Season 4
Match #102

The Question:

The Fighters: Pikachu vs. Kirby vs. Sonic vs. Captain Falcon
The Arena: The Battlefield
Item Ratio: High

Digi: Hello again SSS! It's time to do a modern version of an old match, and my partner today, one of the two big winners in the last match, here he is, Link!

(Link appears, girls start cheering like crazy)

Link: Gotta expect those things to happen, eh?

Digi: Yes, indeed. So, anyways, to find out the background of this match, you gotta head back to Season 2!

Link: A long while back, there was an 3-man--or is that monster--anime rumble between three of the big stints of animation back in its time: Pokemon, Digimon and Monster Rancher.

Digi: Definately rival shows at the time. So we decided to update the fight with popular animes of this day and age, no matter how corny and badly-voiced they became when presented to English-speaking audiences...

(Chuckles from crowd)

Link: But it's true! And so, we have four fighters, all of them official, from popular anime who have agreed to fight at the Battlefield, as to prevent any home court situation, to duke it out. It's a two-life stock match, and all items are any of those relative to any series at High ratio. And now...the fighters!

Digi: First up is the mouse from that show that never seems to fade, many seasons long and strong! He finished in second out of three in the first anime rumble, losing only to Mouchi in a near-draw situation! You better believe it, it's Pikachu!

Link: Next is the little guy making his first fighting appearance in a Digifanatic match. He hails from Pop Star, and got two warmly welcomed seasons on Fox in Cappy Town! Who else could it be? Nobody but Kirby!

(Digi's note: Actually, he was in a match of mine, but it got lost and never made it to the public. Oh well...)

Digi: Your next fighter also came through a major transportation conflict with him and his friends, as well as some of his enemies! He appeared in my very first SSS fan match as well. The Blue Blue, Sonic the Hedgehoooooooooog!

Link: Lastly is another guy who has appeared not only on stage, but in the booth with the host! He battled Falco and won in a huge upset in one of his home arenas. With a 1-0 record in Digi-hosted matches--

Digi: Despite it not being an official one at the time--

Link: He looks to almost be a crowd favorite again! Captain Falcon!

(All four fighters have appeared on the arena, ready to fight. Crowds are cheering.)

Digi: So now ya know what your items are! Pokeballs, Warpstars, Star Rods, Parasols, Maxim Tomatoes, Chaos Emeralds, and Monitors.

(Background ends)

Link: So, with that in mind, I believe we're ready.

Digi: Yes we are. On behalf on my guest Link and the fighters out here today, Digifanatic coming at you from the SSS, and for everyone here reading or in the stands...


Link: That's right! And here they go! Sonic uses his speed to his advantage, getting in a couple quick hits on Falcon and Kirby while Pikachu stays away for the first few seconds.

Digi: Pikachu doesn't want to lag behind in close quarters like this as Falcon breaks out of the jam and slams Kirby with a Raptor Boost! But Kirby nails Pikachu with the Pop Star Hammer floating over to stage left!

Link: Gotta love Kirby's antics as Sonic gets hit with a Thunder Jolt, and the first item appears, and it's a Pokeball.

Digi: Unlike before, fighters can get hurt with their own items and Kirby uses it to his advantage and throws it down!

Link: Coming out is Bellossom, and this means trouble with that Sleep Powder!

Pikachu: 15% (asleep) Kirby: 36% Sonic: 6% (asleep) Falcon: 11% (asleep)

Link: Looks like Kirby's just waiting for other items as Bellossom disappears for now.

Digi: Yeah, looks to be as a Parasol floats over the right platform and a Monitor on the center area! Everyone's awake, and they're fighting for that Monitor!

Link: Kirby grabs the umbrella as Pikachu is the first to approach the monitor! He uses a Thunder, which collects Sonic in the mess, but the Monitor is rigged! Falcon and Kirby now go at eachother without respect of even the same network!

Digi: Oh, such a crazy theme is playing into this already! Pika and Sonic return, bruised a bit but they're fine as Kirby smashes Falcon with the Parasol.

Link: Now, Sonic does a quick Spin Dash to the puffball, but he keeps his cool, opening those jaws!

Digi: Looks like Kirby's adopting some spikes here, indeed, he does!

STATS (first letters from now on):
P: 53% K: 46% (Copied Sonic) S: 49% CF: 37%

Link: So far, the guess is right as to Falcon being the favorite. He grabs a Pokeball, which is also rigged, this time with a Goldeen.

Digi: It takes weird laws to figure out how Goldeen knows Splash, as evident since SSS's beginning.

Link: Enough of that! Pikachu is furious because Falcon just gave him a huge Punch, but he comes back and is the first to see a Warp Star on the bottom! He's gonna get his revenge on Falcon, and SLAMMA-BAMMA-JAMMA! Falcon flies out towards the boundary line, but makes it back just fine!

Falcon: Dah!

Digi: And Sonic gets some revenge on his own, but now they're both Spin Dashing each other, but Kirby gets a Stone in!

P: 78% K: 55% S: 71% CF: 61%

Digi: Kirby now with the surprising lead, as another Pokeball and, oh boy, a Chaos Emerald appears on various ends! Falcon grabs the Emerald, but Kirby right on the Pokeball! I've never seen so much craziness since a long time!

Link: Oh, and it's Abra!

Digi: Where are we going to...we're going to Onett...okay, they're all ganging on Pikachu now! Kirby gives him a spinning kick, and Falcon a Dive, and Sonic the Spin Jolt! That upward force will take the first life of this match!


Pikachu (translation): I DON'T CARE! I LOST MY FIRST LIFE AND I'M (BLEEP) (BLEEP)! (Close-up camera shot shows Pikachu's mouth being covered by a 2-D Pokeball "censor")

Digi: Ooh, he better watch his mouth with these handy translators!

Link: And Pika sure shows his anger at Kirby for that one through a Thunder, which KOs him through the stratosphere! He's sent up and gone as Pikachu heads back to the others as Falcon is almost taken care of by a couple of Fake Ring Bombs (a forward-A move, though not a Smash. Sonic got a couple from Tails before the match began for luck) by the hedgey one!

P: 0% D1 K: 0% D1 S: 93% D0 CF: 88% D0

Digi: Falcon's at Sonic now! The two blue ones are now going at it as Falcon uses a Smash, and Sonic's out of there, but Falcon is left wide open! Kirby Hammers him and he's gone while Pikachu kicks him from above!

Link: These crowds are loving it! All the fighters are back now as a Monitor appears on the lower pharmacy awning. Sonic gets to it first with a Light Speed Dash, hitting Kirby and Falcon in the way, revealing a Pokeball and one each of Kirby's items. Sonic grabs the Star Rod, while Kirby grabs the Tomato, healed back to full!

Digi: And now Pikachu uses a Thunder right when Falcon is above! He clears his way for the Pokeball, and is not afraid to grab it!

Link: Out comes a huge one! It's Suicune!

Digi: Sonic quickly jumps out of the way as the Icy Wind starts. Falcon looks safe from stage right, but Pikachu changes it with a slicing shot back towards the ice dog!

Link: Everyone's caught up in the attack, including Sonic!

P: 10% K: 36% S: 31% CF: 55%

Digi: Don't count anyone out yet! Sonic gets a Figure Eight Dash in on everyone, as Pikachu almost gets nailed by a car!

Link: Another narrow miss for Falcon! He's gonna blast Sonic right back with a Raptor Boost!

Digi: And Kirby's in the fray as well! He clears 'em out with the Pop Star Hammer, and is Copying the Falcon Punch!

Link: Everyone seems to want Falcon out now! Kirby tries to use some of Falcon's medicine against him, but Falcon's too fast for it, but gets caught in the line of a Skull Bash...

Digi: And Sonic has him by the stomach and send him out towards the house at stage left!

Link: But there's a Star Rod there! Falcon grabs it and starts beating Pikachu into a Pika-pulp!

Digi: And Pikachu is hit by a's gonna smell like roast mouse!

Link: Pikachu is blasted off the side and we have our first victim! Falcon now moves to Kirby and gets in a Smash attack and a few minor punches, one of them hitting Sonic.

P: OUT K: 58% S: 50% CF: 82%

Link: Falcon is not lasting much longer. Sonic Spin Dashes him, right into the path of Kirby! He winds up, the pitch is good!

Digi: Falcon is now taken out! These crowds are almost going insane!

Link: A Chaos Emerald floats in onto the street, but Sonic is not there in time. It practically falls into Kirby's hands!

Kirby: What's this?

Sonic: Hey! That's mine!

Digi: Despite a near minsunderstanding of the item's power, Kirby uses it just in time! He pummels Sonic not once, but twice, with a Final Cutter and a Falcon Punch!

K: 58% (+Emerald and Falcon Punch) S: 84%

Link: Now Sonic reaches for a Warpstar on the top awning! Kirby's Emerald power will run out soon, but not soon enough! It hits him harmlessly!

Digi: Kirb's power had now faded and we're back to square one. A Pokeball appears near the left hand boundary, but nobody's looking.

Link: Doesn't matter! Sonic uses another Spin Jolt and Kirby gets a bit of hang time, nothing lethal though, but it's all he needs! He wants the ball NOW!

Digi: Sonic gets it, alright, and he tosses it out towards the center, it's a Charizard.

Link: However, Kirby sensed it and casually floats away. Sounds like it's more of a defensive match now...this could come down to reflex and reacion.

Digi: And Sonic gets another open shot on Kirby with the Figure Eight Spin! Kirby loses his Falcon hat, and it's one three.

Link: Sonic carefully jumps and looks around, waiting for the cars to pass by, and Kirby uses the Stone! Sonic barely misses, and takes the time to grab Kirby at his most vulnerable!

Digi: He's carrying him off to the left! Looking for the op now, he lets him go, but too early for Kirby to lose the life! Kirby comes back with a drill kick, though.

K: 77% S: 89%

Link: Sonic uses a Light Speed Dash now, and sends Kirby for some more height, but Kirby gets him with the Hammer! Sonic gets just enough of a punch on Kirby, and he's down! Kirby onto the platform at extreme stage right, and a car's coming head-on! BAM!

Digi: Kirby bounces hard off the wall and out of the match!

Digi and Link: THAT'S THE FIGHT!



Link: That was exciting! Phew!

Digi: That WAS quite an ending! I'm exhausted, man, just in this booth alone! (Is breathing a bit heavily, throat a bit dry from the action)

Link: I'll say! Navi, are you there with anyone yet?

Navi: Yes. I'm with Falcon, who finished third. People thought you could pull another upset, but not to be this time.

Falcon: Yeah, everyone was ganging up on me that second life. I think they saw my power and speed and took advantage of ganging up, knowing that I wouldn't miss every attack being thrown. Gotta hand it to Sonic and Kirby, they fought one crazy ending.

Navi: Thanks, Captain.

Link: Hang on, I got Sonic on line.

Sonic: YES! FINALLY! I won something! Man, after everything Mario's been putting me through whenever we've fought, he's always won, and now it is time for Sega to come back in the Stadium! That ruled!

Digi (mumbling): Ah, good old winner's overreacting victory as normal. (normal volume) Well then, I wonder what Kirby's got to say, and Navi, I say don't bother Pikachu. He must be furious.

Navi: He probably is. So Kirby, you had an advantage, but Sonic found your vulnerability a couple times. What happened?

Kirby: Well, you know, Sonic's a real fast fighter and can take a bit more than I can. Not much, but enough to make a difference. I knew I couldn't outdo him at speed. I'd have to get him trapped but...that just didn't happen.

Navi: Well, thanks for the interview, and nice job with your fight.

Kirby: Thanks!

Digi: And so anyways, we're out, but, questions a-plenty for all you out there!

  1. Is there any way the battle could have ended more crazier?
  2. Would Kirby had won had he been able to match Sonic's speed?
  3. Will Sega ever overpower Mario and company again in SSS?
  4. Were the fighters a good representation of how corny dubbed anime can and will get?
  5. Why wasn't Mario & Marth in this match, when they've had animes, too?
  6. And why was Pikachu a loudmouth?

Link: Actually, I think it's just natural instinct for Pikachu. He can't catch a break from Team Rocket...

Digi: Yeah...well, we're off and--

(somewhere from another room)

Pikachu (kinda muffled, and in translation): (BLEEP) CARS (BLEEP) FOURTH-PLACE (BLEEP) PUFFBALL!

Link: Anyways...for SSS, Link...

Digi: And Digifanatic, we're outta here!