Hyperion the Miyotismon

Games he has been in: None (officially) / Super Smash Brothers (unofficially)

Games he could be in: Mortal Combat, Any Digimon game, or any other intense fighting game

First heard of in (site wise): Match 35

Summary: Hyperion was a Miyotismon of unknown origin. He Went into Powers' employ after Season 1, since, as an evil-type digimon, he was generally shunned wherever he went. When Tai and Powers were defeated, little is known of Hyperion, but it's rumored he returned to Digiworld, to be accepted by his own kind.

Match # Fighters Summary
Match 35 The Main Superpowers vs. Hyperion      In this match, Hyperion proved to be stronger than anyone suspected! Even VGW's ARMAGEDDON wasn't strong enough to beat him! Eventually, He surrendered to Pat, because he was called back by Powers, who needed him to cause a distraction.