Match 36: Super Sonic Double Feature

Fighters for the lightning round in Final Destination: Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles

Lives: 1
Items: Off

Fighters for the main event in Green Hill Zone: Sonic, Blaze

Lives: 3
Items: Medium

*Just outside Esco's room, Kevin waits...*

Kevin: Damn. I don't know what's gotten into him. Just yesterday he was starting to look like his old self again, but now he's locked away yet again. I hope Yesman gets here soon...

*Enter Yesman*

Kevin: Hey Yesman! So, did you get the stuff?

Yesman: It wasn't easy, but here it is:

*Yesman hands Kevin a bundle of dark clothing*

Kevin: Wow, this looks just like a real Kazan uniform! How did you make it?

Yesman: Oh, yeah... I stole it from that Siro guy's closet when he wasn't looking. Go ahead and put it on!

*Kevin dresses himself*

Yesman: Mmhmm. Yeah, it looks good.

Kevin: All right. Thanks Yesman!

Yesman: No problem. Say, what's this for anyway?

Kevin: Oh, nothing really. You can go now.

Yesman: Oh. Okay. *Leaves*

Kevin: Now then... *Knocks on Esco's door*

Esco: Who is it? Can't you tell I'm not in a mood for pointless conversations?

Kevin: *Ahem* Ey Esco! It's me, Captain Crack! I just got another adventure from the Master guy. He says I can bring a partner. You interested?


Kevin: Uhh, are you-

*The door flies open*

Esco: Watokhan!? But you... how in the... I thought you were dead!

Kevin: You thought wrong, man. Come on, do you really think I would die that easily? *Flicks Esco's forehead* Let's get going before sunrise. We need the stealth to lead us to victory! *Flashes a goofy pose*

Esco: Err, all right. Wait a second... since when were you concerned about stealth? The Dain I remember used to charge into battle without fear!

Kevin: (Oh AAAA.) Uhh... you see... a lot has changed since you left, man. It's been ten years. I've gotten better at the whole ninja style thing. I don't really need to sneak around, but it's a good idea, because of our miss- I mean, adventure.

Esco: I've been in need of a good mission for a long time. Count me in.

Kevin: HYESZ!!

Esco: So what exactly are we doing?

Kevin: Simple. We're spying in the mountains just beyond the desert. Just your average info-gathering for Kazan.

Esco: Beyond the desert? You can't possibly mean-

Kevin: Yep. The White Lands. If we find anything fishy, we can get the other Kazan guys together and make some noise. Sound good?

Esco: That sounds like a plan.

Kevin: All right! I'll give you a five minute headstart. Don't think I can't catch up to you before you leave the Stadium grounds!

Esco: Is that a challenge? Hah! I'll easily make it out! *Starts running for the stairwell*

Kevin: I can't believe that worked! He seems so different right now... it's amazing. Esco almost seems... happy. It's a little weird just thinking about it! It makes me wonder what life was really like for him back in the days of Kazan. Oh, I've lost track of time due to my rambling internal monologue. I should probably get going.

*Kevin lifts himself onto one leg for a moment, quickly falling to one knee as his arms raise up dramatically*

Kevin: Here I come!

*Twilight Sparkle is meeting with Rainbow Dash, just outside the door to their room*

Twilight: ...and that's all I could find, Rainbow. Out of the hundreds of articles I encountered, only one mentioned an attack on the Leukos civilization centuries ago. It noted that nearly the entire population was wiped out, by some huge murderous band of dragons, and that some time shortly after, the White Lands became populated by creatures like you and I, and was then commonly known as Equestria.

Rainbow Dash: That's it, huh?

Twilight: Well...not exactly. That's all I could find in terms of written records, but...I spoke with Celestia not too long ago.

Rainbow Dash: Well, that's perfect! I'm sure she'd know something we could use...what did she say, Twi?

Twilight: Well...she did say something about something that happened a long time ago, and about dragons.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, yeah, I know all that Twilight. No offense and all, but we need to start putting the pieces together...I need more clues before I can make the right decision. You of all people should know that, Twi. What did she say about the dragons? Did ponies capture the dragons? Did something bad to the dragons? Was the pony government oppressive?

Twilight: goes. She said something about...awful things in her past. Regrets. But...the bizarre thing is...she didn't say we did anything to the dragons. What she did do herself a dragon. And me as well.

Rainbow Dash: Um...okay. Wow. I um...think I know why Esco's been freaking out.

Twilight: I don't see what you-

Rainbow Dash: I think... I think you're a dragon. All of you unicorns. Or... at least descended from them. Maybe it's not true, but there's too many things adding up to ignore.

Twilight: That can't... that can't be true! What about you...?

Rainbow Dash: I don't know. *sighs* I'm not magical, besides I'm not sure she was talking about me.

Twilight: That doesn't make sense to me. It's...It's all so...I just....I don't know what to think. I can't even talk to Celestia and ask her for more information, because the White Lands are locked down behind a forcefield to keep from further invasion. *stares at the ground, overcome with emotion.*

Rainbow Dash: *thinks for a few moments, seriously, then smiles softly and gently raises Twilight's frightened, distressed face up with a hoof* Come on can't be that bad. I dunno exactly what Celly was goin' on about, or what truly happened ages ago. But I do know that making mistakes doesn't always make you a lost cause.

Twilight: ...I...don't know what you're basing that on, Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Gilda didn't have to come risk her neck down here, right?

Twilight: ...hmm. I guess you're right. *chuckles* But...Esco! He thinks we' and me...thinks we're killers, abominations!

Rainbow Dash: You're right, that's a big deal, and we can't just forget about it. But he's been getting...a little better, at least. Kevin tells me that Esco's calmed down enough to start talking with him again...even telling him ninja stories again. Wouldn't be surprised if Kevin's running around dressed like that "Dain" guy I heard about from 'em...sounded like the dude could give Captain Falcon a sweat.

Twilight: *smirks a little* Well...I am glad Esco's having fun, even if it's not with me.

Rainbow Dash: *blinks in surprise*

Twilight: Uh...what I mean is! *sweats profusely*

Rainbow Dash: *laughs* Eh, don't worry 'bout it too much Twi. I'll go take a joyride through the skies for a while...I'll be back in time for you to tell me what the next job we got is.

Twilight: All right. Take care of yourself, Dash.

Rainbow Dash: *zooms off*


Digifanatic: *is on a couch in the Staff Lounge, watching Jerry Springer on television* You guys better not have forgotten about me again.

Twilight: I have the funniest feeling I'm forgetting something...or someone important. Oh well. I'm sure I'll remember eventually. *walks down the hallway to Metal's office*

Rainbow Dash: *watches Twilight from the air* You and me both, Twilight... I wonder if I should... *swoops in front of Twilight, taking her by surprise*

Twilight: Gah! Dash, what the-

Rainbow Dash: I finished early. And...I had something I wanted to talk to you about.

Twilight: Dash, you're confusing me again.

Rainbow Dash: Exactly why I wanted to talk. I wanted to clear some things up. About us.


Rainbow Dash: It's okay. You don't have to talk yet. What I'm trying to say is...I've been thinking, and I've felt really, really left out lately Twi. Especially since Sloan K.O.ed me for all that time. I've seen you take care of serious situations plenty of times before, here and back home in Ponyville, and I'm starting to admit that... there's something else I care about besides flying.

Twilight: Besides flying? Go on.

Rainbow Dash: I want to be doing more of the stuff you're always trying to do. Helping the staff, trying to...make sense of the mess around here. tell me. Am I stepping out of bounds, trying to take something from you I don't deserve...or are you the one here who's out of place? Because look tired, Twi. Real tired. I'm not entirely sure you're enjoying all this authority and responsibility as much as you want us all to think you do.

Twilight: ...when did you start talking this much?

Rainbow Dash: Since I got clobbered into a coma and had tons more free time because of it.

Twilight: *sighs* ....right. Well...I have been feeling a bit over my head. Especially since Metal has been...less helpful lately than I was expecting him to be.

Rainbow Dash: So, let's race to his office, and see who talks some sense into him first! *takes wing, and jets off towards Metal's office*

Twilight: Dash, wait...ugh. I wish, I wish, I-*dematerializes and tries to teleport to Metal's office*

Metal Man: I hope Figi has forgotten that I'm forgetting about him.

Rainbow Dash: *bursts into the room unnanounced* Now then, Metal...I'd like to do some negotiating, 'kay?

Twilight: *winks inside the room* Metal, I need your help, Esco thinks I'm a genocidal maniac! *notices Dash floating above her* Uh...whoops. I guess you beat me to him.


Rainbow Dash: Woah, dude are you okay?

Metal Man: *fires his pistol at Dash*

Rainbow Dash: *dodges with a barrel roll* Metal, wait, stop! I'm you friend...I'm trying to help you! Don't you recognize me!

Metal Man: Of course I do! You're one of those horrifying ghost children, here to drag me off to the land of dreams and happiness! Well, I'm not having it. Frg ibrjjdc eayep!!! *fires at Dash again*

Rainbow Dash: *frowns disappointedly* You're losing it.

Metal Man: *fires at Dash, hitting her in the arm*

Rainbow Dash: Aaaaugh! *clutches her arm, feeling the searing pain of something piercing her flesh* What the hay is wrong with you?? *drops to the floor weakly*

Twilight: *stares at Dash in shock* No! Metal, what have you done!? I knew you were insane, but you've lost all connection with reality!

Metal Man: You are in no position to lecture me about reality. You're an agent of Kylin the dragon horse lion!

Twilight: Dragon horse lion...wait, are you talking about Discord?

Metal Man: I must destroy you! You'll never be able to torture me with cute songs until I perish when I'm done with you!!! I never should have trusted Yurie... Die, undead scum! *fires his pistol repeatedly, drunkenly, violently destroying parts of the room... everywhere BUT Twilight... well, almost.*

Twilight: GAH! *ducks and manages to only get the top of her mane singed* UGH!!! Fine, Metal, be that way! *snarls in Metal's direction* If you want crazy, *grins a deranged Cheshire Cat smile* I'll give you crazy!!! I'll show you, ha ha ha!

Rainbow Dash: Leave him, Twi. It's not worth it! Aaagh! *clutches her arm, limping away in her weakened state*

Twilight: *admitting defeat, picks Rainbow up with her telekinesis, dragging her out*

Metal Man: Thank Bob, Lord of Electric Death that's over. Now then...I believe I have a prior arrangement to attend. But first! *chugs a can of WD-40 motor oil mixed with phazon from a can labeled "Metal Cola", then marches out of his office*

Rainbow Dash: Argh, no! *struggles to free herself, flapping her wings as they glow briefly* I'm not finished with you! *runs back to the office at full speed, only to find it empty* Useless... I was useless... thanks a lot Twi.

*Meanwhile, at a nearby bar, Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man, is staring down into a shot of whiskey, fully armored.*

Iron Man: ...he's late. Disappointed, but not surprised.

*Stark's personal AI assistant suddenly speaks up from within the armor's cybernetics*

JARVIS: Then why are we still here, sir? Surely this ruffian is not worth another nanosecond of your time.

Iron Man: *pops his faceplate up, smirking to himself* Between you and me...I'm feeling a little masochistic.

JARVIS: I really wish you'd behave less recklessly, sir, but I suppose I may as well wish the sky were a lovely shade of green.

Metal Man: *stumbles into the bar, looking around curiously* Hey, where'd the party go? Only drunkard Noir detectives drink alone!

Iron Man: Technically they're closed. I've been sitting here getting hammered by myself for two hours. *drinks his shot, slams it onto the table* I don't think I could have done this sober, anyway.

Metal Man: *sits in a stool beside Stark, putting his legs up on the counter, and beginning to drink a strange smelling liquid out of jar*

Iron Man: ...are you drinking shoe polish?

Metal Man: Don't judge ME, SkyHigh! I know you drink that inferior Meltonian Shoe and Boot Cream brand! It's nothing compared to Kiwi, I tell you! Here. Have some! *Offers the black goo to Iron Man*

Iron Man: No thanks, I like breathing.

Metal Man: *Yanks it back, drinks it down, then exhales a cloud of black particles* Ahhhh.... you don't know what you're missing. Breathing is NOTHING compared to this. Of course, you're good at not breathing yourself, Skyhigh? Here. I bet you can't hold your breath forever. I have a coin. Maybe this time you'll not die! *Flips a coin on the counter--an evil, cursed coin that glows wickedly*

Iron Man: Um yeah. Either I'm way too drunk, or your head is seriously screwed on backwards.

Metal Man: I can tell you plenty of stories about my head! Why, one time my head and I were locked in combat with the dark lord Zio-

Iron Man: Ridgecrest, look, are you going to get to the point, or not?

Metal Man: You can't fool me, Skyhigh! I know you're in league with Illian... I'll get to the point all right, the point of the Sword of Light! And the Sword of Darkness! And the Sword of Oligarchy! And the Sword of Bureaucratic Obstacles That Occasional Obstruct Paperwork And Are Really Annoying!

Iron Man: Ugh...Think, Tony, think. What did I do the last time something like this happened?

Deadpool: And so there I was, fighting alongside Squirrel Girl against the might of Thanos, for the fate of the universe! And for waffles!

Iron Man: That's great. I will pay you obscene amounts of money if you agree not to finish that story.

Deadpool: Deal.

Iron Man: Hey Metal, what do you say to me dropping by your Stadium as a publicity stunt? You could be rich.

Metal Man: Well, technically I AM rich. Just like this rich, delinquent, special drink I have. *drinks from a glass labeled "Varnish Stripper 3000"* But you did say I could be twice as rich, I guess.

Iron Man: I did. But this time, I'm not offering just to show up. I want to fight in your arena.

Metal Man: Oh, really? Well, that's great. I'll just get the Silver Star Finisher out, coat my face in the right amount of floor and ceiling wax, and then run you over with a lawnmower! *Leans backwards and accidentally smashes a pool table so hard its leg flies off and billiard balls roll everywhere*

Iron Man: *long sigh of disgust and frustration* All right. Do what you want, man.

Metal Man: I win again!!! Take that, evil ghost children! *storms out of the bar, stopping at the entrance* Another victory for Xavier Ridgecrest, the Interdimensional traveling person! *Takes out a rocket skateboard and flies off, leaving a trail of flames on the ground behind him*

Iron Man: Well...I got something out of that. I think.

*Meanwhile, back at the Stadium*

Rainbow Dash: Ugh... that could have gone better.

Twilight: Twilight: Are you going to be okay?

Rainbow Dash: Physically, I'm... I'll be all right Twi. But my pride sure needs mouth to mouth. *turns back to Twilight, her face red with rage* Why in the HAY did you have to do that, Twilight?!!? I'm not your pet slave you know!

Twilight: *stammers* I-I'm sorry... I was scared for you... I'm not entirely sure what else to say.

Rainbow Dash: *sighs* Forget it.

Twilight: What are you going to do?

Rainbow Dash: I was always taught to do what I can to get back in the mood when I come up against a setback, so... *thinks hard for a while* I'll go look for Pat. He's known Metal long enough...maybe he'll know how to cure him of the...madness.

Twilight: So...I guess I'll see you later?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. *starts to walk off*

Twilight: ...wait.

Rainbow Dash: *turns around to look at Twilight again* What??

Twilight: I'm...look...Dash. I've been doing most of the stuff I've done here on my own, right? Both the good stuff...and the stuff I messed up?

Rainbow Dash: ...Yeah...

Twilight: I'm...tired of just trying to solve everything myself. Because...I see now that it's why I lost Spike...why I couldn't help Esco more than I did...why your loyalty to me is fading.

Rainbow Dash: Go on.

Twilight: I've been stuck in a circle of creating problems, cleaning them up, and then creating new problems to clean up, because I thought I was "supposed" to be some special chosen hero. I don't want be stuck like that anymore, stuck worrying about some abstract concept of the "the right thing." I want to give back to someone. I thought that would be Esco, but for right now, it's going to be you. think I'm worthy.

Rainbow Dash: *thinks for a moment seriously, before turning back to Twilight with a frown* Why didn't you tell me about this earlier...?

Twilight: Well, I...

Rainbow: All right, follow my lead then, but... I'm tired of playing second fiddle to you. If you change your mind, you're on your own. I've got to do something for myself, even if you decide not to help me. And don't be afraid to criticize, okay? A leader can't function right without a second opinion every now and then.

Twilight: *nods* Allright.

*Later, in Pat's room*

Pat: *standing outside a doorway with glowing light shining out of it* I'll show Mewtwo...I'll make my Ki so strong, that no technology can take away from me!

Twilight: Hi Pat.

Pat: *jumps, startled, noticing Twilight behind him* What...what are you doing here?

Twilight: I um...well, just wanted to let you know that even though I saw you crying over VGW, I have lost none of my respect for you.

Pat: *eye twitches*

Twilight: Uh...*starts sweating in embarrassment* Which is my way of saying that-

Pat: No no, it's fine. I'm not angry at you anyway, Twi, I'm angry at myself.

Twilight: At yourself? But why would you-

Pat: You're upset at Metal, right?

Twilight: I, uh, um-

Pat: You wouldn't have come here, to see me, if you weren't. You wanted guidance. Someone to tell you what to do.

Twilight: ...Yes.

Pat: I'm about to go away for a while, Twilight. This is the Room of Space and Time. To you, I will be gone twenty four hours. To me, I'll be gone a year...honing my wind elemental powers...finding my inner strength again. Revisiting my roots. You may wonder why I'm doing this, why I continue to support this Stadium, when it's run by a mad man.

Twilight:, I-

Pat: I can do more than just repeat what others say, Twi. It's something I've long forgotten-

Twilight: It's something I've long forgotten-

Pat: ...please don't you start to do it.

Twilight: ...Sorry.

Pat: VGW...the Video Game a man who shaped much of who I am today. He had a dream...that people from all over the multiverse could come to a place...a Stadium...and enjoy danger without fear. I was only a child when I first met him, in a far away realm without the conflicts of your own. But he treated me like an adult. He always did, even when he started to lose hope and he and I began to drift apart.

Twilight: Pat, I-

Pat: I'll keep fighting for his dream, Twilight, even if it's hopeless. I'll see you another time. *starts to walk away, but Rainbow Dash swoops down and lands in front of him* What the-how!

Rainbow Dash: Not a bad story, Pat. *smirks confidently* I can admire your ideals. But, Twilight was just the appetizer. I'm the main course.

Pat: ...what.

Rainbow Dash: *rises to her hindlegs and places a hoof on Pat's shoulder* You're a brave man, Pat. But I'm going to need something more from you than what you gave Twi. Don't just give me old war stories. *She smiles softly, looking into his eyes* Help me help Metal.

Pat: Dash, look...I would if I could. But some things...some things are just...chaos.

Rainbow Dash: *looks serious, but keeps her voice gentle* You stood up to the Void. I stood up to the Void, even if I wasn't myself at the time.

Pat: It's not the Void that is dangerous, but what he leaves behind. Who entire reality where Metal had always been sane, and lead us all to glory and prosperity could have been destroyed in a blink of an eye...with none of us remembering a moment of it.

Rainbow Dash: *puts her other hoof on Pat's other shoulder* We can't... we shouldn't have to be ruled by our circumstances, Pat.

Pat: Hmm. *smirks* I don't need help from me. You're a freaky little creature, Dash, but...I think I can trust you. Just try not to die, okay? *walks towards the Room of Space and Time*

Rainbow Dash: *chuckles* Of course. *drops to all fours at Pat shuts the door behind him*

Twilight: ...Hmm. So what now?

Rainbow Dash: Duty calls. You need a match idea, right?

Twilight: Oh...right. Well, I did say I'd make something crazy.

Rainbow Dash: Crazy...I'll be back. I know just who to talk to, heh heh. *walks out, leaving Twilight behind*

*Later, Twilight is pacing up and down the hallway outside Pat's room*

Twilight: I wonder who this "who" is that Dash is talking to, anyway.

Sonic: *zooms past Twilight, the wind from his running knocking her over*

Twilight: Ow! Oh, Sonic it's you...wait a minute, are you stalking me!?

Sonic: *smirks* Maybe.

Twilight: Grr.

Sonic: You seem angry. It doesn't suit you.

Twilight: Sigh...I'm...out of ideas for matches.

Sonic: Matches, huh? I haven't been quite as cool in those lately as I'd liked. If only Ash hadn't...huh. Say, Twi, what do you think of my little...disagreement with Ash?

Twilight: What? *pulls herself up, standing* What would I think of it, it's not my business!

Sonic: *frowns seriously* I still want to know.

Twilight: That doesn't make any sense.

Sonic: *smirks* What's the fun in-

Twilight: -making sense, I know. *rolls her eyes* Look are you just going to follow me everywhere if I don't answer you?

Sonic: *chuckles* That was my plan, yeah.

Twilight: All right, all right, fine. Ash has been acting...weird, and kinda scary lately, but I've been worried that you'd wind up the same way if you keep pursuing this...interest in him. But...I'm not going to go barge in on your rivalry, since...after everything's that's happened since I started...pursuing my own grudges, I really don't have room to talk. I don't agree with what you're doing, but...somehow I understand where you're coming from.

Rainbow Dash: *walks into the room silently, unnoticed*

Sonic: Cool, that's all I wanted to know. *looks behind him* Thanks Dash, she was just as chill as you said she'd be!

Twilight: ...what.

Rainbow Dash: *drops in front of Twilight* Heh, you really didn't see that coming?

Twilight: ...not really.

Rainbow Dash: Well, you'll be happy to know that I set up our latest match! Well, two matches! One short and sweet lightning round, and then our main event!

Sonic: Yeah, Dash had some swell ideas. And it's a good thing I ain't lacking for friends! I'll catch y'all real soon, this is going to be great! *zooms off*

Rainbow Dash: Heh sure is!

Twilight: ...I'm having another one of those weird days, I can tell. Well...weirder than usual.

Rainbow Dash: *flies into the commentary booth, taking a seat* Filles and gentlecolts! Welcome to that big platform in the middle of nowhere! We've got one short blast of fun coming your way, with a three fighter free for all! And after that we've got a special treat for all our loyal fans!

*crowd cheers*

Twilight: I don't really know what's going on, but I'm sure it will be somewhat entertaining!

*crowd goes wild*

Twilight: So, uh...yeah...Tails is flying into the left side ring with the Tornado, some guy with red dreadlocks..."Knuckles" I think is name gliding onto the right side of the arena, and "Amy Rose" is floating down into the center on...a hot air balloon. I am so lost. Oh well, take it away Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Without further ado...Let's fly into overdrive!

Twilight: Pink hedgehog lady person start off by swinging her clown mallet thing and creating a tornado full of hearts. Not bad, given that it's thrown both Tails and Knuckles into the air and is bashing the two of them together for extra damage.

Temporal Postal Service: We toss your mail across time and space!
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Rainbow Dash: Knuckles lands right on top of Amy and slams into her with his Drill Claw attack, making great use of his knuckle claws on her head! Tails gets some revenge, too, charging up a Spin Charge, and rolling right into her!

Twilight: But Knuckles leaps up and gives a spinning uppercut with both sets of claws to Tails! He'd burrowed underground when we weren't looking!

Rainbow Dash: Tails is knocked to the left, but tosses a few exploding Dummy Rings into Knuckles' face with great aim, before he twirls his whole body around and starts slapping Knuckles with his Rapid Tails Attack! That's some fancy movement there, Tails, I like it!

Twilight: Amy's got a similar idea in her head, spinning with her mallet out, and bonking Knuckles repeatedly as Tails slaps him!

Rainbow Dash: And she follows that up by slamming her hammer so hard into Knuckles' head it sends her skyward! Great timing on the Piko Piko Vault!

Twilight: Tails is still slapping poor Knuckles with his namesake appendages, but Knuckles is finally fed up. His clawed fist bursts into flames, and he gives the fox an uppercut to the jaw.

Rainbow Dash: ...the hay? Amy disappeared completely...where did she go?

"We have no strong feelings. That's why you can trust us." - A message from the Total Neutrality Party.
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Rainbow Dash: Tails lands to the left, and...Amy suddenly reappeared! She grabs Tails and slams her hammer into his face, sending him even further to the left...but, like all us fliers, Tails isn't knocked down so easily!

Twilight: Unfortunately, Amy is waiting for him as he lands, smash attacking him upwards with a headbutt...he's gone!

Rainbow Dash: Amy had better not celebrate, yet, though...Knuckles has been charging some kind of glowing light in his fist while she's been knocking Tails around!

Knuckles: Maximum...Heat! *rushes forward and slams a flaming fist into the back of Amy's head*

Twilight: Pink lady...go...boom. Uh...sorry I'm not quite all here tonight.

Rainbow Dash: No prob, 'cause the match is over!



Twilight: Hmm...well, that was strange, but it was suitable entertainment.

Amy Rose: Glad you think so Twi!

Twilight: H-how'd you get in here?

Rainbow Dash: *chuckles* Hey there Amy!

Amy Rose: Hi Dash! You remind so much of Sonic! I'm going to be his girlfriend someday!

Twilight: Uh...wait a minute...Pinkie?

Amy Rose: *giggles and pats Twilight on the head* Silly Twilight, if I was this Pinkie, I'd be breaking the laws of physics!

Twilight: YOU JUST DID.

Amy Rose: Hee hee, I guess I did, didn't I? *winks at Twilight and walks out*

Twilight: *watches her leave, her jaw dropped* But...but...what...never time, at least nothing went wrong. Uh...what's the main event again, Dash?

Rainbow Dash: *winks and smirks* Not "again," since I never told you. I'll get Sonic in here, and then we'll fill you in. *zips out of the booth, and then back into the booth, sitting down again, as Sonic walks in*

Sonic: I think you'll be really surprised at who I'm fighting tonight, Twi.

Twilight: How so?

Sonic: Welp, she's a little different from my other friends. She kinda mimics me in some ways...not as cool as the real thing, mind you, but she's done enough robot and mad scientist fighting that people start to wonder if she's my sister or something.

Twilight: Sounds...weird.

Sonic: Yeah, she ain't quite from around here.

Twilight: What, is she from another dimension, the future, or what?

Rainbow Dash: *grins at Sonic, then smirks at Twilight* It's kind of both.

Twilight: Uh...guys, seriously, what is going on?

Rainbow Dash: Heh heh...let her in Sonic.

Sonic: You got it! Hey, Blaze!

*A purple furred cat with a ponytail and a long purple jacket appears in the commentary booth in a flash of light*

Twilight: ...this is a joke, right?

Blaze: Greetings, Twilight Sparkle. I am Blaze the Cat, guardian of the mystic Sol Emeralds and the power of the time god Solaris.

Twilight: ...stop doing that.

Blaze: *complete emotionless deadpan* Stop doing what?


Blaze: *relaxes, perks up, and smirks* How do you know that it is not the case that you are speaking in my voice?

Twilight: GRAAAAH...SONIC...*looks over to Sonic* Okay...okay. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this for you and Dash, okay?

Sonic: *devious grin* Gotcha, babe.

Twilight: ...are you quite done standing there looking smug?

Sonic: Heh, you know, Blaze says that all the-

Twilight: *headdesk*

Sonic: Gotta speed, keeds!*laughs, waves his finger, and zooms off*

Blaze: Mmm, yes, I must be going as well. Let the battle be joined! *teleports into the arena*

Twilight: ...that lousy, plagiarizing, cosplaying pile of-*takes a deep breath and looks over at Dash*

Rainbow Dash: *is just sitting there smirking silently*

Twilight: *sighs and rubs her head* In case you're wondering, I'm not going to cheat, Dash.

Rainbow Dash: *hugs Twilight* I know. I know you're committed to improving yourself. *backs away and winks* I'm just giving you a bit a of challenge to improve you faster.

Twilight: *blinks in surprise* Well, I don't understand how that's meant to work, but still...thanks. Uh...Welcome back, SSS fans!

Rainbow Dash: As promised, the main event is here...Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Blaze the Cat at Green Hill Zone! So, once again-

Twilight: Let's fly into overdrive!

Rainbow Dash: Sonic spins at Blaze from the far left with a Spin Charge, slamming right into her as he rolls down the slope, before leaping backwards with a less powerful, but quicker Spin Dash, right into the back of her neck! She's face down in the center of stage now, with Sonic leaping up into the air with his Spring, and coming right now on her neck with a diving kick! Expertly done, as expected from my main man!

Twilight: Meanwhile, the mutant, er Blaze uses her...ugh, magic to create a tornado of flame around her as she stands up, knocking Sonic straight up.

Rainbow Dash: But that's not going to cut it, because Sonic bites right back with a Triple Spin, slicing her once with his quills, and then two more times with a spinning instant forcefield!

"Take my eggplants. All of them. Please. No charge at all, I just want them gone." - Master Higgins
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Twilight: It looks like Sonic has a distinct advantage, and I couldn't be happier, because there's only room for one lilac furred magician around here.

Rainbow Dash: I think Blaze begs to differ, Twi, because she just grabbed Sonic by the neck...he's definitely in for some trouble. She stabs him with a clawed hand once, twice, three times-

Twilight: What's with the claws, today? Does everyone suddenly want to be Wolverine?

Rainbow Dash: -and finished off with a flaming back hand to the left of the stage, sending Sonic right into the goal post that just spawned there! Ow, man!

Blaze: HA HA HA! NO ONE CAN STOP BLAZE! *floats and charges flames in her hands, taunting*

Twilight: She's showboating way too much...Sonic may have been hurt by the goalpost, but he's bouncing back at her like a boomerang-

Rainbow Dash: And he grabs her in mid-taunt, throwing her on his back to use his patented "extending spines" trick to send her into the background! Aw yeah!

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Lives: 3
Lives: 2

Twilight: Time to throw in some items...*tosses a party ball into center of the arena...just as it crumbles* Um...whoops. Well, that's doing nobody any good.

Rainbow Dash: Sonic quickly jumps on the pieces of the collapsing slope to bring himself to safety on the far right, but Blaze isn't as lucky...she respawns on the tip of the left cliff, and has to hang on by her fingertips!

Blaze: N-no!

Twilight: S-she's...afraid of heights?

Rainbow Dash: *smirks* Feeling a touch of empathy for the copycat?

Twilight: *just stares silently at Dash with a blush*

Blaze: I shall not be vanquished so easily!!! Gotta make this count! *uses flames jets from her shoes to float towards the right side of the chasm* BARE KNUCKLE! *rushes forward in mid-air and slams into an unsuspecting Sonic*

Sonic: Ow! W-woah! *is knocked up in the air by the punch, then falls of the right cliff*

Twilight: Sonic tries to use his Spring to recover-

Rainbow Dash: But he's falling way too fast, and he's out of there. Darn.

Twilight: It's all even, for now.

"You'll never know what makes Cinnamon Toast Crunch taste so good! Never, I say!"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Twilight: Okay, the slope is regenerating, so let's get some real items in, this time. *throws in a crate*

Rainbow Dash: Sonic runs at the crate from the left, and Blaze runs at it from the right...still anyone's game, here.

Twilight: Sonic just stopped mere centimeters away from the crate, so he must up to something. He crouches and...fires his quills? It's the Spike Cannon! He not only breaks open the great, but he's pummeling that identity thief, too!

Rainbow Dash: Two beam sabers, a cracker launcher, and...uh-oh, Blaze just got knocked into the Star Man!

Twilight: Great, now she's invincible. So anyway, Princess Smarty Pants down there winds up getting knocked to a new goalpost that just spawned on the right, which doesn't hurt her of course, but...oh dear, she can't be...ugh. Her...forehead gem thingy glows, and she rips the post out of the ground with some kind of psychic powers. Just super. And now's she's beating Sonic with the thing like it's a club.

Rainbow Dash: Eep...I wonder how Sonic's going to get out of this one?

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Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Twilight: Sonic respawns in the center of the slope, grabbing the cracker launcher.

Rainbow Dash: He's blasting Blaze again and again as he moves closer to her, then, as he runs out of ammo, a cue from her bag of tricks and starts beating her with the cannon itself. Not bad.

Twilight: Not enough to take the abomination down, though, because she hits Sonic with a smash attack, a flaming spin kick right to the jaw, knocking him back to center stage.

Rainbow Dash: But Sonic's ready with a smash attack of his own, his wind up punch!

Sonic: Go! *socks Blaze right in the chest*

Blaze: Argh! *flies up to the right of the arena*

Twilight: She's going, she's going, she's...not gone. She somehow lands on her feet, being...well, a cat. And now...she grabs one of the beam sabers as she rushes down the slope-

Rainbow Dash: And Sonic grabs the other-

Twilight: They're swinging at each other furiously, only hitting the blade of the other-

Rainbow Dash: Their blades have locked, and they're shoving up against each other-

Sonic: You may know everything I'm going to do...but that's not going to help you, because I know everything you're going to do! Strange, isn't it?

Blaze: What?

Sonic: GRR!!!

Twilight: Sonic's surrounded by a blue aura-

Rainbow Dash: Blaze is surrounded a red one-

Twilight: And now...what? The reaction of their battles auras with the's sure to cause an earth shattering-

Rainbow Dash: KA-BOOM!

*Sonic and Blaze fly into the background after a massive explosion*

Twilight: Well...that didn't prove much.

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Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Rainbow Dash: It's down to the final stretch...something awesome is guaranteed to happen. *tosses in another crate*

Twilight: Wait, when you say awesome, do you mean-

*Blaze breaks open the crate with a punch, revealing two Smash Orbs*

Twilight: ...oh no, not again.

Sonic: Hey Blaze, let's make this a ton more fun, and get Smash Energy at the same time!

Blaze: Heh...if you say so, Sonic.

*Sonic and Blaze each jump up and grab a Smash Orb, then toss it at their opponent*

Twilight: So...they're both glowing now-

Rainbow Dash: -and the fun is just beginning !

*Sonic turns bright gold, becoming Super Sonic, floating to the far left while Blaze's fur turns pink and her jacket turns a brilliant red, as she floats to the far right*

Twilight: Uh...the arena looks all blurry...and there's a "time distortion" messages flashing on the console here in the booth.

Rainbow Dash: The chaos energy from their super forms! It must be reacting to the stray tachyon particles Metal's time device has left all over the Stadium!

Twilight: *stares at Dash, confused*

Rainbow Dash: *smirks* I read a lot of Metal's history logs.

Twilight:, I think. The arena is starting to shift into a different time period than the rest of the's being locked into its own temporal bubble...and now Sonic and Blaze are floating high above...a ruined city in flames!?

Rainbow Dash: The Crisis City Zone!

Twilight: The Cr-wait, how did you know?

Rainbow Dash: just came to me somehow. I can't believe I'm seeing much devastation yet it feels like...I had a great adventure here once.

Blaze: Hmm...been so long since I've been back here. looks we'll be having more fun than we expected Sonic.

Sonic: All right, bring it on, Blaze!

Blaze: Yes...nothing can stand against Burning Blaze!

Twilight: ..."Burning" Blaze? don't have a "Burning" form, I do! Any...anyway, Blaze is flaring up with a red aura and charging at Sonic, then stops and grabs a car with her claws right out of a tornado and starts beating him with it...there's too much bludgeoning going on in this fight.

Rainbow Dash: Sonic can agree with that, 'cause he slices right through the car with an enhanced Triple Spin, and then rams his head right into Blaze's stomach with an Supersonic Boost.

Twilight: They've both gained so much power...this fight could go on much longer, or be over in moments.

"TurboDuo. It doesn't even compare!"
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Blaze: *cups her hands together and forms a fire ball* SOULFIRE! *fires the shot at Sonic, who blocks, but winds up being over powered by the projectile and falling to the road below*

Twilight: I HAVE SOULFIRE, NOT YOU, YOU...YOU...oh never mind. Sonic is taking a while to stand up after that shot-

Rainbow Dash: -and things are just about to get worse! Look at all those freaking lava monsters in the sky! I mean, they look pretty cool, especially their wings but really dangerous, too!

Blaze: A dozen Iblis Takers...these creatures were once my sworn enemies, but now they are mine to command! The power of the Sun commands ye beasts to crush my foe!

Sonic: ...great. Real great. Well...I'm not done yet! *zooms towards Blaze and the monsters*

Blaze: You can't defeat my magic, Sonic!

Sonic: Yeah, kick a god or two in the face Blaze, and then we'll talk.

Iblis Takers: *fire strange, spiny fireballs at Sonic*

Sonic: *bats them back at the monsters with his fists, destroying them...then looks right at Blaze with his crimson eyes and fires eye beams into her stomach*

Blaze: Aaaagh! it!!! *files into the background and disappears*

Rainbow Dash: Way to go, Sonic! *claps for him*

Twilight: I don't believe it...all that power...where did he find it all?

Sonic: Burnin' way past cool, Dash! *gives Dash a thumbs up*



Twilight: *rubs her forehead* Geez...I am so tired.

Rainbow Dash: Heh heh...can't walk out now, Twi. Isn't that right, Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah, I think you both still have someone to meet. *rubs his nose and grins widely* I'm done here, though. Most fun I've had in weeks! But I've got to go train if I'm going to keep up with that Knucklehead! See ya! *runs off*

Blaze: *teleports into the booth, smirks at Twilight* Still angry?

Twilight: You lost pretty bad at the end there, and it feels...really empty. I'm not really sure why I was so angry in the first place.

Rainbow Dash: *floats in the air, and hugs Blaze*

Twilight: ...Dash, what are you doing?

Rainbow Dash: *chuckles* I told you I was giving you a challenge, Twi. I'm becoming a better leader by organizing this match...and you're becoming a better friend by realizing that you never had as big of a grudge against this girl as you thought you did. That you have a ton in common with her. Self loathing, much?

Blaze: *nuzzles Dash's face before walking up to Twilight* That it's not a bad thing that you and I are connected.

Twilight: *drops her jaw in shock* What are you?

Blaze: Let's just say my existence, while owed to the Void, is no longer chained to him. I was originally meant to be a mockery of Sonic, an emissary of nonsense and misrule. For a time I filled that role...but I have since found more to life than madness. Perhaps others can find a way out of insanity to. *hugs Twilight unexpectedly* That is my hope.

Twilight:, what do we do now?

Rainbow Dash: Weeeell, first we've got to make sure all of Sonic's friends who were guests here make it out safely. Then...we'd probably better check on Yesman. You know, just in case.

Twilight: Oh...right. *blushes*

Rainbow Dash: Look, Twilight... sorry about getting snappy at you before. Like I said, there's something... other than flying I've been thinking about. I'll talk about it later.

Twilight: Well, okay.

*Two hours later, outside the Stadium*

Rainbow Dash: *lands in front of Yesman* Yo, Yes!

Yesman: *backs away startled* Oh...hi Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash: Just wanted to know if you got that Doctor dude off your back!

Yesman: Well, yeah, but...there's another problem. Stupid Lanos stealing my moment to shine.

Twilight: *shows up behind Yesman* Lanos? The guy who saved us from Ganondorf?

Yesman: Gah! I mean...yeah. Something's fishy about him, though.

Rainbow Dash: I agree with Yes. We can't be too careful, Twi. There are two many mysteries surrounding the Stadium,'s like this place is cursed.

Twilight: Then...what do we do?

Rainbow Dash: *flies high, letting the sun fall against her back* We remain defiant. We remain true to ourselves. No matter what happens.

*Esco walks down the hall to his room, humming a tune to himself. Someone waits for him at his door.*

Esco: Well, that was quite an adventure, I must admit. No suspicious activities uncovered, but the landscape of the White Lands was fantastic! I can see why a race as great as the Leukos chose to settle there... Hey, who's there?

Dash: *Dressed haphazardly in a ninja outfit* Oh hey Esco. It's just me again. You know, Dain Watokhan.

Esco: *Slightly annoyed* I know it's you, Dash. I'm not a fool.

Dash: Aww damnit! How did you know? Kevin told me you were supposed to be-

Esco: It's all relatively simple. I could never possibly mistake a pony like you for Dain, because there is no way in Hell that you will ever come close to resembling the true image of perhaps my closest ally for more than ten years. You are like the dirt underneath his feet. INSIGNIFICANT. The fact that you attempted to fool me with that disguise is an insult to me and an insult to Dain. Now begone, and let me meditate in peace! *Slams door*

Dash: *Sigh*... What's his problem?