Games it's been in (officially):

Game Boy [Advance]
Custom Robo GX (to be released; first American Custom Robo game)
Custom Robo (the original model at least, JAP Only)
Custom Robo Version 2 (JAP Only)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (as a trophy)

Games it could have been in: A really cool game where all the characters from the Monster Collection RPG beat the crap out of each other. Pikachu, Agumon, Sunny, Slime, etc., of course including our beloved Ray MK II

First heard of in (site wise): It wasn't really mentioned on the site before...


    Ray MK II is horribly unknown to American audiences. It's a toy robot, of all things, from the wildly popular Nintendo 64 game Custom Robo, only released in Japan. It was rumored to come over seas to the US and such, but no such thing happened. Anyways, the game was somewhat of a crossover between Pokémon, Virtual On, and Super Smash Bros. You played as a child who wanted to become the Champion of the Custom Robo Tournament, and spent much of the game walking around getting in battles with other kids using your toy robots, all averaging 12 inches high or so. You could customize the robots almost infinitely, adding weapons and gear to their six main areas, if I'm not mistaken: their two arms (guns, lasers, etc.), their legs (boots, thrusters, etc.), their chest (armor, etc.), and their shoulders/backs (launchers, mines, etc.). Overall, it was a very fun game. The battles played out very interestingly I might add. The two robots (or four in some cases) would enter into a small arena surrounded by water, darkness, lava, whatever. The arena would have platforms and hazards littered about, as well as crates and barrels to hide behind. The battle took place isometrically, with a 3/4 overhead view as the two robots were controlled by their owners, running around and blowing each other up. Very fun indeed. The sequel, Custom Robo Version 2, saw much needed improvement, and even introduced a remake of one of the robots that players could choose from in the original, Ray MK II.
    Ray MK II is the most average any robot could get in the game, needing very little customization to even out his abilities as they were already very well-rounded. Specifically, Ray MK II is a member of the Shining Fighter line of robots, the best all around. It's specifically a Jumper model, or a robot that excels in jumping and boot-type weapons. And, as you may have noticed, Ray MK II is genderless, as it is, afterall, just a toy robot. Even though it's only 12 inches in height, similar to Kirby (who's actually 8 inches tall), Ray MK II was given a little forced growth here at the Stadium, basically allowing it to reach the height of at least Fox or Mario. Despite its sudden size change to accomodate it better here at the Stadium, Ray MK II still acts like a small fry, not expecting too much of anyone or anything and always making sure to stay safe and unharmed. Ironic, really, because many of Ray MK II's attacks are extremely dangerous, and cause even harm to Ray MK II itself. But, nonetheless, we all wish Ray MK II lots of luck here at the Stadium!

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