Match #123

The Question: Can Mewtwo avenge his loss from the last psychic match?

The Fighters:

Paula Mewtwo
The Arena: Rainbow Cruise
Item Ratio: Off.
Time: 5:00

Amber: Good day, folks, and welcome to another exciting match! It seems we have another grudge to settle here at the Stadium. But first, I'd like to thank 175 for holding up his end of the bet. The SPs really appreciated those pizzas.

175: That's good. I didn't need to pay that water bill this month anyway. Still, I can't believe who Dr. Mario really was. I never would've guessed Stan Lee was behind it!

Amber: No, not Stan Lee, Stanley. One word.

175: Stanley who?

Amber: Stanley Mario, Mario's forgotten cousin.

175: Oh, thanks goodness. We'd be in so much trouble with the fans if we'd sent Spider-Man's creator to jail.

Amber: Yeah. Anyways, let's get to the match.

175: As you may recall, or are just now finding out if you don't, Mewtwo challenged Ness to a fight out of fury that he taught psychic abilities to Ash Ketchum back for Match #79. And he would've gotten away with it too, if it was for that meddling-...

Amber: (dope-slaps 175.) What my co-commentator was trying to say before he got distracted doing a Scooby-Doo reference is that Paula interfered and that cost Mewtwo the match. Mewtwo hasn't exactly been pleased since then. Let's go to the tape.

(The tape plays, showing the Earthbound characters somewhere in Smashtopia.)

Ness: I heard the Apple Kid made some new invention. He claims it can turn buffalo into bison.

Poo: That sounds...less that useful.

(Mewtwo just teleports amongst the Earthbound characters.)

Mewtwo: PAULA! I've spent long enough under the humiliation you dealt me when you interfered with my match with Ness! I challenge you to a fight this afternoon!

Paula: Huh, if you're so serious about it, I accept.

(The tape starts playing an episode of Mew Mew Power.)

Amber: How'd that get there? Did you use this tape last?

175: I plead the fifth.

Amber: Fine. The rules are simple. It's a no-item time duel for five minutes in Rainbow Cruise. Self-destructs take off one point.

175: Ah, here comes both contestants, teleporting in with their psychic powers. I guess it's time to get going.

Amber: Okay. Ladies and gentlemen...

175: Orcs and dwarves...

Amber: People from all over...

175: SSS is stuffed full of pizza, so you're stuck with...




Amber: And now, for the seven-hundred seventy seven in attendance...

175: And for the nine others watching world-wide...


175: Mewtwo begins by powering up a Shadow Ball, shielding as Paula strikes first with an aerial attack! Mewtwo drops his shield and lays a rapid-fire series of strikes into his foe!

Amber: Paula rolls away to a lower part of the ship and uses a quick PK Thunder Omega to shock Mewtwo as he was heading down! Mewtwo grabs Paula and tosses her upward!

175: Mewtwo follows Paula as she comes back down, but she dodges when he tries to intercept her with that Shadow Ball! She lands and strikes him with PK Ice!

Amber: The sailing ship has just hit the platform, so both contestants hop to safety...uh-oh, Mewtwo used Disable on Paula before she got off the ship, hoping to take her down with it! She recovers and uses PSI Thunder Omega to come back and hit Mewtwo while he was landing safely!

175: Mewtwo begins to smack Paula with his basic attack, forcing Paula to roll behind him! The two leap up to keep up with the scrolling arena, Paula using PK Ice on Mewtwo as she does so!

Amber: Mewtwo falls down to the bottom platform as Paula heads up with Mewtwo in hot pursuit! Mewtwo manages to catch up to Paula and hits her with an aerial attack!

175: As the donut lifts come into view, Mewtwo begins a vicious combo on Paula, followed with a powerful throw to the left! That close to the edge, it results in a KO!

"Missing: one squirting flower filled with toxics. Please contact the Joker if found."
Score: 0
Score: 1
Time Remaining: 4:15

Amber: Mewtwo taunts for a bit as Paula returns on the revival platform, using her invulnerability to perform a PSI Rockin'! Mewtwo sees the move coming and evades it, heading for Paula on the swinging platform!

175: Paula is ready for Mewtwo and uses a Smash attack as he lands! It connects and Mewtwo is send back, jumping up onto the donut lifts!

Amber: Paula goes on the offensive, hoping towards Mewtwo and starting a combo! As the arena scrolls to the right, Paula tosses Mewtwo to the left, which results in a KO!

175: Paula boogies to the right onto more solid ground as Mewtwo returns and heads towards her. Mewtwo manages to Disable her after he arrives and hits with a low Smash!

Amber: Luckily for Paula, it's not enough to blast her out of the arena's boundaries, so she lands and shields against Mewtwo's running attack! She then uses her own running attack to slip by Mewtwo!

175: Paula puts herself in the arena's middle as Mewtwo heads towards and tries an aerial attack, which she dodges! She gives Mewtwo a few punches as the arena reaches its edge and starts to move downward!

Amber: Both fighters decide to focus on keeping up with the arena now, so they drop back down to the ship. Once there, Paula uses PK Ice to distract Mewtwo while she starts a PSI Rockin'!

"I want YOU to join the Subspace Emissary!" - Ancient Minster
Score: 1
Score: 1
Time Remaining: 2:58

175: Paula fires off her PSI Rockin', but Mewtwo has recovered from the PK Ice and shields against this attack! Mewtwo then flips Paula with Confusion and gives her a few basic blows!

Amber: Mewtwo grabs Paula and heaves her to the left, smacking her with some of his little Shadow Balls! Paula lands on the tip of the ship as Mewtwo prepares another Shadow Ball.

175: Mewtwo finishes with the Shadow Ball as Paula heads down to confront him, hitting with an aerial attack and grabbing him! She hits him twice like this before throwing him into the ground! Er, I mean deck.

Amber: Speaking of ground, the ship just ran into it again, with Paula the first to leap towards it. Mewtwo is close by and shocks her with a mid-air attack as he lands.

175: Mewtwo begins a brief offense, getting in a few smacks before Paula rolls away and begins leaping upward! Mewtwo follows, Teleporting up and smacking her once when she stop just before the donut lifts.

Amber: Paula strikes with a PK Ice and hits with a Smash attack, knocking Mewtwo far enough to the left to KO him! Mewtwo comes back and tries to grab Paula, but she rolls away!

175: The arena's shifting sideways now, so that's where Paula heads, but her attempt to leap over Mewtwo is thwarted by an upward Smash! Paula ends up being KOed, leaving Mewtwo to taunt as she returns.

Amber: Paula lands on the donut lifts above the swinging platform, but it doesn't last long as Mewtwo hops up to attack her! Paula runs out of the way to avoid the attack!

175: Paula decides to turn and fight, but that turns out to be a bad move as Mewtwo hits her with Disable! A second Disable knocks her away to another platform towards the right-hand side!

"Looking for someone with plenty of experience with sewing." - Mr. Patch
Score: 2
Score: 2
Time Remaining: 1:24

Amber: Paula is back up as Mewtwo heads towards her, so she throws out a PSI Rockin' at him! Mewtwo dodges the attack, which forces him to leap back, giving Paula time to start moving again!

175: Paula rams into Mewtwo with a running attack, but her subsequent attempts are thwarted as Mewtwo Teleports to the right, avoiding death by scrolling arena! Paula is quick to follow and grabs Mewtwo as he recovers from his move.

Amber: Paula gives Mewtwo a smack and tosses him into the ground, but Mewtwo is back up from that and starts hitting Paula repeatedly! Luckily for Paula, she finds a chance to roll behind Mewtwo and use a Smash attack!

175: Mewtwo manages to avoid going past the edge of the screen and rolls back in front of Paula, who begins to hit him with some basic punches. Mewtwo manages to slip out and flip her with Confusion as the arena's movement begins to shift again.

Amber: As the arena begins to move downward, Paula quickly grabs Mewtwo and heaves him upward! As she scoots to safety, Mewtwo hits the approaching barrier and gets KOed!

175: Paula reaches the ship safely and takes a split-second to catch her breath as Mewtwo returns to the field. Mewtwo manages to connect with an aerial attack as Paula tries to dodge!

Amber: However, Paula takes this time to grab Mewtwo and toss him to the right! He easily returns with a double-jump and mid-air dodges Paula's attempt to keep him off!

175: Mewtwo now goes on the offensive, taking a swing at Paula as he comes down! Paula ends up begin hit by it, but lands and avoids the follow-up low Smash!

Amber: The ship's run aground once more, so both fighters leap to safety! Paula takes to the high ground with Mewtwo in pursuit, missing with a Confusion!

175: The clock's running out as the two fighters reapproach the donut lifts. Mewtwo goes up for a aerial attack, but he misses just as the clock runs out!

Final Score
Paula: 3
Mewtwo: 2


175: Okay, folks, let's head over to Navi for the interviews. Navi?

Navi: Thanks, weirdo. Paula, how are you feeling after?

Paula: I'm feeling pretty good. Mewtwo put up a good fight.

Navi: Ah, a good sport. Mewtwo, your thoughts?

Mewtwo: (grumbles a bit.) I suppose she did quite well.

Navi: Oh well, can't expect miracles. Back to you.

Amber: I guess that means it's question time.

1. Should Mewtwo have won the match?
2. Should Ness and Mewtwo have a rematch to settle the score between them?
3. Is Marvel going to sue us for earlier in this match?

Amber: So long, everyone!

175: And remember, EXCELSIOR!

Amber: You had to do that, didn't you?

175: Well, we already mentioned Stan Lee.

Amber: Now we'll definitely get sued.

175: Wouldn't that require someone from Marvel to actually come here?

Amber: You make a good point.