(Inside the Halberd, the Ancient Minister is looking over newly created Subspace Creatures that are in glass cases. A round bluish creature trying to swim but is stuck connected to the inside of the case by tentacles catches the Ancient Minister's eye.)

Ancient Minister: This one... What is it called?

R.O.B. Sentry: That-is-our-only-reject-sir. We-call-it-a-Mizzo.

Ancient Minister: I can see why. I didn't expect it to be a complete success.

(A glowing red humanoid figure appears behind the Ancient Minister)

???: This holographic communication is quite quaint...

Ancient Minister: Sentry, leave us.

R.O.B. Sentry: Aye-aye. (leaves the room)

Ancient Minister: Tab--

???: Have you noticed? The penguin calls me a glowy butterfly man? Oh, how very wrong he is.

Ancient Minister: Let my people go. You do not need them anymore. I gave you your Subspace Army.

???: You know as well as I do that I cannot exist in YOUR dimension. This holographic projection is the best I can do. Besides, what point is there to an army if you don't conquer? I have to bring chunks of your world here to form my Great Maze, and if that costs the lives of ten or twenty of your race, then so be it.

Ancient Minister: Grr...

???: (pulls out a big button) Or I could send the Gunship out by having the R.O.B. Squads activate all the Subspace Bombs and causing a tear big enough. Pity that it would destroy your entire floating island and your race along with it.

Ancient Minister: Fine... Why have you contacted me?

???: Why to inform you that it is time. Take Petey and Wario and attack the Stadium tonight. Use the Subspace Army if you must and make SSS the first part of my Great Maze.

Ancient Minister: What?! Are you mad?!

???: Hardly... There are only five fighters and one SP currently at the Stadium right now. The SSS forces are at their weakest. If we give the SPs time to regroup with the fighters, the Subspace Army will lose. I have informed Bowser, Ganondorf, Rayquaza, Ridley, and the Pig King through the Master Hand, as well as my two generals, Duon and Galleom. We need to attack tonight.

Ancient Minister: ... As you wish.


-[The Subspace Emissary]-
Pt. 1: The End of the Stadium

-[Mario] vs. [Kirby]-

GG: Ladies, gentlemen, and other things! Welcome to the Super Smash Stadium! I shall be your commentator today, but with me is the lovely Peach.

Peach: Thanks.

GG: ...and the beautiful Zelda.

Zelda: Thanks.

GG: Now why are Mario and Kirby fighting... We have a tape!

(Tape begins)

(in the SSS Lunchroom, Mario and Peach are eating together)

Peach: Mario, have you noticed that there are a lot less fighters at the Stadium than ever?

Mario: Huh?

(Mario looks around to see only Luigi, Zelda, and Kirby in the Stadium.)

Mario: Yeah, there is-a only five of us! Even the assist fighters are missing today!

Zelda: Didn't you hear? Little Mac took them all to some place called Minmin Island.

Peach: Birdo's been there. She says that the island rather nice this time of year.

Mario: ... She, Peach?

Peach: (rolls her eyes) Anyway, Samus is still looking for her Power Suit.

Zelda: Pit is back in Angel Land.

Peach: Sonic is over on Mobius, dealing with Dr. Robotnik.

Zelda: Fox & Falco are back on the Great Fox.

Peach: Jigglypuff is on a singing tour for insomniacs.

Zelda: Mewtwo is looking for Roy.

Peach: Geno left for the Star Road.

Zelda: Mega Man is back in his home.

Peach: DK is trying to find his Banana Horde.

Zelda: Link and Yoshi are exploring a nearby forest to find Toon Link.

Peach: Ness is exploring a ruined zoo.

Zelda: Marth is exploring the ruins of a castle.

Peach: The Ice Climbers are headed off to a nearby mountain.

Zelda: Captain Falcon is hunting for Wolf.

Peach: We don't even know where Bowser, Ganondorf, Wario, Pikachu, and Mr. Game & Watch are!

Mario: It-a hasn't been this empty since right before the Castle Raid.

Zelda: Or the ROMble...

Luigi: Does that-a mean something bad is-a going to happen? Bad things always a-happen when we lose staff.

(Kirby goes over to Mario's table and then begins inhaling his meal, along with Mario's, Luigi's, Peach's, and Zelda's)

Kirby: Yummy!

Mario: Kirby, must you eat-a everything?! I-a challenge you to a match!

Kirby: Huh?

(Tape ends)

GG: Yes, we currently only have five fighters at the Stadium...

Geno Doll: What do you mean? I'm still here.

(GG grabs the Geno Doll)

GG: 173!

(175 pops up from behind the commentator's desk)

175: It's 175... Can't you get my name right?

(GG tosses 175 out the window)

Peach: GG, why do you have that?

GG: Well, you know that Exor once got a hold of the Geno doll, right?

Peach: Yeah.

GG: Well, Geno decided it would be safer to have his own doll that stays with the head of SSS, whenever he returns to the Star Street. Geno also didn't want to inconvenience Gaz, and bought the kid a new doll. 173 took this from my office.

Peach: Well, that makes sense.

GG: This match will be at Final Destination, with all items except Assist Trophies, Pokeballs, Dragoon Parts, or Smash Balls. Mario and Kirby each have three lives. I see Mario entering from a Warp Pipe and Kirby crashing in on a Warp Star, so... 3... 2... 1... GO!

Peach: Mario and Kirby exchange blows.

Zelda: A party ball appears in the arena.

GG: Kirby activates it, and it's full of food!

Zelda: Mario misses Kirby as Kirby gobbles up the food!

Peach: Kirby just barely dodges a fireball from Mario!

Zelda: Ouch! Kirby grabbed a lightning bolt and shrunk Mario!

GG: Mario is dodging Kirby's blows!

Peach: A metal crate has been thrown into the arena.

Zelda: Kirby kicks it and it rolls off the stage.

GG: Mario has grown back to his original size.

Zelda: Kirby narrowly misses one of Mario's fireballs.

Peach: Mario dodges Kirby's hammer and get a good hit on him!

Zelda: Kirby tries to inhale Mario.

Peach: Kirby does a crecent kick, not only damaging Mario but also activating another Party Ball.

GG: A Hothead, a freezie, some cake, and a Lightning pop out of it.

Peach: Kirby grabs the lightning... and shrunk himself!

Zelda: Kirby tries to throw the Hothead, but Mario tossed him!

Peach: Kirby grabs a Bumper.

Zelda: And the Hothead returns.

GG: Kirby dodges the Hothead... and Mario gets hit by it! Ouch!

Zelda: Kirby throws the Bumper in the middle of the arena.

Peach: MAAAAARIO!!! They both hit the bumper!

GG: Mario tries to edgeguard... Ouch! He didn't see the Hothead hit him!

Peach: Kirby has returned to normal size and tries to spin attack Mario.

Zelda: Mario dodges the spin attack.

GG: Mario has been inhaled by Kirby.

Peach: Kirby tries to spit him out over the edge.

Zelda: Mario returns and hits the bumper AND Hothead!

GG: That had to hurt!

Peach: A Golden Hammer has appeared in the arena!

Zelda: Kirby grabs it and sends Mario flying!

GG: Mario returns and OUCH!!! Mario was hit by the Hammer again!


Zelda: Mario has been KOed!

"I'm Useful~Apple Kid"
Lives: 2
Lives: 3

GG: Now remember our matches are available for viewing on every world in Videoland!


(Meanwhile in Angel Land, Pit watches the match using a holy scrying bowl.)

Pit: Come on, Mario! Kick that puffball's butt!


Zelda: Mario wisely stays on the return platform.

GG: Of course, Kirby still has the Golden Hammer!

Peach: Mario kicks the Golden Hammer out of Kirby's hand!

GG: Mario is inhaled, hammer and all!

Zelda: Kirby stole Mario's Power!

Peach: Kirby is blocking all the hits!

GG: Impressive fighting skills from the puffster!

Peach: Kirby drills Mario into the ground.

Zelda: GG, are you sure this isn't a Squeaky Golden Hammer?

GG: It KOed Mario! It's not squeaky.

Zelda: It's squeaking right now.

GG: ... Damn. I'm sure it KOed Mario...

Zelda: Kirby has a Beam Sword!

Peach: And Mario finally gets rid of that hammer!

GG: Nice sword strike from Kirby!

Zelda: But Mario is fighting back!

Peach: Ahh a Party Ball is on the field.

Zelda: Kirby dodges a fireball from Mario!

Peach: But Mario punches Kirby hard.

GG: A metal crate is on the field.

Zelda: It busts open to reveal a Cracker Launcher!

Peach: Mario, grab it!

GG: And Mario does so, and begins firing it at Kirby!

Zelda: Mario tosses the Cracker Launcher and grab a Super Scope.

Peach: Mario is trying to hit Kirby with the shots!

Zelda: Kirby is dodging, and hitting Mario with the Beam Sword!

Peach: Ahh! Mario got a good charged shot on Kirby!

Zelda: Kirby lost the Beam Sword!

GG: Kirby returns and grabs a Lightning, shrinking Mario again!

Zelda: Kirby grabs the Beam Sword again.

Peach: A Raygun appeared!

GG: Kirby tosses the Beam Sword at Mario and grabs the Raygun!

Peach: Mario dodges it thankfully.

Zelda: The Raygun is doing Kirby no good! Mario's just too small!

Peach: Mario kicks Kirby away!

Zelda: Kirby returns to the platform.

GG: Mario hits kirby away with his Beam Sword.

Zelda: Kirby returns a Raygun shot at Mario!

Peach: Another Cracker Launcher is on the field.

GG: Mario can't get close enough to hit Kirby!

Zelda: OUCH! Mario sends Kirby flying across the arena!

GG: Kirby is floating back!

Peach: Not anymore! Mario kicks him away!

Zelda: Kirby is KOed!

"I'm Not~Orange Kid "
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

GG: Mario is dodging every one of Kirby's blows!

Zelda: And really using that Beam Sword to his advantege!

Peach: Kirby runs from Mario.

Zelda: Mario nearly falls off the stage.

GG: Kirby grabs a newly thrown in Star Rod.

Peach: Kirby gives Mario a good hit with it!

Zelda: Kirby tosses the Star Rod at Mario and sends him flying!

GG: Mario returns, but barely.

Zelda: Kirby grabbed a Deku Nut!

Peach: Hope he doesn't try to eat it.

GG: Kirby uses the Final Cutter.

Peach: Mario dodges it!

Zelda: But he doesn't dodge the Deku Nut!

GG: And Mario is KOed!

"LOST: One Husky Dog. Contact by Codec. -Snake"
Lives: 1
Lives: 2

(Suddenly, Dark clouds form and an airship flies over the arena spraying these weird pellets of purple smoke all over the Super Smash Stadium, which everyone notices. These pellets are the Shadow Bugs)

GG: What the-- I want audio in the arena NOW!

Mario: What the heck-a is a-THAT!

Kirby: That's the Halberd... Meta Knight's ship!

(The Primid form from the Subspace Bugs)

Primids: We are the Primid...

Mario: You-a recognize those, Kirby?

Kirby: No...

Zelda: Peach, we got to go help them!

Peach: Right! (looks at GG)

GG: Go help them. I'll do what I can from here.

(Zelda teleports to where Mario and Kirby are. Peach jumps out the window and uses her parasol to float down)

GG: (over intercom) Attention, everyone. At this time, we'd like the audience to calmly exit the Stadium.

Luigi: (in the audience) We're all-a gonna die!

(The audience and Luigi run away screaming.)

GG: (over intercom) LUIGI!!! Fine, the show must go on... Ok, Mario, Kirby, Peach and Zelda are attacking the Primid, and the Primid aren't doing much to them. Rather weak actually. Ow! One of the Primids has a sword and is showing Mario it's pointy end. Zelda uses Din's Fire to burninate one of the Primids. Kirby has defeated one of the Primids with a sword and is using that sword to slice down the rest. Ouch! Peach takes a Charged hit by a Primid with a Bazooka. Zelda and Kirby continue laying waste to the Primids... Ok, the Primids were defeated, and a mysterious figure entered the arena!

Ancient Minister: You fight well, heroes...

Zelda: Who are you?

Ancient Minister: You may call me the Ancient Minister for the 3 minutes you have remaining...

(The Ancient Minister drops a round metal ball in front of the heroes. Two R.O.B. Sentries come out and set the bomb to three minutes)

R.O.B. Sentry #1: (sets up the Subspace Bomb) Request-recieved...

R.O.B. Sentry #2: ...and-carried-out!

Ancient Minister: Goodbye, heroes.

(The Ancient Minister floats back to the Halberd and the Halberd flies off)

Mario: I'm-a going in. I must-a get rid of this bomb!

(Mario runs towards the bomb)

Petey Pirahna: HEY, MARIO!!!

Mario: Huh?

Petey: Time for some Flower Power!

(A canonball hits Mario and sends him flying far away from the Stadium)

Mario: WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (ping)

Kirby: Mario!

Peach: EEK!!!

Zelda: This is a NEW low...

(Kirby turns to see Petey Pirahna who has trapped the two princesses in cages)

Petey: I'm Petey Pirahna, the Marshmellow Eater!

(Petey smashes the two cages together)

-[Kirby] vs. [Petey Pirahna]-

GG: Kirby has begun beating the cages trying to free the princesses.

Zelda: GAH!

GG: Petey tries to hit Kirby with Zelda's cage!

Kirby: Oof!

GG: Petey slams Peach's Cage onto Kirby!

Peach: Ugh, this is no way to treat princesses...

GG: Petey jumps and Kirby narrowly avoids a ground pound! Kirby continues trying to free the princesses!

(GG tosses a metal crate in)

GG: Kirby, aim for his face!

Kirby: Good idea!

GG: Kirby breaks open the metal crate to reveal three Smart Bombs. He then throws the Smart Bombs at Petey! Petey is caught in the explosion!

Petey: ARGH!!!

GG: It's working! Kirby has freed Peach from her cage! Petey is KOed!

Zelda: Oof!

GG: Ahh! Zelda is caught in the blast! She's freed from the ruins of the cage, but she looks like she's unconcious!

Peach: Zelda!

(GG looks at the timer on the bomb)

GG: Kirby and Peach can handle this. I got to gather up the other SPs... This is BIG trouble! (teleports away)

(Wario jumps into the arena with a weird mechanical device with a crazed look in his eye. This is a Dark Cannon)

Wario: (aims the Dark Cannon at Kirby & Peach) Bwahaha!

Zelda: Ugh...

(Wario turns to look at Zelda with a crazed look and aims the Dark Cannon at her)

Wario: (begins charging up the device)

Zelda: What the?!

(Wario fires a beam shaped like a black arrow straight at Zelda, which hits her)

Peach: ZELDA!!!


Zelda: Kirby! Save Peach... and... run... (Zelda struggles as she is hardened into a statue with a golden stand)

Wario: A New Trophy to sell! (Wario picks the Zelda Trophy up and jumps away)

Peach: Come on, Kirby! We got to save Zelda!

Kirby: (looks at the Subspace Bomb which has 2 seconds left) Uh-oh!

(The Stadium is engulfed by a rift in Subspace... But thankfully, Kirby & Peach ride off on a Warp Star.)