Games the evil Lakitu has been in (all official): Games the good Lakitu (the one that works with us) has been in: Games he (the evil one) could be in: about every other Mario game

Games he (the good one) could be in: any game with camera problems

First heard of in (site-wise): this very page (or the general SSB Superpowers page)

Summary: The summary really depends on which Lakitu you are talking about: good or evil. The evil ones are the ones who throw eggs and stuff to harass the Mario Brothers (& occasionally the Yoshis). The good one, though, works with us. He was trained by Bowser to do evil deeds, but refused. He managed to escape with his life. He took what he had, a camera, an "X" sign, a stoplight, and a fishing hook, and set off for employment. He landed two jobs at the Mario Kart races (he ditched the X sign for a reverse sign on the 64 races), and also worked with Mario during his adventure in between the two race days. He made a cameo appearance in Mario Party on Mario's Rainbow Castle, and now he helps out with the filming with is. Sometimes, we see the evil Lakitu floating around on Peach's Castle, but he isn't being bothersome. Lakitu plans to also work on the Mario Party 2 and Super Smash Brothers 2 set from what we here, and we wish him good luck on his travels.

Lakitu doesn't frequent the Stadium much anymore, and his job is done mostly by Navi

Matches: Unless you count the evil Lakitu appearing randomly on Peach's castle, then no.