Match #111: Young Link vs. Roy

The Question: Can Roy avenge his loss to Young Link from last season in the Triforce Tournament?

The Fighters for Final Destination
Young LinkRoy

Lives: Three
Items: None.

(To the booth at the SSS; strangely enough, Digi is currently in the booth all alone and it looks as if nobody may join him this time...)

Digi: Hello folks, and welcome to another first-round Triforce Tourney match at the Super Smash Stadium. I'm Ian "Digifanatic" Hoffman and this is a mostly empty commentary booth.

*crickets chirping*

Digi: I should have known not to use that one, but lemme explain. When I signed up to host this match, I wrote down "Guest commentator: Sora." And apparently, the understudies can't tell the difference between a Keyblade and a Biyomon, so I shrugged it off and said "Never mind."

*more crickets*

Digi: But it is my fault for not specifying last names and the like...seriously, that's what happened. Anyways, let's get on with the match, now, shall we? This match will pit Young Link and Roy against each other. Of course, we want a fair fight. After all, the Triforce is involved in this tournament, so we're set up for Final Destination, 3 lives, and, most importantly, no items. Hmm, I've got it. *over loudspeaker* May Link and Marth please come up to the commentary booth?

*He waits a few minutes, but only Marth comes up.*

Marth: I do not know if it is his defeat in this tournament, or when I defeated him. Oh well, I guess it will be fine if I'm up here.

Digi: As long as I have somebody to work with. *flashes a thumbs-up*

Marth: The two valiant swordsmen enter the arena. I'd put my money on Roy, partially due to his record and, I admit, due to our...compatriotism, so to say?

Digi: That works.

Marth: But Young Link has defeated Roy--if I remember correctly, the only one to beat him. That makes him a formidable opponent.

Digi: In a Stamina match, though...these stakes are higher and most likely, it's going to be a bit longer of a bout.

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Young Link
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Marth: It appears as if the signal to begin this match has come.

Digi: Indeed it has. The fighters are on the stage, this is going to be a brawl between two swordsmen. We're broadcasting from the Super Smash Stadium, and this fight is on! Young Link will start stage right, Roy stage left.

Marth: As I could imagine, the fight starts with a couple of quick stabs by each of the two combatants before Young Link gives Roy a little smash!

Digi: Roy retreats back to where he started, but he comes back at Link with three fourths of a Double-Edge Dance, and then slams Young Link right into the ground! Roy leaps and slashes Young Link across the shoulders. Wow!

Marth: But the young warrior retaliates right back, tossing a bomb at Roy's face...ouch. That'll keep the girls away for a couple of days.

Digi: Or at least until he loses his first life...if he does.

Tails wants you to drink Magic Kool-Aid!
Young Link
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

(*Credit goes to Psyguy for coming up with Magic Kool-Aid in "That's My Sonic!")

Marth: Roy steps back a few feet and charges his sword...he's just waiting for the boy to miss his guard and get swept away, I imagine.

Digi: You're right...Young Link just stays away from the flaming blade and makes Roy take the burn.

Marth: Again, they have fought before, so the juvenile one should know what to and what not to do. And how, Link goes for the run in and tosses his Boomerang right after the flames die out! He has figured Roy out.

Digi: Yes, but has he figured out how to avoid that Blazer? Toasty Young Link flying up a bit, but there's no knockout! He'll be alright.

Marth: Roy leaps and puts on an upward slash where the Termina moon will not shine.

Digi *muttering to Marth*: I don't think Link was that young in Majora's Mask, but I could be mistaken. *normal volume, back to the audience* Young Link looks for an open spot to fall safely down, and finds one. Roy has since landed on the platform and the young'un tosses another bomb! Insert the Zeeky Words here!

(*Credit goes to Brian Kendall for the Demented Cartoon Movie, and to Bill Watterson for originally using the Zeeky Words in a Calvin & Hobbes strip.)

Raccoon Leaves don't give you wings, but they do give you a cool tail!
Young Link
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Marth: And now Roy runs back to Young Link, slicing him numerous times before he ends his array with another Blazer. Young Link takes advantage of this and hits Roy with the Spinning Sword.

Digi: Bad move by the Hylian as that allows Roy to launch an aerial slash! That will take care of Young Link's first life. And now we take a moment of silence to remember the lad. *pause* Mostly because we're waiting for him to revive, and now he has.

Marth: I believe those jokes are not making any progress. Roy taunts but it's a bit too late as Young Link fires an arrow to the back, which has exposed Roy to a few more slashes--

Digi: And Roy is thrown off stage right! He jumps back on, but he nearly gave up his lead. Young Link comes in close to stab but Roy just puts his sword in front of him for the Counter!

Marth: However, this offensive of the green-clad swordsman is not over yet! He leaps and he smashes Roy to the stratosphere from behind his back. The match is even now.

Station Square...a fine Mobian urban center until Chaos comes.
Young Link
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Digi: So far, this is one of the best fights in the tournament as Young Link evens the second-life scores by launching an aerial kick on Roy, and then launches a huge downward stab just like his older self! This kid knows how to fight Roy, indeed!

Marth: It is still early, Host.

Digi: Yeah, I know, but in this same scenario, I wouldn't be surprised if other contenders would be on their third life versus Roy at this particular moment.

Marth: My compatriot returns some damage back to Link with a four-for-four Double Edge Dance! He grabs Young Link immediately afterwards, knees him a couple of times and flings him backwards near the left edge.

Digi: Young Link runs in but Roy's been charging a Smash. This one is going to cream Young Link off the edge! One jump will get him back on but he performs a Spinning Sword for insurance.

Marth: Roy was going for the leap but bends back just in time to avoid the sword manuever. Both of them are back on level ground and Roy puts in a few short stabs. Young Link retaliates with a couple of swings himself.

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Young Link
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Digi: Roy is showing who's boss, but Young Link gives Roy a grab of his own, smacking him three times and then launching him upward. What do you do when Roy flies back downward?

Marth: You walk out of the way, wait for him to land, and then strike, which is what the little warrior has done! A running stab puts him right back in this match.

Digi: However, does a downward smash by Roy constitute him as back in the match?

Marth: Not anymore. Roy has tossed him off the left edge and Young Link barely makes it back on stage. Roy was waiting for this moment and a charged up Flare Blade takes Link's second life.

Digi: Roy taunts again, but he times it a lot better this time. He's finished with his little show-off before Young Link returns again. The Hylian immediately pulls out a Bomb and hurls it at Roy. He gets blasted!

Marth: Young Link continues his attempt at having the last laugh with a sweeping Smash. He also gives his boomerang a toss, connecting twice to Roy. The crowds are certainly getting their money's worth today.

Digi: Sure enough, though, Roy leaps and retaliated quite well with a slash to the head. Young Link swings right back with another Spinning Sword, sending Roy back a bit, but he's still alive.

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Young Link
Lives: 1
Lives: 2

Marth: I wonder how much more Roy can take before he is killed. The lad charges a Smash and Roy takes another blow, but somehow, he pulls through and remains alive.

Digi: After the older Link's defeat--wait a second! Roy missteps and doesn't see Young Link grabbing him right near the edge! He is heaved off and we're now down to the final life for each combatant!

Marth: Whoever wins this will certainly deserve their victory. Roy revives and unloads on Young Link via Double Edge Dance, which connects for three more blows. Young Link pulls out the Boomerang, but Roy looks pretty mad and only takes one hit, the one on the return.

Digi: No telling how this will end but Roy charges another smash and drives Young Link into the ground...

Roy: (holding his burnt face and speaks Japanese)

Digi: What did he say, Marth?

Marth: Let's just put it that he's confident he will win. Meanwhile, Young Link must have figured out what he said because he has unloaded another Bomb, and Roy takes the blast.

Digi: Roy comes back with another Blazer and floats back as Young Link takes the hit. He returns far from Roy on the platform but now he runs in on him and the swords meet at the center of the arena. Both fighters take stabs.

Marth: Now Roy charges a Shield Breaker but Young Link runs far from it, letting the flames burn Roy, his face.

Digi, do not push that red button in the booth! ~Game Guru
Young Link
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Digi: (chuckles) Heh, I'm not sure if Roy'll hear the end of that one.

Marth *pointing to ad*: What is that there for?

Digi *looks at the ad*: What red button? *looks around* Oh, that. That's just the Bob-Omb Party Ball generator. Here we go! Young Link runs in for a stab, but Roy shields the blow and returns with a low stab to retake the lead! He's not done yet, for Young Link takes another hit with a couple more quick slashes.

Marth: This is where I think all that intensity in Roy is starting to be present. He continues his show with a smash and two slashes of Double Edge Dance.

Digi: Young Link's not done yet, though--he comes back and delivers a wide array of moves and Roy has nowhere to go but over the edge of the platform. A Spinning Sword puts Roy over the edge!

Marth: And the boy continues his stretch with an arrow as Roy falls, but Roy uses a Blazer to get back on stage. Young Link is not hit.

Digi: It's still not over for the blonde--he grabs Roy and tosses him up! Roy comes back down with a furious slash, finally getting a piece of this fight in the clutch!

Marth: Young Link takes a hard landing out on the arena floor, which gives Roy enough time to set up a Smash! He charges it up and his opponent goes flying.

Digi: He could fly all the way out of the arena, and he does! That's the fight, and both Links are out of this tournament in the first round! Shocking, to say the least.


Marth: Well, I am honored to have been here in the booth with you. I apologize in advance, but I am not an interviewer. *bows and leaves the booth*

Digi (after Marth has left): Well, what can you say for that fight? After the last one I hosted--Link and Bowser--at least this one wasn't a rout. Navi, down to you!

Navi: Alright, Digi, I am down here with Roy, whom I imagine has gotten a huge burden off of his back after his last spat with Young Link. Am I right?

Roy: Hai! I am confident that I will go all the way. I say, bring it, whoever I shall fight in round two!

Navi: Sounds like words of confidence.

Roy: Correct.

Navi: Now, Young Link, I know you must be disappointed; after all, ya beat Roy before, but you did a lot better than your older self--in fact, you nearly won this match.

Young Link: Ah, well, at least I have that to go by, but Zelda's the last Hylian in the tournament. I have a feeling that she has to win her match.

Navi: You have a valid point, but keep in mind, you put up a great fight. Good luck.

Young Link (somewhat solemnly): Alright...

Navi: Didge, back to you.

Digi: Thank you Navi. This has been a great match today, but it's not complete before we have some questions for you!

1) Will Roy go all the way in this tournament, or will his cockiness get the best of him?
2) Who will have the best chance of beating Roy?
3) Is Young Link setting Zelda's bar too high before her match?
4) Will battle wounds really affect Roy's chances of getting chicks?

5) Do the effects of the Zeeky Words really apply to SSS?

Digi: Anyways, I'm Digi, and this match has been adjourned!

(Once again, credit goes to Psyguy, Kendall and Watterson. Zeeky bo--I mean, thanks.)

Written by: Digifanatic
HTML: Metal_Man88
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