Season X2 Match 48: The Shadow Falls

Battle for Wily Castle

Sonic vs. Megaman

Lives: 3
Items: Off

*Laboratory of Dr. Sakurai, Redmond, Washington*


Reggie: Uh, it's just me here.

Sakurai: BWHAHAHA! *A gate opens within the room, revealing Dark Pit*

Reggie: Uh, gee, I dunno, he looks nice and all, but after what happened last time, I'm kinda worried.


Reggie: Oh, okay, 'cause I'm really excited for some new Smash and all.

*Reggie walks over and immediately is pinned to the wall by his sleeves, courtesy of Dark Pit's arrows.*


*The camera zooms out. Mash Toady and Navi, sitting in the commentary booth, have been watching the entire scene on a video recording.*

Navi: That was odd.

Mash: Nothing's odd to me anymore.

Navi: So, I guess pretty much everyone has a copy of SSB4 now?

Digi: *enters the room* Not me. I've searched everywhere. It's like some unseen entity is forcing me to turn to the secondary market.

*Several kilometers away from the stadium, a gargoyle-like man is driving a semi-truck full of copies of Super Smash Bros. For 3DS and Wii U*

Demon: *singing to the tune of Weird Al imitating the Backstreet Boys* Gonna get real rich today! When I scalp these on Ebay!

*Back at the ranch, er, booth*

Digi: Anyway, I've got some things to take care of. Slightly demeaning things.

Navi: How do you mean, old chum?

Digi: *raises his eyebrow at Navi's statement, but continues* The Stadium's profits are in the hole right now, and we've got no clear word on when we'll get a nice flow of Stark money piped down here. I had no choice but to sell out to the nearest fast food chain-Burger Trench. *rolls his eyes*

Mash: *trying to keep from snickering* So, is that why you're wearing that outfit?

Digi: Regrettably, yes.

Navi: Who're you meant to be, anyhow?

Digi: I'm, ugh, Figi the Frozen Yogurt Renamon. An "honorary Aquateen." *puts on a blue fuzzy mask to complete his suit* I'll see you guys later. *walks out, cursing his luck under his breath*

Mash: Poor guy.

Navi: Technically we're all poor right now.

Mash: Good point, which is why we should start the match.

Navi: Righty-O, mush-buddy. Attention fans! All...three and a half of you, I'm estimating!

*sound of crickets chirping*

Navi: Prepare yourselves for the most astoundingly mediocre show on the planet! It is I, Navi, one half of the interviewing team! I may not be big, but I am small! That's got to count for something!

Mash: I'm Mash Toady, and I've been working here for far, far too long.

Navi: Together we are the SSS commentators! Today Sonic and Megaman, your beloved heroes, will duel one on one at the evil arena just outside of Dr. Wily's castle! An arena controlled by the castle's evil radio waves and guarded by the enormous Yellow Devil! *whispering to Mash* Am I selling this too hard?

Mash: *whispering back* You're fine, keep going.

Navi: Megaman will be sporting his default moves, but Sonic has decided to mix it up with "custom jobs!" Or whatever Sakurai is calling extra moves!

Mash: So, without further adue,


Mash: Sonic is dashing in from the right of the main platform, rolling into a ball, slamming into Mega, and following it with a nasty slide kick!

Navi: But Megaman strikes back with a slide kick of his own, followed by a crushing uppercut!

Mash: Not a bad comeback, but Mega should be aware of Sonic's speed! Sonic lands some jabs and a front kick, right before curling into the Burning Spin Dash! Megaman's on fire, and not in the good way! And while Megaman's in midair, Sonic juggles him with Surprise Attack, his extra fast homing spin!

Navi: Megaman counters by popping his Slash Claws with a "snikt," sending Sonic crashing down to the metallic floor.

Ad: Burger Trench. An affordable way to dine.

Megaman: 95%

Lives: 3

Sonic: 60%

Lives 3

Mash: Megaman tries to crash into Sonic with Top Spin, but Sonic sees him coming! He winds up his smash punch and sends Mega flying off the left side of the arena! K.O.!

Navi: Sonic's feet make a figure eight as he taunts, but he'd better watch out for Megaman's Hard Knuckle! Whoo! Sonic just narrowly escaped the detached fist rocketing at him with a cartwheel! But now that Sonic's been caught off guard, Megaman drops just to the right of him and activates his Super Arm and goes for the grab! Sonic tries to shield, but it's no use! Megaman flings him to the right side of the arena, dropping Sonic on a floating platform. Sonic recovers, and leaps off, trying a dive kick!

Mash: But Megaman sees him coming a mile away! He leaps up, and catches Sonic in the gust of his Air Shooter attack! Sonic's blown off over the horizon, right above the castle!

Navi: The battle's heating up, both heroes have scored one nasty kill each and are at full health! I'm so excited, I feel like I'm on Death Battle!

Mash: I wish we made as much money as Death Battle. Anyway, here's the stats, and a word from our current sponsor.

Ad: Burger Trench would like to remind you that you cannot fight the hunger inside alone. Help us help you.

Megaman: 0%

Lives: 2

Sonic: 0%

Lives: 2

Navi: Sonic respawns over to the left of Megaman. He's trying to do as much damage as he can, landing Surprise Attacks and front kicks with blinding speed, before finishing the juggle of his android opponent by making a smashing split kick, sending Mega sliding across the floor.

Mash: Megaman almost slides all the way off of the arena, but his hand grips the edge in time. He calls on Rush to coil up over Sonic. Sonic tries to smash up with a spinning attack, but Megaman's Flame Sword is too hot to handle as he slashes at the quilled wonder in mid-air.

Navi: Megaman then pummels Sonic with equal helpings of short buster shots and Metal Blades. The projectile barrage is proving to be too much for Sonic, but he's been in worse scrapes before!

Ad: Burger Trench would like you to remind you that honey mustard is free. Feel invited to slather it on your meal or mix it into your desserts.

Megaman: 120%

Lives: 2

Sonic: 200%

Lives: 2

Navi: The stats still look pretty even, but we're definitely going to see some stocks lost soon.

Mash: Megaman fires a Crash Bomb at Sonic's face and grabs him with the Super Arm. He throws Sonic straight up, and with a fiery blast, Sonic is blown into the distance again.

Navi: I kinda feel sorry for Sonic, but I gotta admire Megaman's finesse. Megaman taunts quickly, posing with both arm cannons. But right while he's taunting, Sonic sends him off to the right of the arena with a Surprise Attack! K.O. with a variation of the tried and true Sonic Spin!

Mash: Both fighters at full health, but only one life left on each side. Anyone's game, here.

Ad: EAT!!!

Megaman: 0%

Lives: 1

Sonic: 0%

Lives: 1

Navi: Sonic gets another Crash Bomb to the face! But he touches Megaman and attaches the bomb to him! Sonic's running away laughing, and kaboom!

Mash: That's pretty clever, but not enough to keep Megaman down. Sonic tries the Surprise Attack again, but accidentally hurts himself against Megaman's leaf shield. That doesn't keep Sonic from getting right back up though, and he grabs through the shield, tossing Megaman up and extending his quills upward to stab him.

Navi: And as Megaman falls, Sonic activates his Gravitational Spin Charge! The whirlwind sucks Megaman in, as Sonic slams him once, and then turns back to crash into Megaman a second time that hits so hard that the meched out warrior bursts into flames once again!

Mash: Sonic places a spring and uses it to hit Megaman with headbutt. Sonic's on a roll...he's only at ten percent while Megaman's damage is climbing into the nineties. But it looks like Megaman's up to something. He smirks as he rises to stand, and suddenly-

Megaman: Now I have your power!

Navi: He's copied Sonic's Surprise Attack! Somehow Megaman grows spines of his own as both he and Sonic roll into balls, clashing in the air repeatedly! It's looks like we've got a stalemate!

Mash: Not if the Yellow Devil has anything to say about it! The one eye giant drops into the center of the arena, blasting the fighters with eye beams, and then tackles them hard with its separate pieces as it rearranges its body to the left of the battlefield!

Navi: The boys' damages are scraping the low ends of the two hundreds, but they are still standing! They use Surprise Attack to home in on the Yellow Devil's gaping weak spot, his eye! They're trying to race to get that one last hit. And Sonic does it, the explosion from the Devil's demise doing in Megaman!

Mash: Don't speak so soon, Navi. Megaman manages to grab onto Sonic just as the explosion dies down, keeping himself from flying out of the arena completely.

Navi: But Sonic fights back with his drill headbutt!

Mash: And Megaman tries shooting at him with small buster fire again, but now they're both sailing off the left side of the arena, and now they're-

Navi: They're both K.O.ed!?


Mash: Well, this is awkward.

Navi: But at least it was fun. And profitable, I hope.

*Sonic and Megaman walk into the commentary booth*

Mash: So guys, what do you think?

Megaman: I can't believe I failed to win on my home turf! Well, Wily's home, technically, but you know what I mean!

Sonic: *laughs* Look at the the bright side, Rock, you didn't really lose, either. *pats Megaman on the back*

Megaman: *pouts cutely with his hands on his hips* Is everything full of loopholes for you?

Sonic: Pretty much! Come on buddy, I'll buy you a drink.

*Megaman shrugs and follows Sonic out*

Navi: What do we do now?

Mash: I guess this means our shift is over.

Navi: So, wanna eat chocolate with me?

Mash: Er, sure, Navi, whatever.

*They walk out of the booth, and suddenly the broadcast is taken over by a not so mysterious culprit-Burger Trench. A giant cup with a somewhat familiar face peering out of it is addressing the audience*

Master Shake: Yes, yes, we've all had our fun, haven't we? But hunger never takes a vacation. Now that this televised event has concluded, rush to Burger Trench to get yourself a tall Master Shake!

*A giant meatball rolls in, also with a weirdly familiar face looking out of it.*

Meatwad: The bun is in your mind.

Master Shake: Oh glorious day, Meatwad speaks. That's right everyone, try our scrumptious Meatwads, no bun required.

Meatwad: They're basically hamburger doughnut holes.

Master Shake: Perfect for dipping in honey mustard sauce!

*A box of fries waddles in*

Frylock: Just like my delicious GOLDEN FRIES!

*Pat walks onto the scene, looking enraged*

Pat: What in the name of VG's unwashed gym socks is going on here!

Master Shake: An intruder approaches! A "hamburgler" if you will! Aquateen Hunger Force assemble!

Pat: Explain!!!

Frylock: *eyes dart around nervously* GOLDEN FRIES!

Pat: That's not an explanation!

Master Shake: I am the almighty frozen drink, my friend. Explanations will come in due time.

Meatwad: You want some extra salt?

Pat: *belabored sigh of frustration*

Master Shake: *chuckles* Okay Pat, you got us.

Pat: We'll it's not as I can't tell who you are, Dash

Dash: Heh, yeah, obviously I'm the cup, Pinkie's the meatball, and, uh, Twi what are you again?

Twilight: The hunger hater tater!

Dash: That's right. See, we're just trying to make some extra cash while the Stadium's in the hole. It's pretty cool.

Pinkie: And Dashie is the shake since shakes are always cool.

Dash: See, Pinks gets it.

Pat: I thought Pinkie was figuring out something with Professor MacBlank.

Pinkie: Turned out that said something required a wee bit of money.

Twilight: *blushes* Half of why I'm here is to make sure Yesman doesn't get in trouble with the mob again.

Pat: Ugh. Whatever. I guess I can understand if times are tough.

Dash: Great! Then we've come to an agreement. Let us repay you.

Pat: Wait, what-

Dash: Frylock, teleport this citizen home.

Twilight: TO THE HOME.

Pat: What!? Augh! *Pat disappears in a flash of light*


Rainbow Dash vs. Twilight Sparkle

Lives: ????

No Items, Ponies Only, Final Destination.

*walking through the halls of the Stadium is a red haired man with a gargoyle like body shape, well muscled with leathery wings on his back*

Demon: Dang, this place has changed so much...and not entirely for the better!

*A rotund figure turns the corner in front of Demon*

Demon: *draws his sword* Don't move! At least if you want to stay in one piece!

Wario: *waves his hands frantically* Woah, woah dude, woah!

Demon: Hmm...It's just you. *Sheathes his weapon* Guess I should apologize. Can't be too careful in this place these days...sometimes I feel like the whole operation's gone mad.

Wario: Heh, I-a-hear ya. It's been-a-bonkers lately, and not in the good, profitable kind of way! Can you believe all critters runnin' around here?

Demon: Ugh...I'd rather I didn't have to believe in them.

Wario: You know...I like how you think. You're a smart guy, I'm a smart's about you-a-talk to old Wario in private about a A bit for your cash for some...special armaments?

Demon: ...You have access to the armory?

Wario: Dude, I've had access to the armory for like-a-forever! Nobody's guarded in it forever, and it's not even locked!

Demon: Well then...I think you and I will have pleasure doing business together, then, my good man.

Wario: A hah hah! I knew you'd come around.

*Wario and Demon walk off towards the armory...while Twilight Sparkle appears in the hallway they just left, having turned off an invisibility spell*

Twilight: Whoo! That was close one...But maybe...they have a reason to distrust people like me? It always feels like I'm finding out something sinister about Equestria's history, some mistake in the past come back to endanger all of Revanda in the pres-

*Twilight finds herself unable to see or hear anything for a moment, before finding herself on the far left side of a floating platform that's suspended in a swirling interdimensional nexus*

Twilight: -ent? What the-Master Hand and Crazy Hand's domain...Final Destination! What in the world am I doing here for? Who could have brought me here?

Rainbow Dash: *flies into view, landing on the far right side of the platform* Speak of the devil...*She lands and makes a mysterious smirk that Twilight can see in the distance*...and she will appear. The Hands and I have made a little...arrangement. You know this would come, Twi, even though you didn't when or why.

Twilight: D-Dash? this a prank?

Rainbow Dash: *rises to her hindlegs and crosses her foreleg arms across her chest, frowning grimly* I'm afraid this is very serious, Twi. Or should I say...Xalessa?

Twilight: I...I'm still very confused, Rainbow. It's all so sudden.

Rainbow Dash: Fair enough. I suppose you deserve an explanation. Look, Twi...I'm happy for you. I really am. I know you still miss Spike like crazy. I know it must feel great to get some sort of consolation for that, finding that you've got a shared past with Esco and all...patching things up with him after you two had your spats so many times. But that doesn't help me, Twi. And I may be loyal to a point, but not loyal enough to stand back and be forgotten by everyone. And I don't know that won't happen. I still see Kevin every day...and he trusts me just as much as ever...but can I really afford to believe there won't ever be a reason for that to change? I want to test something today, Twilight. I want to see if Dain Watokahn's spirit still lives in me, to see if you and I really do have some kind of past together. And maybe I'm doing this because I'm scared, but whatever the answer is, I don't want to live a lie anymore.

Twilight: Dash, if there's anything I can do to-

Rainbow Dash: It's not as simple as you just owing something to me, Twi. We've been both living with our head in the clouds for a long time, thinking we knew who we were, thinking we knew that the "right thing" to do was. We barely knew anything. That's why I was so angry at you when you dragged me out of Metal's office that one time after I got shot...I thought it was specifically something you did, but...I'd already been seeing you as a threat for a long time. I stopped caring about you because I thought I didn't know you anymore. I'm still...angry at you now, Twi, but...I do care about you now. I know enough about you to know that won't change. But do either of us truly know ourselves? Do we know what we're fighting to? Do you really know why you helped Ridley destroy "Warhorse" him kill Danielle? Where will my loyalties, and yours lie a year from now? Can you say for certain that you know?


Rainbow Dash: Then let's settle this, once and for all, no more games, no more lies! Just honor, skill, and spirit! *She points at Twilight with a front hoof, openly challenging her*

Twilight: Well...all right...there doesn't seem to be another way. *She rises to her hind legs*

Rainbow Dash: HUUUUNGH! *she immediately flies at Twilight and punches her in the stomach with both arms*

Twilight: Oooof! *falls over backwards, then, as she lifts herself up, back to two legs, and uses her horn to grab Rainbow with a psychic hold*

Rainbow Dash: Oh. This again. How predictable. Hrrrgnph! *Dash struggles for a few seconds before escaping the grip and hitting Twilight with a flying kick to the jaw*

Twilight: Auuugh, no! *falls over, then hops back to her hind limbs with heavy, strained breaths* H-how did you do that?

Rainbow Dash: *smirks deviously* I've been training against a simulation of you for a long time, Twi...for being mentally unstable, Metal does have certain...radical commitment to accurate holograms.

Twilight: Grr...don't count me out yet! *She forms energy constructs of boxing gloves, managing to tag Dash in the face a few times as she punches*

Rainbow Dash: Mmmph...nice reflexes, catching me with those jabs before I could dodge...but you can't do this! BUCCANEER BLAZE! *She covers her body in lighting and destroys Twilight's energy gloves with a charging uppercut, knocking the unicorn into the air as Dash slides into the center of Final Destination, Twilight's body flying to the far right side of the platform.*

Twilight: Aaaaaah! UGHN! *Twilight mutters in pain as she struggles back to her hind legs* No, no, no, fall down, fall down! *She starts firing Starbolts from her horn as quickly as she can at Rainbow*

Rainbow Dash: *She simply shields herself with her wings and walks toward Twilight as the blasts uselessly fly into Dash's feathers, unable to cause damage* I've been learning over time to adapt my energy field to yours, Twi. It doesn't always work perfectly, but it'll be enough to beat you.

Twilight: Oh yeah, Dash? Well, beat this! Hiyaaa! *She fires a giant drill construct at Rainbow Dash*

Rainbow Dash: Hmm...gonna need something a little cooler for that one. Rainbow Dry! *She starts flying in a circle and making a whirlwind*

Twilight: That old thing? What makes you think-

Rainbow Dash: -REVISED! CYCLONE SPIN KICK! *Dash sticks out one of her hind legs, covering in lightning that flows through the wind around her, the accumulated electricity in the whirlwind knocking the drill construct back at Twilight*

Twilight: I-impossible! Aaaah! *is hit hard with combo damage by the reflected drill, and knocked to the ground again...before leaping back to two hooves, running and punching at Dash in desperation* ARRRRRRGH!

Rainbow Dash: Time to end it! *blocks Twilight's punches, grabs her, then flies skyward* SONIC...RAINBOOM! *she slams into the center of Final Destination, causing a huge Rainbow explosion...when it clears, Twilight is knocked down in the center of the arena, breathing heavily and just barely conscious, Rainbow standing on her hind legs just to the right of Twilight's position, before turning around and looking down at Twilight, grinning to herself*

Twilight: *mutters incoherently*

Rainbow Dash: Well...heh should be thanking me, right Twi? For teaching you...humility? *kicks Twilight further to the left* How do you feel now, MIGHTY leader? BWAHAHAHA!

Twilight: grrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *she starts glowing gray as one of her forelegs shifts into a cannon and the other an enormous arm with a clawed hand at the end of it, clenching her teeth as she stands up*

Rainbow Dash: All right Dash, you made her good and angry, just like you let's hope I can take damage from an old friend just as well as I could dish it out*

Dark Twilight: THE UNIVERSE BELONGS...TO ME! I CAN DO AS I PLEASE! DARKNESS CLAW! *Twilight slashes Dash faster than the Pegasus can react, knocking Rainbow to the far right side of the arena*

Dark Twilight: BURN, BURN, BURN TO THE GROUND...DEATH SLINGER! *Twilight begins firing blast after blast of gray energy at Dash, causing Rainbow to grunt in pain as her body is eventually shoved onto the right edge of Final Destination*

Rainbow Dash: *whispering to herself* Come on wings, work, work!

Dark Twilight: *walks directly over Dash, pointing her cannon at Rainbow's face* ...I had higher hopes for you.

Rainbow Dash: Huuurumph! *finally manages to take wing, flying off towards the center of the arena.*

Dark Twilight: Your speed won't save you this time.

Rainbow Dash: You're forgetting, Twi...remember back when Mewtwo "made use of us" against that Time Lord? Like you...I can command the darkness!

Dark Twilight: Wh-what? No, disappear! CHAOS FLARE! *fires a beam of gray light and fire towards Dash*

Rainbow Dash: *focuses, turning monochrome...and her eyes flashing red. The tips of her wings turn red and she charges a deep crimson beam within her front hooves* NULL...LASER...CANNON! *She fires her shot, and it quickly consumes Twilight's beam*

Dark Twilight: No, no, I don't believe it!

*Rainbow turns back to her normal colors, falling to the left side of Final Destination, as Twilight is caught in a huge red explosion*

Rainbow Dash: *pants, struggling to pull herself to her back hooves, and once she does, notices Twilight is back to her normal state, smoke coming off her twitching body* Huh...I burned up a lot of power, there.

Twilight: EYARRRRGH! *leaps at Rainbow Dash, wrapping her hooves around Rainbow Dash's neck*

Rainbow Dash: ...ack! And what a time to run out of power! *gets thrown to the ground and slides backwards towards the left edge, but manages to recover and stand on her back hooves again*

Twilight: *rushes up to Dash and starts punching her in the stomach repeatedly*

Rainbow Dash: *stares curiously at Twilight, starting to notice that Twilight's just as drained as she is, Dash standing almost unphased by the blows but concerned about Twilight's mental state*

Twilight: WHY CAN'T I BEAT YOU? Why...can't I...WIN! *stops punching, prods Dash's chest with her horn, pushing the pegasus back a few centimeters but failing to knock her down* ...Why. *She stares into Rainbow's eyes wordlessly*

Rainbow Dash: *gently runs a hoof through Twilight's hair* This was never about winning for either of us, Twi...I see that now.

Twilight: *breaks down and sobs wordlessly into Dash's torso fur*

Rainbow Dash: *hugs Twilight softly against her* We just needed to see...what we'd learn by trying. And...we did learn something. We're equals...twins. I don't...really know who I am, Twi. showed me I'm special...showed me where I belong.

Twilight: *looks up at Dash* Sniff...I did...I did good?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah old did good. *smiles and runs a hoof your Twilight's hair again once more*

????: Well, I wouldn't want to ruin the moment...but it's time I congratulated you.

Rainbow Dash: ...The hay? *lets Twilight out of her arms*

Twilight: *looks toward the voice* ...Trixie?

Trixie: you didn't forget me, Twilight. Oh, and hello Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Heh...welcome back, I guess, Trix.

Trixie: *walks from the right of the arena towards the center on all fours, then rises to two legs* I've informed Luna of the epiphany you two reached. We're all waiting for you back in the White Lands...*she winks with a smile at the other two ponies* You both must be tired...why don't I transport you two to Canterlot?

Twilight: Hmm...what do you think, Dash?

Rainbow Dash: Heh, I really could use some rest after all this...*Rainbow walks past Twilight and over to Trixie...but stops about two steps short.*

Twilight: ...Dash?

Rainbow Dash: Something's...something's wrong. She doesn't...smell right. And her aura...doesn't feel right either. Trixie's not really here!

Twilight: Than...who isit? A Changeling in disguise?

Rainbow Dash: Something...something worse! Something we've never seen before knows we're here!

*The Trixie hologram explodes in a flash of blue light*

Rainbow Dash: Gah! *dodges the explosion with a backflip* This is going to get real serious real fast!

Twilight: I'll be right beside you!

????: So, my disguise wasn't able to fool you two...but that was not my only illusion! Prepare yourselves warriors...for your doom at the hands of a master of shadows!

*The mysterious voice reveals himself as a human male with long white hair, a dark blue bodysuit, and large green shoulder pads...he floats down into the center of Final Destination*

????: I shall challenge both of you at is but child's play to one such as me! *He splits into two bodies identical to his original, one with a sword, and one with a sickle, the two bodies laughing as they charge to the left side of the arena*

Rainbow Dash: Got to get away! *tries to fly upwards*

????: *The sword wielding body levitates itself up to Dash and immediately stabs her downward with a meteor smash*

Rainbow Dash: Ugh, too quick! *crashes to the ground*

Twilight: *tries to teleport to the right of the arena*

????: *the body with the sickle disappears and reappears at the right of the arena, slashing Twilight so hard that she goes flying and lands on Rainbow Dash's body on the leftmost side of Final Destination, before teleporting back near the sword wielder, who has landed at the center of the arena*

????: *speaking in stereo as both bodies smirk pridefully* You waste your time opposing you really think you can fight fate? I do not fear you, warriors...take as much time to plot as you will all be for naught?

Rainbow Dash: Twi, I've got an idea. *grunts and rolls Twilight off of her* ...but you're going to have to trust me. remember what we learned from having our battle together in this place?

Twilight: *rises to her hind legs* I'll always remember what you taught me here Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Right...*rises to her hind legs as well* Then...let's fight fate together...just look within your soul, and follow me! *raises a hoof in the air* BY THE POWER OF RIGHT!

Twilight: *hesitates for a moment, then raises a single hoof in the air as well, touching Dash's* AND BY THE POWER OF MIGHT!

*A bright green glow envelops the two ponies...when it clears, two female humans are standing in their with a blue vest and long blue pants where Rainbow Dash was, the other wear the same clothing but in red. The human wearing blue has a red dragon mask covering her face, covering her whole head except for her mouth and eyes, while the human wearing red has the same mask cast in blue...the two warriors each hold a katana in one hand, silver blades which are held proudly in the air against each other*

Rainbow Dash and Twilight: ...WE ARE...DOUBLE DRAGON!

*Out of nowhere, the sound of electric instruments is heard, and a voice, seemingly a disembodied version of Rainbow Dash's begins to sing from the interdenominational void surrounding the arena*

Don't have time to spin my wheels...already come a million miles! Already on the road to paradise! My destination might not be anywhere...I don't care!

*The music begins to fade as the last words from the mysterious voice are sung*

????: *speaking from both bodies again, each body staring with a jaw dropped in astonishment* Impossible! Could the legends be true?

Twilight: RED RAGE! *runs at the sickle wielding body and uppercuts it into the air with a flaming punch*

Rainbow Dash: BLUE RAGE! *uses a lightning covered single leg to jump kick the sword wielding body into the air* And now to finish this! DRAGON SHOCK! *fires a lighting beam from her katana at the sword wielding body*

Twilight: DRAGON FIRE! *fires a fire beam from her katana at the sickle wielding body*

*The two bodies of the mysterious warrior collide in mid-air, caught in a tremendous explosion, merging back into one being as they fall to the center of Final Destination*

????: Unnngh...I...concede.

Twilight: ...what?

Rainbow Dash: Is he serious!?

????: *levitates himself off the ground and smiles peacefully at the duo* You have done see...the Hands created me as A last resort to protect this realm. I am he who is called...Raymond. I who was created from great knowledge of ninjutsu. The malevolent one, Akkan, caused the Hands great worry...if he had not been destroyed when he was, even I would not have been able to challenge his might. Greater preventative measures than myself were needed...Revanda needs...many great ninja...many...Dragon Masters! Your friend, Escomanivero Deisedarah, was the first to awaken...he is...the Black Dragon spirit! Xalessa are the Red Dragon Spirit! And, you, my friend?

Rainbow Dash: ...Yes?

Raymond:...Though you had your doubts, your remain the true "Captain Crack," Dain Watokahn! You are the Blue Dragon Spirit!

Rainbow Dash: ...I don't know what to say.

Raymond: Say nothing for now friend. Merely know that I will watch over you both in the future...and be prepared for the rise of other Dragon Masters to aid you! Farewell for now, Xallessa and Dain...Double Dragon! *He disappears in a puff of smoke*

Rainbow Dash and Twilight: *They power down, Dash now clad in a blue headband with short spiky rainbow colored hair, Twilight clad in a red headband with purple and pink striped hair*

Twilight: Uh...huh. So...Dash...uh...what do we do now that we're human...again?

Rainbow Dash: Well..."Twi" and "Dash" should work for walking around the Stadium, but...maybe that would get weird in some other places.

Twilight: So...we go by our names from our past lives?

Rainbow Dash: Well, that would work for you, but...I'm not exactly a boy anymore, heh. about "Danielle" instead of Dain? Something that...kind of honors of a friend of yours, ya know? *She smiles softly at Twilight*

Twilight: Yeah...that's a really good idea actually...Even if she was on the wrong side...she was a friend.

Rainbow Dash: *pats Twilight's shoulder with a playful smirk* Come on buddy. We've got a lot to sort out, but...let's go chill with some eats and drinks at a diner first.

*Twilight laughs softly, following her friend as they walk to the center of Final Destination and teleport back the hallways of the Stadium*

*One day later, Dash meets with a ninja in a silver outfit outside the Stadium*

Dash: What's our status, Trix?

Trixie: The white lands are now a land of peace and tranquility, but dedicated to the ways of the warrior. Never again will they be used as a proxy for evil.

Dash: Uh, cool. But I take it there's more we need to do?

Trixie: Our homeland may be safe, but more threats could come to the planet. We'll need to, well, find any crystal shards that may be strewn around Revanda. Keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

Dash: Heh, a road trip.

Trixie: *laughs* Pretty much.

Twi: *suddenly appears*

Trixie: Eep!

Dash: *laughs* It's okay Trixie, it's just Twi trying out a simple ninja trick.

Trixie: Guess I'll still have to get used to this whole ninja thing.

Twi: Say, has anyone seen-

*A knife is thrown by the trio, exploding into pink smoke as they cough. Out of the smoke appears a ninja in a pink outfit.*

Pinkie: Miss me?

Professor MacBlank: I'm here too! *waves as he approaches* Pinkie and I haven't worked out our existential crisis yet, but I'm sure a good adventure will clear things right up!

Dash: Hmm. I won't argue that.

Kevin: *flips into view* Shazam! I'm coming too, don't think you're getting away from me that easy now that you're some big shot hero, Dash!

Dash: *smirks* Wouldn't have it any other way Kevin. Well, guess I've assembled my team-

Esco: Hold up will ya, "Captain Crack?" *flips in front of Dash*

Dash: Esco, so you're back to normal too. You almost look handsome.

Esco: *playfully punches Dash in the shoulder.* Dork.

Dash: *giggles and rubs her chin* I think we'll need some wheels. We can only get so far on foot before we get tired so-

Trixie: Not an issue. I whipped up something with a little technomagic! *waves her hand and a large purple and green jeep appears* Check out the Dragon Wagon! It can get us anywhere we need, and it's powered by the soul energy of someone I think you'll recognize.

Dragon Wagon: "Tzzt! H-hi everyone I k-know it's been a while-"

Twi: SPIKE! *starts hugging the front of the vehicle ecstatically*

Dash: *crosses her arms and grins wide* This is a beautiful new beginning.

*In the sky above the group, Raiden's face appears*

Raiden: And so, dear readers, ends the legend of the white lands, but not the legend of the Stadium. Keep watching, mortals.