Match #107

The Question: Can Julian kick Aetos' butt?

The Fighters for Quester Stadium
Red TeamBlue Team
Julian Sawyer Mr. Game and Watch Aetos Megaman

Lives: One
Items: None

Hey, it's me, Metal Man, long time background SP, finally doing a match. And here I am, writing it for the second time, thanks to this stupid crashing text editor... anyways! I hope you enjoy it. Also, thanks to Game Guru and Knight's HTML in their matches--I borrowed their fighter boxes and damage html layout thingies.

It was another normal day on Kuja-controlled Nintendus... the Questers were---

Metal Man: "Oh! Right! That was at least a year ago. Let me get out the tape."

*Metal inserts the tape into a nearby VCR, with someone yelling about how outdated the format is before the screen finally switches to that of an old mission of the Quester's.*

The Questers were in a large room, inside some sort of castle, facing off with... Meier Link, an evil vampire of many talents.

Meier Link: "I don't need him to be tough. I'm not going to give you the whole cliche` villian thing. Here you are, in my lair. I am not attacking you. See? No... there is no reason to fight me at all."

That vampire's eyes looked pretty strange...

Aribar, a half-elf Quester armed with a sword, pointed at the fiend and expressed his hatred.

Aribar: "You are a perversion of life itself and have attacked us before. Are we to believe that you don't want to fight us?"

Julian himself didn't have much to say. His New-York style fighter look seemed strangely out of place, though.

Julian: "What he said."

Aetos, the human Quester nearby, decided to use his truth-seeing powers to determine the truth of Meier Link's speech... and wound up, instead, becoming hypnotized by the swirling colors on them. The vampire... had planned to do this.

A pale-ish man stood nearby. He questioned the existance of their foe.

Charles Magellean: "I do not even believe that this is Meier Link himself. Ten years you said you were sleeping in here?"

Meier Link: "Those 10 you were gone for, yes."

As he said that, the posessed Aetos ran up and tried to kick Charles in the gut... but he was blocked by the stocky-looking man.

Charles Magellean: "Then explain the Meier Link who attacked us when the Questers greeted Ivan."

Meier Link: "Look into my eyes. Am I lying?"

Aribar glanced at Meier Link, and realized... his eyes were swirling, and clearly, doing so would cause hypnosis.

Aribar: "Don't look into his eyes!"

Julian: "...Hypnosis? Clever, but I ain't gonna let you get away with it!" *Julian lined up his shot and launched his razor-sharp Hat at Meier Link's eyes, being careful to not have direct eye contact with him while doing so.*

*Fast-forwarding noises*

Metal: "Oh! Sorry about that, but these things are a little long, even for me. I'm getting to the relative part."

Mewtwo: "You better hurry up. I predict 97.5% of prospective viewers of this match have already become confused and have stopped watching."

Metal: "...Uhhh... okay then!"

*Fast-forwarding stops*

After having defeated the hypnotized Aetos, who had continually attacked the Questers, and then having discovered the vampire they fought was... an illusion, they managed to fight their way through a strange realm that the vampire illusion had sent them to. They were just finishing up a battle against some more illusions (these of past foes, including Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Eggman), when more trouble started!*

Robotnik: "You'll pay for hitting Aribar, Aribar! (Don't ask. The answer is insanely confusing.) Why... I should make an army out of you and your clones.... I will kill you before you can even hit me!" *He pulled out a massive raygun*

Aetos looked at it... and immediately wanted it.

Aetos: "Ooh! I want one!"


As the battle progressed, it only became worse.

Aetos: "Gimmi that Ray Gun!"

Robotnik: "Never!"

You see... Aetos wanted the raygun. Since he couldn't manage to steal it, he instead attempted to mimick it using his Quester powers... but this could only be done while Robotnik was 'alive' so to speak, even though this one was more a sentient hologram.



Charles: "His gun only exists with him, Aetos."

Aetos: "Not if I mimick it."

After much fighting, things came to their worst.

Julian ran up and smacked the weakened hologram in the noise... killing it, and with it, any chance to get the gun by mimicking.

Aetos: "You better hope I get something good from the other guys." *Growls*

Julian: "What? You wanna win this battle or not?"

Aetos: "YES, but I want to take something from it too! I was going to take his ray gun to use for the rest of this mission!"

Julian: "It's pixelated! Nothin' there!"


The Questers were also fighting a strange Wolfman-clone named 'Eldorado' who wielded some sort of remote. Aetos, in his desperation, attempted to mimick him. He copied the remote... but it seemed useless. (Weird trivia: Wolfman is VG's alter-ego in SSQ, and this being was a sort of evil version of him.)

Aetos: "Score. Buttons."

Charles: "Still wanted Ivo's gun?"

Julian: "Too bad, he's gone."

Aetos, beyond angry... attempted to control Julian with the remote! But... nothing happened when he pressed the buttons.

Charles: "When Wolfman used that, did you honestly think it a mimiced remote would also prove useful?"

Aetos then hurled it at Julian!

Julian: "What the hell you doi-"*BONK*


Julian: "...Alright, just for that, I'm kickin' your *censored* once we get back."

Eldorado: "You fool! You don't throw it; you smack it! Like this!"

He ran up and smacked Julian with his own useless remote.

*More Fastforwarding*

Metal: "Okay, we're almost done here, just a few more moments of this. Then we can get down to the fighting!"

*Fastforwarding stops*

Julian: "...Aetos, remember what I said earlier?"

Aetos: "About what?"

Julian: "About kickin' your *censored* after the Remote incident."

Aetos: "Ok, do it."

Julian: "With gusto. Meet me in the arena in 10 minutes."

*Tape ends*

Metal: "And with that, we're now... 5 minutes late? Sheesh!"

Mewtwo: "I knew you'd take too long." *Floats off*

Metal: "Anyway... since the two combatants alone would be boring, they've been allowed to choose partners. Julian's got Game and Watch on his side, while Mr. Aetos has Megaman."

*Charles Magellean climbs into the commentators box*

Metal: "Welcome, Charles. You ready for our first match since Kuja blew up the original Stadium?"

Charles: "You bet, Metal. The first match in ten years is a tag-team match, consisting of one Quester and one Smasher each."

Metal: "And now, entering the stadium right now, would be.... the Questers, of course."

*Spotlights come on, Aetos and Julian enter the arena from their respective sides. The crowd applauds!*

Metal: "And with the Questers in the arena, it's now time to introduce... the Smashers!"

*Mr. Game and Watch and Megaman walk out, receiving an equal amount of applause. Megaman stands next to Aetos, and GW next to Julian.*

Julian: "I'm gonna fold you up like an ol' wallet..."

G&W: "Beeep beep BEEP BEEEP BEEP!"

*Julian bends down and whispers something to G&W*

Charles: "The first contestants from each team are none other than the Questers themselves: First up is the winged-wonder, Aetos, followed by Julian and his punk-rock fighting style. Aetos has sided with the blue-steel wonder himself, Megaman and Julian's partner is the classic Smasher Mr. Game & Watch."

Aetos: "Hiya Blue boy!"

Charles: "This will be one great match to start off the new season of Nintendus's New Stadium Arena Matches."

Megaman: "Hello to you too. I don't think these guys are very tough..."

Aetos: "I hope so... err... not..."

Julian: "Steppin' in the ring with me? Worst choise of ya life! Let's do this!"

*G&W nods silently to Julian*

Charles: "Would you look at that; the fight hasn't even started and already the teams are talkin' trash to each other!"

Metal: "I sure hope so. With the fighters all ready to go, the countdown timer is ready to be activated."

*Metal presses a button*

Metal: "Three!"

Charles: "Two!"

Metal: "One!"

Charles: "GO!"

Metal: "Uhhh... what he said!"

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Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Charles: "G&W takes the initiative by using his one his mid-air attacks. The flag smacks Aetos right into his face."

Metal: "And Aetos is knocked further into the air by Julian's rocket-powered dash!"

Megaman: "Hey! You won't get away with that!"

Aetos: "Get 'im, Mega!"

Charles: "The air? Last time I checked, the air was above the ground, which Aetos was sent into."

Metal: "Oh. Right."

Charles: "While G&W and Julian targetted Aetos, Megaman hit him (Julian) outta nowhere with a great uppercut to the chin! He tried again, but couldn't connect because of the distance between the two."

*Julian is knocked up into the air and continues flying upwards... out of earshot. Their microphones catch what they say, though.*

Julian: "If all you're gonna do is blow air at me, you might as well give up right now!"

Aetos: "What?"

Julian: "What?"

Aetos: "WHAATT?"

Julian: "WHAT?!"

Metal: "And... it appears Julian got hit by a ball of air, but the fighters are currently exchanging.... a lack of communication?"

Aetos: "You're too high up, I can't hear you!"

Charles: "And what a lack of communication. You'd need more than two cups attached by a piece of string to understand each other."

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Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Metal: "With the Questers further away, Game and Watch opts in for beating Megaman around with a little old fashioned bug spray."

Charles: "And uhh...what's Julian pulling out of his vest pocket? He's attacking with a 2-by-4 wrapped in barbed-wire?? Whoa, it connects and it breaks in half! Julian definitely hurt Aetos with that one."

Metal: "After Aetos leaps into the center of the arena... Julian dodges every single attack Megaman can make!"

Charles: "He's doing it with grace, Metal. Julian has speed a plenty with that hip hoppin' all over the Arena."

Metal: "Aetos fires spikes of light at Julian... only for G&W to catch them in his barrel!"

Julian: "Yeah GW! Stick to da plan!"

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Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Metal: "Aetos leaves himself wide open to one of G&W's sausage attacks, taking a ton of damage!"

Julian: *After obtaining a switchblade from one of his attacks* "Aw yeah...Hey Mega, do robots bleed? Let's find out!" *Julian flips it open and holds it by the blade, then throws it at him!*

Aetos: "Gah!? You're SICK! He's a CYBORG! Not a ROBOT!"

Julian: "He's a *censored* robot!"

*Megaman is hit by the switchblade*

Megaman: "Ow! We'll see how tough you are after being exploded!"

Charles: "Julian reaches into his vest again and takes out a Switchblade! He throws the blade at Megaman and the blue bomber has been hurt good. Megaman reatiliates by throwing an insult back at Julian."

Metal: "Megaman turns the tables on the ordinarily untouchable Julian, stealing his favorite move and hitting him over the head with it!"

Hell no. -Amanda
Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Charles: "And Aetos uses his wind powers to dawn upon himself armor. G&W becomes aware of this and unleashes a barrage of sausages and frying pan hits at Aetos!"

Metal: "It's a fiery spectacle!


Julian: *With Megaman right next to him* "Get yo' punk-*** outta my face!" *Lunges with a slap*

Metal: "Julian tries to knock Megaman off the stage, but the Blue Bomber's got more in him!"

Charles: "After being sent by the fist known as the "Punkslap" and jumping back on the stage, Megaman is hit by Julian's infamous KO Punch."

Metal: "As Megaman pokes Julian with a mimicked pool cue... Aetos looks like.. he has a trick up his sleeve?"

Charles: "You know Metal, they say that mimicking is the ultimate form of flattery. In this case, mimicking means flattening the original. Aetos takes out a baseball bat and swings at Julian; it's a hit!"

Metal: "As Julian manages to avoid being knocked off the stage from Aetos' mimicked 2x4, for some reason, nobody has attacked Game and Watch yet. I wonder why..."

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Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Charles: "There are reasons why G&W isn't attacked, particularly by projectiles. G&W now attacks Aetos with his fire attack, and he is seriously burnt...he may even be sent flying!"

Metal: "Despite being sent flying off the stage, Megaman defies gravity with his excellent jumping skills and returns to the fight!"

*Crowd gasps*

Metal: "And he leaps even higher, uppercutting Julian!"

Julian: *looks down* "...How the hell do you keep getting up here?"

Megaman: "....I'm the original jumping master, of course!"

Julian: "You're a *censored* robot! And last I checked, Mario wasn't painted BRIGHT BLUE!"

Metal: "It appears Julian has both Aetos and Megaman in Julian's face now."

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Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Charles: "Looks like it be might be gang up time for Julian but G&W comes in closer to even the playing field. Upon a successful jump, he hits Aetos with more sausages at near point-blank range."

*G&W's sausages send Aetos flying out of the stage! POOM!*

Metal: "Aaaaand that's it for Aetos folks! Killed by sausages!"


Megaman: "I'll beat you both! ...Eventually..."

Julian: "Nice job Mistah GW!"

Charles: "What a horrible end for Aetos. Being sent flying high into the heavens not by his own wings, but by meat."

*Megaman is hit again, but returns to the stage with a massive jump*

Metal: "Megaman serves up another dish of annoying comebacks for Julian. But does he have a chance to win this 2-on-1?"


Metal: "Megaman is hit again.. Aaaand he fakes actually being in trouble as he leaps over Julian's head and back onto the stage!

Megaman: "You'll never win. Now taste scrap metal!"

Charles: "Megaman uses another vest item attack. A wrench is taken out and ....Julian is missed my a slim margin!"

GW: 0% MM: 49% Julian: 31% Aetos: 49% OUT

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Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Metal: "And G&W hits... but Mega jumps back again!"

GW: *Angry beeping noises*

Charles: "Julian hits the blue bomber... and he flies off the stage..."

Metal: "Going.. going... gone!"

Megaman: "I'll get you for this!" *POOM*


Metal: "And that's it for this match, folks. Megaman done in by a lack of close-range attacks, and Aetos defeated by his arch-nemesis: Sausage."

Charles: "What a way for this contest to end in irony. Aetos is sent into the sky without wings, and Megaman wasn't able to jump enough to make it to the stage, all the while Mr. Game & Watch came through without a scratch."

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Game & Watch
Lives: 1
Lives: 1


Metal: "Let's interview the winners... and... err... not-so-winning people."

*Charles and Metal go off to interview, as Charles walks to G&W and Julian, as Metal goes to Aetos and Megaman.*

The Winners

Julian: "'Sup Charles?"

GW: "Beep. Beep?"

Charles: "Julian, Mr. Game & Watch: Was there any strategy that you two put together in order to win the match?"

Julian: "Hellz yeah, man! I even called it Da Plan!"

*G&W shows off his oil barrel*

Julian: "Alright, I knew I brought in GW for a reason, 'cause Aetos and Mega like to go long range, yah? I says to myself "Hey, GW's got somethin' for that.", after you remined me, and I called him here."

*G&W jumps up and down, showing he agrees*

Julian: "Anyway, with GW shuttin' down their long-range, they had no choice but to go in close, which is where I dominate. After a while I noticed that they'd follow me wherever, so I decided 'Why not attempt to get 'em out an' over'? So I leads them up, intending to smacking 'em over the top, when GW comes in form behind and knocks Aetos clear out the buildin'!"

Charles: "Clearly, the two of you seem to have a natural feel for teamwork. The question on my mind and all the fans in this Stadium as we speak: Any chance of you two joining forces again in a future match?"

Julian: "'Nother tag team match with 'em? Hellz yeah. G-Dubya's mah man!" *high-five's GW*

*G&W hi-fives back*

Charles: "Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen. A plan that combines the abilities of both team members makes them come out on top, and it's likely we'll be able to see them in action again soon."


Metal: "So then. What did you think of this match?"

Aetos: "Uh, I thought it was fun, I suppose."

Megaman: "That guy was way too powerful! Next time, I'm bringing all of my weapons with me."

Metal: *clears throat* "Hmmmm... what do you think lost you the match?"

Aetos: "I think that last sauage attack that came up from behind finished me, well, the fall did actually."

Megaman: "If I had just brought more... stuff..."

Metal: "Finally, what do you think you'll do next time that could help you win?"

Aetos: "Well, I have this special power.. I was planning on using it later, as a last minute dramatic surprise.. but I assumed I wouldn't have been knocked out like that. Next time I'll use my power sooner."

Megaman: "And I'll bring more stuff!"

*Metal turns to another camera* "So then. Time for the top 10 questions nobody wants to answer."

Metal: "And that's that. Time to get back to... uhhh.... assigning missions." *Camera clicks off*