(Fawful is at the bottom of the Super Smash Stadium, tossing a grappling hook onto its roof near GG's office.)

Fawful: I must be obtaining the Triforce with Power! Cackletta is demanding of it! (begins climbing the rope)

Rita: (looks out the window) Hey, who left this open?

(Rita slams the window on Fawful's hands)

Fawful: AHH!!! THE PAIN IS PAINFUL!!! (tugs his hands free of the window) Ahh... (he then realizes that nothing is holding him up) FINKRATS!!! (He falls onto a Sammer Guy)

Sammer Guy: Ugh...

Fawful: I shall be needing of re-enforcements like a sandwich is needing of bread!

Sammer Guy: Who is to dare to be landing on Mustard of Doom!

Fawful: I shall be the mustard of YOUR doom! I AM FAWFUL! I HAVE FURY! (begins beating up the Sammer Guy)


(Roy is training his sword fighting skill in the Stadium Gym. A blue-haired woman about Roy's age watched on with Marth, and speaking in Japanese. A Cardboard box is also in the room)

Marth: {He has been like this since his lost in the King of the Stadium. I thought that you might be able to snap him out of it, Lilina. I mean you are his girlfriend...}

Lilina: Roy...

Roy: Lilina...

Lilina: {Please, don't overexert yourselves}

Roy: {If only I was stronger, your father wouldn't have died}

(A older red-haired man and a beautiful green-haired women entered the Gym)

Roy: {Father!}

Eliwood: {Boy, Lilina's father was a great warrior. I know, I fought with Lord Hector. His death was tragic, but there was nothing you could do to save him.}

Marth: {I know how loss can be... I lost my sister in battle... That's why I wear her tiara...}

Roy: {I must be stronger!}

Eliwood: (Sighs) {Suit yourself, boy. Lyn and I are going to take a tour of this town.}

Lyn: {I heard it's a great town.}

(Samus walks into the Gym wearing her Zero Suit)

Samus: Hello, Marth and Roy.

Marth: Hello, miss...

Samus: Samus.

Marth: (gets a good look over Samus) Samus?!

Samus: Don't even think it, buster!

Roy: {Geeze, she is such a bi--} (Eliwood hits Roy over the head with his cane)

Eliwood: Boy, speak their language!

Samus: Who is this?

Roy: My father, Eliwood.

Samus: I heard you were a great warrior.

Eliwood: Still am! (Lyn grabs his arm)

Lyn: We should get going.

(Eliwood and Lyn leave)

Lilina: {Let's go, Roy} (Lilina grabs Roy by the arm and tugs him away)

Roy: {Hey, I still got to-} (Roy is dragged away by Lilina)

Marth: (smiles)


(In a fine restaurant, Link is having a romantic meal with Malon, complete with spagetti. Lilina and Roy are also there, talking to each other in Japanese)

Malon: (kisses Link) Oh, Link... This is a wonderful meal.

Link: Well, I know how to treat a lady. Been coming to this place since I was 10 years old.

(As if on cue, Young Link enters with Young Zelda)

Young Link: This is a neat place I found, Zelda!

Young Zelda: Oh, Link... You can be nice when you want to be.

Young Link: Thanks, I wouldn't want to be a cad... whatever that is!

(Malon looks angerly at Young Link and Young Zelda and dumps the spagetti on Link's head)

Malon: Hmmph!

Link: (blinks) What did I do?!

Lilina: {What's with them?}

Roy: {Dunno... Don't care}


MATCH #118

Samus vs. Falco

Game Guru: Hello, and welcome to Super Smash Stadium. I'll be your commentator, the Game Guru. Helping me commentate is Krystal of Team Starfox.

Krystal: It's nice to be here, GG.

GG: This is of course a match for the Triforce Tournament, so let's get it on the way.

Krystal: No items, three lives, and at Hyrule Temple!

GG: 3! 2! 1! GO!

(A Sammer Guy enters, looking battle-damaged)

Krystal: What is this!

GG: This is a Sammer Guy... (turns to the Sammer Guy) What happened?

Sammer Guy: I have lost my fury to a beanish creature who is calling himself Fawful!

GG: Fawful... You may rest, Mustard of Doom.

Sammer Guy: I am being thankful, Guru with Games.

GG: See, there is a dozen Sammer Guys guarding the Triforce of Power.

Krystal: Do they all have names like Mustard of Doom?

GG: Let's see... We have Mustard of Doom, End Boss, Quizmo Question That Has No Answer, Shoe of Kuribo, Guy Who Fry, Grand Master Kickface, Thousand-Year Roar, Bullet Ill, The Negative One, Block of Pow, Over the Flagpole and Furious Fang of Goomb... So yes.

Krystal: Shouldn't we be commentating the match?

GG: Oh, right! Samus attempts to drop a bomb on Falco.

Krystal: But Falco dodges it.

GG: Samus uses a Screw Attack!

Krystal: Falco is on the defensive!

GG: Lots of jumping to dodge for Falco!

Krystal: But he didn't dodge that one!

GG: Samus really IS having her way with Falco.

Please donate your used hearts to Organization XIII.
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Krystal: And Falco sent her away with a kick!

GG: But Samus smashes Falco back!

Krystal: Samus corners Falco!

GG: Falco is getting hit into the air!

Krystal: Oh no, Falco!

GG: Falco is KOed!

Card games are more popular than SSB - Seto Kaiba
Lives: 3
Lives: 2

Krystal: Samus is charging her Charge Shot for Falco's return!

GG: Samus hasn't even broken a sweat! She even taunts after charging it up.

Krystal: The head to the Lower part of the Temple.

GG: Ooh, this'll be fun.

Krystal: Falco's pressing his advantege down here! Go Falco!

GG: Samus still has the charge shot charged.

Krystal: Falco is really making a comeback here!

GG: Samus tries to use one of her Bombs on Falco.

Krystal: But Falco blocks it!

GG: And Falco KOed Samus! I didn't even see that!

"The Princess is in another castle"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Krystal: Samus returns and she's mad!

GG: She kicks Falco away!

Krystal: Samus tries a Screw Attack!

GG: But Falco dodges!

Krystal: Falco is on the offensive!

GG: Samus fails at another Screw Attack!

Krystal: Samus kicks Falco up into the air!

GG: No KO...

Krystal: Samus slams Falco into the ground!

GG: It's really a Melee out there.

Krystal: More like a Brawl.

GG: Falco's pressing his adventege!

Krystal: Samus is flying!

GG: This could be ANYONE's game, folks!

Krystal: Samus sends Falco back. Oh no!

GG: Samus succeeds in a Screw Attack!

Krystal: They are sending each other flying!

GG: And Falco KOs Samus!

"We want YOU for the Koopa Army!"
Lives: 1
Lives: 2

Krystal: Falco is going to win! I know it!

GG: Samus quickly slams Falco into the ground!

Krystal: And kicks him into the air!

GG: And KO's him!

"Bounce with us!~Mack's Pogo Club"
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

GG: This'll be anyone's game, folks!

Krystal: They are really uhh... fighting with each other!

GG: They both know it is their last life!

Krystal: Falco tosses Samus and blasts her!

GG: Samus tries to use a bomb!

Krystal: They both hit each other with their blasters.

GG: Samus grabs Falco

Krystal: But Falco kicks her away!

GG: Samus really is getting beat out there!

Krystal: Samus uses her Screw Attack to send Falco flying!

GG: Falco is KOed!

"Panfan: Because your toilet needs to smell nice"
Lives: 1

Krystal: Samus goes to the next round of the Triforce Tournament against Ganondorf!

GG: She'll have to defeat the Wizard of Evil to hope to win this tournament! To recap, Round 2 of the Triforce Tournament...

Bowser vs. Captain Falcon
Mario vs. Waluigi
Roy vs. Zelda
Ganondorf vs. Samus

GG: Amazing that Bowser, Roy, and Waluigi made it to the second round and not Link, Young Link, and Sonic!

Krystal: What if the Triforce of Power falls into the hands of Bowser!

GG: It won't happen... Waluigi and Bowser would both have beat Mario.


(In the Stadium Gym, Samus trains without her armor, as two witches watch her in a crystal ball)

Koume: She looks to be a strong woman...

Kotake: --Ganondorf doesn't have a chance...

Koume: Well, then...

Kotake: We'll just have to cheat!

Dark Link: Heh...


(A whole group of creatures are talking to each other and making lots of noise. Fawful is at a podium)

Fawful: May the meeting that is for the Legion of No Good be coming to order!

Capt. Syrup: More like the Obscure Reject Mario Villian Brigade.

Nastasia: Yeah, umm, We shall start the role call, K? Axem Rangers?

Axem Red: We fight for evil!

Axem Black: We live for disorder!

Axem Green: We like what we do!

Axem Pink: We struggle for chaos!

Axem Yellow: We are...

All: ...the AXEM RANGERS!!

Nastasia: Yeah, umm, we have a strict 'no posing' policy, K? Lord Crump?

Lord Crump: Here.

Nastasia: Fawful?

Fawful: I am being here!

Nastasia: Sir Grodus?


Nastasia: Jr. Troopa?

Jr. Troopa: Hmmph! Here.

Nastasia: Mimi? umm, no Mimi... Nastasia? Yeah, umm, that's me, K? O'Chunks?


Nastasia: Captain Syrup?

Capt. Syrup: Here.

Nastasia: Tatanga?

Tatanga: (looking over Capt. Syrup) Can't I just have her?

Capt. Syrup: Try and I'll slug you!

Nastasia: Yeah, umm, break it up, K? Wart?

Wart: The GREAT Wart, ha ha!!

Fawful: We all want to get the Triforce of Power.

(A second Fawful enters the meeting room and spots the Fawful at the podium)

Fawful: You are not having the fury to be Fawful!

(The Fawful at the podium poofs into Mimi)

Mimi: You talk too weird! (lets Fawful at the podium)

Fawful: We are to be obtaining the Triforce with Power! This mission is like a-

(King K. Rool busts into the meeting room carrying Pauline on his back)

Pauline: Let me go, you brute!

K. Rool: Well, well, well... It seems we have a villian team-up here... I wish to join, and brought a gift.

(K. Rool tosses Pauline in front of Nastasia)

Nastasia: Yeah, I'm gonna have to brainwash you now, K? (Attempts to brainwash Pauline)

Pauline: Ugh!

(Pauline is brainwashed)


Capt. Syrup: ... Impressive!

Fawful: Ooh... I seem to be having an EVIL idea!