Match 43: SSS Archive Tape

(Kevin wanders the Stadium, appearing to be bothered by something)

Kevin: I could've sworn it was right there the last time I saw it! Right with all the others! I bet Yesman has something to do with this...

(Kevin sees a normally closed door that's slightly ajar. Around this time, Digi comes around in the opposite direction)

Digi: Hey, Kevin.

Kevin: Oh! Hi, Ian... uh, Digi... what do you prefer again?

Digi: Either's fine, don't worry. (looks around) I've never seen that door opened before.

Kevin: Me neither. I figured some kind of elderitch abomination was sealed away behind it.

Digi: I doubt it. It's probably some secret Metal Man's hiding on me... (rolls his eyes) Want to take a look?

Kevin: Yeah, sure!

Digi: Alright...

(The two walk down... in the room is a bunch of old items, artwork, and other time capsule-like relics of the Stadium)

Digi: (coughs) Ugh, this place hasn't been cleaned in a while... (twitches a bit from the dust) This place really must have been secret.

Kevin: I guess. (sees an old ray gun out to the side) Wow, does this thing still work?

Digi: Limited ammo, I don't know. Maybe it was a prototype.

Kevin: Maybe we should take it out sometime.

Digi: It'd be cool. (glances off to a shelf) They kept a Motion Sensor Bomb down here? Good thing it hasn't been turned on.

Kevin: Yeah, I don't think the walls down here could survive the blast! (chuckles)

Digi: I know...

(Digi clears some dust off a shelf and sees a tape labeled "THE NEW ERA" on it)

Digi: Check this out. Old tape!

Kevin: Wait, that's it! That's the tape!

Digi: (Looks at it in confusion) This was probably sitting here for years. You mean to tell me you've seen this before?

Kevin: Well, maybe this is just another copy, but yeah, I have. Let's watch it!

Digi: (Examines the tape closer) Oh, this might be a problem. It's a Betamax.

Kevin: Must be Japanese. Well, now what do we do?

Digi: Well... (spots a Betamax VCR nearby, shrouded in cobwebs and dust) ... That's convenient.

Kevin: All right! I think we should take this up to your office or something. It feels like a dungeon in here.

Digi: Yeah. Get some snacks or something, this could be interesting.

Kevin: Sure.

(They leave and head up to his office, where Digi pops the tape in...cutting immediately into an open shot of a field near the Stadium. Parts of the Stadium itself are seen off to the side. In the corner is a timestamp, 01/20/1999. A deep offscreen voice speaks.)

"Before us, lies the Stadium of the Seraphim. Once a haven for battle and glory, it has sadly fallen into disuse in recent times... but no more. The Seraphis has something planned for tomorrow. I don't know what it is, but something tells me that a new era is coming."

Kevin: Seraphis?!

Digi:, how the times have changed.

(The shot fades out, and then back in to the next morning, again, stamped with 01/21/1999. The camera pans around spectators filing into the arena. In the middle is a benign floor. The voice speaks again, this time over the public address system...)

"All rise for your Lord Seraphis!"

(The crowd rises as Seraphis walks down to the arena floor, accompanied by a sleek, feminine-looking black robot, with white eyes, crimson hair, and a pulsing glow radiating from one of its palms.)

Seraphis (muttering): Shall we begin?

Robot (muttering): Yes, my Lord.

Seraphis: (nods, and resumes speaking in his normal volume) Good afternoon and welcome to the Stadium of the Seraphim! Today we celebrate the dawn of a new era, as eight warriors have come from far and wide to fight, as friends and as rivals! And today, you will all be treated to an exhibition of these fighters showing off their skills they have learned over their years. Their goal is to be the last man standing, and to help this stadium reclaim the glory it used to hold! So without any further delays, release the fighters!

Background Music:

Seraphis: From the faraway lands of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Mario!

...From the vast jungles of the great Island of Monkeys, Donkey Kong!

(DKenters, standing a few feet off to Mario's side...)

...From the distant Hyrulian Province, Link!

(After Link enters, it is clear the fighters are forming a wide arc around the outside of the arena, facing the audience.)

...From the Chozodian Planet, Samus Aran!

(The robot is a bit hesitant seeing Samus enter, but politely greets her anyway.)

Robot: From the Yoshikin Tribe of the Dinosaur Island, Yoshi!

...From the dreaming world of fantasy and wonder, Kirby!

...From the deep reaches of space, Fox McCloud!

...And from the mysterious region of Kanto, Pikachu!

Digi: The original eight... (smirks a bit)

Kevin: Wow, that's cool.

Seraphis: Now enter the arena!

(Serpahis and the robot retreat from their position as the fighters form a line across the center of the arena. A switch is pulled and the fighting grounds open up beneath their feet: a large floating island. Some of the pieces are a bit worn out and patched together, but overall the construction is impressive. There is a small moving platform on the far left, a large, uneven wooden structure right next to it, a near invisible floating platform high above, another floating platform in the dead-center, and another, smaller wooden structure off to the right, with a bowl-shaped roof that slowly shifts back and forth.)

Seraphis: I will go over the rules once before Warmech and I move up to call the match. This is a free-for-all battle with only one life apiece for each of you. Death is defined as breaching any of the glowing boundaries above, below, and to the side of this arena. Each of you have arrived with a weapon, which you may use at any time, and aside from that, no other items shall be brought in. Stealing a weapon is permissible, but you must give up your own and thus, you risk giving it up to someone else. Is everything clear?

(The fighters respond affirmatively.)

Seraphis: Good. Now we want a fair fight. Impress those who have come to watch.

(The weapons appear: Mario wields a Fire Flower. Donkey Kong has a barrel. Link is armed with his usual sword and shield. Samus has her power beam in addition to her suit. Yoshi holds a Red Shell. Kirby waves his Star Rod to the crowd. Fox holsters his blaster, and Pikachu rolls a Pokeball around with his feet.)

Seraphis: Excellent. The match begins in 3...2...1...

Seraphis and Warmech: FIGHT!

Seraphis: And so it begins! The fighters waste no time in beginning their strife, pleasing the crowd with one spectacular blow after another!

Warmech: We can only hope the arena doesn't come crashing down in the process...

(After the initial chaos, the fight quickly dissolves into three frays: Mario, DK and Yoshi are in one group, Kirby, Samus and Pikachu take each other on, and Fox and Link go one-on-one.)

Kevin: I have to say, it's tough to see Seraphis as he was before he went off the deep end...

Digi: I know, this was such a beautiful place when this was recorded...

Seraphis: And there's Mario evading Yoshi's tongue with a rather graceful acrobatic maneuver.

Warmech: He says he's been through that before, and it's not fun. I'm not sure I can believe him.

Seraphis: The star warrior fires a flurry of light at Samus, but Pikachu knocks him to the ground with a swift kick. Now Fox has smashed Link away and begins navigating the various platforms, forcing the Hero of Time to chase after him.

Warmech: Fox is one of the fastest fighters we've recruited. His speed will be a challenge for the others.

Seraphis: And now, a double team on Donkey Kong! Mario sets him aflame with his Fire Flower, and Yoshi gulps him down.

Warmech: (seeing DKcome out in an egg) ...that is a bit appalling. But it's effective nonetheless.

Seraphis: Fox has been hit by one of Samus' charge shots, allowing Link to slash him and resume their duel. Pikachu speeds out of the way of Kirby and Samus and throws down his Pokeball...

Warmech: It appears to be the Cat Pokemon, Nyasu, who is blistering Kirby and Samus with a barrage of coins... again, unusual but effective.

Seraphis: Pokemon are known for some surprising abilities, and that is certainly one of them.

Warmech: I see.

Seraphis: Samus attempts to trap Pikachu in her lightning cable, but grabs Link instead! Now Fox and Pikachu prey on the hapless fighter. Donkey Kong has come back to plow Mario with a Giant Punch and he tosses the barrel at Yoshi for a direct hit!

Warmech: The dinosaur is sent flying away, but he leaps back to the edge...he tosses an egg at Donkey Kong in retaliation and it connects.

Seraphis: Now the ape enters a spontaneous rage, and blasts the dinosaur out of the arena with a mighty punch!

(DKflexes and gestures to the crowd, which has begun cheering his name)

Warmech: Samus slams Link into the ground, just as Pikachu charges a burst of lightning. Kirby gets clipped by the attack and is sent flying, but is able to recover.

Seraphis: The Hylian Champion, on the other hand, takes the full force of the attack! He has vanished into the brilliant lights of the nearest boundary.

Warmech: Mario catches Donkey Kong off guard with a tornado, knocking him off the arena. He makes it back, only to take a fully charged power beam to the face, courtesy of Samus. He's not going to make it back now... Killed by the charged shot.

Seraphis: Alas, t'was not the charged shot, but pride. Pride has killed the beast. Five now remain as Mario's Fire Flower dies out. He has shown mastery comparable to even the finest Leukos warriors, but now he must adapt by finding a new means of attacking.

Warmech: Kirby tries to shield himself from Samus, but his shield breaks! The Star Rod goes flying and Mario picks it up. Is it still usable, though?

Seraphis: Indeed it is! Kirby wakes from slumber and inhales Fox, copying his blaster power. He fires a couple of shots at the two Fighters of Space, but is tackled by Mario and thrown to the ground!

Warmech: Kirby takes a nasty bounce and to make it worse, is hit by his own star. He might be on his last legs as Samus grabs him and tosses him straight up... Pikachu sees this and jumps after him, smashing him even higher. Kirby is gone.

Seraphis: Just as he was getting warmed up with his signature move, he's out... Now Samus and Pikachu are settling it between themselves as Mario and Fox go at it. Mario throws the rod with perfect accuracy, striking Fox square on the head!

Warmech: That caught Fox off guard. Pikachu grabs him but Fox struggles out of it, able to kick Pikachu aside.

Seraphis: Samus chases Pikachu down and thwacks him with her cannon, sending him back. But Fox sets himself on fire and charges straight into Samus with a blazing passion! Incredible!

Warmech: And now she's caught in a massive fray, trying to clear them out, but she's not very successful. Pikachu clears them out with Thunder, leaving Samus flying the most...

Seraphis: Fox goes after her again, leaping off the edge of the arena. He falls underneath her, lights himself on fire again and knocks her out! He's flailing just to get back on-

Warmech: And he makes it! A bold strategy paying off as we're down to three.

Seraphis: Mario and Pikachu trade blows, and Pikachu gets off a Thunder Shock, but Mario evades it once again with an aerial flip. Fox enters the battle and the mouse is surrounded.

Warmech: Like two cats stalking their prey, they leap in and trade punches on Pikachu, who is being hit too much to send them away.

Seraphis: It appears the two wish to settle this themselves! Pikachu attempts to take them out, but it is quickly overwhelmed. Now Mario grabs it...

Warmech: That he does, and he tosses Pikachu off with ease. But Pikachu is relentless, making it back with two sudden surges...

Seraphis: They call it Quick Attack...

Warmech: And Mario is on the charge, running over to him and jumping into Pikachu with a punch--is Pikachu losing coins?

Seraphis: It seems so.

Warmech: But whatever it does, it's effective as Pikachu is sent off as well!

Kevin: Uh oh, Mario and Fox!

Digi: Yeah...nice fight...

Seraphis: This is it, the moment you have all been waiting for! Now Mario and Fox face off!

Mario: Okay! Let's-a--ow!

(the glow of a ray gun shot fades off from hitting Mario in the back, the original Stadium floor creeping back into place)

Seraphis: And it appears that Mario has taken a blow from an outside source!

(Mario turns around to see Captain Falcon blowing the barrel of a ray gun)

Mario: Whaa!

Fox: Who was that?

Falcon: Huh! Show me your moves!

(From the booth, Seraphis smirks.)

Seraphis: ...From the supersonic Port Town, Captain Falcon!

(And on the other quarters of the floor, three others walk in)

Seraphis: ...from the unknown shadows of the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi Mario!

...From the bustling suburbs of Onett, Ness!

...And from the greatest city in the region of Kanto, Purin!

(Luigi is holding a Starman, Ness brings in his baseball bat, and Purin is armed with a Sharpie.)

Kevin: Oh yeah! This is awesome!

Seraphis: Mario and Fox, you have proved your mettle against your first six opponents. Now to see how talented you are, you will have to take down these four challengers as well! You will be given some time to recuperate, but once the arena retracts again, you must be ready to fight.

Mario: Mm-hmm...

Fox: Bring it on.

(The tape cuts out momentarily. When it comes back, the challengers slowly line up down the middle, sandwiching Mario and Fox.)

Seraphis: Let's resume. 3...2...1...

Seraphis and Warmech: FIGHT!

(The challengers close in on Mario and Fox, but some of them are getting in each other's way...)

Seraphis: It appears Falcon wants to take all the glory for himself! He begins lashing out at his fellow newcomers along with Mario!

Warmech: Yes, that Falcon Kick swept Ness away for a moment, but fortunately for him, he did catch Mario as well. They might need better teamwork than this to keep up.

Seraphis: Luigi avoids his brother for now, focusing on Fox... Purin hops in and begins singing its siren song, causing both to fall asleep! Such a wonderous song...

Warmech: That is not a clean start for the four newcomers as Mario punches Purin and Luigi aside.

Seraphis: Luigi appears to be saving his Starman for later. He has yet to take much damage. Meanwhile, Captain Falcon and Ness gang up on Fox, but he's quick on his feet and avoids many of their attacks.

Warmech: Look at how fast the captain is... He can keep up with Fox.

Seraphis: And there it is, his signature Falcon Punch, practically cleaving through his furry foe! Such an attack is like a melodious song for the eyes, a love letter to the glories of conquest! This, ladies and gentlemen, is all that encompasses our way of life!

Kevin: Give me a break...

Warmech: Mario continues to drill Luigi and Purin with some kicks and punches. Purin retaliates with a Pound and then floats over to the battle with Fox, leaving the Mario Bros. to themselves.

Seraphis: And Mario and Luigi put on quite a show of theatrics! Each movement gives off the appearance of a violent dance, but this is not choreographed!

Warmech: Meanwhile, Fox is just getting ganged up on by the others, but he finds an opening and uses his Reflector to bounce everyone else away for a moment! Now he takes the time to help Mario out! They deal a few blows to Luigi, but he finally uses his Starman. Unsurprisingly, they flee from him to take the others on...

Seraphis: But again, Captain Falcon refuses to stand around, swiping at, well, everyone, including his supposed teammates. Purin and Ness sail skyward, quckly replaced by Mario and Fox. Luigi soon follows...

Warmech: Luigi's power is going to his head... he becomes hyperaggressive, attacking everyone with no rhyme nor reason!

Seraphis: A particularly stunning uppercut turns Mario and Falcon into flaring comets!

Warmech: Purin, Fox, and Ness trade flows as Luigi continues his assault...

Seraphis: But his invulnerability fades away! Now Fox and Mario have the upper hand! He takes a flurry of tornado punches and a flaming charge from the duo! What a fight this has become! It seems like everyone is now on the verge of being eliminated!

Warmech: I would still imagine Mario and Fox are the most vulnerable, though... Ness winds up his baseball bat, but Fox dodges the swing! Mario sees the opportunity and sends him away with a huge punch.

Seraphis: Another knockout has been added to Mario's tally! No time for celebration however, as they are not out of the water yet. Purin slaps Mario and sings him to sleep. Now Purin is... doing something with her microphone?

Warmech: That's not a microphone, that's a...marker. She appears to be angry at Mario for something and is doodling all over his face.

Seraphis: And that gives enough time for Fox to blast her a couple of times! Now Mario wakes up and punches Purin, but that gives Luigi and Falcon a chance to come back into the fight.

Warmech: But Fox has already charged his fire move and knocks Falcon back out of the way. It appears he's about to ride off into the sunset...

Seraphis: He's not done yet! He slams back into the stage from far above with a diving kick, and now fights toe-to-toe with Fox! I sense a rivalry coming on...

Warmech: Speaking of rivalries, Luigi knocks Mario away with a hard right hook, straight into Purin.

Seraphis: Purin tosses him off to the side, but he seems to be able to make it back... Oh! A sudden drill kick from Luigi sends him plummeting! Mario has been eliminated!

Warmech: That is a move I didn't see coming, but Luigi must certainly know it better than anyone else. Meanwhile, Fox recovers from a barrage of Falcon Strikes and throws Falcon off the other side of the stage. Now he has to contend with Luigi and Purin...

Seraphis: Fox retreats onto one of the floating platforms and fires a few warning shots...Purin floats towards him but gets hit by two more. Luigi follows her up and dodges the shots.

Warmech: Purin tries to sing again, but Fox runs off in time, charging his fire move again, and uses it to slam straight into Purin just after she finishes singing! A great sense of timing takes this down to a one-on-one match...

Seraphis: Fox avoids a jab from Luigi but does get hit by the Cyclone punches. He's swept away but stops just before the edge, knowing well enough to avoid Mario's fate.

Warmech: They both land in the bowl. Luigi goes for a fireball but Fox deflects stuns Luigi enough for Fox to blast him a couple times.

Seraphis: Fox takes advantage of this and smacks Luigi against the bowl's edge! The angle is enough to deflect him upward and he is knocked out!


(The crowd roars as the fight ends.)

Warmech: Wow...Mario and Fox hang on to beat the other challengers. (nods to Seraphis) I believe you're off to a good start...

Seraphis: Yes. This Stadium will still serve a purpose. Now let's go down and talk with some of them, shall we?

Warmech: I would, but I have to continue work on my new project. I believe you can handle this, my lord.

Seraphis: (sighs) Fine.

(he walks down and encounters Fox and Mario)

Seraphis: Mario, Fox, congratulations.

Mario: Thank you so much-a.

Fox: A pleasure to fight today... I had no idea the other four were waiting.

Mario: I know-a, Luigi a-never said anything-a!

Fox: It's a good thing we were given that break, otherwise we probably wouldn't have survived against them.

Seraphis: And I presume you two enjoyed the fight?

Mario: Oh, of-a course! At-a least I don't-a have to fight-a King-a Bowser for once-a.

Fox: Yes, it's definitely a change of pace, which is good. I hope this isn't the last time I can do this.

Mario: I agree!

Seraphis: Very nice to hear...good luck and we hope to see you again.

Mario: You're-a welcome.

Fox: (nods and then mutters) By the way, Mario, you might want to wipe that marker off your face...

Mario: What?!

(Seraphis chuckles and moves on, eventually bumping into Captain Falcon)

Seraphis: Captain Falcon, certainly the most charismatic fighter we saw out there, I think. You were ready to go. How was it?

Falcon: Oh, man, it was crazy! I was showing them my moves and they were showing them back, and we all going at it like--(mimes the fight while making cheesy sound effects), I loved it!

Seraphis: Interesting. Anything else you'd like to say?

Falcon: I want to fight that Fox guy again! One-on-one! Mano-a-mano! Winner takes all! This time, for real!

Seraphis: Okay... I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, Captain.

Falcon: Aww yeah! (salutes Seraphis as he walks away...the voice returns, showing shots of the crowd filing out)

"And so it begins. A new era for this stadium, and twelve fighters who wish to give their all to entertain. Lord Seraphis knows what he is doing...if everyone can keep this up, the stadium will achieve a glory it has never seen before, and these fights will be as legendary as the stories these warriors already wrote the day they came to Seraphis Stadium. We can only wait for more..."

(The tape stops, and is ejected by Digi.)

Kevin: Well, that was pretty cool.

Digi: Yeah... but now we have to figure out where it went wrong...