Match #129

The Question: Who will win the Triforce Tournament?

The Fighters: Bowser vs. Roy
The Arena: Battlefield
Item Ratio: None.
Lives: Three

Saiyaman: All right, folks, it's the match you've all been waiting for!

175: Stadium fighter swimsuit mud-wrestling?

Amber: Don't be sexist!

175: Did I say it'd just be the girls? The guys would be involved too. Appeal to both genders.

Saiyaman: Uh, no, I meant it's time for the big conclusion to the Triforce tournament!

Crowd: (super cheers.)

Amber: That's right, folks, we started off with sixteen, but now we're down to the final two, Roy and Bowser, who have fought their way to the top from the very beginning and now stand just one fight away from an ancient relic of incredible power!

175: Let's go to Navi for some pre-match interviews. Navi, how are our fighters feeling?

Navi: Both of them are looking pretty good, guys. Bowser here is perhaps the most hopeful of the two.

Bowser: You bet I am! With that Triforce, I can become unstoppable! I'll finally stomp the Mario Bros. once and for all and take Peach for myself!

Navi: Oh...uh, how...productive. Roy, how do you feel?

Roy: (says something in Japanese.)

Marth: Roy says he's feeling very confident about his ability to win and is hopeful to use the Triforce of Power for the greater good of his country.

Navi: That definitely sounds better than Bowser's plan.

Bowser: Oh, like it's that much better.

Navi: Back to you guys.

Saiyaman: The rules will be a no time-limit, no item, three life fight. The arena for the last battle will be the Battlefield.

Amber: Ladies and gentlemen...

175: Pumpernickel and rye breads...

Saiyaman: Children of all species...

175: SSS had to sell fifteen-hundred burgers to bring you...





Amber: Now, for the seven-thousand in attendance...

175: And for the one-hundred thousand watching in Canada...


175: The fight is starting off strong as Roy begins with a quick attack on the approaching Bowser, dropping him to the bottom level! He drops and gets in two hits before Bowser slips in a Koopa Claw and grabs him!

Amber: That's followed up with a toss into the ground, after which Roy rolls back from Bowser! He whips out a Double-Edged Dance to keep Bowser at bay, only to get hit with his Fire Breath!

Saiyaman: Bowser goes in for a running attack, which Roy Counters! He continues the attack with a Blazer, sending Bowser to the left side of the arena!

175: Bowser lands on his feet and uses Fire Breath on the approaching Roy, who nimbly hops over it and slashes Bowser! Roy manages to slice Bowser a few times and finishes with a low Smash!

Amber: Roy lands on the platform above Bowser, but when Bowser leaps up to attack him on the top, Roy Counters him! Bowser falls back down, but manages to leap into the dropping Roy with Whirling Fortress!

Saiyaman: Bowser turns and grabs Roy when they've both touched down, then slams him into the ground! Roy lands hard, but manages to roll away from Bowser's Fire Breath!

175: Bowser cuts the breath short, so Roy slips in with Double-Edge Dance, scoring three hits on Bowser! He follows up with a powerful Smash attack, sending Bowser over the left edge!

"Now hiring new test subjects - The Mythbusters"
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Amber: As Bowser returns with a double-jump, Roy intercepts with an upward Smash! The force sends Bowser out of the arena towards-...

(Bowser falls into the commentators booth and squishes Amber.)

Saiyaman: AAAAAHHHHHH! (throws Bowser out.) Are you okay, honey?

Amber: (out cold.)

175: Just put a little ice on her. Oh yeah, Bowser has been auto-revived and is wailing on Roy with his invincibility.

Saiyaman: Keep talking; I'm going to get some ice. (heads out.)

175: Okay. So, Roy fends Bowser back with a low Smash once Bowser became vulnerable again. Bowser retaliates with Fire Breath before Roy was able to dodge the attack!

Amber: (still out cold.)

175: Oooh, Bowser slips in an upward Smash, sending Roy out the top of the arena! He gives a victory roar as Roy returns via the platform and manages to dodge Roy as he drops down to attack!

Saiyaman: (returns with a ice pack.) I'm back. What'd I miss?

175: Uh, the tournament was called off due to rain, so I'm going to keep the Triforce for safe keeping.

Saiyaman: (applying said ice pack.) What'd I really miss?

175: Bowser KOed Roy earlier and used a Bowser Bomb just now, which was Countered by Roy. Roy follows up with a Blazer and a few jabs!

Saiyaman: Well, no serious injuries, I think. Guess I should start commentating again. So, um, I see Bowser knocking Roy off balance with a running attack and trying an upward Smash that Roy manages to evade!

175: Bowser grabs Roy in his Koopa Claw and is biting mercilessly! He finishes with his belly-flop, sending Roy up who comes down with a Double-Edge Dance of two hits!

"Could someone let me out of this lamp? - Erazor Djinn"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Saiyaman: The assault continues as Roy grabs Bowser, with Bowser pulling himself free after a single blow from Roy! A good low Smash puts Roy in some serious pain!

175: Roy decides to hop to the top platform, so Bowser follows and attacks along the way! Roy is able to evade that and begins slicing into Bowser in response!

Saiyaman: A low Smash from Roy sends Bowser into the air! Roy goes up into the air to follow him, but Bowser is able to mid-air dodge and slips by Roy!

175: Bowser lands on the top plaform, so Roy uses his second jump to head back towards him! In preparation for this, Bowser slips under him and uses an upward Smash, KOing Roy!

Amber: (gets back up.) Ow...what happened?

Saiyaman: You were crushed by Bowser. How do you feel?

Amber: Like I was run over with a semi-truck. Why do they always land on me? At least I don't think anything's broken.

175: Speaking of broken things, the returning Roy nearly shattered Bowser's shielding from a barrage of attacks! Only a timely roll behind Roy and a downward throw saved Bowser from certain pain!

Saiyaman: Feel up for commentating again?

Amber: Yeah, I think so. So, uh, Roy evades Bowser's Fire Breath and starts slashing him again with Double-Edged Dance.

Saiyaman: It's a triple slash that time, with Bowser being sent back to the right edge of the arena! He lands hard, but springs up and shields as Roy runs up and strikes again!

175: Bowser has Roy in a Koopa Claw, bites and slams him into the ground! Roy gets back up and stops his running attack with a Counter!

Amber: Roy continues with a low jab of his sword and a Smash attack! Bowser goes over the edge, but this triple jump doesn't make it and he gets KOed!

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Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Saiyaman: Bowser comes back on the revival platform and drops down on Roy, but Roy rolls away from his mid-air attack! Roy hops back to avoid another attempt and begins stabbing once Bowser's invincibility wears off!

175: Bowser begins to shield Roy's blows, so Roy stops long enough for Bowser to drop the shield, then grabs him! A good toss into the ground is followed by an upward Smash!

Amber: Bowser lands on the right platform, so Roy leaps and attacks, which is dodged! Bowser gives a good hard Smash, sending him flying to the left!

Saiyaman: Roy uses his double-jump to return to the arena floor and dodge an attack from the waiting Bowser! Once he lands, he grabs Bowser, smacks him twice and throws him to the right!

175: The throw wasn't enough to toss Bowser very far, enabling Roy to continue his assault with a running attack! Before he can strike again, Bowser hits with a low attack and backhands him!

Amber: Roy goes over the edge, but uses a few swipes of Double-Edge Dance to edge his way back onto the platform and nick Bowser when he was moving in! Bowser tries to smack Roy, but a Counter sends Bowser back!

Saiyaman: Bowser blasts Roy with his Fire Breath, who takes some serious burns! Roy retaliates with a Smash attack, sending Bowser to the right!

175: Bowser manages to leap over Roy and his running attack, but Roy is able to flip around and attack! After a few more slices, Roy mixes things up with a slightly-charged low Smash!

"Free, totally not haunted mansion to any takers - King Boo"
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Amber: Bowser hops up on the left platform to evade Roy's attack, quickly followed by jumping towards him for an aerial attack! The Blazer Roy uses puts him up on top of the main platform while singing Bowser!

Saiyaman: Bowser slides in with a Whirling Fortress, so Roy hops down to the main platform to avoid it! He manages to slip by, but Bowser follows and slashes with his Koopa Claw!

175: Roy puts up his shield before the Koopa Claw hits and rolls behind the slashing Bowser! Before Bowser can turn around, Roy whips out a Smash attack and sends him over the arena's edge!

Amber: Bowser returns to the arena with his Whirling Fortress, but Roy is waiting with a moderately-charged Eruption! That's enough to send Bowser out for the last time!


Saiyaman: While we head down for the big awards ceremony, let's go to Navi, who should be with Bowser about now.

Navi: Thanks, Saiyaman. Bowser, though you didn't win the Tournament, you still managed to pull off an impressive second. Your thoughts?

Bowser: Bah, I should've won, plain and simple! Still, at least I got to beat up Mario.

Navi: Well, that's true. Let's go to the arena where the ceremony is taking place.

(Back down at the arena, the SPs have gathered with Roy.)

GG: Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of a historic event here at SSS. The tournament has ended and the greatest prize ever offered in this Stadium has been won to the fighter who has earned the right to claim it.

Ganondorf: (from the sidelines.) It's still my Triforce!

GG: Ahem. So Roy, on behalf of the entire Stadium, I present you with the Triforce of Power.

(GG gives Roy the Triforce of Power, causing Roy to almost immediately be consumed in light. The light soon fades, showing Roy bearing the Triforce symbol on his hand.)

Knight: That can't be good.

Roy: This...this is incredible! So much power coursing through feels fantastic!

Amber: How is he able to speak English now?

Roy: Silence! No longer shall you call me Roy! Henceforth, my name is...Royku!

175: Royku? That's dumber than Ganna!

Royku: (blast 175.)

175: (charred.) But then, who am I to judge?

Royku: Now that I have proven myself superior to all other fighters, I think I deserve something else. Namely, this stadium as my own!

Digi: Hold on! You have no right to take this Stadium for your own!

Royku: (blasts Digi.)

Digi: (charred.) Ow.

GG: (over intercom.) Attention, everyone. At this time, we'd like the audience to calmly exit the Stadium.

(The audience runs away screaming.)

GG: (over intercom.) Or you could run away too. That works.

Ganondorf: You fools! Now do you see why only I can handle the Triforce of Power? No one else can wield power of that magnitude!

GG: (over intercom) Ganondorf, shut up!

175: Before I run around screaming like a little girl, perhaps we should have some questions first.

Royku: Why?

175: C'mon, it's still tradition to have questions.

Royku: Fine, hurry it up.

175: Okay, so...

  • 1. How many of you were expecting a twist like this?
  • 2. Would Giga Bowser have been preferable?
  • 3. You'd run away too if you faced something like this, right?

    175: Well, I'm done. Time to panic. (starts running around screaming like a little girl.)

    Royku: Bah, when I'm in charge, there shall be no more questions! There shall be me and only me! Now...hang on.

    (Royku blasts 175 out of the Stadium.)

    Royku: That was going to get annoying.

    Amber: I, uh, I think I'll go catch him. (flies out.)

    Royku: As I was saying, the time of Royku has begun! Bow before me!