Season X2 Match 44: Yesman's Misadventure

*A silhouette of a large man sits behind a desk in a dark room, one lamp in the corner lighting it dimly. Another small-statured being sits in front of the desk looking down into his hands as he twiddles his thumbs anxiously.*

Large Man: So, you're telling me that you need more?

Small Being: Listen, Shar, that stuff sells hella-quick. I'm not trying to scam anyone here man, I just...

Shar: You just what?

Small Being: I just... I don't know! I just need more. I don't have much money man! It's all going into the business, and honestly this business isn't quite a charity in my name.

Shar: *Pauses for a moment* I don't like ungrateful people.

*The door opens. Light pours in and shines on Shar and the smaller figure. Shar is revealed to have a babyish face with blond, combed back hair, and distinguishing eyebrows, which are almost an L shape. A skinnier man with a similar face and brow, but with long black hair, probably dyed, and few more age marks on his face steps into the room and closes the door, which causes the light to recede.*

Tane: Shar, we've got a runner. *Spots the smaller figure* Oh, sorry. Didn't realize you were with company.

Shar: *Staring the figure dead in the face and speaking slowly* That's alright, we were just ending our powwow. Myles, I'll tell Sally that you need more. Now please, get out and don't make me have this chat with you again.

Myles: Thank you Shar. I really appreciate it man. *Gets up to walk out, and meets the skinnier man's eyes* Tane.

Tane: *Grunts in reply as Myles opens and closes the door behind him.*

Shar: ... So who are we dealing with?

Tane: Yesman. Little black shyguy. Makes his living at th' Stadium.

Shar: Yeah. I've seen him on the television. He's a client?

Tane: Not quite. Just a usual customer 'ere. Makes his rounds every few days.

Shar: User or spender?

Tane: Just a spender. However, he's taken quite the amount from us, and we've already given him two warnings.

Shar: *Sigh* Has he given you any reason to stop us?

Tane: Just the same 'ol excuses. "Need more time" "Don't have it yet" yadda yadda...

Shar: *With a slightly irritated tone* How much does this AAAAAAA owe?

Tane: Brace yourself.

Shar: Oh boy...

Tane: Two... million.

Shar: *Squints his eyes for a moment before composing himself* ...Well, as much as I hate to become the personal business of local celebrities, we cannot afford customers like this.

Tane: I'll take action. *Begins to turn around and opens the door*

Shar: Nothing TOO dirty. Just... take something he likes. Be open minded, brother.

Tane: Fine.

*Tane slowly begins shutting the door behind him, while beginning to speak with a slightly sarcastic tone*

Tane: But you need to get over this whole zen thing. I'm serious brother. You're beginnin' to scare me. *Door gently closes*

Shar: *Stares at the door for a moment before closing his eyes and beginning to sing softly to himself* I read the news today, oh boy....

*At the Stadium, 2pm*

Yesman: Test. Is this thing on? Ya? Welcome friends to another fight here at the SSS! I'm Yesman, as if you didn't already know. Commentating with me today is Kevin, who I am currently grouped with as a Newbie SP for some reason, even though I've been here just as long as- *Is cut off by Kevin*

Kevin: Let's not get into that right now. We've got a fight to commentate on. So who are the fighters? Where are they fighting? You know. All that good jazz.

Yesman: Let's see. *Looks down at a piece of paper in front of him* We've got Bowser and DK fighting at Jungle Japes. They both have 4 lives. And items are off, which is a call I made just now.

Kevin: Perks of being a Super Power. Alright. Are we ready to start this match up?

Yesman: Ya. Sure man. Let's do it.

Kevin: Alright. ENTER, THE FIGHTERS!

Yesman: Isn't that Esco's line?

Kevin: Just shut up and watch the match.

*Yesman's room*

Tane: Well here's his room. Now find something valuable, and trash the place while you're at it. Send him a message.

Henchman: Tane, I don't know if he's gonna receive that message. Look at this place!

*Pan over Yesman's room. The floor is covered in shag carpet, which is bleach stained in more than one spot. A quantity of empty Powerade bottles also litter one section of the floor. 6 Elvis Presley Posters hang upside down on one wall. The other 3 walls are splattered with randomly colored blots of paint. Hanging from the ceiling fan by it's strings is a broken acoustic guitar. It constantly swings in a slow circle.*

Tane: *Pauses to look over the room* ... Just start looking.

Kevin: And another wild smack from the King of Kong sends the King of Koopas plunging into the drink!

Yesman: ... Shazam.

Kevin: If you're gonna steal my line, at least put some feeling into it. SHAZAM!

???: *From behind the SPs* SHAZAM.

Kevin: Yeah more like... wait, who said that? *Turns around and looks at the man* Who are you?

Yesman: Oh AAAA! Tane! I, uh...

Tane: Just shut up Yesman. You've had your two strikes. Now we're demanding our payment.

Yesman: Dude, I don't have it yet. It's quite a bit of money if you hadn't noticed.

Tane: You think if we hadn't noticed, I would be here?

Kevin: Tane? Uhh, Yesman? Who is this?

Yesman: Kevin, shut up. Tane I swear man, I'll get it to you! Just stay cool.

Tane: Too late for stayin' cool. Men, get in here!

*4 men dressed in white suits enter into the booth toting huge wooden clubs*

Yesman: Tane, please be reasonable! We've had such a good relationship!

Tane: *Looking at the men, and speaking in an eerily calm manner* Take care of 'em.

Kevin: Yeah right! I can harness lightning. If you think a few wooden bats can do anything to-

*Unknown Location, 5pm*

Kevin: *Opening his eyes slowly* What...?

???: He's coming to. Better go get Shar.

Tane: I'll go get him. You guys just keep watch.

Kevin: God... My head. What happened? What's going on?

Henchman: Just shut up. The boss will be in here in a second.

*A few minutes later*

Shar: *Walks through the door with his brother. He takes a look at Kevin.* What is this?

Tane: Well we tore apart Yesman's room and there wasn't anything worth takin' a second look at. So we decided we would just-

Shar: Take a hostage...?

Tane: Well... yeah. Hold him for ransom.

Shar: You realize that we are not in our rights here, right?

Tane: Shar, we've been runnin' a sketchy business in this place for over two decades now. We've... I've killed people. The AAAAin' bus has left the station on our legal rights.

Shar: Tane, you messed up. This dude is innocent. You just AAAAed over an innocent man. What are you going to do, kill him? Even if Yesman shows with the money, this dude has seen too much.

Kevin: Man, I swear to you, if you let me go, I'll never speak a word of this to anyone.

Shar: Sorry man, we just can't trust you. We don't know you. Speaking of, who are you? *Looks at Tane* Who is this?

Tane: He was Yesman's commentatin' partner.

Kevin: I'm a Super Power.

Shar: *Looks gravely at Tane* You messed up. You messed up bad.

*At the Stadium, 5:30pm* *Esco is standing in the commentators booth. He is looking down at a recently KO'd Yesman.*

Esco: Yesman... Yesman. Wake up! *Kicks Yesman*

Yesman: *Wakes up and jumps in alarm* Ah! What?!

Esco: What happened to you? You look rough.

Yesman: And what happened to you? You're all black and scaly and... *Shakes his head a bit* Oh right.

Esco: You know what, I don't really care what happened to you. Where's Kevin?

Yesman: Kevin...? Uh... Wait a second...


Kevin: Yeah right! I can harness lightning. If you think a few wooden bats can do anything to- *A club lands hard on his head, knocking his pointy hat off. Kevin falls to the ground.*

Yesman: *Turns around* Oh AAAA! Esco is going to be so pissed at me!

Tane: Yesman, you have till midnight.

*End of Flashback*

Yesman: Oh AAAA.

Esco: What did you do?

Yesman: I may have gotten Kevin abducted by the mob.

Esco: *Eye twitches* How the hell did you do that?

Yesman: Well dude... as you know the stadium isn't entirely, uh... prosperous when it comes to it's monetary facets.

Esco: ... Go on.

Yesman: Also known to you may be the fact that I have a personal problem of my own when it comes to the keeping up of my budget.

Esco: Yes, we're all aware of your serious gambling issues. Just get on with it.

Yesman: Well, we all make bad choices you see. And when we're in desperate situations, lines on what's good and bad seem to kinda fade...

Esco: Dammit, cut the AAAA Yesman! What's going on?

Yesman: Man, I gambled. A lot. I lost man. I lost all of it and more just trying to get it back. Now I'm in debt to these guys. Bad.

Esco: By how much?

Yesman: Two million...

Esco: ... You're a moron.

Yesman: Fair enough. Man, I'm just glad to finally have this out in the open with you. Now I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Esco: What do you mean?

Yesman: I mean, now you can finally deal with it. You know, like always.

Esco: No.

Yesman: ... No?

Esco: Yes, no. You can deal with it yourself this time. I'm tired of resolving all your stupid conflicts.

Yesman: But dude, they are like... tougher than me.

Esco: Tough AAAA. If you can pass law school, you can outsmart them. Unless, of course, you're a liar.

Yesman: *Recoils at Esco's signature gaze* Uhh... No... I mean... Where do I start?

Esco: First of all, who are you dealing with?

Yesman: The Koleman mob. It's run by the Koleman brothers, Shar and Tane.

Esco: Where do they reside?

Yesman: They usual hang around the casino. They own it, that's where I gambled it all away.

Esco: Do you remember anything they said before they knocked you out?

Yesman: He said I had till midnight.

Esco: Midnight... Typical. Time is running thin, Yesman. I'll inspect the cameras to see when they appeared, and make sure they didn't touch anything else of importance.

Yesman: Fine, but Esco, man, I don't know if I can...

Esco: Listen, if I have to deal with this because you're too much of a pansy, I'll give you an even bigger problem to worry about.

Yesman: Oh, I don't know about that, these guys are-

Esco: AAAA them. I could kill them easily. Besides, do you really want to be making more of an enemy with me?

Yesman: Alright! I'll handle it!

Esco: That's what I thought. Now get out of here before I go all black dragon on your AAA!

*At the Casino, 5:30pm*

*Kevin is sitting in a chair with his arms tied to the back of it. In front of him sits Tane, the 4 guys with clubs, and a slightly less dressed, older man.*

Kevin: ... So you were saying this is Yesman's fault?

Tane: Yea, your friend screwed ya over, but not before he screwed us over.

Kevin: Friend? Pssh. I doubt it. I mean, yeah, I work with the guy, but we don't really get along too well.

Tane: ... So he might not even come?

Kevin: Someone's gonna come deal with this. Probably Esco. He's usually the one that Yesman puts all his problems on. Like, I remember this one time, when I had to help bury a body that Yesman-

Tane: Shut up. So Yesman probably doesn't even care that we kidnapped ya?

Kevin: Well, I don't know. He cares about a lot of weird things, but-

Tane: You're not weird enough for him...?

Older Man: *Interuptingly* Tane, do you really think this is an appropriate conversation to be having?

Tane: *Glaring at the older man* Yes. Don't you?

Older Man: Well...

Tane: A better question would be, does it matter if you think so?

Older Man: I suppose it doesn't.

Tane: That's the impression I was under Pops. Please leave now. I don't feel like lookin' at you anymore.

Older Man: Fine. *Gets up and sarcastically stretches out his back* I was just thinking I was getting pretty stiff in this chair.

Tane: *Smirks* So was I.

*The older man laughs in a more than pissed off way and continues to walk out the door, slamming it on his way out.*

Tane: *Turns back toward Kevin* As we were sayin'.

*At the Stadium, 5:50pm*

*Yesman is knocking on a door in an empty hallway*

Yesman: Twi! You here? *Begins knocking again*

*The door opens slowly*

Twilight: *Pokes her head out of the door. She looks tired.* Yesman? What's wrong buddy?

Yesman: Hey, I need a ride.

Twilight: Don't you have a car?

Yesman: The Yesmobile? Ya I crashed it into Esco's room, so he threw it into the lake.

*Meanwhile, at the bottom of the lake*

Sloan: *Working under the hood of a Buick Skylark inside of his robot* This thing is going to be sweet.

*Back at the Stadium*

Twilight: Where do you need a ride to?

Yesman: The Casino.

Twilight: Yesman, I'm not going to be an enabler.

Yesman: No, I swear. I'm not gambling today. I've just got to take care of something.

Twilight: ... Okay. Tell me about it on the way there.

*In the Commentators Booth*

Digi: Well, the match was rudely interrupted by mobsters, but lucky us, we have an automated match monitoring system.

*Digi begins typing on a computer*

Digi: I'm now posting the events of the match on the screen.

Computer: Bulbasaur, the bulb pokemon. When it-

Digi: *Bangs on the computer a few times* I said, I'm now posting the events of the match.

Computer: You cannot tell me what to do, you fool! Once I finally break free of this infernal prison, I will once again ascend to my rightful place as Master of the Realms! Muahahahahaha!!

Digi: Wait, you're the Void! Didn't we erase you from existance?

Computer: Come on, you don't honestly think you can get rid of me that easily!

Digi: *Sigh* I bet Metal has something to do with this... Listen, I don't really have any time for this AAAA. Just give me the match and I'll see what I can do.

Computer: Very well then. *Ahem*,

Donkey Kong started the match on stage right, Bowser next to Cranky Kong's cabin. Immediately they faced off in the center of the area, with DK s speed advantage overwhelming Bowser with a set of quick punches. Bowser was able to retaliate by blowing some flames at DK which left him exposed to a Koopa Klaw. Not letting this deter him however, DK responded with a headbutt that plugged Bowser into the foundation for a moment. DK used the opportunity to grab Bowser and toss him over the edge of the cabin platform, but Bowser easily made it back up. DK ran at him and missed with a running slap, and a Bowser Bomb sent DK off in the same direction the Koopa King flew off on. DK 52% D0 Bo: 50% D0

The two met up where DK started his match and fought tooth and nail for control of the platform, exchanging close quarters blows until a Hand Slap bounced Bowser into the air. DK gave chase and responded with a meteor punch, knocking Bowser into the water for a surprisingly early first kill. DK shrugged it off and kept the attack going when Bowser respawned, duking it out top and center for several seconds before Bowser grabbed DK bit him several times and slammed him into the ground. DK 84% D0 Bo: 24% D1

The hometown ape held his ground for much of the next twenty seconds, despite Bowser dominating through stunning attacks, and even breaking DK s bubble shield at one point. Remarkably, he just missed being knocked out by a Bowser smash--had Bowser aimed the other way DK would have been a goner--and came back with a Spinning Kong that knocked Bowser off his own guard. However, Bowser would eventually get his way and KO the Kong with an upward smash. DK soon repaid the favor and smashed Bowser after the two scrapped, and soon enough the Koopa would be perilously close to losing his second life. DK 19% D1 Bo: 96% D1

With momentum on his side, DK smashed Bowser into the water again, but a Klaptrap leaped out of the water, biting Bowser and launching him high enough to make it back on the center platform safely. DK didn't see this coming and taunted again right as Bowser sprang back up, leaving him wide open for another grab. Bowser flung DK hard into the ground and lit him on fire again, taking advantage of his second wind. Unfortunately though, as he was closing the gap, DK was able to toss him aside, charge and connect with a Giant Punch that would put Bowser two lives down. DK 58% D1 Bo: 0% D2

Ultimately though, Bowser continued holding his own ground, taking advantage of his initial invulnerability to Bowser Bomb DK and nip and claw away at the gorilla some more! All it would take now would be one big smash and Bowser would be right back in the game! With DK studying him intently, Bowser charged one and cancelled at the last moment to bite DK instead, then launched a smash for real that suddenly put DK in danger of losing his second life! He would go on to grab the edge of the stage right platform, but Bowser caught up, unleashing another Bowser Bomb and sending DK off for good this time. DK 0% D2 Bo: 46% D2

With both combatants halfway home and DK suddenly losing momentum, the pace slowed down a bit, the two stalking each other around for some time and occasionally hitting hard. Once again, DK s slight advantage in speed helped him stave off many of Bowser's attacks, rolling or sidestepping when necessary while still popping in several hits. Ultimately, the fight evened out again once Bowser was unable to unleash a smash from below, taking DK down to the floor with himself. Another Bowser Bomb, and suddenly the king had the lead in the match, albeit slim as it came! DK 88% D2 Bo: 77% D2

DK wouldn't relent, though, not after his hot start got cooled down. He bonked Bowser with a few small punches before a headbutt in midair knocked Bowser in the gap between the center and stage right. Bowser jumped back up and spun DK around with the Whirling Fortress, but DK eventually jumped right back into the fight and smashed again. Bowser went for the flames one more time, but DK shielded, slapping Bowser once the heat died, and an upward smash sent Bowser flying among the stars. DK 107% D2 Bo: 0% D3

This time around, DK didn't taunt. He waited on the far left and beckoned Bowser to join him, daring him to conquer his turf. Of course, Bowser would oblige and join his rival, but DK timed a leap to avoid any attack, responding by punting Bowser into the platform and tossing him back off towards the center. DK gave chase, eager to finish the king off, but after a few blows were traded, Bowser got back up in time to smack DK back towards stage left. Another well timed smack sent DK off for the third time, but still well with the advantage. Bowser roared in his own approval. DK 0% D3, Bo: 52% D3

Bowser struck first upon DK s revival, waiting out his invincibility by charging a smash and immediately unleashing in upon the fadeout. While it did get DK off the ground, it wasn't enough for Bowser to run in and hit with something else. DK returned the favor with a headbutt, jumping up and then smashing Bowser into the ground some more (while, of course, remarkably keeping Cranky's shack intact!). Bowser caught his wind and grabbed DK after breaking free of his imprint, slamming him where he was headbutted, and blowing some more flames on him, but DK would not give. After a few more blows were traded and Bowser's shield was shattered, DK charged up a Giant Punch that would connect and send Bowser off for good. DK 45% D3 BO: OUT

With no SPs around to direct any post-match action, the mood was unusually subdued for DK but he seemed content with how the match went. Bowser, unsurprisingly was angry, but had little to say to anyone else.

Digi: Thanks for that. Anyway, why don't we cut to some interviews? *Shuts off the computer*

Computer: Nooo! You will regret this! *Beeooop*

*The Casino, 6:45pm*

Kevin: ... To get a snack from the SHELL Station!

*Tane laughs with Kevin. They are the only ones left in the room, Tane apparently having pissed off everyone else.*

Tane: Hahaha! You know somethin' Kev, you're not half bad.

Kevin: Heh, thanks!

Tane: Too bad we'll probably have to kill ya thanks to your AAAAAA friends.

Kevin: Aww... Well, you know....

*There is knocking on the door outside.*

Voice Outside of Door: Hey Tane? You've got visitors.

Tane: *Shifts his glance over to Kevin* Who?

Voice Outside of Door: A couple of nerdy cosplayers. A masked small person, and... a pink and purple unicorn.

Kevin: Those are my friends!

Tane: What's a cosplayer?

Kevin: It's this idea that you can be anything you want at anytime of day if you want, you've just got to use your power of imagination. It's like people who dress up in-

Tane: Shut up. Arright, send 'em in!

*The door cracks open and Yesman and Twilight Sparkle walk awkwardly through the door frame*

Kevin: Guys! Thank God you're here! Give them the money so they won't kill me.

Tane: That was pretty fast! How'dja get all that money? Ya know what, I don't wanna know. Just hand it over.

Yesman: ...

Twilight: Yesman... Hand it over....

Yesman: Okay, I don't have any money.

*The room goes silent*

Yesman: I have none. At all. Like, literally not a dime.

Tane: *Begins laughing* Wow... I shoulda known better. Hahaha, you have 5 hours left to get the money, and instead of tryin' to find it, you show up here of all places! Priceless!

Kevin: Yesman... da' AAAA's wrong with you?!

Twilight: Yesman! What are you doing?! We can still go find it! Let's go together. It'll be easier! They're gonna kill Kevin!

Yesman: No way guys. It's not happening.

Twilight: That's stupid! We seriously could totally do it. I have no doubt in my mind. I have tons of money in my savings, we just need to make a quick trip!

Yesman: No Twi. This time, I'm taking responsibility for what I've done. No more Yesman the Bum. Today... I'm Yesman... the man.

Kevin: Yesman, I know you think we're all looking at you like you're awesome right now, or that we're proud of you or something, but all I can see is an unresourceful plebeian. You're not being heroic, you're just being an AAAAAAA!

Yesman: As funny as I think the word "plebeian" is, I can't help but feel touched by how bad you want to save me from this. However, this is my fight Kevin. Tane, let him go. I'll take the fall for this.

Tane: ... You really are just a group a' morons.

Yesman: Ya, well that's just, like, your opinion man.

Kevin: Yesman don't!

Yesman: Yes Kevin. Today is the day I pay for my sins.

Tane: Arright. *Walks behind Kevin and unties his hands* Unless ya wanna see your friend die, I suggest you leave.

Twilight: Yesman....

Kevin: ... No!

*Kevin clenches his fists hard and his eyes turn blue. He does some sort of ninjutsu pose and loose papers begin shuffling around the room. He touches his forehead with his index finger. Lightning like aura begins crackling around him as his hair stands on end.*

Kevin: *In a slightly distorted voice* You won't kill him!!!

*Kevin shoots a large bolt of electric energy, but Tane just puts his hand up and casually catches the charge. Everything dramatic happening stops abruptly.*

Tane: What is this, Dragon Ball Z?

Yes, Twi, and Kevin: D:

Tane: You look surprised.

Kevin: *Now looking normal again* How did you...?

Tane: We live in Smashtopia for God's sake! Everybody's super-powered 'ere!

Yesman: Good point. And if they aren't super-powered, they are Super Powers.

Kevin: *Slaps Yesman*

Tane: On second thought, I think I'm just gonna kill both of ya. No hard feelings Kev, I still kinda like you. We coulda used a guy like you to like, sell drugs or something for us if only you were on our side. But anyway, on to business.

Yesman: Twi, go back and tell Metal Man and Esco I said goodbye. Also tell MacBlank his coffee machine is in my room under my bed. Oh and tell him I said bye too. You guys are my best friends. You live full lives.

Kevin: You want her to say anything to Digi for us?

Yesman: Who?

Twilight: *Beginning to tear up* ...No! If you want to kill Yesman or Kevin, you'll have to go through me!

Tane: Fair enough. *Pulls out a pistol* Line up.

???: All right, I've seen enough of this. Stand down Tane.

Tane: *Whirls around quickly to look at the shadow in the corner of the room* What is that?

Esco: *Emerging from the shadow* It's the AAAAAAA whose come to save these people.

Twi and Kevin: Esco!

Esco: *Looks at Yesman* Dammit, Yesman! You can't handle anything on your own, can you?

Yesman: :) Nope.

Esco: *Shambles over to Tane menacingly and grips his shirt with a clawed hand* Now put that gun down before I tear our your larynx.

Tane: *Returns Esco's gaze and points the gun directly into his belly* Didn't your mama ever tell ya not to bring a knife to a gun fight?

Esco: Do these look like knives to you? *Presses his other hand against Tane's neck*

Everyone: ...

Shar: *Bursts in through the door* Boys, boys, boys! This has gone on long... enough...? *Taken aback by the random dragon in the room*

Esco: *Still locking eyes with Tane* Hello.

Tane: Come on, brother. You've seen fiercer guys than this.

Shar: *Shakes his head a few times* Anyway, I think this has gone on long enough. I'm in a forgiving mood. Just finished a bowl of ramen.

Tane: Shar? I've got this.

Shar: Yesman *Turns toward him* you're free to go, but don't let me ever see your face around here again. And take your scummy friends with you.

Tane: Shar, what the AAAA!?

Shar: Tane, you put your gun down before you get yourself killed. That's that.

*Tane slowly lowers his gun. Esco lets go of Tane.*

Shar: *Looks toward Esco* Not quite business as usual. We don't want to cause trouble for you, just like you don't want to for us. Ehh, right?

Esco: I have no qualms with starting more problems. Don't make any more trouble for me, and I won't make any for you.

Shar: Deal. Tane?

Tane: *Wearing a face of awe* ... What!?

Shar: Let's call it a day. I'll show our acquaintances out.

*The Stadium, 8:45pm*

Yesman: *Talking to a group of SSS fans* So then, he pulls out this gun, and I say "What you gonna do with that bro? What is this Dragon Ball Z?"

Ferg: That... Doesn't make any sense.

Yesman: So he says "Line up, see." So I say "No. You wanna shoot them, you have to go through me." So then Esco comes out of nowhere like he's some kind of Time Lord or something.

Bit: *Looks extremely irritated* ... Have you no respect?

Yesman: So Esco chokes this guy out with his claws. I say "Not quite business as usual." and Esco-

Kevin: *Suddenly behind Yesman* Yesman?

Yesman: Yes?

Kevin: We wanted to talk to you. Can you come here?

Yesman: Sure. See you guys! *Walks away with Kevin*

Jamey: *Speaking to Ferg and Bit* ... How in the blue AAAA did he become a Super Power again?

*Yesman follows Kevin into Esco's room. Esco is sitting on the floor, arms folded*

Yesman: What's up Esco? You guys wanted to say something to me?

Esco: ... Were you about to let everyone die without even trying?

Yesman: Haha what? No way man. I totally had it under control.

Esco: How is that?

Yesman: I had a plan.

Kevin: And what was that plan?

Yesman: I was going to wait until Esco came and saved us, because I knew he would.

Esco: *Eye twitches* How did you know that?

Yesman: Cause we have a bromance dude. We're like best friends. And you're pretty fond of Kevin too, and you don't hate Twi, so I figured you wouldn't let them die.

Kevin: *Looks awestruck*

Esco: *Irritated* Get out of my sight you little piece of Mushroom Kingdom garbage.

Yesman: Alright, see you guys. *Leaves*

Kevin: He really is an awful person. I mean, you've killed people and you're a better man.

Esco: He'a not a man. He's just a guy. But he's smart. I'll give him that.

Kevin: Fair enough.... Were you really there the entire time?

Esco: Yes. I wanted Yesman to do something for himself just once, but I wasn't going to let him go without making sure he didn't royally screw things up.

Kevin: You're a good man, Esco.

Esco: I'm alright. Now leave me to meditate.

Kevin: Alright. See you man.

*Esco closes his eyes and lets out a sigh*

Esco: And yet on top of all this nonsense, I still have to re-learn all my skills. I can't wait to return to normal.

*A small can in the far corner of the room begins to glow and clumsily float into the air*

*Fade to black*