something in, whatcha got?

Digi: I got a Hothead! *flings it into the arena* Samus is going for it and she tosses it onto the stage right platform. Sonic takes some evasive manuevers before getting blasted by the Charge Shot!

Patamon: Like you said, she wants to trip him up! He jumps back onto the arena but the Hothead burns him in the face! o.o But I think Sonic's okay, he jumps towards the center and charges a Spin Dash, good enough to hit Samus.

"The next Assist Trophy is your sidekick in a zombie do you fare?"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Digi: Samus retreats towards the other side, which is where Whispy Woods is starting blow, but she holds her ground just fine. Sonic runs up to her and hits a flip kick.

Patamon: She's not going down easy. In fact, she wants to roast him with her blaster! Sonic reels but dodges a smash.

Digi: A Kirby item pops up...a Star Rod. Sonic's gonna go for it.

Patamon: The way Samus has been with her projectiles, it sounds like a good call...yup, she just blasted him with a missile!

Digi: So Sonic runs around her again and hits her with a star! She turns around to see what hit her, but he's already up to her face and smacking her with the rod itself.

Patamon: She grabs him again, flares with her blaster and tosses him way up. I like her chances.

Digi: Don't count your Mons before they hatch, little guy, I see Sonic kicking Samus in the helmet.

Patamon: She's getting up though--oh, she bops him with the blunt end of her blaster and another missile sends him flying!

Digi: Nothing saving Sonic there...he loses his first life. Samus bides her time, throwing away a capsule. Whispy's blowing but to no effect.

SSS Fanreel: "Samus is definitely clobberin dat dere hedgehog. Love the old stompin grounds!" --@KingTripleD"
Lives: 2
Lives: 1

Patamon: Alright, Sonic runs over to the edge and picks up a Beam Sword? Well...I guess, but something just says that ain't right.

Digi: Well, he shows his proficiency, swiping Samus twice. However, she rolls away from a third hit and detonates a Drop Bomb in his face.

Patamon: Sonic's not letting go of the sword yet...he slashes Samus again.

Digi: Samus gives him a good knee and it's enough to knock it out, and once again, she tosses it out of the stage just like the capsule.

Patamon: I think Samus is asking Sonic to bring the fight right at her if he wants to win.

Digi: He's gonna try to give her a fight though...they trade a few close blows, Sonic backs away and then knocks her out with a Homing Attack just like she was Robotnik's cannon fodder!

Patamon: Sonic taunts while she's gone, now she just pops back up and quickly ducks to the bottom of the arena, punching Sonic. She tries to grab him again but he has none of it.

Digi: A nice dodge by Sonic, and now a Party Ball appears off to the left of the fight. Sonic retaliates with a Spin Dash, not afraid to get a little air as well.

Patamon: They're ignoring the Ball...maybe they think it's rigged? o.O

Digi: I don't think so. Sonic knocks Samus for a loop and runs for the crate, so I guess he's seeing something of value!

Patamon: Sonic flings the Ball and it's a direct's not rigged but it does have some food, a Pokeball, a Thunder Rage, and a Gooey Bomb.

"Wrecking Crew Golden Hammers: Guaranteed to stay intact, but beware of squeaks."
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Digi: Yes, one of the Paper Mario items is in there. Samus grabs the Bomb and Sonic gets the Pokeball...he tosses it down and it's a Charizard!

Patamon: Ohhhh dear. Samus does a good job dodging the flames before tossing the Gooey Bomb at Sonic--oh no! The Flamethrower blew the Bomb up in Sonic's face! ;o.o

Digi: A horrible break for the hog! Samus starts gobbling up the food as Sonic reels from the blast! They meet at the top as Charizard disappears...

(Someone is seen from the corner of the screen trying to flee the audience...a few gasps come up in that section as the fight goes on.)

Patamon: Sonic...looks out for a moment, gets in a Homing Attack, but a quick Smash by Samus sends him flying...

Digi: (tilting his head) I think I just saw Ash leaving the seats...

Patamon: Sonic returns and gets a few little blows on Samus, but the gap was too much! Samus blasts him away to win!



Digi: Maybe a bit of a surprise ending, but I'm sure Samus will take it however she can...she's always the fighter and we'll see her in the final.

Patamon: Uh huh...but I'm definitely not talking to Sonic after this. (blinks and flaps his ears)

Digi: Don't worry, never said you had to. Mash, do you have Samus down there?

Mash: I do, Ian. Samus, I think he said it all, you're quite the fighter and you're off to a great start this season.

Samus: Thanks. I wish I could fight Ridley now, not Mewtwo or Zero. But I'm sure they'll put up a good challenge once we do fight.

Mash: I see. We noticed you didn't use the items much until the end, what was that about?

Samus: With Sonic's speed, I didn't want him keeping anything dangerous, and when he did, either I threw it away or used it against him. He's smart but I found a way to work around it.

Mash: (nods) Okay, keep it up and we'll see you again soon.

Samus: Thank you.

(Meanwhile...Sonic has declined interview)

Sonic: You should stop whining about your loss and get on with it! I was doing just fine against Samus until that Charizard showed up and cost me the match.

Ash: What are you talking about?

Sonic: Wasn't that Charizard yours?

Ash: Uhh, I do have a Charizard...

Sonic: Kid, I heard he can act rogue, but I thought Pokemon aren't supposed to hurt anyone with friendly fire.

Ash: Samus lobbed a Gooey Ball onto your hair! You know explosives are anyone's game...

Sonic: K, so I used Charizard as a meat shield and it backfired. I get that.

Ash: But you call me a sore loser?

Sonic: I've dodged enough traps before. So was that your Charizard that I summoned?

Ash: Yes it was, but there were about twenty Pokeballs to be picked from before his got packed into the crate!

Sonic: You made that sound like you didn't really think he was gonna be picked...I can understand you want another shot at me, but it didn't have to be this cheap.

Ash: Doesn't Robotnik usually do something rash and cheap that makes you chase after him?

Sonic: Egghead's a mad scientist, doesn't know better, and at least has been known to put gigantic weak spots on his mechs. At least you seem to have your head on maaaaaybe a bit tighter than him.

Ash: Well, I'm here to be a winner, what does he do?

Sonic: Build creepy amusement parks and mope about how much he "hates that hedgehog"...I put up with his revenge enough times. If you want to try me again sometime, go for it, but I'll be running around you quicker than you can say "Water Gun"!

Ash: Fine, I'll take a rematch after this tournament, are you happy? (glares at him)

Sonic: Now we're talking!

Ash: Good for you. So excuse me, I'm off to have lunch with Ness and Pikachu... (turns his hat to the side, scoffs and walks out)

Sonic: (muttering as he walks back) ...what's gotten into that guy?! Someone his age is not supposed to have that kind of attitude.

(And back to Metal's office...)

Digi: How much of an eye should we be keeping on Ash? After all, Mewtwo's match is on deck and if he pulls another stunt like this, I think it could be in or against Mewtwo's favor.

Metal: *Abruptly hangs up the phone, his desk covered in cards advertising Aperture Science, RED technologies, Dr. Robotnik's machines, etc* Er, uh, yeah! We should watch him, with cameras and guns! If he pulls out so much as a slinky we can tranquilize him and prevent him from spreading Communist propaganda!

Digi: Uhhh... I didn't actually say any of that...

Metal: Oh. Well, assume I said exactly what it was you expected me to say while I contact these... er... pest exterminators. *Takes out the phonebook and leafs through 'tech contractors' while Digi talks*

Digi: *Glances at the camera as if to wonder what the director is doing, then continues talking as if he's reading some pre-prepared lines* Well, he still has the mind of a mastermind at the very least. Blanked out enough to take a seat in the stands when he could have gotten away with it watching it on TV, though. Not too conducive for a good image here at all.

Metal: Right, you want how many thousands of coins? Can't you at least take a few used arms instead? I accidentally--no, no, I'm not going to give you a million golden puzzle pieces! *Slams phone down--into himself--and falls onto the floor* Oh, right. Uh. He's a thing, yeah! We should definitely positively do whatever the heck it is you're rambling about, Digi. Now if you'll excuse me--

Digi: *Continues talking as if Metal said something else* Maybe not that far, right?

Metal: Man, I think I broke him. Somebody cover for me while I go fix this problem. The fourth wall isn't supposed to break yet, and I think I might have done something... *Walks off screen through a wall entirely*

Digi: (nods) I agree. See you.

Metal: *Walks back in, with his flaming golf club* No, nope! Burning the cameramen didn't do it. Digi, Digi, Digi! Are you alive? *Waves hands in front of his face*

Digi: I prefer not to set mine on fire.

Metal: Uh... okay. Well, I'll just keep dealing with the issue of you being absent... you... do whatever it was you thought you were supposed to do. Uh... *Continues calling companies*

Digi: He could count. May, uh...may the Patamon be with me...yeah. (smirks and heads out)

Author's note: The Patamon is essentially one of a few summonable, free-moving holograms that Digi owns to make up for his lack of a "real" partner...of course, being a hologram does not revoke your head pet habits.)