The Question: Who's the real copycat?

The Fighters for Yoshi's Island
Player 1 Player 2

Lives: One
Items: None

Knight9910: Hello people and welcome back to the Super Smash Stadium. I'm Knight9910 and this is my co-commentator for the evening, Kari.

Kari Bernhardt: Hello and I'd just like to remind you that I am married so bugger off!

9910: Of course. Now then as you may know the fight between Megaman and Kirby was originally scheduled to air as Match 69 but was unfortunately cancelled after a certain someone kidnapped all the fighters.

Kari: But we couldn't let a good match go out like that so we've brought these two together again to settle their dispute.

9910: Right. There is certainly no doubt that there is quite a bit of animosity between these two. Let's take a look back at how this match came into being.

Kari: Roll tape!

(On the tape...)

Kirby: Now I have your power!

Megamana: Dang it, stop stealing my lines!

Kirby: Your lines? I came up with that line myself!

Megaman: Oh yeah? We'll see! I challenge you to a fight!

Kirby: Alright! I'll go call Knight right now. I'm going to call Knight because he's clearly the best for the job.

Megaman: Oh yes, I agree. He's impartial and fair and his matches are the most entertaining on the site.

Kirby: Well, let's go!

(The two leave, the tape ends.)

Kari: You edited that like crazy...

9910: Don't blame me because they respect my integrity as a commentator.

Kari: You're incorrigible. Anyway, we're here tonight to bring this long-awaited match to you.

9910: There's just one thing to explain. To make things fair Kirby will be able to use his abilities from his games just like Megaman.

Kari: And that's about it so ladies and gentlemen boys and girls...

9910: And to Rebecca, wherever you are know that that night was special to me too and even though I will never call you or want to have anything to do with you again this is for you baby...

Kari: The Super Smash Stadium is annoyed to bring to you...

9910: The ultimate weapon, KNIGHT9910!

Kari: The hot chick who gets hit on a lot even though she's married, KARI!


9910: And now without further adieu, Ado, or doodoo...

Both: INSERT FIGHT STARTING PUMP-UP SHOUT HERE! (Copyright, trademark, registered trademark, and patent pending)

9910: Megaman beams in.

Kari: And Kirby flies in on a warp star.

9910: Megaman starts the match off with a bang, a Magnet Missile to be exact.

Kari: Kirby reflects the shot with his Mirror ability.

9910: Mega shoots the missile with an uncharged buster shot, exploding it.

Megaman: See? Look at that! Look! He copied my mirror buster!

Kirby: Would you shutup and fight?

Megaman: What? I'll get you, you little puff ball!

Kari: A heated argument between the two. Kirby Burns through Mega and jumps up to the cloud on the right.

9910: Mega shoots at him and misses. Kirby taunts.

Kari: Mega jumps up to the cloud just as it disappears. Kirby attempts to end the match prematurely with a Spark barrier before flying back but they both manage to make it back to solid ground.

9910: Megaman turns Kirby into his little pink punching bag, whaling on him.

Kari: Kirby uses the Ice ability to freeze his assailant and then kicks him away.

9910: The warm air around Yoshi's Island thaws Mega and he double jumps back to the platform and burns Kirby with an Atomic Fire blast.

Kari: Kirby returns fire literally, using the Fire ability.

Megaman: Stop it! Stop! It!

Kirby: What!?

9910: Kirby apparently oblivious to his copycating. Mega punts the little dreamlander who easily floats back.

Kari: Kirby starting in on the combination abilities now. Mega closes in only to have the little puff use the Fireworks ability to blast him back.

9910: Mega uses a Hyper Bomb only to miss and have Kirby chuck a Bomb back at him. He's furious now.

Kari: Mega calls Rush in and he begins digging through the ground. Hey, this is a no items match!

9910: No, remember Rush Search works even with items off.

Kari: Mega keeps Kirby away from his dog by kicking the poor little dreamlander.

9910: Rush digs up...a book?

Kari: That's the Grimoire! Is that thing even an official item anymore?

Megaman: Megaman reads from the book. Summon...BAHAMUT!

The sky goes dark, a bright white light appears and the platinum dragon, Bahamut, flies out of it.

9910: Whoah...

Kari: Knight, you've reached a new pinnacle of cheapness.

9910: ME?!

Bahamut roars and breathes in deeply.

Kari: This won't end well.

9910: Duck!

Bahamut breathes a blue-white beam of energy onto the battlefield, blasting both fighters, then recedes into the same white light as the sky returns to normal.

Kari: The damage percents are sky-high but both fighters are amazingly still in!

9910: That is amazning indeed. Mega goes after Kirby again.

Kari: But Kirby sucks him in!

9910: Kirby sucks alright.

Kari: Kari slaps Knight.

9910: Ow! I didn't mean it that way! Besides, you know it's mandatory to do at least one sucking joke in every one of Kirby's fights!

Kari: Don't make me hit you again.

Kirby: Now I have your power! Ahahaha!

Megaman: GAH! WHY...WON'T...YOU...DIE?!?!!

9910: Megaman now pounding mercilessly on poor Kirby! He knocks the copied ability right out of him before he can even use it.

Kari: Kirby pulls off a needle attack, sticking Mega's foot as he tries to kick him.

9910: Kirby chucks a stick of dynamite!


Kari: And he blasts them both out!

This match is a TIE!

9910: And now that it's over let's go to Navi for the interviews.

Navi: We're here with Megaman first. Mega how do you feel?

Megaman: Knight, I'm going to beat you so badly for editing that video. Also, I am so going to get that little pink ball of fluff one of these days.

Navi: Right, back to you Knight.

Kari: Looks like you're in over your head, Knight.

9910: Nah. Mega gets mad at me all the time. I just have to set him straight, you know?

Kari: Mm hmm. like you set Game and Watch and Kool Kid Joe straight in your tourney battle?

9910: I think I did quite well in that fight. And besides my team won in the end.

Kari: Sure. Now we go back to Navi who's with Kirby.

Navi: We're here with Kirby now.

Kirby: Hiiiiii!

Navi: What are your thoughts on this match.

Kirby: What does puyo mean? The guys who wrote my script for my TV show kept making me say it for some reasons. Also, I'm going to beat Knight for editing my lines in the tape at the beginning.

Navi: Well, that's it for me. Kari, you have my sympathies. Call me sometime, we'll do lunch.

Kari: Well it looks like you're making everyone mad today, aren't you?

9910: Kari, could you do me a favor and cover my escape?

Kari: Sure thing. Well then I guess I have to give the questions since Knight just ran away.

  1. Was Bahamut cheap?
  2. Should the match have ended somehow other than a draw?
  3. Will Mega and Kirby beat the bejeezus out of Knight?
  4. Will these two get a rematch?
  5. What DOES puyo mean?

Kari: Well that's it for tonight's episode. Until next time this is Kari Bernhardt saying good night!