Games he's been in (officially):

RPG Maker 2000:

  • Knights' RPG
  • Zephyr Legacy (cameo)

    Games he's been in (unofficially): Super Smash Bros.

    Games he could have been in: Any RPG.

    First heard of in (site wise):Many reactions and character ideas


    Knight first came to the SSS during the BeSeen era. He was liked by most fans immediately. He soon joined the elite fighting group Lemmy's Knights and his popularity grew quickly. This continued until he had a bit of a spat with Adam, who was Captain of the Knights at that time, and Knight resigned.

    However, it wasn't too long before him and Adam made up and Knight was not only reinstated but also became an SP. However, his one time betrayal of the Knights has driven a permanent wedge between him and many other SPs and fans including Goshi the grey yoshi.

    An interesting note about Knight is that he has two forms. One is with full plate armor and the other is wearing chain mail and a long mantle (cape). But he can't switch between them in battle. Basically he can decide which to use based on what he has to do. If he needs dexterity and mobility he goes without armor. If he needs defense and power he uses armor.

    With armor Knight is a strong fighter with 75* strength; however he's still not strong enough to carry the heavy barrels or walk while holding an opponent. He wears Mithril plate armor in battle which provides excellent defense, actually shaving off one half of all damage taken while its light weight still allows for average jumping of about 50 but the simple fact that it IS plate armor limits his speed to a mere 40. Possibly his greatest weakness is that his armor makes it so he can't use an aerial smash attack.

    Without armor Knight's strength stays the same. But his defense drops to only average and he loses the ability to half all damage taken. However his speed and jumping both increase to 55 and 60 respectively. Also, he gains an aerial smash attack. Knight has no weaknesses without his armor but he has no real advantages either.

    In his intro Knight rides in on his horse and then jumps off and draws his sword and shield as the horse trots away swiftly. If he's not using armor he does not use his shield either.

    *Ratings are on a scale of 0 to 100 with the fighter with the smallest at about 15 and the one with the greatest about 95.

    Matches: (No official matches)

    Knight's Moves:

    With armor.

    Without Armor.