FAN MATCH TWO: Revived Spirits!
Fighters for the old Yoshi's Island: Kirbetty vs. Ash vs. Killer vs.
Match Type: 6:00 Time fight

PRE-Pre-Match (approx. one week beforehand)
(Digi is walking through the streets of Cappy Town)
Tiff: Hey Digi. I remember you from that match a while back.

Digi: You actually remember my part-time work at SSS?

Tiff: Yes.

Digi: do remember Kirby having a wife, right?

Tiff: ...Wife?

Digi: Yeah, Kirbetty.

Tiff: Oh yeah!

Digi: Where is she?

Tiff: Look for the dome about one half mile south of here.

Digi: Thanks.

(goes to Kirby/Kirbetty/Tokkori's shack)

Digi: Hey guys!

Tokkori: What's up junior! had that SSS gig, didn't you?

Digi: Yeah. Hey Kirby. 'Lo Kirbetty!

Kirby and Kirbetty: HIIIIIIII!

Digi: Oh they're such a fun couple...

Tokkori: Yes sir!

Kirbetty: So I heard you, Rika and Takato wanted me in another match, huh?

Digi: Yeah; this is to bring back some of the "older" fighters, some of the few that haven't been in official matches in a while...

Kirbetty: ...True, I haven't fought in a fair time. Sounds fine by me. Where's the match?

Digi: The old Yoshi's Island stage.

Kirbetty: Great! We will all be there!

(next scene: Pallet Town)

Digi (to himself): The Digimon fanatic in ironic! (walks up to Ash's house) Yo Ash!

Ash: Ah...if it isn't the Digimon Fanatic himself!

Digi: Hey...Pokémon's just as cool--heh heh heh heh!

Ash: Yeah. So, I heard there was supposed to be some sorta revival match, huh?

Digi: Yes there was--does the old Yoshi's Island sound good?

Ash: Nice place, though I haven't been there in years...nice resort spot. Man, I hope that stuff Ness gave me is still in work...

Digi: Of course...far as I know!

Ash: Well, I guess I need to get back to Ness and tell him I might some refreshing. Have a good time!

Digi: Sure thing!

(Digi is heading to the fighter who bears home-area "dis"advantage*--Killer; Cala at his side as usual)

Killer: DIGI! Our one-shot fan who stood up and gave the SSS that crazy Nintendo/Sega fight, right?

Digi: You remember it like it was yesterday! How are you guys doing?

Killer: Not bad.

Cala: Pretty darn well!

Digi: She looks a little...plump...what's the deal? Been eating too much?

Killer: Actually, Digifanatic, she is--


Killer: Fine, babe...

Cala: (just stares at Killer) Whatever.

Digi: Anyways...(glares at Cala) nah...anyways. How would like a fight at your home arena...the old Yoshi's Island?

Killer: Excellent! Though I don't understand why you'd want me in a revival match...

Digi: IMO, you haven't been fighting as often as you have during the previous season...

Killer: Training, etc...even still! I'll take the others on!

Digi: Alright! We'll see you there!

(yet again, Digi is seen walking around many a mile, now hiking up Spiral Mountain)

Digi: Banjo! Kazooie!

Kazooie: BAWK! Hey, Digi.

Banjo: Nope, we didn't forget your name!

Digi: Kinda surprising if I think about it...anyways. You guys have been invited to a revival match with some of the other no-showers-for-a-while fighters. You up for it?

Banjo: Sure...why not?

Digi: It's not official.

Kazooie: BAWK! Alright, where's the arena?

Digi: Old Yoshi's Island.

Banjo: Sounds good!

Digi: Alright! We got four (five)!
Actual Match:
(Just like the first match 13 months ago, Digi, Rika, and Takato are
standing in an SSS commentary box)

Digi: Yes people! Another one goes down in the books today!

Takato: Would y'all keep it quiet so we can explain what's going on?

(crowd starts quieting)

Rika: Alright...well...anyways! Today, we have four fighters who haven't fought in a relatively long time; one of them has fought recently and is here due to popularity request! Also, we have brought back MASH TOADY! He and Navi are standing arena-side by the stands!

Digi: Do you hear us from down there?

Mash: Digital Three, the crowds have been waiting for some of these combatants for a while!

Navi: They cannot believe what you guys had to go through, and they're expecting a great fight!

Mash: This one is sure to bring good times back to SSS! Back to you!

Rika: Well, they're pumped! AND NOW...YOUR FIGHTERS!

Takato: First of is a petite li'l purple puff that hasn't appeared since the beginning of Season 3, rumored to have been dead, but she is not!**

Digi: Ah...alliteration...

Takato: from Dream Land, KIIIIIIIIRBETTY!

(Kirbetty appears by the bottom platform, on the left side as the audience would face her)

Kirbetty: Thank you for sticking with Kirby and I since the beginning!

(crowd cheers)

Takato: Joining her is Tiff, Tuff, Tokkori, and of course, Kirby himself.

Digi: How ironic is it for us to bring this next fighter. He has approached his teen years, and his 11-year-old self has not faded away with us at SSS! Back for more with his pals Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu and Mewtwo, along with his original mentor Ness...ASH KETCHUM!

(As appears on the middle right platform)

Ash: Now that being a Pokémon Master is done and over with, TIME FOR POKÉMON TO RE-RULE SUPREME ON SSS!

(crowd is just faint of roaring)

Rika: Our third fighter is one of Smash Stadium's finest and biggest. He was originally evil, but changed his ways, and is living fire at once. BOY IS HE HOT!

(crowd laughs)

Rika: With home arena advantage, here he is...KILLER YOOOOOOOOOOSHI!

(the crowd goes insane Killer appears at the top platform)

Killer: Wow...I can't believe this! What a fight this will be!

Takato: Last but not least is one of the underused fighters in SSS, and is a two-in-one deal for you! They're back with a vengeance, but if they're not the Ice Climbers, it kinda make you wonder. And here they are, from Spiral Mountain, BANJO AND KAZOOIE!

(B-K appear on the opposite end of Kirbetty's platform)

Banjo: You take lead first half; at 3:00 let me lead.

Kazooie: Bawk...FINE! How are you dear fans?!

(crowd goes in uproar)

Banjo: Get us to victory tonight!

Rika: If the intros weren't crazy enough...

Digi: I have a feeling this one's gonna be GREAT. Anyways, THE RULES: This is a six minute fight, and UNLIKE LAST TIME, there will NOT be teleportation at the three-minute mark.

Takato: Also, to ensure a high scoring match, the "big-damage" items are on; that means Hammers, Super Scopes, Pokéballs, Bob-Ombs, MSBs, and Party Balls at Very High. No recover items will be allowed.

Rika: (looks at Digi strangely) ...You didn't put Guilmon in a Pokéball, did you?

Digi: No, don't worry about it...I told Jeri to take care of him while we're covering the match.

Takato: GOOD.

Rika: So with that said...WHO LET THE FIGHTERS OUT???

All three: WE DID!

Mash (who will double as ref): START THE MATCH!

Takato: Kirbetty starts off by floating twice upwards and goes for Killer off the start!

Digi: Meanwhile, Ash looks around for an item, and comes up empty-handed as Kirbetty lands an upward kick on Killer! He never saw it coming!

Rika: Meanwhile, Ash has found a capsule and he looks to toss it B-K! They shield it and it bounces off, revealing an MSB!

Digi: Short for Motion Sensor Bomb by the one picking it up as Killer comes down and Hip Drops Banjo! Kazooie, stuck inside the pack for now, misses it, but the damage counts for Banjo!

Takato: Kirbetty picks up the Motion Bomb as a Hammer comes over to the cloud on the left. Ash sees it, but doesn't take the risk.

Rika: The female Dreamlander sets it on the middle-right platform and looks once again at Killer, who blows his Fire Breath on her!

Killer: Who wants S'mores at Cala's tonight?

Ash: I do!

Takato: Ash, meanwhile Pokéfires the poor girl as Banjo Roll Attacks to the cloud. Swing that mighty hammer boy!

Kirbetty: 28% Ash: 0% Killer: 17% Banjo-Kazooie (+Hammer): 16%
Time: 5:28

Rika: Ash senses trouble from above and just rolls outta the way, accidentally getting between Killer and Kirbetty!

Takato: Kirbetty goes for the upward toss on Ash! A well executed grabs sends the two to the top platform, perfect for Banjo!

Digi: Killer going for the slightly dazed Ash but ducks to miss the hammer. Speaking of, Banjo just slammed Ash and Kirbetty with it as it wears off!

Rika: Killer takes this time to Fire Thief Punch Banjo, searing Kazooie as well!

Kazooie: AHH! THE FIRE!

Killer: Don't mess with Killer!

Rika: It sends Banjo up there but not high enough for the KO. Kirbetty floats around, looking for Ash, who has ducked to the bottom to get a Pokéball.

Ash: I can feel it...GO CHIKORITA!

Takato: Meanwhile, Killer drops to the middle-right! The bomb detonates, but who caused it? The Pokéball containing Chikorita or Killer?

Mash: Time! We have a challenge to see what cause the bomb!

Rika: Mash calls an official's timeout with 5:01 left.

Mash (after seeing the replay): After viewing the replay, the detonation of the Motion Sensor Bomb was cause by the Pokéball. Resume play with 5:01.32 in the match. Time in.

Rika: So after Killer dodges a bullet, he gets hit by a few Razor Leaves and puts up the shield, burning the others as they arrive, except the last two which are hit by Kirbetty.

Takato: Sounds like Blastoise could put an end to it if that's the case...

Digi: Ash whirls the yoyo at Banjo, hitting him HARD! Banjo ricochets of a Fire Kirbetty, sending the bird and bear to the stratosphere! First KO of the match!

Mash: KO, 1 point to Kirbetty, -1 to Banjo-Kazooie.
Kirbetty: 38% +1 Ash: 26% = Killer: 32% = Banjo-Kazooie: 0% -1
Time: 4:47

Rika: Time to make things fun!

Takato: Rika tosses in a crate to the middle-left platform as B-K stand on the revival platform. Banjo-Kazooie go immediately to the crate.

Digi: Banjo Pack Whacks it, destroying it. Out comes a Pokéball, two MSBs, and...hey! You put in my new item!

Rika: Yup. It's a Boom box that which, when used, sends out a song that, depending on it's genre, does different affects to the user and their opponents!

Digi: Banjo goes for one of the MSBs, tossing it the edge of the bottom platform, near where Ash and Kirbetty are fighting!

Takato: Ash gets in a Pokéthunder, dazing the Dreamlander for a second as he jumps to grab the Boom box.

Kirbetty. Hey! Where'd he go?

Ash: Up here! Say hello to static, Kirbetty!

Rika: Ash tosses the Boom box as he goes down AND HITS THE MOTION SENSOR BOMB! He's outta there!

Digi: Meanwhile, we're about to get the first song of the Boom box. It's Garth Brooks.

Rika: Country music won't damage you much, but it can sure effect your damage enough...

Takato: Each of the others is dealt 7% as Killer Hip Drops Kirbetty again. Ash is revived. While we were talking, Killer's damage was also raised high...

Kirbetty : 64% +1 (KO) Ash : 0% -1 (TKO: B-K set the bomb down) Killer:
81% = Banjo-Kazooie: 7% = (KO, TKO)
Time: 4:06

Rika: Banjo and Kazooie waste no time going for the high-percentage K Klub...Banjo gives a smash to Killer and he's gone!

Digi: The Pokéball and--wait, Ash grabs the MSB...throws it away from the arena altogether. Now he's gone down to Kirbetty, trying to gain back his lost point as a Hammer gets to the top platform.

Rika: You forgot the Egg on the bottom cloud.

Takato: Exactly. Ash tries for a PokéFlash at Kirbetty...he charges...BOOM! Kirbetty knocked up high--

Crowd: Oooooooooooooooh...

Takato: NOT WHAT I MEANT! But she still survives, but over 100%. She is a toughie out there.

Digi: Ash taunts and waits for her to come down, but she's grabbed the...wait, no Banjo has the Hammer! We seem to have a mix-up!


Rika: Mash calls a timeout with 3:42.5 on the clock.

Mash: The dispute is who grabbed the Hammer first...

(about a minute later)

Mash: We have a ruling. Banjo grabbed the Hammer first.

Kirbetty (realizing the problem): Oh (bleep)


Kirbetty: Oops.

Mash: Time-in!

Takato: And Banjo gets Kirbetty pounding her hard! She is KO'd!

Rika: A Boom box and a Bob-Omb appear at the middle platforms...Killer and Ash go for those as Kirbetty comes back.

Takato: Killer grabs the Boom box and sets it down, and what he doesn't see is the Bob-Omb, but he shields just in time.

Digi: Ugh...he got Metallica. I hate that band...but nonetheless, heavy metal deals heavy damage to the others. Surely he needs that!

Ash: OW! That smarts, Blackie!

Killer: What did you just call--(a beep is heard) me? TIME-OUT!

Cala (over his cell phone): Come home NOW. I need some help...FAST.

Killer: Fine. You before the Stadium. Combatants. I must withdraw, Cala needs my support.

Digi: I still don't know why Cala wanted Killer to be quiet when he accepted my invitation...

Kirbetty: 28% = (1 KO, 1 TKO) Ash: 24% -1 (TKO) Killer: WD
Banjo-Kazooie: 38% +1 (2 KO, 1 TKO)
Time: 3:29

Digi: Kirbetty and Ash must realize that their scores mean that they're in trouble unless they act fast, and they do!

Takato: Guys, I got a Party Ball! Wait till they see this...

Digi: Well, Kirbetty just picked it up, yes, she's looking for Banjo...she tosses and gets her revenge...perfect throw!

Rika: BA-BOOM! That Party Ball had a Bob-Omb Fest in it; 4 Bob-Ombs in one, which'll KO almost anyone!

Kazooie: Banjo, switch now!

Banjo: Alright! (the two swap places in midair)

Rika: The two switch places, giving Kazooie the lead but even still, they're KO'd anyways.

Digi: The point goes to Kirbetty...she taunts. Ash goes and launches the bat...she goes flying but is not KO'd yet. Guys, I'm tossing in a Boom box and MSB.

Ash: I should try for this year's SSS baseball team...

Rika: SSS has a baseball team?

Digi: Yes.

Kirbetty: 51% = (2 KO, 2 TKO) Ash: 24% -1 (1 TKO) Banjo-Kazooie (Kazooie has taken lead): 0% = (2 KO, 2 TKO)
Time: 2:58

Rika: KO levels are still relatively low as Kazooie grabs the Boom box from a nearby cloud under her beak.

Takato: The aggression levels aren't though! Kazooie uses the Boom box and it sounds like she's found Santana.

Kazooie: Play that funky Latina!

Digi: The others are healed as well as their speed, making them much faster for about 20 seconds.

Rika: Kirbetty is taking her toll as well from Kazooie as she Beak Barges her way for another hard attack.

Digi: But Kirbetty comes right back and swallows the two...and she JUMPS OFF THE EDGE? What is she thinking?

Takato: OH! She tried to sacrifice herself while taking out B-K but it foils! Both make it back to the platform!

Rika: I tossed in a Hammer by the top platform, and that's where Ash is heading. As if the Bat wasn't hard-hitting enough!

Takato: He grabs the Hammer and he comes down and hits Kirbetty but she is STILL not KO'd! What a persistent li'l tyke!

Digi: However, Kirbetty comes back and Stones herself...

Rika, Digi and the audience: WHAT?!

Takato: I said she turned into a Stone and hits Ash with the Hammer!

Digi: Not exactly...anyway, Ash's hammer has worn off and Kazooie gives him the Rat-a-Tat Rap, but just not enough damage to KO him.

Takato: Some real hardies out here comes a crate!

Rika: This is why Very High item fights rule!

Takato: I put in a whole bunch of MSBs in there and Ash grabs one, knowing he's in danger of going to -2. He sets it by the cloud on the right-upper one.

Digi: Truly a good match...Kazooie finally gets her big one on Kirbetty, and she is sent to the MSB! She is outta there, but who gets credit for the kill? Mash!

Mash: Right! TIME! (calls out a time-out with 2:02 left in the match)

Takato: many difficult calls today, dare I say it.

Mash: This one's actually pretty easy. Because it was Ash's Motion Sensor Bomb that KO'd Kirbetty, he gets the credit for the kill.

Ash: YES!

Kazooie: BAWK! Dang...I thought I had those points...

Mash: TIME-IN!

Kirbetty: 0% -1 (2 KO, 3 TKO) Ash: 83% = (1 KO, 1 TKO) Banjo-Kazooie: 14% = (2 KO, 2 TKO)
Time: 2:02

Takato: Kazooie takes the opportunity to use another MSB as she tosses it to the bottom platform, but now she concentrates on Ash with now 1:57 to spare. Kirbetty has returned as well.

Rika: And has Kazooie...SHE HAS! She has used Wonderwing! The true invincibility move and she is running to Ash!

Digi: She gets to Ash and she Wings him...and he's outta there! KO point for B-K!

Rika: Kirbetty realizes she's all alone and just floating around defensively, and she grabs a Pokéball...she hasn't thrown it yet. Ash has returned.

Kazooie: Whoo hoo...twenty seconds left!

Ash and Kirbetty (see each other): A-HA!

Takato: Kirbetty spots Ash coming and goes back to Stone mode! She crushes him again for about 20!

Rika: Ash is reeling as Kazooie goes for Kirbetty, but she is just hit from the Wonderwinging again...

Digi: For fun...(tosses in a Party Ball) here we go guys and girls!

Takato: Kazooie's invincibility has worn out and is prone to Ash's yoyo/Pokefire combo. She's stuck for a few!

Damage: Kirbetty: 32% -1 (2 KO, 3 TKO) Ash: 26% -1 (1 KO, 2 TKO) Banjo-Kazooie: 48% +1 (3 KO, 2 TKO)
Time: 1:20

Takato: Ash grabs the Party Ball and launches it B-K but misses. the contents are 2 Hammers, 1 Bob-Omb and 2 Pokéballs; lots of opportunity here!

Kirbetty: It's about time...ZAPDOS!

Digi: Uh-oh! Kirbetty has unleashed her Zapdos right in the path of Kazooie and Ash! Major damage is suffered by both!


Digi: You didn't turn on that Boom box, did you?

Rika: No, just felt like it. Anyways, Kirbetty is right there and she's going for Kazooie.

Takato: She does a sweeping roundhouse kick, and due to her high damage...KAZOOIE'S OUTTA THERE!

Digi: Ash needs to make a KO to stay in this fight with less than a minute remaining...

Takato: Kirbetty, still at about 30% comes down to the bottom platform and Ash does as well but doesn't see the Bob-Omb! Ash does! He tosses but she hangs on by the far cloud!

Kirbetty: 68% = (3 KO, 3 TKO) Ash: 105% -1 (1 KO, 2 TKO) Banjo-Kazooie 0% = (3 KO, 3 TKO)
Time: 37 seconds

Digi: Time is running out for Ash, he sees the MSB behind him. He runs to the end and picks up the Hammer. Meanwhile, Kazooie's come back down and thinks she can attack him but she can't! She is hit...but not dead.

Rika: Kirbetty's looking for an attack. She gives Ash the Stone once again but falls off! She Unstones! She is still alive and floating!

Takato: Once...twice...thrice...SHE'S HIT! She is up and away with seconds left!

Digi: Meanwhile, Ash's Hammer is to no use now. Kazooie tosses him backwards...INTO THE BOMB! He is now KO'd again!

Rika: Less than 15 seconds left... Kirbetty grabs the Hammer and she hits Kazooie twice and Ash once! Kazooie's going...going...she's a star...NO!

Takato: Kazooie is saved by the bell! No wait...Mash is saying she's not!

Mash: This is too close to call people!


Takato: This is not over yet. Here's the situation: Kirbetty apparently KO'd Kazooie with the Hammer, but the call is to determine if Kazooie was KO'd before time ran out.

Digi: If Kazooie was KO'd before the time ran out, Kirbetty would get the point, bringing her to zero. Kazooie WAS at plus one, and if she was KO'd, we would go to Sudden Death with B-K and Kirbetty tied at zero.

Mash: Pay attention to the clock. (rolls a replay at 1/4 speed) It looks as if Kazooie was KO'd with 0.09 seconds left in the match. Ash will finish third, and Kirbetty and Banjo-Kazooie will fight for first in a Sudden Death match.

Kirbetty and Kirby: YES!

Kirby: That's my girl!

Banjo: Dang...I thought we survived...

Takato: Digi, sorry. We can't stay...we uh, gotta fulfill a bet we made with Kazu and Henry...

Digi: Fine. Navi? Wanna cover the Sudden Death?

Navi: Sure! Be right up!


Kirbetty: 4 KO, 4 TKO: 0; tied for first*
Banjo-Kazooie: 4 KO, 4 TKO: 0; tied for first*
Ash: 2 KO, 3 TKO: -1; third
Killer: withdrew

Navi: Well, this'll be interesting. Sudden death time!

Digi: Kirbetty will start on the middle-left platform; Banjo on the bottom. Shall we start the Sudden Death?

Mash: START!

Navi: Due to the 300% rule, players must be cautious here... Kirbetty goes to Stone but just misses...

Digi: Banjo looking cautiously...he waits and charges...A HIT!

Navi: Kirbetty's blasted into the right edge!

Digi: That's the fight!





Navi: Ash, you placed third in your first match back. How was it out there?

Ash: I was surprised. I had the chances but I just kept getting hit, especially when Kirbetty unleashed that Stone at me when I had the Hammer. I guess I'll have to train a little harder, but I look to be back soon.

Digi: Well, I'm here with our winners, Banjo and Kazooie. How was that first fight back?

Banjo: Too crazy for words! I thought for a while that we would win outright, but the instant replay almost cost us the win. Great job by the other fighters...

Digi: And Kazooie?

Kazooie: Well, safe to say it was one of the most testing matches a person can face, with such a diverse styling of fighters. I wish time was on our side though...

Digi: Good enough. Mash, you there with Kirbetty?

Mash: Well, Kirbetty...second place. How does it feel?

Kirbetty: Good enough for the first time back. I gotta run. Kirby's waiting!

Mash: I guess it's good enough as well.

Digi: Well, what a fight. For now, I do have some questions, and...(looks in pocket) dang, I gave 'em to Mash...Mash! You have my questions, right?

Mash: As a matter of fact--


Kirbetty: It was locked and I wanted to Hammer it, but I heard these odd voices...

Tokkori: Sounded like Digi's buddies...

Digi: What? Ahh...never mind. Cappy Towners nowada--


(inside the locker room; something suspicious is going on)


Takato: My fault...stupid bet. But at least we got proof...

Rika: Digi's watching this?

Takato: No, but the SP's Office has the security cameras there...

Rika: Dang. Let's go...we're in deep...

(back to Digi)

Digi: I still say don't worry bout it people...I didn't hear anything...what about Killer?

Navi: I got a transmission!

Digi: Cue it!

Navi: As soon as I find the play button...

(Cala's house. Apparently, the two Yoshies have company in the form of a white egg)

Killer: My fellow Smashers and SPs, Cala is okay. The egg is okay. We'll be looking forward to put an official second generation of Yoshies into SSS soon...

Cala: ...Which answers any questions you had, Digi. I didn't want the idea to spread...some people might not have wanted to know...we're sorry.

Digi: Whaddya know? Cala was pregnant all along! I guess I'll be looking forward to the new Yoshi soon... might as well spread the word...

Mash: Okay, FINALLY...the questions:

1. What did you think about the Boom box?
2. How do you think Killer would have done had he not withdrawn for Cala's baby?
3. Do you think my replay calls were fair?
4. I got a word that Rika and Takato are suspended for Digi's next five matches. Who should Digi get for replacements? 5. Speaking of, did Rika and Takato do that just for publicity? 6. Should Ash, Kirbetty and B-K stay in the Stadium for fan matches at minimum?

Digi: Well, that's it from the Stadium! We hope y'all had a good day! Join us for more great action next time!

* Editor's Note: Actually, since a character is built for his/her own Arena, Prince Lemmy Koopa's "home team dis-advantage" theory was incorrect.

** Editor's Note: Please note, none of the events in this Match are official. Kirbetty, and all other characters, will remain dead until an official match states otherwise.