Game Guru: Ok, ok. We got the transmitter fixed!

Saiya: Yep!

GG: It better not catch on fire again. Let's continue the transmission of the match.


Master Hand: I believe the fight will be for third place after how long Samus and Mewtwo stayed alive for...Falco and Link trade many hits and Link gets in a big stab to the chest, followed by a Spin Attack.

Digi: Don't look now, but Link may be the favorite--Falco reflects a bomb but Link jumps out of the way, stabbing Falco right into the ground--DK may have to go before the 8-minute mark...

Master Hand: But Falco comes right back with a swipe of the tail. Link makes one quick stab, but Falco returns the favor with the blaster. Here comes the ape...

Digi: I'd watch out if I were Falco, cause here comes the Ground Pound! Link also got hit in that, but Falco's going waaay up...but not dead yet.

Master Hand: Link sees Donkey Kong charging up a Giant Punch but hookshots him before he has time to store the charge. Link slams him into the ground, but Falco does a Fire Bird into Link right afterwards.

Digi: I take back what I say about Link being the favorite. Donkey Kong goes for another Grounder and both are sent flying, and Falco is flying off as a star!

Master Hand: Link retaliates with a Boomerang which clips DK twice, but Donkey Kong comes through with the backhand.

Digi: Ness enters and swings his yo-yo at Donkey Kong, who is also hit with a Hylian Bomb, but no boot to the head.

Master Hand: Ness charges a PK Flash and aims it perfectly. It's not at full strength, but it's more than enough to take out Link and scare Donkey Kong, and Link is

Digi: And Donkey Kong Headbutts Ness, charging a Giant Punch when Ness is at his most vulnerable...Ness pops back up, only to be creamed by 100% primate fist.

"Tomorrow night, one night only: The Amazing Captain Churro dares to fly away! Will he succeed?"
Donkey Kong
TIME: 8:55.80

Master Hand: Ness Walks the Dog on DK...I wonder how they'll do against Roy. They don't know he's next.

Digi: Oh, but they do now!

Master Hand: I think Ness is shouting orders at Donkey Kong, and they're going to gang up on Roy. He slashes at Ness, but misses. Donkey Kong swats Roy from behind.

Digi: Roy gets in a minor Flare Blade on Ness, but the two have other plans--DK goes for a Headbutt, and Ness is prepping the bat! Look out, this could get ugly for the swordsman!

Master Hand: DK lets Ness do the swing thing, and Roy goes flying far. I'm not sure how well he'll manage off of this...

Digi: But remember, they're still fighting against each other's clocks! Ness stuns DK with PK Thunder and DK retaliates with a few punches...

Master Hand: Roy comes back and pulls a Blazer on DK but I think that ticked off Kong more than anything. Here's the clap and Roy goes into the air again.

Digi: Ganondorf's come in and has been watching this...Roy falls down and Ganondorf gets in a huge Warlock Punch! Roy will not recover from that, and listen to the crowd! (a mixture of cheers and boos)

Master Hand: Ganondorf hits Ness a few times but Donkey Kong interrupts with a partial Giant Punch. Ganondorf then supplies his own Gerudo Punch to DK.

"Introducing Doopliss brand I Can't Believe It's Not Mario!"
Donkey Kong
TIME: 9:51.20
NEXT UP: Yoshi

Digi: Ness floats up into the air twice and goes for the PK Thunder; he's whipping it around himself and slams into both Kong and Dorf as they had they had their own scuffle--he clears the area out nice!

Master Hand: Not nice, but more like...nicccce.

Digi: Like that episode of "South Park"?

Master Hand: ...Yes.

Digi: Anyways, Yoshi's in and Egg Lays Ganondorf while Donkey Kong comes back at Ness with a double arm slam--Ness gets banged into the ground and flies up, but not out.

Master Hand: Ganondorf breaks out and sets up Yoshi for a bit of a combo, but switches attention to Donkey Kong and takes him out with an aerial move.

Digi: Yoshi flings an egg at Ganondorf but Ness grabs Yoshi right back and sends him to the wrath of the Gerudo...

Master Hand: Ganondorf tosses Yoshi out of the way and uses a Wizard's Foot to get Ness out of the battle.

"This is the advertisement for all of those psychics that knew there was going to be an ad that would apply specifically to them...we're looking at you, Sabrina's Kadabra."
TIME: 10:29.08
NEXT UP: Marth

Digi: It is going to be Marth's turn as Ganondorf slams Yoshi around again, but watch out for that blade! Marth dives in with a few quick stabs, followed by a good arcing shot.

Master Hand: Ganondorf takes one leap to get back onto the arena, and Yoshi plows into Marth with an Egg Roll. Yoshi's able to control himself well.

Digi: I thought food wasn't all--okay, that's a bad joke. Marth deals a smash to Ganondorf and he's going high, but not out!

Master Hand: While Ganondorf goes sailing, Yoshi and Marth scuffle, trading blows. Ganondorf crashes into Yoshi with another Wizard's Foot. Marth once again takes a swing at Ganondorf, but missed that time.

Digi: Yoshi...swallows Ganondorf, chomps, and spits him up into the air! He's gone! Yoshi, don't taunt!

Master Hand: Oh, that worked well into Marth's plan, going 4-for-4 with the Double Edge Dance, into the path of Kirby! He whips out the Pop Star Hammer and sends Yoshi out as well!

Digi: That's one of the few times I've seen you go nuts in this fight...

Master Hand: Because normally, I let my fingers do the talking. (flashes an okay sign to Digi)

Digi: I see where you're going. Kirby and Marth are having a good trade of blows right now as Kirby runs in with a Final Cutter. Marth returns the favor with an aerial move.

Master Hand: Kirby jabs Marth twice and then runs in with a smashing kick to the legs. Marth jumps back, but Kirby's floated twice and trying to drop another Stone...

Digi: He misses, and Marth is charging that Shield Breaker! Oh, not quite full power, but enough to rattle Kirby's senses. Luigi's in and gets stabbed by Marth, but the plumber hurls a Fireball right back.

Master Hand: Kirby wants to swallow Marth, but the swordsman is wise enough to concentrate on Luigi. They're facing off against each other, and Kirby just waves to the fans.

"Attention fighters, you shall not start hazing the winner of this--oh, crap, they're not here right now!"
TIME: 11:44.88

Digi: Luigi goes for the Jump Punch, but just misses catching Kirby in a flaming fist. Marth takes the time to use a Dolphin Slash on Luigi as he falls...

Master Hand: And Kirby benefits the most from this, as he Copies Marth's Shield Breaker. This could be big if Marth goes down.

Digi: Kirby decides to not use the Shield Breaker, instead going for one of those big crashing tosses on Luigi. Fox is in and pegs Marth with an Illusion.

Master Hand: Luigi uses the Cyclone back on Kirby, tossing the incumbent puffball--remember, Jigglypuff was in earlier--around, but Fox flips Luigi up into the air.

Digi: Marth sweeps Fox out of the way with a whirling slice! Luigi continues to pound on Kirby, but Kirby still gets in a few hits.

Master Hand: Kirby with the spin kick on Luigi, but Marth with an even bigger move on Fox. That looked like a smash if I ever saw one...and now he's looking at Luigi, charging the Shield Breaker.

Digi: Kirby charges one himself! Luigi turns around to face Marth, who stops charging, allowing Kirby to use his! Full power to boot! Also, for a short period of time before Luigi got KO'd, Bowser made it five fighters here at once, and there goes a flame job to the Kirb.

Master Hand: No S'mores jokes, please. Kirby dropped his hat in all of that and Bowser with the backwards smash to Marth, sending him out of there.

Digi: And while Bowser's busy finishing Marth off, look at Fox with the toss and blaster barrage. Kirby's falling off but takes three puffs and he's back. Bowser and Fox traded some blows, but Fox goes for the Fire Fox, and takes Kirby out.

Master Hand: But was Fox too close to the edge when he did it? No, he turns around and grabs the edge in time. While this has been going on, Tron Bonne is in. She's got Gustaff firing a punch to Bowser with ease...Bowser comes back with a pair of swipes.

I claim this ad in the name of America! - Bandit Keith
Tron Bonne
TIME: 13:10.58

Digi: Remember, folks, Mario's second stint only comes when we're down to one. Fox sends a barrage of kicks to Bowser while some Servbots drag Tron around, throwing both Bowser and Fox in a loop with those props.

Master Hand: Bowser with the nasty Koopa Klaw to Fox. A few bites and he sends him on his merry'll take a good series of jumps, but he can't make it.

Digi: Tron sending orders to punch Bowser around a bit and then sets up with an upward toss. Bowser comes right back with the Bomb and Tron goes into the air.

Master Hand: Bowser recovers quickly enough to pummel Tron with some midair offense, but Tron falls first, rolls out of the way, and has Gustaff hit him with a sliding kick.

Digi: Tron now shooting a laser at Bowser, and here come the Servbots, latching on to an already slow opponent...Tron sends in Gustaff for a grab, sending Bowser to the edge of the arena--not like he wasn't close enough...

Master Hand: Bowser is just able to shake off the 'Bots, but here comes Tron in again, smashing Bowser up and out. Can Bowser make it back?

Digi: Gets on with Whirling Fortress! Tron actually taking a hit or two on there...Bowser comes back with another swipe, but Tron sends Gustaff in to plow Bowser out with a toss!

Master Hand: Bowser's out this time. Now is when it gets interesting, cause Mario has come in, and maybe more if necessary. As Tron taunts, Mario hits her with a Super Jump Punch, but Gustaff fends Mario off for Tron with a few quick shots after landing.

Digi: Mario with no idea how well Tron's doing--or anyone else for that matter--comes back and goes with the Mario Tornado! Bonne may be in trouble.

Master Hand: Gustaff tosses Mario into the ground, but here comes the plumber back with a big smash, and it just may be over.

Digi: Tron makes one leap, and there's the Kobun Kopter, and an edge grab. Mario guards the edge with a firey smash and Tron is out!

Master Hand: The fight is over, and Mario was all that was needed to take Tron out. Don't be surprised if Captain Falcon is bummed out at that...

GAME! TOTAL TIME: 14:33.55

Digi: Now, this is going to get interesting, because the fighters don't know the results, and we're only getting the information ourselves now...Master Hand, I will allow you clearance out of here. I believe Navi and I can handle the rest of this ourselves.

Master Hand: Okay. Thank you.

Digi: Nah, thank you. I'm sure many were interested in having your presence here.

(Master Hand floats off)

Digi: And here come the results! (turns on a satellite feed to all of the fighters, converged in one room)

Digi: Okay, wow...this one was pretty close. I'll focus on top five. In fifth, with a impressive time of 1:59.64, Kirby!

(Some of the fighters applaud as Kirby waves)

Digi: Now that was a surprise to me, but he hung on...nice job, Kirby. Alright, in fourth, with a time of 2:11.09, Mewtwo! (thinking) I hope he doesn't blow the place up...

Mewtwo: (scoffs a bit, but not too upset) ("Well, at least I think I beat baseball head...his time's coming.")

Digi: (out loud again) In third, clocking in at 2:12.05, Samus! Good run for her.

Samus: (rather humble) Thank you very much.

Digi: Now, we'll bypass second and go straight to the winner, and this was close. And now, the King of the Stadium... (presses a button)

TIME: 2:18.87

(Applause as Donkey Kong pounds his fists to his chest, letting out a roar)

Digi: King of the Stadium, Kong of the Stadium, however you look at it, congratulations DK. Let's send it down to Navi.

Navi: Alright, how does it feel to know that you have survived longer on one life than anyone else here today?

Donkey Kong: Oh, Navi, it was cool! It was a matter of being in the hunt at the right time. Listen, I just went out there and fought how I needed to, and it's good to come out here and prove my strength!

Navi: Alright, thanks...and now I'd like to speak to Marth. A very nice fight, but you finished second by only 0.61 sections--a pretty small margin, if you ask me. Well, how does it feel?

Marth: Well, what happened to Roy?

Roy: (a String of Japanese Expletives)

Marth: Ganged up on him?

Navi: Yeah.

Marth: Ah, well, that figures. He's usually pretty good in these fights, and I imagine that there were a few here that wanted revenge on him. As for my finish, it's not easy waiting when you have no idea how well the others have done. However, I'll accept my finish and move on, at least feeling pretty good that I beat 26 others.

Navi: Thanks. I'll finish up with talking to who I think had a pretty impressive run. Peach, you surprised people early on and had a pretty formidable time amongst everyone else's. You held up to finish, uh, Digi, where did she finish?

Digi: Seventh place, 1:54.80.

Peach: Ohhh...that's not too bad.

Navi: No, it's not bad at all. There were many people that probably thought you wouldn't survive for a lot more than a minute, and you placed in the top quarter of the field.

Peach: Well, at least I showed people that you still shouldn't mess around with me. Well, it would have been nice if I won, but you can't do it all of the time. Thanks!

Navi: Any other words you have?

Peach: Did I finish ahead of Bowser?

Digi: You did...

Bowser: WHAT?! I bust my shell fighting against these others and I can't beat TOADSTOOL?! I'm outta here... *storms out of the room*

Digi: Oh, I wouldn't stand next to him for a while, guys!

Peach: Yeah, Bowser has a habit of getting angry like that. Well, I hope that answers your question. Thank you!

Navi: You're welcome. I think that'll take care of things here. Digi, finish us up.

Digi: Alright, well, what do you think about this, folks?

1) Should we have another of these next season?
2) Did you expect Roy to be ganged up like that?
3) Whose finishes surprised you, either in a positive or negative way?
4) If you put Peach and Bowser in an upcoming fight, who would win?
5) Will this match have any impact on the rest of the Triforce Tournament?
6) Did you enjoy the format?

Digi: And that's it. After everything that's happened, I'm not sure if there's anything left to say but thanks for being here and we hope you enjoyed this truly unique and great fight we gave you today at SSS. I'm Digifanatic, we're outta here!


1. DK 2:18.87
2. Marth 2:18.26
3. Samus 2:12.05
4. Mewtwo 2:11.09
5. Kirby 1:59.64
6. Ness 1:58.67
7. Peach 1:54.80
8. Captain Falcon 1:48.09
9. Link 1:44.89
10. Waluigi 1:36.19
11. Bowser 1:35.98
12. Ice Climbers 1:34.95
13. Tron Bonne 1:33.55
14. Jigglypuff 1:32.55
15. Pichu 1:29.78
16. Fox 1:27.02
17. Ganondorf 1:25.04
18. Mr. G&W 1:23.54
19. Zelda 1:17.33
20. Mario 1:14.74
21. Geno 1:11.46
22. Yoshi 1:08.11
23. Luigi 1:04.32
24. Young Link 1:02.84
25. Ray 1:01.24
26. Mega Man 0:58.09
27. Falco 0:57.45
28. Roy 0:44.12