Games he's been in (officially):
Star Tropics
Zoda's Revenge: Star Tropics 2

Games he could have been in: Super Smash Bros. Melee, damnit!!! Or at least a new Star Tropics game on GCN! Why can't Nintendo catch on here?!

First heard of in (site wise): Mentioned seemingly every waking moment on the Message Boards by Flip.


    Mike Jones is the average American teenager with an amazing story of heroism trailing behind him. One summer, Mike travelled via helicopter to visit his uncle, Dr. Steven Jones (Dr. J for short) on C-Island, an island located in the Coral Sea, a small section of the larger Southern Seas. Mike was greeted by the villagers of Coralcola, the hut village near Dr. J's laboratory, when he arrived. However, Mike was told by the natives that his uncle was nowhere to be found, and the Chief of the island even hinted at a kidnapping. Mike knew his uncle had come to study an archaelogical finding on the island, and was sure that he had probably stumbled onto something he shouldn't have. Well, Mike was entrusted with the legendary Island Yo-Yo and sent off to rescue his uncle. On his travels island hopping around C-Island (actually an archipelago), he went to such places as Shecola and Miracola, met his uncle's robot assistant named Nav-Com, rode in the Sub-C (his uncle's submarine), and defeated a slew of medieval bosses. In the end, Mike discovered his uncle was kidnapped by the fetal space alien, Zoda, and, using the legendary SuperNova (which is what the Ray Gun in SSB: Melee is based on), he was able to save his uncle. Mike received a warm welcome, and something he didn't expect: the three cubes he found on his adventure were actually parts of a spaceship holding 7 alien children from the last planet Zoda destroyed. Mike was shocked, but knew that he had done right.
    A year later, Mike was back in his hometown of Seattle, where his uncle Dr. J was deciphering an ancient code from the Book of Wonders. Mike was having weird visions of Mica, the oldest of the seven children he saved a year earlier, but thought nothing of it. When he read the Book of Wonders for his uncle, however, it all came clear. Mike was warped to "another Time and Space" so to speak. He ended up in the Ice Age, and had to save a group of cavemen from a monster called Yum-Yum. After winning, he found a weird object called a Tetrad, and was warped to ancient Egypt shortly after. He eventually warped his way through eight different ages, collecting 8 different Tetrads. Once again, Mike found out that Zoda was up to no good. He was now three different beings (Zoda A, B, and C), and was trying to recombine himself. When he did, all hell break loose, as the new and improved Zoda brought destruction to all time. Mike went after him again, and defeated him once again, after a long, difficult battle. Mike finally returned to his own Time and Space victorious, but instead of being in Seattle, he was at Coralcola. He discovered that tampering with time resulted in all the villagers to be turned into pigs. Well, nothing a little magic can't fix. He put together the Tetrads into one single block, like the three before, and not only did the villagers return to normal, but the father of the seven children from before appeared. Everyone (the kids, Dr. J, the Chief, the father) thanked Mike once more, and the aliens all left to find a safehaven for them to relax. Mike, now back in the tropics, decided to relax too, and spent all the years since studying with his uncle on C-Island.
    Now, Mike is indeed a Sophomore in High School, your typical, red-blooded, American teen. He's fighting at the Stadium to prove the point that noone should underestimate the power of a teenager who knows what he's doing, and has come in as somewhat of a replacement and new addition for the RPG Battles that are held every so often between various RPG fighters. Mike may not look intimidating, but the arsenal of items and cheap attacks at his disposal will make one think twice before messing with him.

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