Match #124

The Question: Who will the next round of the Triforce Tournament?

The Fighters: Ganondorf vs. Samus
The Arena: Venom
Item Ratio: Medium
Lives: Four

Amber: Hey folks, who what time it is?

Audience member: Peanut-butter-jelly time?

Amber: Noooooo, it's time for the latest round in the Triforce Tournament!

Saiyaman: It's Ganondorf going up against Samus to see who goes on to the semi-finals.

Amber: Let's go down to Navi, who's with our fighters. Navi?

Navi: Thanks. I'm here with Ganondorf, who's extremely anxious to win this round.

Ganondorf: Obviously. Those worthless Superpowers need to realise they have no business taking what is rightfully mine.

Navi: Samus, how are you feeling about this round?

Samus: Confident, but considering how scary Ganondorf gets about that Triforce, I'm a little nervous.

Navi: All right then, back to you guys.

Saiyaman: This will be a four-life match on Venom. All items are availiable on a medium setting. It looks like both fighters are ready, so let's get going!

Amber: Ladies and gentlemen...

Saiyaman: Hammers and saws...

Amber: Power tools of all types...

Saiyaman: SSS refused to outsource our business to keep...




Saiyaman: Now, for the seven-thousand in attendance...

Amber: And for the one-hundred thousand watching in Canada...


Saiyaman: Ganondorf wastes no time leaping over towards Samus on the ship's upper-left wing! Samus is ready for Ganondorf and hits him with her Screw Attack as he's in mid-air, causing her to land on the upper-right wing!

Amber: Ganondorf leaps back over to her, this time using Wizard's Foot and forcing Samus to roll back! She's quick to retaliate and hits Ganondorf with a Missile!

Saiyaman: Samus then flings a Grapple Beam at Ganondorf, but he manages to dodge it and retaliates with a Gerudo Dragon! He continues with an upward Smash for significant damage!

Amber: Samus doesn't up too far, so she drops a Bomb on Ganondorf and follows with a Smash when she lands! Ganondorf smacks up against the wing of the ship, but bounces back with a few weak blows on Samus!

Saiyaman: (tosses in a Party Ball.) There goes our first item, which lands on the ship's tail fin. Ganondorf easily leaps up and smacks it to turn it on, but that gives Samus time to toast him with an upward Smash!

Amber: Ganondorf grabs Samus and throws her down, just as the Party Ball reveals a horde of Bob-ombs! Ganondorf grabs one that fell near him and heaves it at Samus, who fails to dodge it successfully and gets KOed off the top!

Saiyaman: Samus returns while Ganondorf disposes of the other Bob-omb that fell near him by tossing it away. That gives Samus time to drop down and hit Ganondorf with a kick!

"Try and find me!" - Carmen Sandiago
Lives: 4
Lives: 3

Amber: Samus gives Ganondorf a few punches and a Missile from point-blank range! Ganondorf is hurt bad, so Samus continues with a Smash attack, sending Ganondorf off the wing!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf uses his double jump to land on the lower right wing, with Samus dropping down after him! She tries using a Bomb, but Ganondorf rolls away from it and hits her with an upward Smash!

Amber: Samus lands hard, but gets up in time to avoid an explosive kick from Ganondorf! She gives him another charged Smash while he's recovering, sending him out for a KO!

Saiyaman: Here he comes back on the revival platform, dropping down towards Samus, who decided to power a Charge Shot while waiting for him. His time taken to advance on her isn't enough for a full charge, so she saves it for later.

Amber: When Ganondorf hits the ground, he does so with a Wizard's Foot, which Samus rolled away from! Ganondorf hits Samus with a running attack and then grabs her!

Saiyaman: Samus is smacked into the ground and is hurt again with a low Smash from Ganondorf! She's gets back and grabs him, tossing him into the ship's side!

Amber: Time for another item! (tosses a capsule in.) The capsule lands over on the upper-left wing, so Samus is first towards it while Ganondorf picks himself up from the toss.

"If you're tired of living, give me a call." - Soul Harnesser
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Saiyaman: Samus tosses the capsule into the wing, revealing a Star Rod! When she tries to get it, Ganondorf comes up from behind and gives her a smack to the back of the head!

Amber: Samus managed to get the Star Rod when Ganondorf hit her and whirls around to smack him with it! She connects, but Ganondorf begins comboing her before she can strike again!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf finishes with an upward Smash, easily sending Samus out of the top of the arena, right towards-...

(Samus lands in the booth on top of Amber.)

Amber: This is incredibly painful.

Saiyaman: (quickly returns Samus to the field.) You okay, sweetie?

Amber: I should be okay, but that metal armor hurts like heck.

Saiyaman: That's what Ganondorf's finding out, since Samus is giving him a double punch and Screw Attack combo! Samus is grabbed after that Screw Attack and tossed straight down!

Amber: Samus is up and shields against a low Smash, then gets Ganondorf in her Grapple Beam! She tosses him and scorches him with an upward Smash!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf decides to back off for a bit, double-jumping onto the ship's fin after that move! Samus goes up after him, but her aireal attack is shielded against.

Amber: Using this new opening, Ganondorf drops down after her, timing a Warlock Punch to send her flying way to the left! Samus doesn't go far enough to get KOed, but she does let herself drop to the lower-left wing.

Saiyaman: Ganondorf follows her and tries a low Smash, which Samus leaps over, kicking Ganondorf in the head! She follows through with some weak blows and a Smash!

Amber: Ganondorf hits the side of the ship, but bounces back with his Gerudo Dragon! Samus dodges it and hits him in the back with another Smash, causing him to fly off the wing!

Saiyaman: while Ganondorf grabs the edge, Samus readies a Charge Shot. She rolls back when Ganondorf attacks as he pulls himself up, then blasts him for a KO!

"Please call softly for the Elite Beat Agents to reduce noise pollution."
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Amber: Samus readies another Charge Shot as Ganondorf returns on the revival platform. He drops down to attack, missing when Samus rolled back from the move!

Saiyaman: Samus hits with a Missile at point-blank range and follows up by grabbing Ganondorf and tossing him into the ground! She continues with a low Smash, which nicks Ganondorf as he got up!

Amber: (throws in a barrel.) The barrel lands on the lower-right wing and...rolls into oblivion. Darn.

Saiyaman: While that was happening, Ganondorf hit with his Wizard's Foot and got his follow-up punch shielded! Samus hits him again with some weak blows and a Smash!

Amber: Samus tries a Missile to follow up that combo, but Ganondorf shields against it! Instead, Samus grabs Ganondorf and starts hitting him!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf breaks free of Samus' grab after two hits and hits her with the Gerudo Dragon! He leaps to continue with a mid-air attack, but Samus is able to strike him first with a downward strike!

Amber: Both combatants have landed on the ground and Samus makes a successful hit with her low attack! Ganondorf goes up and jumps away from Samus' follow-up attack!

Saiyaman: (throws in an egg.) The egg lands over on the upper-right wing, but seems to be unnoticed by the combatants right now. At the moment, Samus is hitting Ganondorf with a Bomb and Screw Attack combo after he smacked her with a running attack!

Amber: Ganondorf rolls away from Samus and heads over to the egg now with Samus staying to finish her Charge Shot! Ganondorf breaks the egg to reveal a Beam Sword, but Samus heads over and strikes him before he can grab it!

"Looking for silver bullets. Will offer a reasonable amount." - Dr. Eggman
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Saiyaman: Samus presses the advantage by striking with another Smash attack and then her Charge Shot! Ganondorf gets knocked towards the right edge and the shot sends him for a KO!

Amber: Ganondorf is back on the revival platform and drives Samus back with a mid-air attack as she rolls away from it. This leaves Ganondorf to pick up the Beam Sword as Samus moves in as his invunerability wears off!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf sends the approaching Samus over the edge with a low Smash! While Samus is coming back, Ganondorf tosses the Beam Sword at her!

Amber: Samus dodges Ganondorf's attack, but Ganondorf follows up with a Smash when she lands! The attack sends Samus over the edge for a KO!

Saiyaman: Samus returns on the revival platform and tries to Bomb Ganondorf, who dodges the attack! That gives Samus a chance to hit Ganondorf a few times before she becomes vulnerable again.

Amber: Ganondorf grabs Samus and begins to hit her, but Samus is able to break free! She then launches a Missile at Ganondorf!

Saiyaman: Ganondorf attempts to dodge, but misses the timing and gets hits! Samus tries to throw Ganondorf as a follow-up, but he rolls under it, causing it to miss!

Amber: Ganondorf sees an opening, so he begins to warm up a Warlock Punch! Samus leaps back from the move in time, heading towards the upper-left wing!

""It's a secret to everyone but you"-Old Man's Store
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Saiyaman: Here comes another item! (tosses in a crate.)

Amber: The crate appears on the upper-left wing with Samus grabbing a hold of it! Before she can toss it, Ganondorf hits her with the Gerudo Dragon, causing her to drop it!

Saiyaman: The strike from the Gerudo Dragon tosses Samus up, but she manages to come down with an attack and knocks Ganondorf off balance! She hits with a Smash and knocks him over the edge!

Amber: As Ganondorf goes flying, Samus takes time to break the crate tossed in earlier! She acquires the Home-Run Bat inside as Ganondorf triple-jumps back!

Saiyaman: Samus times it so that her Home-Run Bat swing connects as Ganondorf lands from his Dark Dive! That smack is more than enough to ensure a final KO!


Navi: I'm here with Samus, our big winner today. Samus, what are your thoughts on today's match?

Samus: I'm surprised I did as well as I did. Ganondorf was really fighting hard to win that match.

Navi: Thanks, Samus. Now, normally, I'd go interview Ganondorf, but he's a little...upset, to say the least. I'm not taking my chances, even if my medical insurance is covered. Back to you guys.

Saiyaman: So, let's have some questions, shall we?

  • 1. Did you think Ganondorf would've made it all the way?
  • 2. What would Samus do if she got the Triforce?
  • 3. How sore of a loser do you think Ganondorf is?

    Ganondorf: (from outside the booth.) I'll show you how sore I can get!

    Saiyaman: I think we should be leaving now. Bye, folks!

    Amber: So long! Ow, I think I could use some ice.

    (Saiyaman teleports himself and Amber out just before Ganondorf enters.)

    Ganondorf: Hey, I want to file a complaint! Where'd they go? Damn teleporters. (storms out.)