Match #132

The Question: Which is more important - aireal combat or ground combat?

The Fighters: Jigglypuff vs. Link
The Arena: Battlefield
Item Ratio: Medium
Lives: 3

Saiyaman: Hey, folks, it's time for another match! We've got Jigglypuff and Link going at it today.

Amber: Truthfully, these two have nothing against each other. The match today is more about research than anything. We're using this to see if a strong ground game, like Link has, or an aireal advantage that Jigglypuff uses is more important.

Saiyaman: Let's head down to Navi who's with our combatants. Navi?

Navi: Thanks, guys. I'm here with Link, who I see is wearing a snazzy variation on his traditional outfit.

Link: Thanks. I thought the rugged look would be a bit more appealing. Hopefully, the chainmail will help in battle. Zelda's been looking into a new outfit as well.

Navi: I hear you've also changed up your equipment too.

Link: Yeah, I picked up this new Gale Boomerang. I'm hoping this will help with some new strategies I'm working on. I also got some new bombs from a new shop keeper named Barnes. I'm not sure if they're too much different from my usual stock, but I'm willing to give them a try.

Navi: Hmm, those sound handy. Anything else?

Link: Yup, I found a device they call the Clawshot. It's like my Hookshot, but this handy new chain allows me the option of height adjustment when I'm hanging. Pretty cool, but I'm not too sure that'll give me an edge here.

Navi: You've certainly gone the distance in changing yourself up for the new season, Link. As for Jigglypuff, you're...pretty much the same. Well, can't really do much for Pokemon in terms of apperance, I suppose.

Jigglypuff: Puff, jiggly puff. (Yeah, but I like my look.)

Navi: Let's go back to the commentator's booth.

Saiyaman: This will be a traditional three-life fight on Battlefield, but the items this time will only be those that affect jumping in some way. That means just the Screw Attack, Metal Box, Bunny Hood, the Mushrooms and the Parasol. The items will be on the medium setting.

Amber: I see the contestants are entering our redesigned Battlefield. I like this new outdoorsy look we've given it. It's much more visually appealing.

Saiyaman: Yes, it is, but it's also time to get started. So, ladies and gentlemen...

Amber: Boys and girls...

Saiyaman: Stephen Colbert and Liquid Snake...


Amber: The fight starts off strong as Link takes a running swing at Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff is quick to dodge, grabs Link and throws him downward!

Saiyaman: Link's back on his feet and scoops Jigglypuff up with his new Gale Boomerang! She's brought in close, giving Link time to stab her with a few good sword swipes!

Amber: Jigglypuff breaks out with a Pound attack and continues with an upward Smash on Link! She then takes to the air and smacks Link with a mid-air attack!

Saiyaman: Before Jigglypuff can try again, Link uses an upward Smash and connects with all three slices! Jigglypuff decides to back off for a bit and lands on the left platform.

Amber: Link follows suit, but his own aireal attack is shielded against. He does manage to land safely and uses his new Clawshot to grab Jigglypuff and toss her downward!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff goes towards the right from that toss and dodges another slash from Link! She then hits him with a Pound and an upward aireal attack!

"Missing: one Aurora Unit. Contact the Galatic Federation with any information."
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Amber: Link uses that knock upward to come down on Jigglypuff blade-first and send her upward! He lands and hops up to stab at Jigglypuff as she comes down, which she dodges!

Saiyaman: I think it's time for our first item! (tosses in a Party Ball.) The Party Ball just landed on the right platform, so Link hops over to activate it! As it floats up from Link's toss to the right, Jigglypuff grabs Link and throws him back down to the main platform.

Amber: That Party Ball just popped open, with two Screw Attacks and a Poison Mushroom inside. Jigglypuff and Link both get a Screw Attack while the mushroom falls off the right side of the arena.

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff uses her new item on Link, which ends up useless as Link shields against the blow! He then uses his own Screw Attack on her twice and finishes with a downward air stab, sending Jigglypuff up and out!

Amber: Jigglypuff comes back on the revival platform and heads towards Link on the main platform. She starts up a Rollout, which Link neutralizes with an arrow once her invulnerability wears off.

Saiyaman: Link continues with a running attack, but Jigglypuff turns the tables on him by rolling behind him and grabbing him! She tosses him into the ground and hits him with a strong Rollout while he was recovering, KOing him!

Amber: Link isn't too happy as he returns to the field, Smash-attacking the taunting Jigglypuff! He then combos that with his Gale Boomerang and a few stabs!

"Save the rainforests! Kill off loggers!"
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff uses her trademark Sing and Rest combo to knock Link back for a bit. Once Link gets back up, he chucks a bomb at Jigglypuff before she wakes up and comes in for a running attack!

Amber: Jigglypuff dodges the running attack and tries to grab Link, but misses! Link uses this new opening to grab Jigglypuff and toss her into the ground!

Saiyaman: Link pulls off a few more stabs and tries to grab Jigglypuff, who rolls away from the grab! The opening gives Jigglypuff a chance to get in and hit Link with Pound!

Amber: Link lands on his feet and uses a low Smash on Jigglypuff as well as his Gale Boomerang! Fortunately for Jigglypuff, she isn't pulled all the way towards Link and leaps onto the left platform.

Saiyaman: Link tries running underneath Jigglypuff and stabbing upward, but his attack is easily dodged with her jump! In response, he hops up to her level and stabs while doing so, succeeding!

Amber: Jigglypuff comes down on Link with her downward drill kick and tries a few punches on Link! Link counters with a sword swing or two before grabbing and tossing Jlggypuff to the left!

"Be sure to call the Olympics commitie and ask for more video game representation four years from now."
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Saiyaman: Time for another item! (tosses in a capsule.) With a capsule landing on the top most platform, Link's position easily allows him to get to it first, granted him a Super Mushroom!

Jigglypuff: Puff, jiggly. (Oh, darn it.)

Amber: That about summed up it. A good Smash attack from the giant Link sends Jigglypuff out for another KO!

Saiyaman: However, when Jigglypuff comes back, she uses her invincibility to her advantage. She scores an easy Rest on the big Link as he tries to get back from her attack!

Amber: Too bad that her initial invulnerability has worn off while she was still asleep as giant Link is able to Smash attack her again! Jigglypuff doesn't fly off the platform and Link shrinks back to normal size.

Saiyaman: Link flings an arrow at Jigglypuff, who gets hit while trying to evade it. Link uses this new opening to hit Jigglypuff with a Bomb!

Amber: Link moves in on Jigglypuff, who manages to slip in a quick Pound attack! Link counters with his Spin Attack, knocking Jigglypuff to the right end of the arena!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff starts up a Rollout attack and fires it off, but Link easily hops over it. Link heads towards Jigglypuff, but is caught off guard by Jigglypuff stopping, using another Rollout and slamming into him!

"Need one time machine to pick us up from 2105. Will pay for services. - Ninja Turtles"
Lives: 2
Lives: 1

Amber: Link goes off the edge, but double-jumps back while dodging a running attack from Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff tries for a grab, but Link is able to roll to safety.

Saiyaman: Time for another item! (tosses in a crate.) Jigglypuff gets to it first and hits Link with a good toss, reveal a Bunny Hood and Parasol. Link manages to nab the Bunny Hood while Jigglypuff gets her hands on the Parasol.

Amber: Jigglypuff takes a few swings at Link with her Parasol and gets in some hits, so Link grabs her! He gaves her a few smacks before throwing her upward and using an upward air attack!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff floats down on the Parasol, but Link's Bunny Hood gives him the jump height needed to jab Jigglypuff up again! Jigglypuff goes flying up over and out!

(Jigglypuff flies into the commentator's booth and bounces off Amber.)

Amber: (rubs her head.) Huh, that wasn't so bad. At least it's better than the last few times that happened.


Amber: Hmm, I guess Jigglypuff's losing streak continues. Too bad.

Saiyaman: Yeah, but I think she did better this time around. What do you think, Navi?

Navi: Let's find out from the fighters themselves. Link, your thoughts?

Link: Jigglypuff put up a better fight than I thought. I'll have to be careful next time.

Navi: Well, that's another vote for her. What say you, Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff: (Looks like my practicing has been paying off! Next time, I bet I can win it!)

Saiyaman: So, I guess that leaves questions.

  • 1. Will Jigglypuff win next time (or at all, for that matter)?
  • 2. What do you think of Link's new look?
  • 3. Where's Waldo today?

    Saiyaman: Okay, folks, that's all for now! We'll see you all later!

    Amber: Bye-bye!

    (Meanwhile, at WarioWare HQ...)

    Wario: (in his biker outfit.) WA-HA-HA! My motion-sensitive games are a huge success! And now that I've-a got some new moves, I'm ready to get back at those SPs for cutting my pay!

    ???: But why stop there when you can have so much more?

    Wario: Yeah, why stop...wait, who said that?

    (A certain figure appears before Wario.)

    Master Hand: Wario, I've been working on a new task lately and I believe you can be quite useful to me.

    Wario: What's this-a new task? And what's in it for me?

    Master Hand: The nature of this task is of no concern to you, but if you help me, you can have all the money you've ever wanted.

    Wario: More money? All right! seem odd today. I've-a never seen you ask-a for help before.

    Master Hand: This is because this task is too big for me alone. You are one of the few I can count on to help me.

    Wario: Hmm... (picks up the phone and dials a number.) Mona? It's a-me, Wario. I have to cancel our lunch date. I've got a new business proposition to discuss.