Season 4
Match #106

The Question: Who will win the latest tournament fight?

The Fighters:

C. Falcon Megaman

The Arena: Peach's Castle
Item Ratio: Medium
Lives: Three

Saiyaman: Hey there, folks, welcome back to another exciting match in our tournament! Tonight, we have Megaman going up against Captain Falcon!

Amber: Let's go down to Navi in the locker rooms with our fighters. Navi?

Navi: Thanks, Amber. I'm here with Megaman. Megaman, how are you feeling about this?

Megaman: Pretty good, Navi. I've been pumping serious iron in preparation for this match.

Navi: Uh, you don't have muscle to build. How does working out help you?

Megaman: I...don't know.

Navi: All right, let's go to Captain Falcon then. Falcon, how are you feeling?

Falcon: I've totally prepared myself for this match. I'm ready for anything thrown at me.

Navi: Big talk; let's hope it goes as well. Back to you guys.

Saiyaman: The arena for today's match is Peach's Castle and the fighters will have three lives each. The item ratio has been set to medium and all items are on. Now, the contestants are entering the arena as we speak, so here we go!

Amber: Ladies and gentlemen...

Saiyaman: Boys and girls...

Amber: Fans of Monty Python...

Saiyaman: SSS just keeps on bringing you...




Saiyaman: And now, for the seven-eight in attendance...

Amber: And for the two-thousand watching world-wide...


Amber: Falcon makes a dash at Megaman while he charges the Mega Buster! Falcon starts off with a Falcon Kick as he leaps towards Megaman, who shields the blow and hits with an upwards Smash!

Saiyaman: Falcon comes and counters with his Raptor Boost, knocking Megaman into the ground! Megaman attacks with his Mega Upper and follows up with a downward kick when he lands!

Amber: Falcon runs back and hits the green button that's appeared, creating an item block on the castle top! Falcon's speed gets him there before Megaman, granting him a Fire Flower!

Saiyaman: Falcon hops down to the right side and begins to spray fire at Megaman, but Megaman shoots with the Mega Buster just as the flames lick him! Falcon gets knocked out of the attack, allowing Megaman to throw him against the castle tower!

Amber: Megaman then unleashes a close-range Air Shooter, but Falcon uses this to drop the Fire Flower, grab Megaman and throw him down! He then runs over him with the Falcon Kick!

Saiyaman: Megaman throws up the Junk Shield and leaps up, winging the shield pieces and smacking Falcon! Falcon goes into a Falcon Dive while Megaman is airborne, but Megaman pulls back and avoids it!

Amber: Megaman lands and hits Falcon with an upwards Smash before he hits the ground! Falcon moves back a little to avoid another attack and strikes with Raptor Boost!
"I am a woman." ~Samus Aran's Secret
Captain Falcon
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Saiyaman: It appears that the only thing that could stop our contestants from their fighting is a giant Bullet Bill, like the one heading diagonally towards the tower from the right! Both fighters leap over to the left side of the castle to avoid it!

Amber: While they flee from the explosion, Captain Falcon throws Megaman against the tower, knicking him with the explosion! The explosion sends Megaman flying off the left arena edge, but not far enough that a double-jump doesn't bring him back!

Saiyaman: As Megaman lands, Falcon throws out a Falcon Punch which Megaman dodges! This causes Megaman to fall off and grab the edge, but he manages to attack Falcon as he pulls himself back up!

Amber: Falcon quickly begins to hit Megaman with a rapid-fire series of blows which Megaman breaks out of with the Junk Shield! He then runs up to Falcon and releases it from point-blank range, hitting twice!

Saiyaman: (Flicks a capsule in) A capsule lands on the right side of the area, but Megaman is too busy finishing off Falcon with an Air Shooter and a Smash attack, KOing him! He then heads over and opens the capsule for a Poison Mushroom!

Amber: Now shrunk, the tide has turned with the return of Falcon to the battlefield! Falcon uses his invinciblity to smack the tiny Megaman several times and a low Smash to send off the top of the arena!

Saiyaman: Falcon taunts as Megaman returns to the arena and steps on a green button! As he heads down towards Falcon, Falcon heads up onto the newly formed platforms while Megaman follows and loses his invincibility!

Amber: Megaman leaps up to the top platform with Mega Upper, but Falcon sidesteps the attacks and hits with a Smash attack! Megaman grabs Falcon and throws him downward!

Saiyaman: Megaman stirkes again with a low kick, after which Falcon manages to roll back and hits with a Falcon Kick! He then grabs Megaman and throws him off the platform edge!

Amber: Megaman climbs back up to Falcon's level with the Mega Upper, hitting Falcon in the process! Megaman then begins to punch Falcon for a bit until the platforms disappear and both contestants fall onto the right side of the arena!
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Captain Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Saiyaman: Falcon uses this time to strike with a few punches, followed up with a Falcon Dive! Megaman falls back and shields himself from a running attack, then leaps over the tower and starts charging the Mega Buster!

Amber: Falcon hops after Megaman, but his Falcon Kick misses and Megaman shoots him with the Mega Buster! Falcon turns to face Megaman and smacks him with a Raptor Boost, followed by a Falcon Dive!

Saiyaman: Megaman throws out an Air Shooter to stun Falcon, then runs in and begins to punch violently! Falcon shields against several punches, rolls behind Megaman and Smashes him!

Amber: Megaman lands on the left edge of the arena, but gets back up and taunts Falcon! Falcon throws himself in a Raptor Boost, only to have Megaman leap up and land an aireal kick on him!

Saiyaman: Falcon retaliates to this by knocking Megaman with an upward Smash, then leaping up and knocking him back to the floor! However, Megaman seems to have noticed the giant Bullet Bill heading straight for them from above!

Amber: Megaman starts to make a break for it, but Falcon's speed allows him to catch up and throw him towards the Bullet Bill! Megaman ends up getting smacked by the Bullet Bill for a KO while Falcon finds safety at the other end of the arena!

Saiyaman: Megaman returns to the arena and leaps down on Falcon with a kick attack! Falcon tries to escape Megaman, but Megaman grabs him and throws him downward!

Amber: Megaman strikes with a low Smash, knocking Falcon into the castle tower! Falcon gets back up and attacks with a Falcon Punch, but Megaman steps back and shoots him with Air Shooter!

Saiyaman: Megaman then hits Falcon with a Smash attack, but Falcon uses the bounce off the side to roll past Megaman! He then turns around and throws Megaman against the tower, giving him a taste of his own medicine!

Amber: Megaman wards off Falcon with the Junk Shield and leaps upwards, launching the shield as he goes! Falcon manages to dodge the shield chunks and takes off after Megaman!

CF: 108%D1 MM: 10%D2
"Wii demand a shrubbery!"
Captain Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: 1

Saiyaman: (Throws a Party Ball in) The party ball lands on the top of the arena and Megaman smacks it open! Before the ball opens, Falcon smacks him back with a kick!

Amber: The contents are a whole bunch of food! Falcon starts gobbling up most of it, but Megaman manages to eat some of it as well, restoring a significant portion of both their health meters!

Saiyaman: Falcon lands on the right side of the arena, stepping on a green button as he does! The new platforms appears in the arena as Megaman hops down to Falcon's level!

Amber: Falcon instead heads up and opens the new item box, revealing a Bunny Hood! Falcon grabs it and now possesses unfathomable speed, using it to thwack Megaman multiple times!

Saiyaman: Megaman isn't going to take that lying down and uses his shield to block a few of those hits! He tries leaping to safety, but Falcon's enhanced leaps let him hit once going up and again coming down!

Amber: Falcon then manages to grab Megaman, but Megaman manages to break free and Smashes Falcon! Falcon easily leaps back onto the platform and mid-air dodges another Smash from Megaman!

Saiyaman: When Falcon lands, he throws two more punches and mixes it up with a low Smash! Megaman goes up and gets the receiving end of a Falcon Dive!

Amber: Megaman lands on the tower, but when Falcon leaps after him, Megaman grabs him and throws him down the side! Falcon lands hard and Megaman comes down on him with a kick!

Saiyaman: Falcon gets up and knocks Megaman into the tower with a weak Smash! Megaman gets back up, but Falcon smacks him off the castle tower with his Falcon Punch!

Amber: The Bunny Hood wears off of Falcon as Megaman returns to the arena with a triple jump! Falcon dashes over to his and uses his Falcon Kick, but Megaman leaps over it, nearly sending Falcon over the edge!

Saiyaman: Falcon quickly rolls back and gets hit by a Mega Upper from Megaman! Falcon counters this by kicking Megaman and Smashing him over the edge and into oblivion!



Saiyaman: Someone's been watching anime during the match again. Anywho, let's go down to Navi with the contestants. Navi?

Navi: Thanks, Saiyaman. I'm here again with Megaman. Megaman, how do you feel about this match?

Megaman: Not too bad. I feel I put up a good fight, so I've got no regrets.

Navi: Good sport. Captain Falcon, how do you feel?

Falcon: Darn good! I did my best and I'm glad to have made it.

Navi: That's nice to hear. Back to you.

Amber: As always, that leaves up with questions.

  1. Should Megaman have won instead of Falcon?
  2. Why would robots pump iron, anyways?
  3. Can you recognize the anime the announcer was watching?

Amber: Okay, everyone, we'll see you later for the next round of the tournament!

Saiyaman: Have a good night, everyone!

(Later in the Head Superpower Game Guru's office)

Rita Reed: Mr. V here to see you, sir.

Game Guru: Send him in.

(Pat enters)

Game Guru: Pat, you are the finest Pic-Maker this site has ever seen. Are you sure you want to resign?

Pat: Yes. I feel that my time with SSS has run out and I'm extremely tired. It's time to let the new blood flow.

Game Guru: Just know one thing. For all the grief you've gotten throughout SSS's life, you have been a great SP. Sure you made mistakes, but so does everyone else. It is sad to finally see you go, Patrick V. While you are the greatest Pic-Maker yet known for SSS, I do sincerely hope your replacement is even better.

Pat: I do too.

Game Guru: I see you're taking Billy with you?

Pat: I've talked it over with him. He has agreed to remain SSS's animal mascot despite his absence.

Game Guru: That will be fine. Now you should probably get going if you plan to beat the rush.

Pat: Alright, ready, Billy?

Billy: Galoop!

Game Guru: Goodbye, Pat.

(Pat leaves the Stadium, and sets off for his future.)