Match #6: Mario Rumble

The fighters for Mushroomy Kingdom World 1-1: Smash Mario vs. Paper Mario vs. Baby Mario
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Bunches and bunches of Mario items and Smash Balls

(Digi is in the commentary booth, with a red creature using him as a head pet...)

Digi: First thing's first. No, the little guy that's perched on my head does not belong to me. He's an Elecmon that one of my friends let me take to the Stadium today to help me call my match.

Elecmon: Hi guys! (waves to the audience from atop Digi's head)

Digi: Yeah, don't mind him, everyone. He's cool.

Elecmon: So, uh, yeah, like Ian said, I'm here in a commentary booth and uh...there are supposed to be three Marios in this match?! How in the world did that happen?

Digi: Well, the staff caught this on camera earlier, so we might as well roll the footage...(plays the recording)

(Mario, Luigi and Peach are walking through one of the areas of the Stadium where they stumble upon a machine)

Mario: Whoa! What's-a this? 'Smasher History-a Machine'?

Peach: It looks like a scanning device...(reads the instructions) 'Stand in the scanner and you'll be able to relive your greatest adventures!'

Luigi: Uhh, I-a really don't want to-a see that-a mansion again, brother.

Mario: Relax-a, Luigi! I'm-a not gonna make-a you stand in there, but I'd-a like to-a see it!

(Mario walks over and stands in the scanner. Soon enough, a screen shows a menu of Mario's various forays, including when he and Luigi were babies on Yoshi's Island)

Peach: Ohhh, you and Baby Luigi were so cute! Can you please select that, Mario?

Mario: Okey dokey! (walks to the screen, selects it, and the screen seems to glitch) Uh oh...

Luigi: Huh? (tilts his head at the machine...) You-a think we need to-a fix this?

(Suddenly, Baby Mario materializes at the bottom of the machine)

Mario: Mama mia! It's-a baby me again!

Baby Mario: Uh oh! (looks around) Yoshi? Yoshi? No Baby Luigi?

Peach: Awww, you okay, Baby Mario?

Baby Mario: Uhhh, Baby Mario need to find Yoshi! (runs off)

Luigi: Uhhh, yeah, I'm-a not-a gonna try that...

Mario: Hang-a on, maybe that was-a just an odd-a problem. (selects a Paper Mario clip, but the machine materializes a Paper Mario) What?!

Paper Mario: Wow! Everything's a so wide-a open out-a here! I think I-a need to walk around! (he also runs off)

Peach: (giggles) Of course, he's...kind of flat.

Mario: That's-a it, I think we've-a got to shut down this-a machine!

Luigi: At least-a shut it off, a-Mario!

Mario: Already-a there. (has it off)

Peach: But Mario, what are supposed to do with the Baby and Paper Marios?

Mario: Well, we've-a got to find them, Princess!

Luigi: Yeah, this whole-a Dr. Mario thing was-a confusing enough. Now we've-a got two more-a yous around...

Mario: Uh huh! Let's-a go!

(The three head off looking for Mario's alter egos...and the coverage returns to the booth.)

Elecmon: Well, at least they're different enough to tell the difference.

Digi: Yeah, we're fortunate for that. We were able to track down the other two Marios--fortunately, they're fakes and thus we won't have to worry about killing them off, but it seems like it'll need to take some beating to get them to stop running.

Elecmon: Nothing else, it gives us a cool match for the crowd!

Digi: Anyways, the Marios will be fighting on one of the two Mushroomy Kingdom levels. We'll soon find out if it's 1-1 or 1-2, and in the spirit of the match, we're putting in a load of items from Mario's past and present.

Elecmon: And the Smash Balls, right?

Digi: And those too.

Elecmon: Awesome.

Digi: ...just don't eat the mushrooms, please?

Elecmon: No problem.

Digi: He'll clean out your fridge, I yeah, Mario items and Smash Balls. Also, it's gonna be three lives per Mario to boot. Now, since Paper Mario and Baby Mario have some different moves from Smash Mario, as you will, we're gonna tell you a bit about what they've picked up.

Elecmon: Right. According to these notes here, most of Paper Mario's special moves are based on various jumps and hammer moves--a-ha! His normal special is a hammer swing, his upward special is Airplane, his side special is Power Bounce, and his down special is Quake Hammer. His Final Smash is--ooh, it's called Supernova, that sounds pretty powerful.

Digi: Yeah, it should be. Anyways, Baby Mario's normal special is a tennis serve, his upward special is Baby Spin, his side special is an egg toss, and his down special is Baby Drill. His Final Smash has him calling in the Goo Goo Buggy and a Chain Chomp. That'll be fun if he pulls it off!

Elecmon: I bet it will be, I've seen you play Mario Kart before...

Digi: Yeah, stupid Spiny Shells...I should start each final lap in like third or fourth...anyways. (presses a button on the booth and a wheel pops up on the scoreboard) When I hit the button, the wheel will stop spinning and where the arrow points to is the Mushroomy Kingdom world we'll be using as an arena. (hits the button, and the wheel stops on 1-1) Okay, we're fighting in the overworld.

Elecmon: Now the Marios are warping into the arena...Smash Mario enters with the pipe of course, the little guy slides off of Yoshi's back, and Paper Mario walks out from behind a stage curtain and tips his hat! (chuckles) I like those entrances!

Digi: Same here. Now let's get the music going...(plays the piano remix of 1-1 in the background) and start the fight!

Elecmon: Alright! The stage is already scrolling, but Paper Mario punches Smash Mario around, but gets hit by one of Baby Mario's tennis balls! The kid's got an awesome arm!

Digi: Yeah, Smash Mario returns the favor though with the cape before hitting a ? Block which spawns a Fire Flower. The Marios might expect that block to have a Super Mushroom, but not today.

Elecmon: Baby Mario grabs the Flower, though, and he's having a field day with it--but he's burning it up too soon! He gets a few hits in, but kinda wastes it. Too bad, Smash Mario got in a hit with a fireball punch Smash though.

Digi: Paper Mario jumps up for another ? Block, and this one's got a Lightning Bolt. He's gonna go for it!

Elecmon: He grabs it and...wait a minute, the other Marios never shrunk!

Digi: That's because Paper Mario uses lightning differently than the others, he uses it to damage his opponents.

Elecmon: Ohhh, right! Very nice move then!

"Every time you throw away an Old Rod, a Gyarados kills a kitten. Please think of the kitties."
Paper Mario
Baby Mario
Lives: 3
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Digi: The fighters pass by the invisible 1-Up space, no takers...hmm, I wonder if the hidden block will spawn something. Anyways, Baby Mario flings an egg at Smash Mario, who falls into a gap but Jump Punches his way back up.

Elecmon: Paper Mario swings the hammer on the Baby twice before hopping up for another item, it's an Ice Flower! He grabs it and summons a shower of ice balls onto the others! Both get hit, but only Smash Mario is frozen.

Digi: Both of the others take some time chipping the ice away, but Paper Mario finishes the job by hitting both of them with Quake Hammer. Smash Mario retaliates by grabbing Paper Mario and flinging him off the stage! He's so light, it's not even close...

Elecmon: Nope...Paper Mario respawns, jumps off, and turns into an airplane, drilling Baby Mario before touching down atop a row of bricks.

Digi: Baby Mario takes a leap and Drills into Smash Mario.

Elecmon: Paper Mario finishes the job with a smash!

Digi: Problem is, Baby Mario's stuck trying to dig himself back out of the ground. He barely beats the scroll but misjudges his Baby Spin in a rush to catch up, and he loses a life!

Elecmon: Getting close to the end of the level. I think we passed the Starman block a while ago...oh, there's Smash Mario taking a few coins from Paper Mario, but Paper Mario takes the time to Power Bounce off both of the others.

"...Meowth, that's right!"
Paper Mario
Baby Mario
Lives: 2
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Digi: Smash Mario recovers and hits the last ? Block before the reset point, and it's the first Smash Ball of the match! They're going for it now!

Elecmon: Baby Mario gets egg in Smash Mario's face, but the Baby gets pushed aside by FLUDD! Paper Airplane Mario flies at the ball and stabs it, and yes, he absorbs the Smash Ball!

Digi: Will be able to unleash the Supernova before they ambush him? Yes, he will, right at the foot of the staircase...and he's actually aiming the meteorites off towards the flagpost!

Elecmon: Ohhh, the others are gonna have to walk past there or risk getting caught too far behind, and it pays off! Both Baby and Smash Marios are blasted by the star!

Digi: They're both tossed around, but they hang on by the stitches of their overalls by the scrolling as we go back to the beginning of the stage.

Elecmon: Baby Mario jumps for that ? Block, but...that's a Red Yoshi Egg!

Baby Mario: (gasps) Yoshi! Yaaaay!

Elecmon: This could work perfectly for Baby Mario as he gets on board...

Digi: The question is, no berries around, what can Yoshi do?

"Maxim Tomatoes: cause Dreamlanders don't need energy drinks."
Paper Mario
Baby Mario & RYoshi
Lives: 2
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Elecmon: Smash Mario bashes another block, which has a Green Shell, and sends it at Paper Mario, but he deflects the shell, and the Red Yoshi eats it...(grins) and he's spitting fireballs at the adults! Awesome move!

Digi: Good awareness of the items, and Smash Mario looking pretty weak right now, but he does finally give Paper Mario a smash good enough to knock him out.

Elecmon: Baby Mario hops off the Yoshi and uses a Baby Spin to take care of Smash Mario's second life...only to get back on the dino.

Digi: Paper runs over to the invisible block, and yes! There is a 1-Up Mushroom hiding, but Yoshi eats him up! Baby Mario hops off the Yoshi and steals the 1-Up!

Elecmon: Go, kid, go! Unfortunately he left Yoshi hanging over the edge, so he doesn't have his benefit anymore, but who needs that when you gained an extra life--

Digi: And is about to lose it thanks to a proper toss by Paper Mario. Yup, he just did. The extra life means he's still got two left, but the grown-ups still want something to say about that, as Smash Mario punches some coins out of that oversized hat, and Paper Mario stuns him with Quake Hammer.

Elecmon: Smash Mario takes some more punches and jumps. Think I might have seen the Airplane in there, too!

"Woodchucks chuck way too much wood. More at 11."
Paper Mario
Baby Mario
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 2

Digi: The Marios are going a good job to avoid those two pits, as we approach the hidden Starman block...Baby Mario hits it, but gets swept out by a punch from Smash Mario. The block's got a Super Mushroom this time and Paper Mario grabs it...but once again, they react differently with him and he's healed for 5%.

Elecmon: Doesn't stop Smash Mario from getting at him with a pair of fireballs...aaaand another swipe of the cape for good measure.

Digi: Baby comes back and Smash Mario is hit by Baby's racket, not a tennis ball, but Paper Mario is hit by the ball instead.

Elecmon: Smash Mario retaliates and spikes Baby Mario into the ground, seems to have stunned him--and when he crawls out, he's swept away a Bob-Omb Paper Mario tosses at him! Everyone's now down to their last life...unless someone catches the 1-Up again...(smirk)

Digi: I think they'll try and keep each other away from the block this time...Baby respawns and knocks down Smash Mario with a kick, but Paper Mario Power Bounces him. Now the three are in a huge fray as the bounce up a staircase, trying to avoid the last pit before the third lap begins.

"Too much stress? Chill out with Popo and Nana at the Summit!"
Paper Mario
Baby Mario
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Elecmon: Paper's the first to make it over, running immediately for the ? Block, but Baby Mario catches up and takes him down with a grab, tossing him back to our left...

Digi: Smash Mario catches up and hits the block, which has...that's a Volt Shroom, actually. It rolls towards the pipe but there are no takers. Not surprised, cause a Smash Ball is floating down from the top!

Elecmon: Yeah, let's see who's gonna get it this time! Come on, guys!

Digi: Bounding up the big staircase, right in range of the Smash Ball, there goes Baby Mario trying to break free, but Smash Mario gets the ball instead!

Elecmon: No, not quite, Paper Mario hits him with the hammer, causing the Ball to fly out, and Baby Mario gets it this time as the level resets...

Digi: But can he keep it around long enough? He needs to keep on the comes Smash Mario, sweeping away Paper Mario with FLUDD but Paper stays alive...amazingly, despite all that water.

Elecmon: You're telling me. Baby Mario just keeps running ahead, and now he uses the Final Smash!

Baby Mario: Wheeeeeee! Vroom vroom!

Elecmon: The Chain Chomp is huuuungryyyyy...and he bites Smash Mario into the stratosphere! Oh, this is gonna be awkward for Smash Mario...

Digi: Yeah, his alter egos have beat him kinda at his own match. Uh oh! Those pipes might be too tall for the Goo Goo Buggy to leap over! Ohhh, Baby Mario just makes it over that last one as the Chain Chomp breaks loose. He hops out of the kart just before it falls into the pit, but Paper Mario hits him a Power Bounce.

Elecmon: Baby Mario lands and hits Paper Mario with the drill, but the flat one gets his chance back with a few punches.

Digi: Baby Mario ducks the last one, but gets hit by a Quake Hammer! He's back onto his feet, but smashed away by Paper Mario! That should do it!

Elecmon: It does!



Elecmon: ...and Paper Mario is still there. Baby Mario is missing...

Digi: Hang on, lemme take care of this... (runs out of the booth)

(Peach and the Mario Brothers walk back over to the arena area after the stage shuts down)

Mario: Mama mia! Paper me's-a still there!

Peach: Yeah, he won the match...

Paper Mario: Uhhh...what's-a going on?

Mario: Hey! Come back-a!

Digi: (runs over) Here, guys...(tosses Mario a Smash Ball)

Mario: Ah, thank-a you, Digi! (breaks the ball and absorbs it) Yeah! Here we go! (summons the Mario Finale on Paper Mario)

Paper Mario: Uh oh! (...and is immediately burned up by the fireball, blinking once after before poofing out)

Luigi: Well-a, that's the end of that-a one, brother. You Super-a-powers need to shut-a down that-a machine.

Digi: I think they're already working on it...I just hope they didn't hire one of the Demomen to blow it up... ;o_o

So, how was the match, Mario?

Mario: Well, it was-a kinda fun fighting my other-a selves...I'll-a tell ya, Baby Mario's-a got-a quite a serve...

Digi: Heh, I noticed...

Mario: Still, I-a hope this-a doesn't happen again...mama mia.

Peach: (giggles) Don't worry,'s a good thing I didn't ask to select the Hotel clip...

Mario: Ayyyy...Princess, wasn't that-a just a bad-a dream?

Luigi: I-a forget.

Digi: (chuckles) Well, good to see you've taken this match in stride, Mario.

Mario: Mm-hmm! Let's-a get-a outta here!

Digi: Yeah... (heads back to the booth) well, Elecmon, what did you think?

Elecmon: That was pretty fun! A bit chaotic, but you expect that, right?

Digi: Yes, but usually not with three Marios in the mix...I wonder if this still hurts Mario's record when all is said and done.

Elecmon: I dunno.

Digi: You're learning, though, you wanna come back with me some other time?

Elecmon: Eh, we'll's too tempting eating some of that stuff over there... (points to some of the edible items not used in the match)

Digi: Yeah, you got a point. Still, don't. Anyways, we're done for this match, and hopefully we will never have to worry about that machine spilling out alter egos of our Smashers again. Night!

Elecmon: Niiiight guys and girls!


Captain Falcon: (is walking around with a coffee cup in his hand, passing by the Smasher History Machine) Boy, I'm having the greatest day ever. Nothing could possibly spoil my mood right now.

(The Smasher History Machine produces a strange looking version of Luigi that starts staring right into Falcon's eyes)

Weegee: O_O

Captain Falcon: ... (drops his cup of coffee in shock)

Weegee: O_O

Captain Falcon: FALCON PUNCH! (vaporizes Weegee with flames) FALCON PUNCH AGAIN!!! (burns the machine to a crisp, the amount of energy he's using causing him to pass out on the floor)

Mash Toady: Seems like something interesting is going on in here. (wanders into the room, notices the huge pile of ash on the floor, the spilled cup of coffee and the unconscious Falcon) Nope. Mistaken. (walks out)