(Mr. Game & Watch is walking down the hall, singing.)

Mr. G&W: (singing) Bleep bloop bleep bleep bloop! Bleep bleep bleep bloop! Bleep bleep bleep bloop! Bleep bloop bleep bleep bloop! Bleep bleep bleep bloop! Bleep bleep bleep bloop!

(175 and the Ice Climbers meet up with Mr. G&W in the hall)

175: Mr. Game & Watch, I need your help to discover Mario's secret...

Mr. G&W: Bleep?

175: If we corner him in his locker room, we will know once and for all that Mario is Dr. Mario!

Mr. G&W: Bleep?!

Popo: We're helping!

Nana: Yay! Helping!

175: Follow me...

(175, the Ice Climbers, and Mr. G&W charge into the Mario Bros. Locker Room, and 175 finally corners Mario)

Mario: What-a is this?

Popo: Mr. Mario, we've discovered your secret!

Mario: I don't a-have a secret...

175: (opens Mario's locker to reveal Dr. Mario's labcoat, headgear, and megavitamins) You're Dr. Mario! This proves it! You know, aside from the name and the similar face and all that.

Mr. G&W: Bleep?!

Mario: The secret! She's a-been discovered! Yes, I am a-Dr. Mario. (stuffs the headgear and megavitamins into the labcoat and takes the labcoat out) But-a you aren't a-gonna tell anyone! (Mario shoves 175 into his locker and locks him in)

Nana: Hey!

Popo: You can't do that to our friend!

Mr. G&W: Bleep!

(Mario puts on the labcoat as he runs off to his match with Waluigi, as Popo, Nana, and Mr. G&W run after him.)

175: (bangs on the locker) I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!


Game Guru: Welcome to Super Smash Stadium, I'm your host, the Game Guru, and I have no other commentators! Why is that?!

(The Ice Climbers and Mr. Game & Watch run in)

Popo: We've discovered Dr. Mario's secret!

Nana: He's actually Mario!

Mr. G&W: Bleep! (nods)

GG: Have you guys been talking to 173?

Nana: His name's 175, not 173!

Popo: Oh, no! We left him in the locker room!


175: You're my only hope. I need you to run and get help. Now, run! Run like the wind!

(A plushie squeezes out of the vent of Mario's locker and lands on the ground, where it sits for a few seconds.)

175: Okay, even I'll admit that was pretty dumb.


GG: Anyway, this match is a Triforce Tournament Match between Mario & Waluigi with three lives, no items, and at Mushroom Kingdom II! Popo & Nana, you have the honors...

Popo: Look!

GG: It's Mario! But he's taking off his cap and putting on the labcoat and headgear of Dr. Mario! I guess it IS true!

Nana: We told you!

Mr. G&W: Bleep!

GG: There you have it, Mario is Dr. Mario... I guess 173 is SP for the week... 3! 2! 1! GO!

Mr. G&W: Bleep bloop bleep bleep bloop!

Popo: Dr. Mario tosses a megavitamin!

Mr. G&W: Bleep bleep bleep bloop! Bleep bleep bleep bloop!

Nana: Waluigi hits Dr. Mario with a tennis ball!

Mr. G&W: Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleeping bleep bleep.

GG: Okay, that's it, Mr. Inkblot. No more commentating for YOU!


Nana: Dr. Mario and Waluigi throw it down!

GG: But Waluigi has the upper hand!

Popo: Waluigi is stomping Dr. Mario repeatly into the ground!

Nana: Waluigi gives Dr. Mario the old Heave-ho!

Popo: Dr. Mario is KOed!

"Looking to hire stand-in the event of Koopa attacks" - Princess Peach
Lives: 2
Lives: 3

GG: Waluigi taunts like he's in Degeneration X... Man, people just love that taunt...

Popo: Dr. Mario charges straight at him.

GG: Waluigi hits Dr. Mario with his tennis racket!

Nana: Dr. Mario slams Waluigi into Birdo!

GG: Birdo's not too happy at that and spits eggs at them!

Nana: Waluigi is getting pelted with them!

Popo: Dr. Mario> grabs one of Birdo's Eggs!

GG: Dr. Mario throws it at Waluigi!

Nana: Waluigi is KOed!

"Eat Floppy-Os: the cereal that goes soggy, even before milk!"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

GG: Waluigi returns and he looks peeved!

Popo: Waluigi pulls out a Baseball Bat!

GG: Hey, that's a Home Run Bat! Waluigi's cheating!

Nana: Oh no! Dr. Mario's getting hit repeatedly with it!

Popo: Dr. Mario doesn't have a chance!

Mr. G&W: BLEEP!!!

GG: The Judges say Waluigi is disqualified! Mario will go on to the next round of the Triforce Tournament!


Nana: Dr. Mario looks pretty injured!

Waluigi: Now you DIE!

GG: Oh, no! Dr. Mario usually saves people from peril, but WHO will save Dr. Mario?!


????????: I will!

Waluigi: Who are you?

????????: You shall pay for any crime that you are about to commit for I am...

Dr. Mario: DR. MARIO!

(A second Dr. Mario appears right next to Waluigi)

Nana: I don't know what to believe, anymore...

Dr. Mario: (gives Mario a heart container)

Mr. G&W: Bleep?

GG: We've gone deep into the rabbit hole this time... It appears that there are now TWO Dr. Marios on the field!

Mario: So, you-a finally made it, Stan.

Dr. Mario: I-a thought I could-a trust you with my secret.

Mario: 175 assumed-a that I was-a Dr. Mario and threatened to-a tell everyone. They even found-a your clothes in my locker.

Dr. Mario: Well, I-a don't have an official locker.

Mario: Let's a-give this guy a good-a beatdown.

Dr. Mario: Right.

Nana: Did we take the Red Pill or something?

GG: (comes back reading 'Who's who in the DKU' and is looking at Characters in the Donkey Kong Universe) Huh, Banjo and Conker are still in here... Oh! Stan... Stan... Stan... Ahh! Here he is! "Stanley Mario: Renouned chemist and botanist best known for being Mario's distant cousin and once fighting the original Donkey Kong."

Popo: (looking at an archive pic of Stanley) Is he spraying insecticide up DK's a--

GG: "Stanley has not been seen since he went to college to get a M.D."

Nana: An M.D. would make him Dr. Stanley Mario...

GG: Well, we know who he is NOW!

Popo: Mario flies towards Waluigi!

GG: That's the Wavedash!

Nana: Waluigi loses his Home Run Bat!

Popo: Dr. Mario has grabbed it!

Dr. Mario: Swing batter!

Popo: Mario tosses Waluigi towards Dr. Mario!

Nana: Dr. Mario hits Waluigi out of the park!

GG: It's a home run for the two Marios! You guys ask the questions. I need to see Waluigi in my office... NOW!

(GG runs off)

Nana: Waluigi's in trouble!

Mr. G&W: (reads the questions) Bleep Bloop Bleep Bleep!

1: Bleep Bleep Bleepity Bleep?
2: Bleep Bloop Bloopity Bloop?
3: Bloop Bloop Blooper?
4: Bleep Bleep Ba-Bleep?

Popo: (takes the questions from Mr. G&W) I'll ask the questions!

1: Did you agree with the Judges' decision?
2: Did you think Dr. Mario was Mario?
3: Will there be more cheating in the Triforce Tournament?
4: Where is 175? The SPs want their pizza!


(Jigglypuff walks by Mario's Locker which still has 175 in it)

Jigglypuff: Jiggly?

175: Yay! Jigglypuff, you can get me out of here!

Jigglypuff: (spots the plushie and picks it up) n.n Jiggly!

(Jigglypuff runs off with the plushie)

175: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! (bangs on the locker)