Match #1

The question: What's the best N64 game ever, Super Mario 64 or Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time?

Fighters for Hyrule Castle
Player 1 Player 2

The Background:

    This is probably the hottest topic in mascot debate today (want proof, see the numerous rants about it), yet there was no definitive answer. Some prefer the now classic, simplistic style of SM64, others prefer the deep non-linear exploration of Z:TOoT. Now, Mario and Link both defend their honor and their games by battling it out on SSB. Mario won the toss, and chose to be first player. In exchange, Link chose to play on his home turf, Hyrule Castle. Each combatant is at computer skill level 9 and has the gaming standard three stock life. So, without further ado...Let the carnage begin!!!

    Link quickly gets off a first attack with a jumping, upward sword thrust, putting Mario at 16% damage. Mario follows up with a fireball and a spinning-fist attack, M16 L25. The two combatants quickly exchange a few sword slashes and kicks, M56 L47. Mario picks up a fan that drops from the sky, but in doing so opens himself up for three quick slashes by Link, M98 L65. Link then does a spinning sword atack that sends Mario flying over the edge. Mario returns using a double jump, M114ND L65. With both combatants tightly packed under the green awning to the right of the castle, Link picks up and lets fly a red shell, doing some major damage to both players and almost sending Link into the great void, M124 L109ND. After recovering, a downward thrust by Link sends Mario flying off to the right for good. M0D1 L135D0

    Mario gets things going again quickly with a screw attack that almost nets him a kill. While Link is busy jumping back, Mario uses his taunt and grows to super size, M0 L145ND. Mario then proceeds to pick up a flower lying around the arena, and douses Link with it, proceeding to break his sheild and do major damage, M25 L185. Link survives though, and with the aid of Mario's flower (which he steals) and a star wand, does 60 unanswered damage, M85 L185. Mario is getting angry now, and a well placed jump kick sends Link flying with no hope of return. M85D1 L0D1

    When Link returns, two quick sword slashes put the hurt on Mario, M129 L0. A missed Pokéball thrown by Mario (Koffing) gives Link the opening to get in a few more quick hits, which Mario promptly answers, M153 L51. Mario picks up a crate, but before he can hurl it in Link's direction is slashed in the back with the elf's blade, giving Link the lead. M0D2 L70D1

    Out of the now broken crate comes a fire flower, which Link picks up, a heart container, which Mario gets before Link can, and a star which runs off without either combatant noticing. Mario gets off a few unanswered hits to put Link above 100% damage, M0 L118. Link quickly responds by using Mario's traditional item, the fire flower, against him, M55 L131. Mario breaks free, though, and a jump kick sends Link flying over the edge, only to jump back with a helicopter spin, M69 L161ND. Mario then picks up a fire flower to complement Link's, and both combatants walk up to the middle of the arena. Once in range, both fighters pull out their flowers and shoot. Link had a slightly quicker draw though, and his fire hits first, shooting Mario off the arena to the left. MD3 L161D1

This games winner is: Link!!!

What did you think of the match?

  1. Will Link always beat Mario?
  2. Can Mario mount a comeback anytime soon?
  3. Or will Pokémon beat them all?