Match #125

Theme: Mewtwo wants revenge on Ness for the outcome of Match 79! Will he get it?

The Fighters: Ness vs. Mewtwo
The Arena: N64 Congo Jungle
Item Ratio: None
Time: Four minutes.

Digi: Telekinetics will rule this latest match here at the Super Smash Stadium! Hello folks, Digi here, and I'll be your host for what should be the answer to an oft-pondered question: Which is the best of the psychics? Joining me in the booth is SSX extrodinaire and all-out cool dude, Eddie Wachowski!

(Eddie walks in, afro as crazy as normal, et cetera!)

Eddie: The party's on tonight, folks! Listen, it feels awesome to be here for this match. It's a bit different than all that cool stuff I pull out on the slopes, but I like the vibe of this, you dig?

Digi: I sure do, dude. Sorry I don't have a disco ball in the booth, but I'm sure you could ask Metal if he has one...

Eddie: Nah, it's cool. So I hear we have ourselves a little theme for this showdown?

Digi: Yeah. It's Ness and Mewtwo at the old-school Congo Jungle, for neutrality purposes. I know you're a fan the 1970s and all that, so going back one of the retro arenas should be right down your alley.

Eddie: Yeah, you got that right, brother. By the way, I hear there's something more than just the whole psychic element, right?

Digi: Oh, I almost forgot. In what was supposed to be a 1-on-1 fight last season, Paula ended up joining Ness to fight against Mewtwo in the first psychic showdown, and the Earthbounders won it. Mewtwo, of course, was a bit upset, and wants to continue his revenge. He beat Paula two matches ago, and now he wants to take down Ness to prove he is the Stadium's king of telekinesis!

Eddie: I get you.

Digi: By the way, has anyone told you that you have a perfect emcee voice? I mean, with the outgoingness and coolness and such?

Eddie: On occasion, man. That'd be far-out if I could host stuff more often.

Digi: I imagine as much. But, we have a match to get to!

Eddie: YEAH! Audience, are you ready for a little Stadium rumble?

Crowd: (cheers loudly)

Digi: Told you! So, anyways, this match is a 4-minute melee; 1 point per knockout, -1 point for any death, be it the opponent's fault or not. As I said, the stage is the old Congo Jungle to ensure no advantages for each fighter. No items will be tossed in as well. Whoever has the most points at the end wins, and if they're tied, it's sudden death!

Eddie: You like that?

Crowd: (cheers again)

Eddie: Alright, dude, take it away!

Digi: Thank you, very much. Ness and Mewtwo have just entered the arena, and that means...

Eddie: Fans of the Stadium, are you ready?!

Crowd: (one more huge cheer)

Digi: Ness and Mewtwo, SMASH AWAY!

Eddie: Mewtwo starts on the right, Ness starts on the left.

Mewtwo: I have some unfinished business with your frail body...

Eddie: Whoa, Mewtwo's trying to put a little trash talk on Ness right as the match starts, but Ness makes him eat the words with a blast of PK Fire.

Digi: That's Mewtwo for you. It's hard to find his soft side, Eddie...

Eddie: Alright, I believe you.

Digi: But Mewtwo steps out of the way of a baseball swing and starts charging up a Shadow Ball! That could spell trouble.

Eddie: Mewtwo launches the Shadow Ball and it pegs Ness right in the noggin! Tells you not to mess with Mewtwo's jive...

Digi: Ness gets back up and retreats a bit. He charges a PK Flash of his own and is looking for an opening.

Eddie: And Ness finds the opening and lets it rip! Mewtwo flies back a bit, taking a big shock out of that one. Of course, that'll make him angry!

Digi: Now they meet in the center of the arena. Ness hops onto one of the rotating platforms, and he jumps off, giving Mewtwo a powerful aerial move!

Eddie: But Mewtwo stays hungry and puts in a couple of quick psychic shots of his own. It's a good one so far!

Digi: Ness willingly takes the hits and retaliates with an Around the World move! Watch out for that yo-yo!

Eddie: Now, Mewtwo moves out the way and then he puts the Disable on him! Digi, pardon me if I'm not up to my speed, but is it better to use that when there are more fighters in the arena?

Digi: He's charging another Shadow Ball, Ed. Besides, the guy's one of the smartest Pokemon there is. Obviously, he knows what he's doing.

"Watch 'Shrooms of Our Lives,' the Kingdom's finest soap opera, tonight at 8PM!"
Score: 0
Score: 0
Time Remaining: 3:10

Eddie: Mewtwo gives the kid a real nice slam with the Shadow Ball and Ness is almost sent over the left edge, but he's stayin' alive! Fight on!

Digi: Ness runs back up to Mewtwo again but the Pokemon leaps into the air and slams Ness back down into the ground. Ouch.

Eddie: But Ness just jams along and temporarily stops Mewtwo with a jolt of that PK Thunder before grabbing Mewtwo. He tosses him straight into the ground!

Digi: Don't worry. There will be no structural damage.

Eddie: I got that. Kitty's back up and Confuses Ness! Did he just flip that guy upside-down?

Digi: I take it not many of the other SSXers discuss Smash Stadium?

Eddie: For the most part, man.

Digi: And Mewtwo smashes Ness out of the arena! Give Mewtwo the first point of the match!

"Let Bob-Omb Party Supplies make your next soiree a blast!"
Score: -1
Score: 1
Time Remaining: 2:46

Eddie: Ness comes back madder than a metalhead at my local discotheque! He gives Mewtwo a swing of the yo-yo and smashes him with the bat! Mewtwo is flying and Ness ties it right back up! Yeeeeeeeeah!

Digi: I have a feeling the crowd likes the two quick KOs. So now we have Mewtwo back in the arena and Ness bides his time, going to the upper-left platform.

Eddie: Mewtwo floats over and slaps the sucker around with a smash. Ness drops back to the bottom and charges another PK Flash! He directs it over to Mewtwo, and, ZAP! He takes a big one out of that.

Digi: Mewtwo takes a bit of time recovering from that and Ness wails on him again with a headbutt. My goodness, it seems as if the tide has turned.

Eddie: And just about in time for the half as well.

Digi: Yeah.

Eddie: Mewtwo, however, is upset at that. I'd be, too. He sends out a little spark as Ness descends and it slams him into the ground.

Digi: You ever wipeout worse than that on the circuit?

Eddie: Never because a Pokemon attacked me... (2:04)

Digi: Ness floats back up, and does his double jump, here comes the PK Thunder...

Eddie: It twirls around Ness and he is shot straight into Mewtwo! Opponent? Launched.

"Buy the boxed set of Metal Man's most irrational moments! Disco balls and Deathmachines not included."
Score: 0
Score: 0
Time Remaining: 2:00

Digi: Mewtwo's steaming mad, but all that he can afford to pull on Ness right now are a couple of weak bursts. Ness takes two, dodges a third, and gets sent into the air. He turns around...

Eddie: And he kicks Mewtwo from behind! To the surprise of many of us, Two is KO'd again and Ness is pulling the comeback!

Ness (before Mewtwo revives): Come and get some, kitty.

Eddie: Oh ho ho, more fightin' words...

Digi: Mewtwo's back, and...fighting words are good.

Eddie: Mewtwo charges another Shadow Ball and he goes to launch it, but Ness concentrates he shielding himself, there?

Digi: No, Eddie, that's the PSI Magnet, and Mewtwo's charge is all for naught. Foiled again.

Eddie: And Mewtwo can't believe what just went down!

Digi: So Mewtwo runs over and just launches a running blast at him, but it doesn't faze Ness much at all.

Eddie: I am pretty sure that Mewtwo wants to hit him, regardless of the damage. Ness goes for the bat, but Mewtwo pulls a Confusion and flips Ness around! Now, Mewtwo's grabbed the kid now and just tosses him straight into the ground. It's weak but Ness is a bit shaken...

"F-Zero Season! Mario Kart Season! F-Zero Season! Mario Kart Season!"
Score: 1
Score: -1
Time Remaining: 1:14

Kirby: Hey! You forgot Air Ride!

Digi: Uh, I didn't make that advert. We just display them for the money.

Kirby: Whatever... (muttering) capitalism...

Eddie: And Ness has once again pulled off a sizzling array of moves, starting with a Walk the Dog, followed by a nice kick, and then a PK Fire!

Digi: But Mewtwo has more powerful ideas, say, an upward smash?

Eddie: Now, less than a minute remains and Mewtwo pulls another Shadow Ball, this time, without Ness absorbing that sweet move...

Digi: Carnage and destruction over healing, I say...

Eddie: Mewtwo waits for Ness to come back! He launches him right into the sky, but Ness survives the hit! Mewtwo, in what may be a manuever of sheer amazement or absolute stupidity, ducks below the floor and hides in the Barrel Cannon!

Digi: He's Mewtwo, but what does he think he's doing?

"Will the fake Jigglypuff please transform back to Ditto?"
Score: 1
Score: -1
Time Remaining: 0:37

Eddie: And Ness descends back to a respectable height! Mewtwo senses this but the Cannon launches him towards the right-hand gap!

Digi: You HAVE to be kidding me! Mewtwo would never try that! He somehow recovers on his own blunder, but hangs to the edge.

Eddie: Ness finds out what's happened and both of them meet right on the edge of the platform! Mewtwo whips Ness with the tail, but the little guy comes back with a grab, or not!

Digi: Mewtwo slides him away but Ness hangs on for dear life! The PK Thunder comes around and launches Ness into Mewtwo.

Eddie: Hold everything! Ness slides into the Barrel Cannon from above...and did he just commit suicide on that life?

Digi: If Mewtwo can't knock him out, it's game over!

Eddie: What a strategy Ness pulled off...

Digi: I'll say...the bell rings and that's the fight, but Mewtwo has teleported before the 4-minute mark was reached...



Ness: 2 KOs, 1 time KO'd, 1 SD, FINAL SCORE: 0
Mewtwo: 1 KO, 2 times KO'd, FINAL SCORE: -1


Eddie: I'll go on a bit of a limb and say Ness may have cheated, but I admit to using some crazy shortcuts in races. It happens when you get a bit desperate, you dig?

Digi: Well, Eddie, that is strategy at its finest.

Eddie: Man, that one time I took Merqury City two years ago...that was far-out.

Digi: Hang on, Eddie. I'll listen to your great finishes later, but right now, Mewtwo is not here, and nobody knows where he is.

Eddie: Oh, man. I believe we have a little crisis.

Digi: Yeah. First Wario leaves due to him losing to Zelda, and now Mewtwo's wherever...I kind of had a feeling about that. I knew Mewtwo would not be happy with a 1-1 record in those two matches, and Ness got him. I have a feeling Mewtwo may be losing it, especially with trying to retreat in the Barrel Cannon when he could have tied the match with little time left...

Eddie: I heard what he did to Paula.

Digi: Yeah. After this fight, I'll have to get the other SPs' attention. But, we do have Navi, who is with the triumphant Ness!

Navi: Thank you, Digi. Ness, you pulled off the upset on Mewtwo and eradicated any signs of revenge. This must be a high-ranking match for you here at SSS, isn't it?

Ness:'s hard to say I pulled it off, but after Mewtwo knocked me out, I knew I had to do some wild things on him after...

Navi: Now, right now, everyone's talking about the suicide you pulled off at the end. Had Mewtwo knocked you out, we would have most likely been in sudden death...had that been the case, do you think you could have won that?

Ness: Who knows? I've already pondered it and I won't try to analyze it.

Navi: That's not a bad idea, but you won this no matter how you look at it. We'll see you later, perhaps?

Ness: Okay!

Navi: Digi and Eddie, back to you!

Eddie: Alright, Navi, we love you down there!

Navi (chuckles): Oh?

Eddie: I tease, baby!

Digi: Anyways, folks, there are some questions here that should be asked.

1) Was Ness' last-minute tactic fair enough?
2) Where do you think Mewtwo's gone to?
3) Was it a good idea to go back to an N64 stage for the time being?
4) Does Eddie want Navi?
5) Should it be "Mario Kart season! F-Zero season! Air Ride season!"?

Digi: Well, that should be enough to keep you entertained until the next match! We hope you enjoyed our time here! On behalf of Eddie, I'm Digi, and we're outta here!

(Booth lights fade as Digi and Eddie leave. Digi nervously walks into GG's office.)

Digi: *sighs* Mewtwo's just vanished, as you may have found out.

GG: What?

Digi: You know about his planned revenge on Ness and Paula? Well, Ness beat him and he's gone right now.

GG: Well, I'm sure I can explain...

Digi: Sorry, but I know he's upset and he wouldn't want to talk about it...I think he may be losing his sanity all this time.

GG: True. You have someone as intelligent and as cocky as he is and, if you don't win, well, problems will come around.

Digi: I mean, should we just let him go for now and bank on the fact that he may or may not return to SSS after this fight?

GG: That's probably the best thing. He'll ambush anything that's looking for him. If he wants to return, we should let him do it by his own self. Forcing him back will not help the scenario.

Digi: First Wario and now him...what's next, I can't be sure of...but let's not discuss what could be.

GG: That's a good idea.

Digi: Alright. I'll be in my office if you need me...good day.

GG: No problem.

(Digi walks out of GG's office and back into his own)