Match #130

Narrator: Last time on Super Smash Stadium...

GG: Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of a historic event here at SSS. The tournament has ended and the greatest prize ever offered in this Stadium has been won to the fighter who has earned the right to claim it.

Ganondorf: (from the sidelines.) It's still my Triforce!

GG: Ahem. So Roy, on behalf of the entire Stadium, I present you with the Triforce of Power.

(GG gives Roy the Triforce of Power, causing Roy to almost immediately be consumed in light. The light soon fades, showing Roy bearing the Triforce symbol on his hand.)

Roy: This...this is incredible! So much power coursing through feels fantastic! No longer shall you call me Roy! Henceforth, my name is...Royku! Now that I have proven myself superior to all other fighters, I think I deserve something else. Namely, this stadium as my own!

Digi: Hold on! You have no right to take this Stadium for your own!

Royku: (blasts Digi.)

Digi: (charred.) Ow.

Ganondorf: You fools! Now do you see why only I can handle the Triforce of Power? No one else can wield power of that magnitude!

Royku: As I was saying, the time of Royku has begun! Bow before me!

Narrator: And now the conclusion...


(GG, Digi, Saiyaman, and Knight stand in front of Royku)

GG: Ok, we're the SPs! We can take him!

Royku: Begone you pitiful half-men! (turns completely into a dragon)

GG: Oh, sh-- (Static)


(A tower of flames erupt out of the roof of SSS)

Fawful: This is it! This is the sign!

Rita: Yeah, it's a sign alright... "Going out of business!"


(Digi, Saiyaman, and Knight land face first in a field, charred from the attack. GG then lands standing onto Saiyaman and starts poking Saiyaman's head with the Staff of Smiting. GG's hat has one little burnt mark on it. The Ice Climbers are looking on.)

Popo: Are you okay, SPs?

(Another tower of flames erupt out of the roof of SSS)

Saiyaman: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

GG: ... I blame this on Iggy & Lemmy.

(A giant shadow covers them and the SPs look up, and scramble as Bowser, Marth, Ganondorf, and Navi land right they were, charred also.)

Popo: Are you okay?

Ganondorf: (dazed) But Twinrova, I don't wanna go to school today.

Navi: (grumbles) This job isn't worth 11,500 Rupees a year...

Marth: This is bad... very bad!

GG: Why did Royku turn into a dragon?

Marth: From what Lyn told me, his mother was half-dragon.

Ganondorf: Yes, that makes sense. The Triforce of Power brings out the essense of a person, so it would enhance his dragon blood.

Nana: If Roy is part-dragon, then that means a human and a dragon... Eww! How is that even possible?!

Bowser: I resent that remark.

Marth: On my continent, some dragons called manaketes have been known to be able to take humanoid form. I wonder how Chiki is...

GG: So how do we deal with Royku the Magic Manakete?

Ganondorf: The answer should be obvious. We must remove the Triforce from Roy.

Bowser: Too bad he blasted that wimpy guy away earlier. We could've used him as live bait.

Digi: So, how do we get the Triforce out of him then?

GG: We'll need Zelda and Link. They're the ones who'd know more about the Triforce than any of us.

Ganondorf: Good idea. We can use them as live bait too.

Saiyaman: Still, we're going to need a way to hold Royku at bay until we can extract the Triforce from his body.

Bowser: Bwa-ha-ha, have you forgotten who's on your payroll? Make me Giga Bowser again! I could flatten him with no trouble!

GG: Hmm, you would certainly stand a better chance. Those Smash Balls we've been working on might do the trick. All right, Ganondorf and I will track down Link and Zelda and figure out a way to remove the Triforce from Royku. Saiyaman, take Bowser back into the Stadium Lab and see if those Smash Balls will work.

Digi: What about us?

GG: Digi, take Navi and the Ice Climbers and go find all the rest of the fighters and SPs. Make sure they're okay and see who can help.

Digi: Roger!

GG: All right, people, let's go!

(Everybody splits up and starts heading towards their respective destinations.)


Ganondorf: So Guru, where do you you think we will find Link and Zelda?

GG: We wait... (sits down and meditates)

Ganondorf: Wait?! Why should we wait?

GG: They will come to us. Ohmmm... Ohmmm...


(Meanwhile, in the Stadium Lab...)

Bowser: So, as runner-up, I will be getting the Triforce once we get it back, since Roy obviously couldn't handle it, right?

Saiyaman: Uh, no, I don't think we'll be doing that.

Bowser: It was worth a shot.

Saiyaman: Ah, here's one. (picks up a Smash Ball.)

Bowser: (takes the Smash Ball.) Gimmie that! I'm gonna smash him and get it over with!

(Bowser shatters the Smash Ball and transforms into Giga Bowser...a six-inch tall Giga Bowser.)

Giga Bowser: What the?

Saiyaman: Whoops, I guess that one was just a prototype. I should really come down here more often.

Giga Bowser: This had better wear off soon. If it doesn't, I'll bite your feet off.


(The scene turns to inside SSS' HQ, with Digi, Navi, and the Ice Climbers. Digi hastefully looks over the fighters' roster.)

Digi: Popo and Nana, you get all of your old school buddies--Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Kirby, and so on. Tell them to meet in my office. Navi and I will look for some of the others, okay?

Nana: Okay! Let's go, Popo!

Popo: Right! Good luck, you two! (The Ice Climbers run off in one direction)

Digi: Thanks...okay, Navi. (start running in the other direction) Let's see...I think we should tackle the Pokemon first. Chances are Pichu and Jigglypuff will be together.

Navi: Yeah, that's a good idea. While the Climbers are getting Mario and company, we'll take Sonic, Falcon, Fox, and so on.

Digi: Sure...let's see. Okay, here's the Pokemon locker area--like Pichu needs a locker anyway...

Navi: Well, where else can he put his goggles when we'd assign him to a team match?

Digi: True. *knocks on the door* Hello?

(From inside, Pichu and Jigglypuff are trying to float/jump up to the peephole to see who's there. It takes them a few seconds, but together, they get the door open)

Navi: Oh no, we're not coming in, but we need you two...

Digi: Yeah. As I'm sure you've seen, Roy's gone absolutely insane with that Triforce and we need to get everybody we can to get the blasted thing out of his being...

Jigglypuff: {Us against that thing? You must be losing your mind!}

(Obviously, without an "official" interpreter there, Digi is not sure what Jigglypuff is saying.)

Digi: Translate, please, Navi?

Navi: Simply put, she thinks you're insane.

Digi: Hmm...but you've got Sing, Jigglypuff. And Rest...ppht, all you need to do is get close with that and Royku's going to take a big hit.

Jigglypuff: {Hmm...that doesn't sound like a bad idea.}

Digi: And Pichu, this is your time to step up, too. Pikachu and Ash have been away for a while, so the spotlight's on you, little guy!

Pichu: {Are you sure about this?}

Navi: He's concerned you're not sure about it...

Digi: Pichu, this could be your big break!

Pichu: {Alright, I'll do it!}

Digi (judging by Pichu's intonation): Very good! Follow us!

(Pichu and Jigglypuff soon follow)

Navi: Hey, any idea where Sonic is right now?

Jigglypuff: {He better not be fighting Robotnik...but seriously, he should be around somewhere.}

Navi: Okay...hmm, I think he'd be down by the arcade or something...if it's still left.

Digi: Nah, that's more like Ness and his buddies.

Navi: But Sonic's hip.

Digi: True. With his reflexes, he's probably got perfect scores on all the DDR machines...

(They head down to the lounge area, where sure enough, Ness and Sonic are dueling at a DDR machine. Paula is watching on.)

Digi: What are you folks doing? This is a crisis situation!

Sonic: Hey, there's not much else to do around here! This is the basement area, Digi--it's the closest thing to a refuge area we've got! And to be honest...Ness' and Paula's psychic powers versus my speed makes for a pretty good DDR battle.

Digi: Yeah, that's cool, but we've got more important things to do than try to beat the top score on "Through the Fire and Flames" by 100 points...

Ness: That's not Dance Dance Revolution, that's Guitar Hero.

Digi: YOU GET THE IDEA! Come on. There's a dragon to bash and Navi and I are trying to get everyone over at my place so I can brief them on the situation.

Paula: (sighs) Fine, fine...let's hit it, guys. You heard the Superpower!

Ness: We're right behind you...

Sonic (to Digi): And I'll meet you in your office. *runs off*

Digi: Hey, that area's locked out for non-SPs!

Navi: Don't worry about it, Digi. The sooner, the better.


(The scene turns to the Stadium's storage room, where Bowser, having returned to normal, and Saiyaman are)

Saiyaman: Hmm... They should be here somewhere. Ahh!

(Saiyaman notices a large futuristic crate and looks inside)

Saiyaman: Ahh, here they are!

(Bowser looks at the side of the box)

Bowser: Hokey Pokey Crate?

Saiyaman: Huh? (looks) Oh, Hocotate Freight... That's the Freight Service we use to get stuff for the Stadium in.

(Suddenly, the box is lifted up by weird multicolor plant creatures)

Saiyaman: What the?!

???: (looking at Bowser) What an odd creature... I shall call you Spikeshell.

Bowser: Hey, only I insult people!

Saiyaman: A little astronaut... Who are you?

Olimar: I am Captain Olimar, employee of Hocotate Freight, and I need someone to sign for this package. (hands Saiyaman a clipboard)

Saiyaman: Umm, sure. (signs for the package) We're in a bit of a pickle at the moment... See, one of our fighters turned into a dragon.

Olimar: Oh, dear.

Plant Creatures: WAAAAAAHHHH! (eaten by Bowser)

Bowser: You know, these are kinda tasty!

Olimar: Spikeshell, please do not eat my Pikmin.

Bowser: I'm Bowser, King of the Koopas! I'll do what I want!

(Olimar plants and plucks 6 more Pikmin which he then throws at Bowser)

Olimar: Spikeshell ate your friends. Show him why he should not.

Bowser: (getting attacked by them) AHH! HEY! (tosses them off)

Pikmin: WAAAAAAHHHH! (dies)

Saiyaman: So you command the Pikmin and can create more?

Olimar: Yes.

Saiyaman: Cool. Say, we could use your help.

Olimar: As long as Spikeshell does not eat them...

Bowser: Look, it's Bowser!

(Olimar plucks six more Pikmin)

Saiyaman: We need to get that box of Smash Balls out to the Dragon.

(Olimar commands his Pikmin to do just that, as Saiyaman and Bowser follow him)


(The group moves on, heading around until they see Fox wandering the halls)

Digi: Good thing you saw us, know what's going on, right?

Fox: Well, even though I was never in the tournament, I saw what happened from the hospital bed...and just when I get written off the disabled list, this happens.

Navi: Fox, are you okay?

Fox: I should be alright...any idea where Falco is?

Digi: The Ice Climbers might have talked to him already, though I told them we'd find him.

(Fox's communicator sounds)

Fox: Hello.

Falco: McCloud, where are you?

Fox: I'm in HQ talking to Digifanatic and Navi. We're discussing what's gone on with Roy. Where are you?

Falco: I'm trying to see if we can ready any of these Arwings. If we're lucky, Slippy, Peppy, and Krystal might be lending us a hand...

Fox: Don't count on it, but hopefully we can fly circles around them.

Digi: Tell him we wish this idea well.

Fox: And Digi says good luck. Bye, Falco. (shuts off his communicator) That's good...if we can get a couple of Arwings into this fight, advantage goes to us. It can't hurt us if Roy has to deal with flying targets.

Navi: Well, when you roll with the Smash Stadium, you know you're with the best of 'em.

Fox: Yeah.

Digi: If you can get to an Arwing, are you sure you can pilot one of those? Last thing we need is you crashing this cause of the aftereffects of when you first fought Ness...

Fox: Nah. I felt a lot better in my last fight, so I should be fine. As long as I don't get ambushed by you guys again--

Digi: I had no part in that.

Fox: As I was long as something doesn't happen that jogs my judgment or vision, I should be fine.

Digi: Okay, good. Join up with us and we'll take you the rest of the way. Have you seen Captain Falcon recently?

Fox: I bet he hitched the Blue Falcon and is already several miles away from the me, he's not always as macho as people think he is. *grins*

Digi: Yeah, you have a point...the Captain does have his, uh, realistic side.

Navi: Like the kind that says, "Okay, there's a machine that's crashed out ahead of me at a dead stop and I'm still going at Mach 1 clean is my un--"

Digi: Too much information. Hmm...Fox, I think you or Falco might need to search for him if that's the case.

Fox: I'll buzz him again. *tries calling Falco again*

(The camera pans to Falco crawling out of a wrecked Arwing)

Falco: might want to think twice about this Arwing idea. Royku shot me down.

Fox: To steal a line, "Oh geez, Louise..."

Falco: I resent make up your mind or else I might be dead the next time you see me!

Fox: How far are you away from the Stadium?

Falco: Probably a mile and a half...

Fox (rolling his eyes): You didn't need to go that far away from the building! That's worse for us...I honestly hope Falcon's got your back, cause we're not done yet gathering everyone over here...

Falco: (dusts himself off)

GG: (still sitting and meditating) Ohmmmm... Ohmmmm...

Ganondorf: Falco, have you seen Link or Zelda, by any chance?

Falco: No, but I bet Link's facing that monster!

Ganondorf: No, Link's much smarter than that... He'd get the items he needs, first.

GG: (opens eyes and jumps up) Of course! The Goron Tunic!

Ganondorf: GAH!!!

Falco: Don't do that!

GG: I've had a vision! We got to go to Link's Locker! (grabs Falco and Ganondorf's hands and teleports to Link's Locker)

Young Link: (grabbing a red tunic from his locker) GAH!!!

(Ganondorf and Falco glare at GG)

GG: ...Well, it's A Link!

Ganondorf: Hey kid... Do you have the Triforce of Courage?

Young Link: Course I do!

Ganondorf: Good, we can find Zelda by using the kid's Triforce of Courage to home in on the Triforce of Wisdom!

Falco: Like a homing beacon!

Young Link: It can do that? COOOOOOOL!!!

GG: ... That's actually clever, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Of course... Of course...


(Back to Digi and company as they pass by a storage room in SSS' basement. The party has increased significantly, with Samus, Ray, and Tron recently recruited.)

Digi: Hey, wait a minute, folks...this is the room where we keep all of our spare items and such. Now, we've been developing some stuff that we were planning on saving until after the tournament was over with. However, it might be in our best interest to use some of these today.

Navi: Like what?

Digi: They're surprises.

Navi: Aww...but I wanna see the good stuff! Cut me a break!

Digi: Only SPs can access this room on our own. But here's the deal. We'll use this area to conduct the meeting. Navi, stay here and keep the peace amongst everybody else...some of you others, don't be afraid to follow her lead.

Samus: Yeah, no problem. Just be warned, I wanna beat up Roy again.

Digi: We know. Anyways, I'm going to find the Ice Climbers' party...(mumbling) and Sonic...(normal voice) and tell them we've changed the spot. Hopefully, if Nana and Popo haven't found everyone I've assigned them to look for, it'll only take a short while to finish the list off. Again, Navi and Samus, keep them in check while I get the others. Thanks in advance.

Navi: Alright, you got it.

(Digi starts walking to get the other half...)

Samus: If only Royku was subject to Sudden Death rules...


(GG, Ganondorf, and Falco are following Young Link, as a Cardboard Box follows them)

Falco: Do you get the feeling we're being followed?

Ganondorf: No.

(They find Zelda, but she has been gagged and tied up and currently surrounded by five beings)

Sneasel: (appears to be wearing a brass knuckle and looking up at the moon) Ahh... I love the darkness...

GG: It's the Fearsome Five...

(Meta Knight turns around and looks at GG)

Meta Knight: Curses...

Sneasel: (swings her brass knuckle) We should introduce ourselves.

Boshi: (licking Zelda's face) Huh?

GG: ... Are you wearing a brass knuckle, Sneasel?

Sneasel: It's a Razor Claw... Wait until Mewtwo sees what this baby can do...

Wolf: Playtime is over, heroes!

GG: Wolf O'Donnell!

Falco: Pff! We meet again, Star Wolf! You guys just won't learn your lesson, will you!

Wolf: You know you are all like us. Our fates are intertwined. We are destined to meet in battle. After all, what fun is there to be had in peace and quiet? A real warrior can only live on the battlefield.

Falco: Then why don't you show me what a real warrior's like, fuzzball! I'm ready if you are!

GG: The one thing I don't get is why you are part of the Fearsome Five.

Meta Knight: I'll have you know that he is helping me look for my battleship. (glares at King Dedede) Along with the guy who made me lose it!

King Dedede: Hey, how was I supposed to know those robots were stealing your ship?! We should be defeating the glowy butterfly man!

Meta Knight: I have not seen this "glowy butterfly man" you keep talking about!

King Dedede: That's because you were hit by his red rings of death!

GG: Glowy butterfly man? Red Rings of Death?

Ganondorf: Who is this nutter?

GG: King Dedede... The self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land, and Kirby's nemesis, I might add.

King Dedede: Kirby! He gets all the credit when I do all the work!

(The Cardboard Box sneaks behind Zelda and begins untying her)

Sneasel: (slices the box into confetti using her Razor Claw) Just what do you think you are doing?

(The person plants C4 onto Sneasel's face)

Snake: Call me Solid Snake. Now! (presses a button to make the C4 explode)

Sneasel: GAH! MY FACE! (holds her face)

Meta Knight: What a cheap tactic!

Sneasel: YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!!! (Sneasel charges towards Snake, but suddenly stops)

Boshi: Sneasel?! You ok?

Meta Knight: If she is injured from that cheap tactic, I...

Sneasel: No, I... I... feel strange... (Sneasel starts glowing wildly)

GG: (recognizes the glowing and shakes his head slowly) Oh, no...

Falco: What is it?

GG: Sneasel is evolving! She's going to become a Weavile!

Snake: Evol... What?

(Sneasel finishes her evolution, now fully a Weavile)

Weavile: Weavile! Just wait until Mewtwo sees this form! (runs off)

Boshi: Sne-- Weavile! Where are you going!

Meta Knight: ... Fine, you can have the girl.

Boshi: But boss--

Meta Knight: The top priority is to get my ship back! Understand, lizard?

Boshi: But the girl mi--

(Meta Knight glares at Boshi)

Boshi: Fine.

Wolf: Hmmph!

(Meta Knight, Boshi, King Dedede and Wolf follow Weavile and leave the heroes with Zelda)

Weavile: Weavile! Just wait until Mewtwo sees me now! (runs off)

(Young Link unties Zelda and ungags her.)

Zelda: Quickly, Link's in trouble!

Falco: Lead the way, princess.

Ganondorf: Actually, why should I he-- (Zelda tugs Ganondorf's ear) Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

GG: Hahaha!


(Digi is now seen heading back to his office, where, of course, Sonic is waiting)

Sonic: Digi, what happened to your party?

Digi: We've changed the location. We're all meeting down by the storage room in the basement...this should be a lesson to not run off while we're in a crisis situation. Of course, two-way communication wouldn't hurt either, but that costs money.

Sonic: Okay, I'm outta here! (starts running off)

Digi: Wait! Do you even know where the storage room is?!

Sonic: Not really, but I'll still probably get there ahead of you anyway!

Digi: (thinking) This guy's nuts. (out loud) Okay, then...whatever you do, don't look for the Ice Climbers' party cause that's make things even more annoying and we'll be losing even more time...

Sonic: Alright, I get it...

Digi: (thinking) All speed, no patience...

(Soon enough, Digi finds the Ice Climbers' party which is just about complete on its own)

Digi: How did you folks make out?

Nana: We've been doing great. We almost forgot Mr. Game and Watch isn't here...we even tried the Game and Watchese trick before we realized he got carried away.

Digi: Game and Watchese?

Popo: (speaking in a set of beeps akin to G&W) {Yeah, like this. See what she means?}

Digi: Cool, but you're capable of English and we've got to get a move on. Let's see...Mario, Luigi, Peach, Kirby, Pit, I see Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Geno...yeah, you folks are fine. Bowser and the Hyruleans are elsewhere and everyone else necessary is in my party...except Falco and Sonic who are a bit impatient, but that's okay. And Falcon's wimping out on us, last time I heard.

Peach: Well, may we go?

Digi: Yeah. Everyone, follow me! (starts running back to the storage room and the rest of his party)


(Back at the storage room)

Digi: Listen up, folks. I'm going to make this as quick and as effective as I can. You're all going to see a bunch of interesting items. We're all going to form a nice array of Smasher anarchy--err, just take what you want! I'll explain all of the new stuff while we're heading into the battlefield!

Mario: Wait a minute! What's-a there that we don't-a know about?

Digi: A lot of things...we've been holding off on these but today they may be necessary...and Yoshi & Kirby, whatever you do, don't eat the curry.

Yoshi: Curry?

Kirby: Not that curry....

Digi: I am warning you...don't do it in an enclosed space. And everyone else, don't mess with the multi-colored orbs you will see. I'll make sure to control those under my own supervision. You got that, everyone?

All there except Digi: *nods*

Digi: Royku...if you're not DOWN WITH know what? I'll shut up before the lawsuit comes around. Let's take him down!


(GG, Falco, Ganondorf, Young Link, and Zelda run into a yellow field of grass)

GG: Oh no...

Falco: What is it?

GG: I recognize this place! It's the Endless Field! It's where Tomintul died!

Zelda; Oh no... What if Link is--

???: And that's why it's perfect for setting a trap!

GG: Twinrova!

Zelda: And she's got Link hostage!

Ganondorf: You should be helping me get the Triforce of Power back!

Twinrova: Oh, we are... and so much more.

Link: Young Link! Behind you!

Young Link: GAH!!! (is stabbed through the back by Dark Link)

Link: GAH!!! (clutches his chest in agnoizing pain)

Dark Link: Heh... too easy. (fades back into the shadows)

Zelda: Young Link! (goes to crouch next to Young Link... Meanwhile, Link looks to be fading in and out of existence)

Falco: What the hell? What's happening to Link?

Ganondorf: Of course... Why did I not think of it before? If Young Link is dead, then he can't grow up to be Link! HAHAHA!

Link: --ou bas--

(Zelda begins pulling out a bottle)

Ganondorf: Oh no, you don't! (zaps Zelda with powerful magic)

Zelda: GAH!

(Zelda drops the bottle and her skin becomes greenish blue with marking on it and with yellow eyes. She has an enthralled evil look in her eye...)

Ganondorf: Now Zelda is my puppet.

(Ganon's Puppet Zelda begins by throwing balls of magic at GG and Falco. Twinrova joins in by firing ice and fire spells all over the place)

GG: (aiming at Ganondorf) SPECIAL GALACTIC... (Ganondorf puts Zelda in front of GG, who then holds his charge)

Ganondorf: Now you wouldn't harm Zelda, would you?

GG: ... No.

Falco: Reflector! (reflects the fire back at Twinrova)

Twinrova: (falls down weakened) But you can't weild the Master Sword, fowl!

Young Link: (still dying and grabs the bottle) G-got to h-help... (opens the bottle, which releases a fairy) Yes...

(A mysterious figure slashes Twinrova)

Twinrova: GAH!

Link: (now fully solid again, having slashed Twinrova) I'm back!

(The fairy heals Young Link to full)

Young Link: (gets up and readies himself to fight) It's time to show these foes why we are the Hero of Time!

(Ganon's Puppet Zelda throws balls of magic at the two Links)

Young Link & Link: Darn it... I can't harm Zelda!


(Captain Falcon Falcon Punches Ganondorf in the face, which breaks his hold on Zelda... Zelda returns to normal)

Capt. Falcon: That's for stealing MY moves!

Zelda: Link, you are alright!

Link & Young Link: Yes, it was no trouble for the Hero of Time. (looks angerly at each other) Hey! Stop repeating what I say!

Falco: Oh great, Link in Stereo.

GG: BLAST!!! (GG fires a huge ball of electrical energy at Ganondorf, who teleports away before it hits)

Twinrova: Grr... (flies off from the heroes)

GG: Now we have to get back to the Stadium!


(Royku glances at all the fighters assembled... They have assembled all the fighters in the Stadium, and then some considering Wolf, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Solid Snake, and Olimar were there as well)

Royku: Ha! None of you have a chance!

Digi: Saiyaman, did you bring them?

Saiyaman: Yep... (opens the box and one Smash Ball floats out) Break it, Bowser.

Bowser: This one had better work right.

(Bowser begins beating up on the Smash Ball until it breaks and the power is absorbed into him, causing the glowing yellow eyes)

Bowser: This... This is unbelievable! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

(Bowser transforms into Giga Bowser)

Royku: What the! What is this?

Giga Bowser: Now I'll show you how a real dragon fights!

(Giga Bowser begins attacking Royku and Pichu and Jigglypuff try to join. Royku sends the two Pokemon away easily. But they try to grab him. Royku glances down at Pichu and Jigglypuff, clinging onto his body for dear life, trying to land a few punches while they're at it)

Royku: (voice growing in intensity) Won't you two runts stop it?!

Pichu: {Runt? I might be a little guy, but I pack a punch!}

Jigglypuff: {SHUT UP!} *clears her throat before attempting to use Sing on Royku* Jiiiiiiiglyyy--

(Royku flicks the knee Jigglypuff was holding on to, sending her flying through the air)

Jigglypuff: Puuuuuuuuuuuufff...!

Zelda: I've got to save her. (Jumps onto Royku before leaping off and using Farore's Wind to approach Jigglypuff, catching her in midair)

Jigglypuff: {Thanks very much!}

Royku: And as for you, ya rat reject...let's see how this takes care of you!

(Royku grabs Pichu and traps him in his hand, Master Hand style. After nearly crushing Pichu, he violently slams him down on the ground. Digi runs in from where he was fighting.)

Digi: Zelda, bring Jigglypuff over here. I want to give them a pep talk.

(Zelda nods and carries Jigglypuff over. Digi takes both of the Pokemon into his hands and runs a small distance from the scene.)


Digi: Hang two are bruised very badly. Here, have these.

(He gives Pichu and Jigglypuff one Heart Container each. Both of them consume theirs in short time.)

Digi: There's plenty more where they came, don't give up on this. Royku might be very large, very strong, maybe even scary, but you have quantity on your side. He thinks that because you two haven't always been impressive in the ring, you have no chance against him. "Thinks" is the key word. Now, shut him up and take him down! (pats Pichu and Jigglypuff on their heads)

Pichu: {Oh yeah, I feel good now...I'm healed and Royku's ego is getting in his way...}

Jigglypuff: {Pichu, are you ready?}

(Pichu nods)

Jigglypuff: {Let's do this for everyone who underestimates us!}

Digi: Alright, it's fair game again! (the three run back in to the fray) You two, keep going for his knees while I strike him from behind.

Jigglypuff: Puff! (uses a couple of Pounds on Royku's knee while Pichu Skull Bashes the other.)

Royku: You two just don't get it, huh?

Pichu: {You just can't stop being arrogant, huh?}

Jigglypuff: {Burned.}

Royku: I don't know what you said, but something tells me it wasn't nice. (Royku breathes a long stream of fire onto Pichu. Pichu, however, is resilient as ever and shocks Royku with Thunder.)

Digi (looking back at the two after landing a Fire Punch of his own): Keep it up! (looking back towards the stash of items, thinking to himself) I wonder what Pichu could do with one of those Smash Balls...

(Pichu starts to charge a Skull Bash but Royku threatens again with a swipe. However, Giga Bowser, of all fighters, runs in front and does a Whirling Fortress on Royku.)

Giga Bowser: What? I want to see what the little guy can do!

Pichu: CHUUUUUUU! (fires the Skull Bash, nearly hitting Giga Bowser in the process)

Giga Bowser: (ducking) Don't hit me, hit the OTHER evil fire breathing mutant dragon!

(Pichu winds up striking Royku right near where Giga Bowser hit him.)

Pichu: {Got him...}

(All of a sudden, Pichu cuts off his momentum as if something's wrong)

Digi: Pichu, you alright? You hurting yourself too much?

Pichu: {No...something else feels odd.}

Navi: Huh...Pichu says something doesn't feel right.

Digi: Wait a second...

(Pichu starts glowing wildly despite not acquiring a Smash Ball)

Pichu: Piiiii...

Navi: Digi...what's this?

Digi: Pichu is evolving!

(Pichu finishes his evolution, now fully a Pikachu.)

Pikachu: ...KAAAAAA!

Digi: Mehameha?

Jigglypuff: {I wish I could do that without a Moon Stone...}

Digi: There's only one thing left to do, now... (grabs a Smash Ball, hitting it a few times to weaken it but keeps it afloat) Pikachu, use something to break the Smash Ball and do whatever you can with it as soon as possible!

Pikachu: {THUNDER!} (Pikachu activates the Smash Ball and transforms into a electric ball of death)

Digi: What the heck is that!

GG: That is Volt Tackle. Everyone break a Smash Ball!

(The box containing the Smash Balls is broken open and the assembled fighters begin to try to break them)

Jigglypuff: (broke a Smash Ball and grabs Royku's leg) JIGGLYPUFF!!!

(Jigglypuff grows to a size huger than Giga Bowser or Royku)

Fox: It's a Gigalypuff!

Giga Bowser: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

(Jigglypuff uses Rest on Royku hurting him severly, and shrinking back down to normal size)

Royku: AGH! Darn you! (Pikachu begins attacking him with it)

Sonic: (broke a Smash Ball) Wait, I recognize this....

(Sonic is suddenly surrounded by the Seven Chaos Emeralds and is transformed into Super Sonic)

Sonic: Alright! (begins attacking Royku)

Samus: (broke a Smash Ball and fires off a humongous energy blast at Royku)

Royku: GAH!!!

Samus: (noticing something wrong with her Power Suit) My Power Suit! It can't take this kind of energy!

(The Power suit breaks off leaving Samus in her form-fitting Zero Suit)

Zero Suit Samus: Well, this isn't good...

Boshi: (looking at Samus and smiles) Samus took it off!

(Boshi promptly faints)

Zero Suit Samus: Can I kill Boshi?

GG: No.

Mewtwo: (broke a Smash Ball) PSYCHIC!

(Mewtwo creates a blast radius hitting Royku with psychic energy)

Digi: Mewtwo, when did you show up?!

Mewtwo: About five minutes ago. I had to assert my Final Smash, or else I'd be cut from the roster! (A rimshot is heard.)

(The other fighters begin to break their Smash Balls and use their attacks against Royku, who just won't go down)

Mario: MARIO FINALE! (fires off a Mighty Blast of fire at him)

Luigi: NEGATIVE ZONE! (creates a warped area that inflicts status conditions on Royku.)

DK: DK BONGOS! (uses his bongos to hit Royku with powerful sound waves.)

Link & Young Link: TRIFORCE SLASH! (They both trap him using the Triforce of Courage and repeatly attack him)

Peach: PEACH BLOSSOM! (summons a bevy of peaches to heal the fighters and tries to put Royku to sleep.)

Ness: PK STARSTORM! (summons meteors to hit Royku)

Ice Climbers: ICEBURG! (summons an Iceburg from the ground to damage Royku)

Geno: GENO WHIRL! (flings an energy disk at Royku.)

Yoshi: SUPER DRAGON! (grows wings and begins pelting Royku with fireballs)

Zelda: LIGHT ARROW! (fires a light arrow at Royku)

King Dedede: WADDLE DEE ARMY! (whistles for his Waddle Dees and begins dancing, the Waddle Dees charge at Royku)

Captain Falcon: BLUE FALCON! (hops in the Blue Falcon and runs Royku over.)

Snake: GRENADE LAUNCHER! (begins firing grenades from a grenade launcher at Royku from a distance)

Kirby: COOK! (puts on a chef's hat, pulls Royku into a pot, and begins cooking him alive sending him into the ceiling, but also creating healing items)

Mega Man: SUPER ADAPTOR! (fuses with Rush and fires his Rocket Punch at Royku.)

Fox: LANDMASTER! (summons a Landmaster and fires its cannon at Royku)

Wolf: (summoned a Landmaster as well) WE'RE GONNA HAVE FUN WITH THIS THING! (fires its cannon at Royku)

Falco: (summoned a Landmaster as well) ... PERSONALLY I PREFER THE AIR! (Fires its cannon at Royku)

Marth: CRITICAL HIT! (Hits Royku with his sword critically)

Pit: ALL TROOPS, MOVE OUT! (summons a swarm of Centarions to dive-bomb Royku.)

Meta Knight: GALAXIA DARKNESS! (strikes Royku with a strong sword strike after engulfing him with his cape.)

Olimar: END OF DAY! (summons his Hocotate Ship and leaves out of the damaged roof... An unnatural darkness sets in and the monsters came out to attack Royku, and then the Hocotate Ship crashes headlong into Royku, as the unnatural darkness dissipated)

(Royku doesn't look the least bit weakened)

GG: We are giving it all we got and we are just holding him off!

Royku: I WILL NOT LOSE! SSS IS MINE! (sends the fighters and SPs flying)

???: FALSE SWIPE! (A black blur dazes Royku, while slicing him)

Mewtwo: It... It's Weavile.

Weavile: Couldn't let him kill you before I fight you, and I brought some allies.

Hammer Bro: How dare you fight my king... HAMMER THROW! (throws hammers at Royku)

Shadow the Hedgehog: CHAOS CONTROL! (slows time for Royku)

Knuckle Joe: VULCAN JAB! (begins jabbing Royku repeatly)

Little Mac: STAR UPPERCUT! (gives him a fearsome uppercut)

Isaac: MOVE! (creates a giant hand of Psynergy which pushes Royku into the wall)

Jeff: MULTI-BOTTLE ROCKET 5! (fires his Multi-Bottle Rocket 5, which home in an hit Royku)

Dr. Wright: COMMERCIAL ZONE! (creates a skyscrapper where Royku sits damaging him serverly)

Mr. Resetti: (notices the camera is aimed at him) What? You expect ME to fight a dragon?! What can I do?! Rant?! I'm not stupid, no siree!


Saki Amamiya: Then feel the wrath of my Combo Cannon, ruffian!

???: Roy, stop!

Royku: (growls and does so) Lyn! You should leave before you get hurt!

Lyn: Fight it, Roy... What would your father say if he saw you like this?!

Royku: I have to be the strongest! I can't lose!

Lyn: Don't you see you have already lost? Everyone in the Stadium will fight you, even if it costs them their lives... Now please fight it.

Mr. Resetti: That brought a tear to this old mole's eye, mmhmm.

Royku: ...

(Royku forcefully pulls the Triforce of Power from his hand and reverts back to being Roy. The Triforce lands next to Samus' Power Suit and Pikachu)

Fox: I know how you feel. It's like everyone is just an insect waiting to be crushed.

Lyn: Now, Roy. we can get through this.

Roy: I need time to re-examine my priorities...

Saiyaman: You know, part of me is happy it ended this way, but part of me is a little disappointed we didn't end with a bang.

Pat: I hear that.

Saiyaman: ...When did you get here?

Pat: About ten minutes ago, but I had a hell of a time finding a place to park.

Mr. Resetti: Didn't you retire? Again?

Pat: I'm a shareholder. I can come and go as I please, thank you very much.

GG: (is trying to smack one of the loose Smash Balls away much like an annoying bug) It's not like one of us can just break a Smash Ball and just yell out an attack name like...

(GG breaks the Smash Ball and glows with its power)


(GG actually fires off an extremely massive and powerful electric beam attack through multiple walls of the Stadium)


(Meanwhile, Fawful has amassed his Legion of No Good...)

Fawful: We are to be attacking as their defenses are like a cardboard box!

(The rest of the Legion looks scared)

Fawful: What is being scary? (turns around to see the "Ultimate Galactic Blast" headed straight for them) AHH! THE BEAM IS SPAMMING!!!


(The Legion of No Good gets sent flying into the strata)

Fawful: FINKRATS!!!


Everyone: ...

Saiyaman: Looks like we might have to use the back-up Stadium for a while...

GG: ...Oops.

(At that moment, 175 bursts through the door and charges in, weilding a bazooka in one hand, a machine gun in the other and a sword on his back.)

175: All right, Royku, it's time to chew ass and kick bubble gum! (stops and looks around.) ...You guys already got rid of him, didn't you?

Digi: Pretty much.

Saiyaman: I see you survived being launched. Where's Amber?

175: Funny story. Apparently, being crushed by Bowser earlier today wasn't too good for her spine and when I came down as she tried to catch me, it was pretty hard...don't worry, the doctors say she'll be out in a week.

Saiyaman: (clutches his forehead) Uuuugggghhhhh....

(GG quickly turns to Meta Knight, King Dedede, Wolf, Olimar, and Snake)

GG: For helping us against Royku, you five are offered the chance to become fighters in SSS.

Weavile: What about me?

GG: Ehh, you can be one of the Pokemon we call out.

Weavile: ... I can live with that.

Boshi: (wakes up) Did you say--

GG: Sorry, too slow.

Meta Knight: ... I can't accept it... Not while my ship is missing.

(Meta Knight jumps out the window, lands, and runs off)

Olimar: I have to ask my wife first. Perhaps, if the President of Hocotate Freight gives me some time off.

King Dedede: Sorry, I've got something really important I need to finish first. (waddles out.)

Snake: Right. I have a mission to tend to as well. (grabs Olimar) And I could use your help.

Olimar: AHH!

(Snake and Olimar head out)

Wolf: Y'know, tempting as it is to beat up my arch-rival.... (glances over at Samus and Captain Falcon) I really don't think I can join.

GG: Huh? (looks at Samus and Captain Falcon) Ohh... Well, that is understandable, Mr. O'Donnell.

(Wolf leaps out the window onto his Wolfen and flies off.)

Captain Falcon: Wait a minute...

Boshi: Darn it! Well, at least I got to see Samus take her clothes off.

Zero Suit Samus: Lord O'Donnell... (looks around quickly) Where's my Power Suit?

GG: Right over-- (notices that the Triforce of Power has been replaced with forks)

Digi: (pick up a fork and reads the engraving on it) "Triumph Fork."

GG: (looks around) The Power Suit and Pikachu are missing!

Zero Suit Samus: ... I must find my Power Suit first...

(Zero Suit Samus jumps out the window, lands, and runs off)

Captain Falcon: Now I remember! That was Lord O'Donnell, the most feared criminal in Lylat! Bounty of $3,000,000 for treason, theft and larceny!

GG: Lord O'Donnell... I see...

Digi: By the way, did anyone see Mr. Game & Watch? I couldn't find him at all.

GG: ... Oh, crap.


(Meanwhile, far away from SSS on a floating island...)

Knuckles: (taking a nap on the Master Emerald.)


(On another floating island far from SSS...)

Mr. Game & Watch: (trapped in a cage) Bleeep bloop bloop beep! {It feels like I'm dying inside!}

R.O.B. Sentry: Shadow-Bug-extraction-complete, master.

Ancient Minister: And bomb production?

R.O.B. Sentry: 100%-efficiency. We-will-be-finished-on-schedule.

Ancient Minister: ...very well. Begin prepping the ship. We should begin before long.

R.O.B. Sentry: Aye-aye.

Ancient Minister: Soon, the whole world will be consumed by Subspace...

R.O.B. Sentry: Dun-dun-duuuuunnn!

Ancient Minister: (glares at the R.O.B. Sentry)

R.O.B. Sentry: Sorry, I-was-feeling-dramatic.