Match #115

The Question: Who will will the new tournament fight?

The Fighters:

Ganondorf Tron
The Arena: Kongo Jungle
Item Ratio: High
Lives: Three

Saiyaman: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another exciting match in our tournament!

Amber: We're just waiting for our other co-commentator for this match to show up.

175: (outside the booth.) AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! (slides past the booth door and smashes into something.)

Saiyaman: You okay, man?

175: Damn you, recently polished hallway!

Amber: While he picks himself up, let's go to Navi down in the locker rooms. Navi?

175: Help, my hand got stuck in the vending machine! Hey, I think I can feel a candy bar!

Navi: Thanks, Amber. I'm here outside the girl's locker room with Ganondorf. How are you feeling about the upcoming match?

Ganondorf: I'm feeling quite good. I'm in excellent condition and focused on my task. She won't stop me from reclaiming my Triforce.

Navi: All right then. (steps into the girl's locker room.) Tron, how are you feeling about this match?

Tron: More than ready! My mech is well-tuned and I'm ready for anything!

Navi: So, how do you get that in here in the first place?

Tron: I used the back door.

Navi: We don't have a back door in here.

Tron: You do now.

Navi: (sighs.) Back to you guys.

Saiyaman: The rules for this match are simple. Our contestants will have three lives each and all items are on high setting. The arena of choice is Kongo Jungle.

Amber: I see you got your hand out.

175: Hee hee, got the candy bar too!

Saiyaman: All right, all our commentators are here and the fighters are entering the arena, so let's get started!

Amber: Ladies and gentlemen...

Saiyaman: Boys and girls...

175: Office workers and freeloaders...

Saiyaman: SSS has decided to try and bring you at only minimum wage...





Amber: Now, for the fifty-thousand in attendance...

175: And for the 18,239,461.238 watching world-wide...

Amber: Wait, point two three eight? How does that work out?

175: I'm not sure I want to know.


175: Tron starts the fight off with her Rocket Punch attack, which Ganondorf hops over and connects with a Wizard's Foot! He then gets in two punches before Tron knocks him back with a low Smash!

Amber: Ganondorf leaps forward with a running attack, but Tron leaps over him and kicks him in the back! She then hits with him a weak Smash as he turns around!

Saiyaman: (throws a Star Rod in.) The Star Rod bonks Tron on the head, but she picks it up and wings a star at Ganondorf! Ganondorf leaps onto the platform to evade with Tron following!

175: Ganondorf was planning that as he strikes Tron with a low Smash! Tron falls to the level below, but strikes at Ganondorf with a thrown Star Rod, which Ganondorf shields and deflects into her!

Amber: Taking advantage of the split-second stun, Ganondorf drops on Tron and strikes with a Wizard's Foot! He then grabs Tron and throws her downwards!

Saiyaman: Tron quickly gets back up on her feet and strikes with a few punches, follwed up with a Bonne Strike! While Ganondorf is in the air, Tron hits him with an upward Smash!

175: Tron leaps up to deliver another blow, only to have Ganondorf smack her with the Dark Dive! As Ganondorf lands and begins a Warlock Punch, Tron attempts to disrupt it with Activate, which misses!

Amber: The Warlock Punch successfully connects, knocking Tron onto the rocks in the waterfall! Tron gets back up and fires a Rocket Punch to distract Ganondorf as she double-jumps back!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf leapt over the Rocket Punch and swings a kick at Tron as she landed, but she dodged it! Tron lands on the main platform, but Ganondorf leaps up to the top-right of the arena!

175: Tron leaps up onto the top left platform and leaps over to Ganondorf with the Bonne Strike! Ganondorf rolls back and throws a Smash at Tron, but Tron's attack left her short and she falls under his attack!

Amber: Tron falls back to the main level with Ganondorf dropping down with a Wizard's Foot, but Tron manages to roll away and hits with a Smash! Ganondorf responds to this by attacking with Gerudo Dragon!

"There's nothing up here."
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Saiyaman: (throws a crate in.) The crate lands on the top upper-left platform! Both Tron and Ganondorf go after it, but Tron breaks it with Kubon Copter, revealing a Beam Sword, Parasol and Screw Attack!

175: Both combatants leap up onto the platform and grab a weapon of choice! Ganondorf manages to grab a Beam Sword, followed by Tron using the Screw Attack on him! Make up your own joke here.

Amber: Since Tron threw the Screw Attack, she takes Ganondorf's air time to snag the Parasol! Ganondorf lands and takes a hit from the Parasol, but come back with several quick slashes and a Smash!

Saiyaman: Tron falls off the platform, but comes back with a double-jump and kicks at Ganondorf, who shields against the blow! Ganondorf responds to this by using Warlock Punch, blowing Tron off the top of the arena!

175: (tosses in a capsule.) Tron re-enters the arena and snags the capsule, throwing into the ground to reveal a Cloaking Device! Ganondorf heads for it, but backs off after Tron gets it first!

Amber: Ganondorf starts playing a defensive game, leaping around to avoid the invisible/invincible Tron, who manages to strike with an upward leaping attack! Ganondorf stands his ground and smacks Tron to keep her back, though not inflicting damage!

Saiyaman: Tron manages to pull off a Bonne Strike on Ganondorf, who grabs her and throws her back! He then leaps away as Tron's Cloaking Device wears off!

"See Blue about becoming new Black Koopa Bro."
Lives: 3
Lives: 2

175: Ganondorf shields himself against Tron's Rocket Punch on the mid-left platform! Tron leaps after him from the mid-right platform and dodges Ganondorf's Gerudo Dragon attack!

Amber: That stumble leaves Ganondorf helpless as Tron grabs him! She carries him to the edge and chucks him out of the arena!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf is coming back on the old revival platform and dives into Tron with a downward air attack! Tron gives Ganondorf some futile punches as Ganondorf hits with a low Smash!

175: Ganondorf's invunerability period has worn off, so Tron smacks him with the Activate move, using repeated punches while he's stunned! As soon as it wears off, Tron is grabbed, smacked three times and thrown to the right!

Amber: Tron lands on her butt, but gets back up right away and moves in with a running attack! Ganondorf not only leaps over the attack, but also hits her with a Gerudo Punch!

Saiyaman: Tron leaps to the upper left platform as Ganondorf follows, only to have his Gerudo Dive shielded against! Tron uses the time to smack him with a low Smash and grab him, but Ganondorf breaks free!

175: Ganondorf gives Tron a nice smack with two regular punches and an upward Smash! He then leaps up to attack again, but Tron manages to dodge the attack and land on ground level!

Amber: Okay, time for another item! (throws in an E-Tank.) The E-Tank lands on the rock on the right arena sida and both contestants rush after such a valuable recovery item, but Ganondorf manages to throw Tron back and claim it first!

Saiyaman: Tron sure looks mad about that, as she leaps over to Ganondorf and starts punching the heck out of him! Ganondorf rolls behind her after a few blows and leaps back to the main platform with Tron pursuing and hitting with Bonne Strike!

175: (lifting a Party Ball.) Dang, this is heavier than it looks!

Saiyaman: (throws the Party Ball in with ease.) Go, upper-body strength...again.

"Runaway Five now playing at Castle of Koopa!"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Amber: The Party Ball is on the upper-right platform and Ganondorf flings it at Tron! It misses, but Tron gets under it when it opens, receiving a Posion Mushroom!

Saiyaman: Tron also picks up the Lip's Stick that fell out, but Ganondorf leaps in and blows her out of the arena with a low Smash! He then claims the remaining item, a Red Shell!

175: Tron's down to her last life as she comes back on the revival platform! She comes down on Ganondorf with a downward air attack, but her subsequent attacks miss as Ganondorf rolls away and waits for her to become vunerable again!

Amber: Once Tron's invunerability wears off, Ganondorf bonks her with his Red Shell, which slides around and knocks her two or three times! However, Tron escapes with Kubon Copter and the Red Shell smacks Ganondorf before he leaps out of the way!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf hops up onto the mid-right platform while Tron leaps over and kicks him in the process! Ganondorf gets back up and smacks Tron with a running attack, followed by throwing her off the platform!

175: Tron returns with a double-jump and kicks at Ganondorf, who ran back from the ledge in anticipation! When Tron hits the ground, Ganondorf throws out a Smash at her, but Tron has shielded against the blow!

Amber: Taking advantage of the time between attacks, Tron drops her shield, hits with two punches and a low Smash! Ganondorf lets himself fall back to ground level to roll away as Tron tried and failed to drop onto him!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf fires up a Wizard's Foot on Tron as soon as she touches down, scoring a hit! He turns, grabs and throws her downward, but Tron recovers and hits him successfully with Activate!

175: With Ganondorf stunned, Tron smacks him with both a Rocket Punch and her Bonne Strike! She then grabs him and throws him up, but Ganondorf recovers and hops over to the top-left platform!

"Threed~No more Zombies. We promise."
Lives: 2
Lives: 1

Amber: (throws in a barrel.) The new barrel appears right on the edge of the mid-left platform and has been grabbed by Tron as she was following Ganondorf! She heaves it at him, but Ganondorf dodges and drops to Tron's level!

Saiyaman: Good thing, as that barrel exploded as it landed! Ganondorf keeps Tron back with a punch before he smacks her with a low Smash!

175: Tron double-jumps back, landing on the top-left platform as Ganondorf uses a Dark Dive! He manages to connect, but Tron returns yet again with her double-jump, leaping under Ganondorf and attacking upward as she does so!

Amber: You know, I think we have time for one more item. Let's just give 'em this one. (throws a Fan in near the fighters.)

Saiyaman: Now that the Fan is in play, Tron grabs it and thwacks Ganondorf for some severe paper cuts! Ganondorf just manages to sneak in a punch, causing Tron to drop the fan, which Ganondorf picks up and throws at her, knocking into the air!

175: As Tron comes back down, Ganondorf charges up his double-kick upward Smash and throws it out! It connects, sending Tron over the top of the arena for a KO!


Saiyaman: Let's go down to Navi who's with our contestants. Navi?

Navi: Thanks. I'm here with Ganondorf, today's winner. Ganondorf, what are your thoughts on this match?

Ganondorf: I'm quite pleased with how that went. It's clear I've succeeded at improving my skills.

Navi: Nice to hear that. Tron, what are your thoughts?

Tron: Personally, that could've gone a little better, considering I fought Ganondorf before, but I'll be fine.

Navi: Back to you guys.

175: (eating his candy bar.) This tastes a little funny. Is it stale? (looks at the wrapper.) "Best if eaten by June 16...1956." That explains it. (collapses on the floor.)

Amber: I'll do questions, you get a doctor.

Saiyaman: Roger. (heads out.)

Amber: So, here are the questions.

  • 1. Should Tron have won?
  • 2. Why does all our property get smashed up so much?
  • 3. Are Party Balls really that heavy?
  • 4. Why do we have candy bars that old in our vending machines?

    Saiyaman: (comes back in.) I found a doctor!

    (In walks - wouldn't you know it - Dr. Mario.)

    Dr. Mario: Quick, give him a-this! (throws Amber a Megavitamin and leaves.)

    Saiyaman: Should we tell him Dr. Mario was here?

    Amber: No way. He'll be so upset that he missed a chance to unmask him.

    Saiyaman: True dat. So long, everyone!

    Amber: Later!