Match #119

The Question: Who will move on the next part of the Triforce Tournament?

The Fighters:

Bowser C. Falcon

The Arena: Brinstar
Item Ratio: Medium
Lives: Three

175: Good day, ladies and gentlemen, to another fantastic match here at SSS! Now, I suppose you're wondering where Saiyaman and Amber, who were supposed to comment today's match, are. That will be explained in due time, but first, my co-commentators of choice. First off, the famous hyper inventor from Expel, Precis Newman!

(A red-haired teenage girl enters the booth, carrying a small blue robot in her backpack.)

Precis: Wheeee! Hi, everybody! I'm Precis and this is my robo-buddy, Bobot! It's great to be here!

175: Now, for our next co-host, it's the multi-world famous Keyblade wielder, Sora!

(Sora enters the booth to incredible cheers.)

Sora: Thanks! It's good to be here!

Knight: TAKE IT OFF!

(An eerie silence falls over the Stadium.)

Knight: ...what?

175: Sora? You okay there, buddy boy?

Precis: Wow, he's blushing so hard, his cheeks are bruising!

Knight: Ah! I thought they said...uh...Samus! Yeah! That's right! YOU HEARD NOTHING!

175: Whatever you say, man.

Precis: So, where are the usual commentators?

175: Illness. They both caught the bug going around. They should be fine by next match.

Sora: So, this match we're doing, what's it about? And...uh, could we please keep the robot thing in the audience away from me?

Precis: He scares you?

Sora: Well, Kairi would be upset.

175: Today, Captain Falcon and Bowser are going mano-a-mano in the next Triforce match. Let's take a look at a clip. (slides the backstory tape in.)

(On the backstory tape, we see GG talking to Bowser and Falcon.)

GG: Bowser, Captain Falcon, you two are going mano-a-mano in the next Triforce match.

Bowser: Sure.

Falcon: Okay.

(The tape starts playing a commercial for Mentos.)

175: (stops the tape.) Well, that was unimpressive. So, Precis, why do you explain the match to us?

Precis: Okie-dokie! The match is gonna be three lives long. All long range items have been turned off, so both of 'em have to fight up close. Health restoration and invincibility items are off too.

175: A guest commentator got it right?

Sora: Is that common?

175: Not in the least. I think it's a sign of the apocalypse or something. Keep an eye out for seven-headed dragons from the east while the fighters enter the arena.

Precis: Hey, it's time for introductions, right?

175: Oh yeah. So, ladies and gentlemen...

Sora: Heartless and Nobodies...

Precis: All you other guys too!

175: SSS tried every method possible, but failed to avoid bringing you...

Sora: The Keyblade Master, Sora!

Precis: The great inventor, Precis!

175: The semi-respectable commentator, 175!


Sora: So, for the several thousand in the audience...

Precis: And for several thousand more watching at home...


Sora: Falcon's speed gives him the advantage early on, allowing to dash to Bowser and attack with a Raptor Boost in mid-air! Bowser is hit in the middle of his jump, but he throws a quick Whirling Fortress to retaliate!

Precis: Both contestants land in the middle of the arena's top as Bowser starts slashing at Falcon! Falcon shields against a few blows, then slips in a Falcon Dive to knock Bowser back against the pillar!

175: Here comes Kraid, throwing a smack-down on the arena to make it rotate to the right! Falcon keeps up with the rotating land easy, but Bowser pulls off a Whirling Fortress on Falcon as he heads up!

Sora: Bowser lands near Falcon, who throws out a good series of punches until Bowser manages to edge his way away! Falcon then makes a strike with the Falcon Kick, but Bowser shields and avoids it!

Precis: That last move left Falcon stranded on a little platform down near the arena's lower half, forcing him to triple-jump up! Bowser hops back to avoid being hit and hits Falcon with Fire Breath!

"Come to the Black Market for all your Chao needs!"
C. Falcon
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

175: Falcon escapes the attack with his Falcon Dive, leaping over Bowser as Kraid emerges and smacks the arena back into its original position. Bowser turns and snares the landing Falcon with his Koopa Claw, biting once before the throw!

Sora: Let's try an item. (tosses one in.) That's a Star Rod, right? It lands up on the left platform and Falcon picks it up. Bowser leaps over there only to get a star to his face!

Precis: Bowser hangs out on the main area, making Falcon come to him with a downward air attack! The attack misses, so Bowser starts slashing up Falcon!

175: Falcon takes advantage of a lull in Bowser's attack to smack with the Star Rod, knocking Bowser back as Kraid rises again! The arena's left end is knocked straight up, forcing the fighters to head that way!

Sora: Bowser finds himself on top and uses his height to fry Falcon with Fire Breath from above! Falcon takes a few burns before moving down a little ways to avoid the fire!

Precis: Bowser tries his Bowser Bomb move, but Falcon throws the Star Rod up and smacks him in the butt with it! He leaps up and hits Bowser with the Falcon Dive, KOing him!

"Clothes - For those of you too ugly to be naked" ~Charity
C. Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: 3

175: Bowser comes back on the revival platform, dropping down with his Koopa Claw and gnawing at Falcon! He then throws him up against the side of the arena, sending Falcon plumetting towards the lava!

Sora: Falcon recovers and does a wall-jump to land on the floating island as Kraid rises again! His next blow knocks the arena back to its original position, leaving Bowser fine, but Falcon can't make it in time and is KOed!

Precis: Falcon returns to the field and runs right into Bowser with a running attack! He then goes into rapid-fire punches and a Falcon Kick, which knocks Bowser back!

175: Bowser smacks into a post, leaving him next to Falcon and open to another attack. However, Bowser rolls back and slips in a Whirling Fortress just as Falcon tries a Falcon Punch!

Sora: Bowser uses this time to take the upper hand again, slashing Falcon several times before knocking him up with an upward Smash! He slashes upwards again, but Falcon escapes with a double-jump!

Precis: Here comes big ol' Kraid again! His hit made the right side of the arena tilt upward with Bowser again on the high ground! Falcon is just below him this time, so he hits with an upward Smash!

175: The force of the blow knocks Bowser backwards, causing him to land on the small platform on the other side of the arena! Falcon hops over and drops down on Bowser, dodging a Whirling Fortress as he does so!

"Leroy wasn't here.~ Not Leroy"
C. Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Sora: The two of them land on the platform, but its angle leaves them with a tiny amount of room for fighting! At this space, the two go to basic punches and swipes for damage!

Precis: I guess Kraid's here to help this time, as his latest blow knock the arena's left side, causing the arena to have flipped nearly 180 degrees total! During this time, Bowser smacks Falcon onto the new ground with a running attack!

175: Okay, it's item time! (throws something in without looking.) It's landing near Falcon and it's...a robot?

Precis: Bobot! NOOOOOOO!

Sora: Looks like Falcon mistook Bobot for an item. He just picked him up and winged him at Bowser, who shielded that blow.

Precis: Don't take that, Bobot! Mujin Super Beam!

Bobot: (fires a big freaking laser at Falcon.)

Falcon: Craaaaaappppp! (gets blasted off the stage.)

Bowser: (blinks.) Whoa.

175: Anyone got an idea what to do?

Sora: No need. Bowser just tossed him off the arena edge.

Precis: (throttles 175 with a robotic hand from her backpack.) GETHIMBACKGETHIMBACKGETHIMBACK!

175: Ack, calm down! Look, he's waddling back in now.

Precis: Yay, Bobot! (runs over to him.)

175: (still being choked.) For the love of my larynx, you're chok-...urk! Gack...ack... (collapses.)

Sora: Okay, for those of you who want to know about the match, Falcon is already back in the field and he's chasing after Bowser with a Raptor Boost. The blow connects, but his invincibility has worn off just as Bowser strikes with his Bowser Bomb!

Precis: (turns off the robot hand.) Uh, the other guy sorta fainted from air loss when I choked him. Oh, and Falcon smacked Bowser with his Falcon Kick.

Sora: Looks like he'll be okay after a bit. Back to the fight, Falcon tries a Falcon Dive to follow up, but Bowser does a mid-air dodge and they both fall back to the ground. Bowser then grabs Falcon and throws him into the ground!

Precis: Falcon uses the momentum from the slam to jump back and Bowser follows slightly, using Fire Breath! A double-jump keeps Falcon safe as Kraid comes up again and smacks the arena's right side!

Sora: Here comes an item! (tosses in a crate.) Falcon grabs the crate while Bowser moves towards the left edge! One good toss later reveals the crate contains a Home-Run Bat and a Lip's Stick!

"Now selling Ultra Balls at Fuschia Poke-Mart!"
C. Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: 1

Precis: Falcon gets the Lip's Stick and throws at Bowser who was heading for the Home-Run Bat! Bowser gets a little flower on his head while Falcon uses the stun from his blow to take the bat!

Sora: Bowser grabs the Lip's Stick for himself and hops back to avoid a quick Smash attack from Falcon! He dashes in just after the swing and scores a strong hit, leaving a flower on Falcon's head!

Precis: Falcon takes a few bat swings at Bowser, forcing him to raise his shield! The shield goes down after a bit, but Falcon slips in a Falcon Punch before Bowser becomes mobile again, KOing him!

Sora: Bowser comes back on the platform while Falcon shakes the flower off his head. Falcon easily outruns Bowser until the invincibility wears off, making Falcon turn and use a running attack!

Precis: The running attack hits, so Falcon tries a few more punches! Too bad for him, 'cause Bowser just rolled behind him and hit him with a quick Smash!

Sora: Falcon's knocked into the air, so Bowser leaps up to follow up the attack! However, Falcon flings the bat onto Bowser, knocking him to the ground, but losing the bat in the process!

"Amanda, will you marry me?"
C. Falcon
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Precis: Falcon tries to strike again with a Falcon Kick, but the kick's power wears out before it can hit, giving Bowser a chance to use his Koopa Claw! As he gnaws, then slams Falcon into the ground, Kraid comes back!

Sora: Kraid strikes the right side, causing the left end to lift into the air! Bowser tries to grab Falcon while this happens, but Falcon leaps back, followed by a Raptor Boost to smack Bowser into the ground!

Precis: My turn for an item! (tosses an egg in.) The egg lands on the tippy-top of the arena and starts rolling down. While Bowser is knocked down, Falcon grabs and throws it, giving him a Parasol!

Sora: Bowser's back up and he uses an upward Smash on Falcon, but that new Parasol lets him float safely to the floating platform! Bowser arrives there just as Falcon lands and strikes with Fire Breath!

Precis: Falcon gets a little singed, but hops up and comes down on Bowser with an aireal attack! At the platform's angle, however, he falls off it, but the Parasol helps break his fall!

"Hell no."~Amanda
C. Falcon
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Sora: The slow descent gives Bowser the time he needs for a Bowser Bomb, smashing into Falcon on his way down! Both of them land safely on the main platform, Falcon regaining his balance as he does so!

Precis: Bowser powers up a Smash while Falcon is getting up and strikes as soon as that happens, knocking Falcon off the right off the edge! It's a KO!


Precis: (pokes 175.) I think he's hurt worse than I thought.

Sora: Curaga! (heals everyone in the booth.)

175: (pulls himself back up.) Where am I? Oh, right.

Sora: Now, let's go over to Navi with our fighters. Navi?

Navi: Thanks. I'm here with Bowser. Bowser, how do you feel as you move up in the tournament?

Bowser: Excellent, how else? That Triforce is as good as mine!

Navi: And how do y-...

Falcon: That robot ruined everything! I'd have won if it hadn't interfered!

Precis: Hey, you leave Bobot out of this!

Navi: Er, back to you.

175: Now, let's ask a few questions for our home audience.

  • 1. Would Falcon have won had Bobot not interfered?
  • 2. Do you think Bowser will make all the way to the top?
  • 3. Are you missing Saiyaman and Amber already?
  • 4. Would Kairi get really upset if Knight tried something on Sora?

    Precis: Bobot's not gonna get in trouble for what happened there, is he?

    175: Nah, those things keep life interesting. Well, we'll see you all next time here at SSS!

    Sora: We're not really going to be here next time, are we?

    175: Probably not.

    Precis: So long, everyone!