28 fighters. Whoever lives the longest wins. No second lives. No items. No gimmicks. FINAL DESTINATION.

(The scene starts not on the commentary booth, but on the platform of Final Destination, where Superpower/match host Digifanatic is standing, microphone in hand.)

Digi: Ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true. In a few minutes, the Super Smash Stadium will be having a match unlike anything we have ever seen before! We will start off with two combatants and work down the line until all 28--I said 28--entries will have fought for one life's worth of action! I'm Ian "Digifanatic" Hoffman, and I am priveleged to be hosting this upcoming match.

Crowd: (loud cheers)

Digi: We've been wanting to do something special for all of those fighters that haven't survived the Triforce Tournament and are ready for redemption. But, for those that have made it through their opening matches, this will be a true proving ground for their excellence. I'll cover the rest in a few. Master Hand, take me back up to the booth, alright? I want to get away from the area before everything goes down!

(Master Hand floats down to the platform, by Digi's side.)

Master Hand: Your request is granted, Digi.

(Digi hops onto the palm of Master Hand, who generously flies him back to the booth. The SP hops off and walks over to his spot.)

Digi: Thank you very much.

Master Hand: You are welcome.

(a short pause) Digi: Well, are you going to leave?

Master Hand: Oh, no, sir. For an occasion like this I have to see this from the best seat here!

Crowd: (oohs and cheers)

Digi: Are you going...well, what else can I say? Folks, please welcome my guest for today's match, Master Hand!

Crowd: (more cheers)

Digi: I think that this is a most appropriate of measures, having you come over and doing this for us. So, this is going to be a very deep match with a lot of rules not normally seen here, so let's take a few minutes to go over the special technicalities that will apply here today.

Master Hand: This will be a no items, one-life-each contest. As you said during the introduction, this fight will start out with two combatants on the platform of the arena. Each of the 28 fighters has only one life and will enter the arena in a predetermined order by one of two ways: The first is simply by having 30 seconds pass since the previous fighter entered. The second is under a special scenario, to protect fairness, that the next fighter will be warped in immediately when only one fighter remains alive, even if that fighter is about to undergo a Star Knockout, failed triple jump, or some other problem that would result in a loss of life.

Digi: So, if it's been only, say, 24 seconds since the previous fighter in line has entered and there's only one fighter left, the survivor doesn't have the luxury of an extra six seconds to cool down and regroup, cause somebody else is coming in!

Master Hand: The winner of this fight is whoever survives the longest on their one life. Now, I'm sure many are asking, "What about the last fighter in line?" Well, we restart at the beginning of the line, and those fighters get a chance to kill off any survivors from the first cycle. Of course, the time they take on their second stint does not count towards their own score, because they've already lost a life, but they can prevent those from threatening to beat their time.

Digi: All in all, this is going to be a downright crazy match, and even we won't be able to easily tell who is going to win this. The order of the fighters has been conducted by a third party who has done a blind selection by oath. We don't want any names suspiciously next to each other unless it was a pure coincidence. (pulls out an envelope) My fellow Superpowers and I have kept this sealed until the match, so neither Master Hand nor myself know who is going when, until now.

(pulls out an envelope cutter, slices the envelope, and unfolds the order)

Digi: The first two combatants in the arena are...Mario and Captain Falcon!

Master Hand: Mario was picked first...doesn't sound random to me, but the third party folks seemed very trustworthy.

Digi: You do have a point, but I'm looking at who's third, and that's Young Link. I hope he's ready to appear any time soon--one mistake and he's entering real early.

Master Hand: Indeed. The rest of the order is Ice Climbers, Samus, Mr. Game & Watch, Peach, Mewtwo, Ray Mk II, Geno, Zelda, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Waluigi, Mega Man, Link, Falco, Donkey Kong, Ness, Roy, Ganondorf, Yoshi, Marth, Kirby, Luigi, Fox, Bowser, and finally, Tron Bonne. If anyone survives 30 seconds after Tron enters the arena, we'll resume with Mario, but as previously stated, his second time up will not count, unless, of course, he somehow survives for a miraculous period of time, which I doubt will happen.

Digi: So, we will see who truly is the King, Queen, 'Mon, 'Bot, or whatever term is necessary, of the Stadium. This is going to be special, and I'm glad you decided to come up here and take this on with me.

Master Hand: A special match calls for special measures.

Digi: (saluting Master Hand) Yes, sir. So, are you all ready to see who is going to win this match?

Crowd: (loud cheering)

Digi: Okay, we're going to get Mario and Captain Falcon into the arena. They should be warping in any moment now...(presses a button, and the two come in) and here they are! It's about time to get this match...underway!


Master Hand: They are officially on the clock, and Captain Falcon comes out swinging with a Falcon Kick straight to Mario's gut. They have no idea who's coming when, so it's important to hit hard as soon as possible.

Digi: Mario counters right away with a few punches, followed swiftly by a Fireball. They are not straying far from the center of the stage.

Master Hand: And Falcon returns the favor by slamming Mario into the ground. A very respectable toss.

Digi: Mario comes back with a Tornado, sweeping Falcon to the side, but the racer comes back with a few jabs.

Master Hand: Mario performs a sliding kick to the Captain, who gets ready for a Falcon Punch, but is interrupted by Young Link who warps in from behind.

"The Zero Wing soundtrack--with twice the Engrish and ten times the amount of keyboards than your average J-Pop album!"
C. Falcon
Young Link
TIME: 0:33.08
NEXT UP: Ice Climbers

Digi: So Captain Falcon turns around and he rams into Young Link, but I think he should focus on Mario before more fighters come in!

Master Hand: Mario seems to be listening to this as he goes for a Super Jump Punch on Young Link, and then he does a smash on Falcon!

Digi: Young Link spins his sword around, tossing Mario around a bit, but here comes the Falcon Punch! He connects to both of them!

Master Hand: And Young Link and Falcon temporairily team up on Mario, trading blows on the plumber. But Mario gives Falcon a few quick jabs and a sweep of the cape himself. A very nice combo.

Digi: Falcon giving his attention back to Mario, and there's the Raptor Boost, followed by a smash from Young Link! Mario retaliates with a throw to Young Link and the Ice Climbers are in!

"Don't listen to Phoenix Wright, he doesn't make a go--OBJECTION!!!"
C. Falcon
Young Link
Ice Climbers
TIME: 1:03.99
NEXT UP: Samus

Master Hand: If knockouts don't come soon, this is going to be a very crowded arena. The Ice Climbers pull a Squall Hammer on Young Link, but Mario hits the duo with a flaming punch.

Digi: He has to watch out because here comes an upward smash from Young Link, and that will be the first casualty! Mario can't win because Captain Falcon is still alive!

Master Hand: Young Link pulls out a bomb and hits the Ice Climbers, but Captain Falcon crashes the party with a Raptor Boost to the Hylian, and the Ice Climbers retalitate with a pair of Ice Shots.

Digi: And the Ice Climbers take out their hammers and just BLOW Young Link away, and their timing couldn't be better, because here comes Samus!

Master Hand: Young Link is out of there, and Samus starts up a Charge Shot.

Digi: She's pointing it straight at Captain Falcon, and she connects!

Master Hand: Falcon jumps back onto the stage, and takes down Samus with a nice spinning kick. But it's the Climbers that take control of this, freezing Falcon with a blizzard...

Popo and Nana: Yup!

Digi: They ran straight into Falcon and sent him reeling! Over the stage left edge, this one may be a more difficult recovery, and he's now out of it! Wow, once Mario got taken down, they've been dropping like flies...

"Looking for love? Sorry, we aren't 'The Dating Game'!" -SSS
Ice Climbers
TIME: 1:51.85
NEXT UP: Mr. Game & Watch

Master Hand: The Ice Climbers continue their onslaught by Belaying right into Samus' midsection, and return back right next to each other. Samus grabs Popo and fires him upwards with her gun.

Digi: But the Ice Climbers retaliate with quick sweeps of their hammers, and here enters Mr. Game & Watch!

Master Hand: Mr. Game & Watch comes out swinging with his Chef move, frying Samus a couple of times. I believe they want the big girl out of there.

Digi: Well, it'll take a bit more before Samus can be knocked out, and here she goes with a Screw Attack onto G&W, and then lands. Ice Climbers go for another Squall Hammer, but she shields. They turn around and they land a few blows on Game & Watch!

Master Hand: The Ice Climbers are in good shape, but Samus leaps back in and fries them up for a little damage. The pair is reeling towards the right edge.

Digi: And Game & Watch runs in close to Samus and smacks her with the Manhole cover. Samus lets loose a couple of bombs, one of which hits the Ice Climbers before rolling over and prepping another Charge Shot.

Master Hand: Ice Climbers trying to stop Samus from unleashing her fury--

Digi: But Game & Watch is going to interrupt with a 9 on Judgement! By the way, Peach has entered the fight, but the damage has been done! The Ice Climbers are the next casualty in the match!

"Looking for love? Sorry, we aren't 'The Dating Game'!" -SSS
Mr. Game & Watch
TIME: 2:39.07
NEXT UP: Mewtwo

Digi: By the way, I think Falcon's still the leader in the clubhouse...

Master Hand: Enough with the golf terminology. Game & Watch grabs Peach and tosses her up before setting her down, but she takes out a tennis racket and misses.

Digi: Samus finds the open opportunity and finally unleashes that Charge Shot, sending the princess just off the edge of the arena, but Toadstool comes back in with ease. She whips out a normal Vegetable from the arena floor and chucks it at Mr. Game & Watch, as he's been scuffling with Samus.

Master Hand: The two women now team up on Mr. Game & Watch, because they know that Judgment could come up at any time...Peach gets a smash from her frying pan in, and Samus lands a pair of punches.

Digi: Game & Watch uses the Lion chair, and, uh oh! Mewtwo's in!

Master Hand: But Mewtwo is quickly attacked by Mr. Game & Watch by the Fire move...meanwhile, Samus is shoved by Peach, who leaps up and kicks her from above.

Digi: Peach gains some momentum but uses it on G&W by flinging him backwards, towards the center. Mewtwo hits Peach with a middle-power Shadow Ball.

"Why have supermodels when you have the Superpowers?"
Mr. Game & Watch
TIME: 3:14.41

Master Hand: Mewtwo grabs Mr. Game & Watch and shocks him a few times before slapping him with the mighty Pokemon's tail. And here comes a huge upward Smash--Game & Watch is out.

Digi: Back to three and maybe back to two! Peach punches Samus off to the edge and flings her out--Samus is on the verge of losing her life. But she makes it back.

Master Hand: Peach walks off from Samus and is met by a running flame from Mewtwo. Samus and Peach begin to tussle as Ray Mk II makes this a four-fighter scene.

Digi: Truly a rumble here at Final Destination...Mewtwo and Ray face off against each other, and suddenly Samus gets a Peach Bomber dealt at her! Samus is flying out and she won't make it back.

Master Hand: Ray and Mewtwo now fight each other, trading many blows. I think I saw a Shadow Ball, a couple of Shark Missiles and some sparks from both combatants there.

Digi: And Ray goes to turn to Peach, who gives him a couple of punches, but Ray boots her out of the way with a Smash. Mewtwo rattles on the Robo with a burst of Conufsion!

Master Hand: Peach gets sent flying a good distance, but she's able to float back. Meanwhile, Mewtwo charges up a Shadow Ball and aims it at Ray, but it is Geno, who just came in, that gets hit.

Digi: Wow, that give Ray an open opportunity to blast Mewtwo up with some jacks, and an upward toss to add!

"How many Sudowoodos could a Monty Mole chuck if a Monty Mole could chuck Sudowoodos?"
Ray Mk II
TIME: 4:10.49
NEXT UP: Zelda

Master Hand: Ray wants Peach out of there...oh, it looks like he's charging his Kamikaze move. Someone should attack him before he launches the manuever...

Digi: And he's starting to glow...look out, folks! And there he goes! While Peach, Mewtwo, and Geno were fighting each other, Ray slams into Peach and the Princess is gone! Geno avoids him just in time and retaliates with a backwards toss. Ray is near the edge!

Master Hand: Geno takes the time to charge up a Geno Whirl, and blasts Ray out as Zelda comes in.

Digi: I think that Kamikaze hurt Ray's chances by racking up his damage...Zelda and Geno trade some blows as Mewtwo grabs Geno, sparks him and slams him around with that mighty tail.

Master Hand: Zelda goes for a couple of quick magical bursts to Mewtwo, but the Pokemon returns the favor with a Disable followed by a hard backward smash.

Digi: Geno goes for the Boost, and this will pep him up for a short time. He punches Mewtwo thrice amidst the carnage, Zelda blasts Geno with Din's Fire and wards off Mewtwo with a Love crystal.

Master Hand: Zelda continues to temporairily dominate, smashing Mewtwo again, and then transforms into Sheik, who uses a couple of Needles on Geno. Mewtwo uses a Teleport to get back on as Sheik runs back to the opposite side. Pichu's in.

Digi: But Pichu runs into the middle of the fray and takes care of both Geno and Mewtwo with a Thunder. This looks like a Double KO which will probably be worth it for the little guy...and indeed, Geno and Mewtwo are out.

Master Hand: A battle of speed now as Sheik slashes Pichu with the chain, but Pichu dishes out a slightly charged Skull Bash.

"How many Sudowoodos could a Monty Mole chuck if a Monty Mole could chuck Sudowoodos?"
TIME: 5:17.64
NEXT UP: Jigglypuff

Digi: Pichu goes for a couple of kicks and connects on one while Sheik teleports away from the other, appearing behind Pichu, and there's a sliding attack!

Master Hand: Pichu holding his own quite well as he lands in a quick Smash, and then a Thunder Jolt. Sheik transforms back to Zelda, who gives a quick hit to Pichu as Jigglypuff enters.

Digi: Jigglypuff lands a Pound on Zelda and kicks her a few times; looks like the two Pokemon are teaming up on her. Pichu smashes Zelda with a huge spark, she goes flying, but stays on the same life, only to fall asleep from Jigglypuff's singing.

Master Hand: And Rest connects. Zelda is sent flying off the edge--a clutch KO for the crooner, but in comes Pichu with a few quick moves. Jigglypuff is tossed around, but comes back with a Rollout. She nearly falls off the edge but corrects herself in time.

Digi: Jigglypuff goes for a headbutt into Pichu, but Pichu shocks her big time with Thunder! In comes Waluigi, and Jigglypuff grabs him, punches him once, and slams him into the ground.

Master Hand: The two Pokemon now start trading moves on each other. Pichu shocks Jigglypuff a few times while Jigglypuff gets in a Pound and a smash, the last of which sends Pichu flying...

Digi: And Waluigi strikes Jiggly hard with a serve, and flipkicks her up into the air. Pichu has to use Quick Attack to get back on, but he's still alive! He grabs Waluigi and tosses him backwards.

Master Hand: Jigglypuff knows that Pichu is vulnerable and charges a Rollout right after Pichu lets go of Waluigi. She crashes into Pichu and that looks like it'll be her second straight knockout.

Digi: Indeed it is. Waluigi sees an open opportunity on Jigglypuff, but she shields! Mega Man enters the fight and kicks Waluigi around. Jigglypuff comes back, floats around and goes for a dropkick to the Bomber! Nice hit...

"Super Mushrooms versus Rings! You decide!"
Mega Man
TIME: 6:39.45

Master Hand: Mega Man fires off a few Buster shots, one of which hits Jigglypuff. Waluigi drills them both with a kick and the puffball goes flying.

Digi: However, Jigglypuff makes it back down and drills Mega Man as the other two were squaring off! I like how she's holding out right now...

Master Hand: But Mega Man comes back with the Dragon Punch and I believe that will be the end for, somehow she holds herself from being knocked out.

Digi: I didn't think she'd survive that. Waluigi has been socking Mega Man hard while Jigglypuff floats back down and now uses Sing on Waluigi!

Master Hand: However, Waluigi takes a leap and rams into both of them--Link has just entered, by the way--with a headbutt, and Jigglypuff finally goes down, but not without shaking this fight up a bit.

Digi: Link sends a hearty stab into Waluigi as Mega Man leaps back and kicks a ball into the arena. It nails Waluigi but without any walls here, it's basicially all he's gonna get off of that...

Master Hand: Link pulls out a bomb and one again goes for Waluigi, but both are caught up in the blast. Waluigi taps Mega Man around a few times with a tennis racket before sending him off with a toss.

Digi: Link and Waluigi square off with jabs 'n' stabs as Mega Man jumps back up. Waluigi turns around and smashes Mega Man out! That one could do it!

Master Hand: Mega Man flies back and is indeed, taken out. Waluigi gives a laughing taunt as Link fires an arrow right to the back. (7:31.01)

Digi: Waluigi goes to face Link but the newly-entered Falco smashes Waluigi up and out! Link swings his sword but Falco does a Phantasm straight through Link!

"Oh, come on, we don't need to rely on advertisements ALL of the time..."
TIME: 7:38.82
NEXT UP: Donkey Kong

Master Hand: I believe the fight will be for third place after how long Samus and Mewtwo stayed alive for...


Game Guru: What the hell?! Why did the Match stop?!

Saiya: (holding a fire extingisher) THE TRANSMITTER'S ON FIRE!!!

GG: That's bad, isn't it?

Saiya: (putting out the fire) Totally shot... Gotta get a replacement.

GG: So we are just going to have a "To Be Continued" right here?

Saiya: Seems that way.

GG: (sighs) Figured as much...

Knight: (sticks a "To Be Continued" sign on the screen.)