Fan Submissions

This section contains all the stuff you, the fans, have sent to us, organized by type. Additionally we have chosen some of the very best of your works to feature separately from the rest. Fan matches are also here--and since they take a ton of work to make, we give them their own sub-section. Want to send some stuff for us to put here? Send it on in!
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Fan Items
  • By Light Bear: Amy Rose, Blaziken, Bowser Jr, Espio, Knuckles, K. Rool, Krystal, Lilina, Ninten, Plusle & Minun, Tails, Tom Nook, Meowth.
  • By Speed: Cloud.
  • By Terri Tsukino: Blaze.
  • By Toad Stool: Toad.
  • Fan Arenas
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    Fan Items
    Fan Matches
    By Digifanatic: Mario & Sonic vs. Luigi & Tails, Fanmatch #2, Fire Fight, Identity Crisis.
    By Gorblax: Zelda vs. Malon, Link & Marin vs. Malon & Roy.
    By Introbulus: Mario vs. Magus.
    By Knight9910: Fan Match #1, Match #43 Rematch, Kirby vs. Megaman.
    By Sour Surfer: Mario vs. Luigi.
    By Swordblade: Mario vs. Mr. Game & Watch, Ness vs. Mike.