Match #128

The Question:

The Fighters: Roy vs. Samus
The Arena: Venom
Item Ratio: None
Lives: 10 (Super Sudden Death)

*In the SP's office the day before the match*

Game Guru: Bowser/Mario was definately one of our biggest one-on-one matches in a while. We need to do something for Samus/Roy to keep that momentum into the finals...

Digifanatic: I call it.

GG: Panfan, you called Samus/Roy a week ago!

Digi: And stop calling me Panfan, dang it!

GG: Digi, I'm just teasing with you. Anyways, we've got to think of something interesting, something bold, something that will make people glued to the match.

Saiyaman: 175 told me that he requests a Mario Party match.

GG: First of all, Saiya, you're not hosting the match. Second of all, I bet he's just doing this to catch Dr. Mario off guard...if 175's listening, tell him to get out of here.

Saiyaman: Nah, he's fine about that since we learned who Dr. Mario is. Now he wants to shave your beard to see what you look like without it.

GG: Ah, good. Wait, what?

Digi: (sighs) May we please get on with the meeting?

GG: Thank you. So, as I was saying, we've got to do something different.

Digi: Sudden Death rules?

GG: Digi, that is the most absurd idea I have heard you do since you became a Superpower; moreso than you inviting Jerry Springer to do the Link/Bowser match. Sudden Death rules? Nobody's going to want to watch a six-second fight!

Digi: May I at least explain myself? It doesn't have to be a one-life could be something like, I dunno, eight lives? Ten? Even fifteen?

Saiya: Yeah, see where he's going? Our audiences love to see fighters beating each other up! They just like a good...what's the word...

GG (with a grin): Brawl?

(Outside the meeting room...)

Amber: (playing with some yarn; winces.) Ooooh, that pun hurt.

(Back in the meeting room...)

Saiya: Yes. They like a good brawl once in a while.

Digi: And there's no better way to put "mayhem" and "Super Smash Stadium" in the same sentence than with Super Sudden Death, right?

GG: Yes, but critics lash at Sudden Death for being cheap and that all you need is one good hit and you win.

Digi: First of all, that's why it's called "Sudden Death". Second, in this kind of a fight, Samus or Roy would need at least ten consecutive good hits to move on to the finals. I doubt anyone can run a string that long with success.

Saiya: He's got a point.

Digi: Not only that, but it's a good test of the combatants' meddles when they're being tossed around like rag dolls. Besides, what better way is there to make the fighters hungry to win in a scenario like this than to tell them that they get to beat up their opponents over and over again? It's like a punching bag.

GG: True, but is the Triforce Tournament really a good time to experiment with something we haven't done before for an entire match?

Digi: It's going to work.

GG: It doesn't matter if it's going to work. I'm the president of this group and I do not think it's a good time to do this!

Digi: But you like the general idea, don't you?

GG: I admit, you've got me there. *thinks about it for a few seconds* Okay, I know this is going to sound a bit cheap, but I'll grant you this one fight to pull it off.

Digi: Thank you. I hope this works just as much as you hope it does.

GG: I'm hoping more than you ever will or have.

*Later that day: Digi has assembled Samus and Roy to his room*

Digi: Okay, you two, this is going to be important, now listen up.


Digi: Good. Instead of doing a normal stock match for your semifinal, my fellow SPs and I have decided that we would like you two to try a ten life Super Sudden Death match.

Roy: Excuse me? Super Sudden Death?

Digi: Oh yeah, that's right. You've never tied a match in regulation. Basicially, we make each of you vulnerable so that on each life, all it takes is one good Smash or throw and you're gone.

Samus: Well, I'm one of the strongest fighters out there. You better watch it, good Charge Shot and you're outta there.

Roy: (trash talking in Japanese)

Digi: I take it you two like this idea?

Samus: Yes!

Roy (at the same time): Hai!

Digi: Alright, we're on...

*Moving on to present time with Digi in the commentary booth*

Digi: If you like the color red and anything that comes close to it, there is no doubt that you would have been interested in who was fighting in the Triforce Tournament semis. We've already had one fight settled, with Bowser taking down Mario in a hotly-anticipated match. Now, it's Samus and Roy in the second semifinal, and I'm a marooner myself. Talk about color coordination. For the second straight time, joining me is Lakitu.

Lakitu: Thank you. This fight is going to be quite interesting by the rules alone. Ten lives...

Audience: *mixed reaction*

Lakitu: Super Sudden Death.

Audience: *loud cheers*

Digi: Oh, a hostile arena, as well--Venom! If you want carnage, you are going to get it today.

Lakitu: We are getting to the point in this tournament where if you want the prize, you are going to have to earn it, and well, today, it's going to be all about hitting big and hitting quick.

Digi: And without items--fellow Superpowers forbid a Heart Container coming in to ruin Sudden Death rules--there will be no hiding whatsoever.

Lakitu: Now, for further ado, let's have some fun and see who gets to fight Bowser in the finals!

Digi: *points to himself* I'm Digi, *points to Lakitu* he's Lakitu, *points to the arena* they're Samus and Roy, and it's on!

Lakitu: Okay, the two fighters start each life at 300% apiece and on opposite wings of the Great Fox. Roy and Samus both hop up towards the middle and Roy gets in a quick aerial attack.

Digi: Samus goes flying but Roy didn't hit hard enough to land the first knockout. Samus takes a couple of leaps back, but Roy was waiting for her...

Lakitu: A quick Smash takes out Samus' first life...and Roy is already taunting.

Digi: Yeah, it seems a bit odd. Samus comes back and faces Roy. She goes for the Hookshot, jabs Roy a couple of time and tosses Roy up! Just like that, Roy's first life is down.

Lakitu: Samus, meanwhile, charges up her blaster as Roy goes sailing, and it's loaded all of the way. Here's Roy, back in the scene, going for two quick stabs, but Samus unloads the Charge Shot!

Digi: Roy bounces hard off of the side of the Great Fox and doesn't have enough time to recover, thanks to the sheer impact force! Samus takes the lead.

"From the makers of Big Rigs comes Adventures of Missingno!"
Lives: 9
Lives: 8

Lakitu: Roy has got to be careful now, because he knows that if he misses just once or twice he could fall into a deep deficit. Samus leaps to the upper left wing as Roy hits her with a downward stab. However, there is no knockout.

Digi: Samus with the Screw Attack! Roy gets caught up in the hit as Samus goes with that exploding blaster Smash! Roy flies way above the Arwings and is losing ground quickly.

Lakitu: Can Samus be stopped? I remember watching you host King of the Stadium, where Roy got beat up very quickly. This could be the same here!

Digi: Roy is back on the platform but uses his invincible time wisely with a Double Edge Dance! Samus loses her second life, exit stage left!

Lakitu: Roy retreats to a lower corner and charges a Flare Blade. He wants Samus to bring it. Trust me, she will. She goes to the right and he's not there. She jumps back to the left and there he is...

Digi: But Samus takes too much time trying to find him. Roy ridiculously pummels Samus with the Flare Blade!

Lakitu: Digi, you said if you like red, you'd love this match...look at the flames.

"Be sure to vote in the 2008 NC Presidential Election!"
Lives: 7
Lives: 7

Digi: You said it, Lakitu...

Lakitu: Samus returns to the stage, probably very angry after what's gone on. She drops a bomb a Roy but that's only good enough to distract him with these a few standard moves, but once again, not a preferred tactic in Sudden Death.

Digi: But Samus goes for another grab and this time, she flings Roy backwards--into the Great Fox again! Roy is spinning like a top.

Lakitu: But Roy survives that one. He jumps back and goes for a Blazer to get to the top platform, but Samus leaps as well and drill kicks him in the chest! That's good for another KO.

Digi: Samus decides to charge up another shot, which is probably the best thing to do in this scenario. Roy comes back but Samus leaps out of the way of anything he tries to deal at her.

Lakitu: She unloads the Charge Shot but Roy shields! His bubble stays intact, and he lives to fight on with a smashing stab. There goes Samus once again!

Digi: That's the Roy I was expecting to show up to this fight...Samus returns and drops another bomb, followed by a missile. Both hit and Roy is sent flying, but he's not dead yet.

Lakitu: Roy with another hop back, as well as stab, but Samus takes the opportunity to send him high--this time, into the path of an Arwing! It fires its laser, and shoops some whoop on the swordsman!

Digi: You're checking out too much 4chan, Lakitu.

"Shut up, Digi. There's nothing wrong with shooping da whoop."
Lives: 5
Lives: 6

Digi: Heh...our advert guy's having fun with us. Anyways, back to the match! Roy revives and quickly hunts for Samus while she tries to stay on her toes to fend him off. Roy finds an opening but Samus gets the air dodge.

Lakitu: Samus recovers more quickly and slams Roy from behind with a kick, and Roy continues to hit objects like he's a human pinball. Samus leaps and smashes him up with another kick! Roy is four lives from defeat.

Digi: And what do you do now if you're Samus? She taunts as Roy revives. Roy finds just enough of a chance to slash her twice. He takes a few steps back, runs in and tosses her off! That was huge for Roy, who needed that to have a decent chance in this match.

Lakitu: So here comes Samus back into the fray. She finds an Arwing and decides to go stealth on Roy! Look out from above!

Digi: Oh, that's a hard hit to Roy's head...and Roy somehow stays alive in all of this. He comes back down with an arcing slash, but it's not quite enough to kill Samus.

Lakitu: Yeah, Samus didn't get a lot of air upon impact. She heads towards the tip of the wing. Roy is right there and looking to tie the match again.

Digi: Samus gets the hit, though. A quick missile in point blank range takes down Roy for the seventh time...

Lakitu: Would you call this an upset if Samus beat Roy?

Digi: Good question. I think the lines were pretty even before this match, though.

"Shroom Jooce--the official energy drink of plumbers everywhere!"
Lives: 3
Lives: 5

Lakitu: And here comes Roy from out of nowhere, launching off of the revival platform! He just runs up to Samus and Smashes her with his sword! I don't think she was able to see it coming...

Digi: I doubt it, too. Roy raises his sword in triumph, but it's not over yet. Samus jumps off and goes for a drill kick, but Roy moves off to the side. Roy heaves his blade into the air, and into Samus...two deadly Smashes in a row, and we're tied up again!

Lakitu: This is outstanding. Two strong fighters gunning it out to the end, and that is the second time Roy has come back from two lives down to tie--and Roy grabs Samus right as her invicibility faded out! He knees her a couple of times and slams her into the ground...

Digi: The Double Edge Dance! Samus goes flying, and all she can do with her gun from that angle is hunt birds! Roy has taken the lead!

Lakitu: What do you mean? Falco?

Digi: I don't know who they've got piloting the Arwings right now...anyways, Samus returns to the arena, taking a leap down as Roy jumps up. She kicks him once in the face and both settle to the upper stage right wing. Roy runs in with the sword but she jumps out of the way and punches him once from behind.

Lakitu: Roy turns around with a slice, which knocks Samus back about halfway through the wing. Both continue to scuffle with weaker moves, but Roy gets in a stab from below. Samus is swept off of her feet!

Digi: Samus is sent off of the wing, but she uses a jump and a Screw Attack to get back on...

"Kong Band Camp is now taking sign-ups for winter sessions! What? The camp's on a tropical island!"
Lives: 2
Lives: 3

Lakitu: Samus tries to punch Roy out of the way, and she does so, but it's not a strong one at all. Roy returns the favor with a few stabs, and there's another grab by Roy...

Digi: Roy is doing things to Samus that shouldn't be done to a taking her within one life of losing this match!

Lakitu: What a comeback by Roy, who taunts again. Samus has to be furious with herself and Roy, and look at this! Samus fires a Homing Missile at Roy, which connects, and then she shoves that blaster into Roy's gut! Roy is finally knocked out, but is it too late for Aran?

Digi: We will have to find out. Roy comes back into the arena as Samus charges yet another shot. She retreats to the upper stage left wing as Roy hops off.

Lakitu: With the match on the line, Samus is done charging but doesn't fire it yet. Why, Samus? Why are you doing that?

Digi: I have no idea. Roy runs in and stabs her twice and she is sent off of the platform. She lost her charge!

Lakitu: She got power-greedy. Samus hops back on the lower wing and leaps up but Roy slams her into the ground with an aerial Smash.

Digi: That's comes Roy, sweeping up Samus with a Blazer and she's out of there! Roy has completed the comeback and is in the finals!


Lakitu: Wow...he scored 5 of the last 6 knockouts, and he could have let it be 5 out of 7, too...

Digi: Roy came to SSS swinging and has still only lost a single one-on-one match. It almost makes you wonder why SSS retired the Super Smasher matches from before I came here and why we don't do those anymore.

Lakitu: I do not know if Bowser has been watching this match or not.

Digi: I'm not sure if he wanted to watch this match, with the way Roy came through in the clutch...oh, this is going to be an entertaining final. Navi? Are you there?

Navi: Yes, I'm here with Samus who is definately feeling bittersweet right now...

Samus: How did Young Link do it?

Navi: Oh, when he won against Roy last season?

Samus: Duh, Mrs. Sherlock.

Navi: I couldn't tell you on my own, Samus. You'd have to ask him or perhaps Older Link. I am not any Hyrulian's personal trainer. I just fought with Link in one match and that was it...

Samus: (grumbles) Nonetheless, I want to fight him again sometime. No tournament, no prize. Just a one-on-one rematch.

Navi: Well, perhaps the SPs can schedule something, but now is not the time.

Samus: Alright, but let him know that I only let this one match get away from him.

Navi: Thank you.

*cuts to Lakitu in another hall, with Roy*

Lakitu: Roy, you pulled off another great fight...I'll tell you, when it's one-on-one, you're unstoppable--

Roy: Bring it on...Koopa.

Lakitu: (thinking) He's using "Koopa" instead of Bowser...he means it. (normal voice) Anyways, how do you manage to pull yourself through all of these matches and keep winning?

Roy: (Random Japanese words)

Lakitu: The super happy cupcake of sunshine?

Roy: (You need to learn Japanese, man.)

Lakitu: Uh, back to you, Digi, before he beats me up...

Digi: Right! Anyways, you know the drill...

  • 1) Was 10-life Super Sudden Death a good format to use for a match?
  • 2) Was it a good format for this stage in the Triforce Tournament?
  • 3) Given a Samus/Roy rematch, how would you moderate it and who do you think would win?
  • 4) The obvious one: Bowser vs, Roy: who gets the Triforce?

    Digi: Hey, only four questions, but that third one's in depth. Well, hope you enjoyed it. I'm Digifanatic--this SSS match has been adjourned.