Time... For most people, time flows in a straight line. Not so with Porky Minch. Porky's gone through time and space so many times he hasn't aged like a normal person. Who knows, Porky might be 1000 years old, or even 10,000 years old. He's still just the same old kid, though. All he really wanted to do is play games. Porky had come to Smashtopia for one thing... to play a game with Ness' life. However, Porky hadn't expected THAT kid to follow. Porky will just have to play with him also. Porky spotted something.

"Wait, THAT kid..."

The last thing Lucas remembered before arriving in this strange place was an earthquake and darkness. He was scared. The nearby city was as technologically advanced as anything the Pig King could make. And Kumatora, Duster, Boney... What happened to them? He had found Duster's Rope Snake earlier, so they must be here... wherever here is.

"You!" It was the Pig King. And in the Unstoppable Pig King Statue. Lucas knew his only chance was to run. Only one thing could destroy that statue, and Lucas didn't have a New Year's Eve Bomb.

"Luuuucas, the game still continues," Porky Minch chuckled. Lucas tried to run away, but he got his leg caught in a root. Lucas knew he was going to die at this instant.

"PK FLASH!" Suddenly, the Pig King Statue exploded! But PK Flash? Only Lucas himself knew THAT move!  Lucas got a good look at who saved him. The boy wore a red baseball cap, a blue and yellow striped T-shirt and blue shorts. Could he be? Could he be the legendary hero who defeated Giygas?

"Ninten?" Lucas asked. Ness looked confused.

"My name is Ness. Who are you?"

"I'm Lucas," he said shyly. Lucas now remembered that the one who ultimately defeated Giygas was Ness. Ness took a good look at Lucas. Despite the fact Ness didn't know Lucas, he knew Lucas was from HIS own world.

"NESS!!! LUCAS!!!" screamed Porky as he reappeared in his spider mech. Ness knew who this was right away, but Porky's aged... He's old and decrepit. Dr. Andronuts warned that too much time travel could cause this, but to see it in person was unsettling. Porky Minch smirked evilly.

"Neeesss... don't you remember me? Your next door neighbor? I want to play a little game. If you two win, I'll leave to another time. If you lose, well then it would be game over for you! Hehehee. Ahahahahaahah!" Porky started coughing badly and clears his throat.

"What's happened to you, Porky Minch?" Ness replied. Meanwhile, another sinister person watched the battle. Porky in his spider mech walked towards Ness and Lucas.

"I've become more powerful than you could ever imagine." His walker released six Porky-Bots who ran towards Ness and Lucas.

"I can defeat any minion of yours," Ness replied as he prepared to fight the Porky-bot. Porky smirked.

"Watch out!" screamed Lucas as he summoned a PK Fire to destroy each of the Porky-bots. Ness looked confused. "T-they self-destruct if you t-touch them!"

"You know PSI?" Ness asked.

"I'll have to use my big weapon," Porky yelled as his mech hovered in the air.

"P-PSI Shield," Lucas said nervously as he activated it and held it up. Ness did the same. Porky attempts to hit them both with powerful lightning, but both Lucas and Ness are healed by the attack. Porky was easily getting beat by these heroes. He charges the walker at them hitting both Lucas and Ness down. Porky prepares a mighty laser and fires it, but both Ness and Lucas use PSI Shield in time. Porky screams and fires out everything... his lasers, his lightning, his Porky-bots. Both Ness and Lucas float in the air.



Because of the strain of using all the attacks at the same time and the combined power of both Ness' PK Flash and Lucas' PK Freeze, Porky's mech began to malfunction. Porky struggled with the malfunctioning spider mech.

"I'm not defeated yet!" Porky pressed a button and disappears to another time.

"He'll be back," Lucas sighed. Ness looked up at the sinister person and discovers him to be Wario.

"More trophies, more cash!" Wario said as he tried to fire the Dark Cannon at Ness.

"Wario, you don't want to do this," Ness said as he dodged each beam. Roundish bullets bounced off the ground from where the beams hit. Lucas looked scared again. Even with Ness, he still feared for the safety of his friends. However, Wario spotted Lucas.

"Ahh, you must be that Lucas kid Master Hand told us about!" Wario aimed the Dark Cannon straight at Lucas. Lucas was frozen in fright, and Ness saw this.

"Nooooo!!!" Ness dived at Lucas and pushed him out of the way. Unfortunately, Ness himself was hit.

"NESS!" Lucas yelled as Ness' body began to solidify into a statue.

"Lucas... It's all... up to... you... now..." Ness finished transforming into an inanimate statue. Lucas ran. It was all his fault. His fault that Porky was here. His fault that Ness is a statue now. Wario looked at the Ness statue as his laugh echoed through the ruined zoo. Meanwhile, unknown to either of them a certain penguin grabbed two of the rounded bullets.


Lucas ran as far as he could but suddenly a hand stopped him. Lucas looked up to see a tall boy in a red hat, red shirt, and blue jeans.

"We are surrounded," said the tall boy. Suddenly Lucas looked to see dozens of Primids.

"Don't worry, I'm a Pokemon Trainer," the tall boy smiled as he knew he could handle these guys. The Pokemon Trainer pulled out a Pokeball, tossed it to the ground and yelled with all his might.

"SQUIRTLE, GO!!!" Suddenly, his Squirtle was released from the Pokeball. The Free Battle was on!

"Squirtle, Water Gun!" commanded the Pokemon Trainer. Squirtle used Water Gun against the Primids sending a few of them blasting off.

"Squirtle, Withdraw!" Squirtle withdrawed into his shell and sends the shell flying forward at the Primids, destroying more of them.

"Squirtle, Waterfall!" Squirtle created a rising jet of water and swam up it quickly destroying the rest of the Primids. The Pokemon Trainer pulled out his Pokeball again.

"SQUIRTLE, RETURN!" As suddenly as the Squirtle appeared, the Squirtle disappeared into the Pokeball. The Pokemon Trainer waved, "See ya."

"Wait," Lucas said nervously. "I want to go with you."

"Sure, name's Red," the Pokemon Trainer Red replied. He was on a mission. Red had to find his Pokemon Ivysaur and Charizard. They had been captured by the Subspace Army, and Red wanted to save them.

"I'm Lucas," he said shyly.


Two R.O.B. Sentries had set up and activated another Subspace Bomb. They didn't want to do it, but they had to obey the Ancient Minister. He was their leader. They wanted to be simple worker bots again. The Subspace Bomb explodes, destroying the two R.O.B. Sentries and causing another tear into Subspace.

Whenever Marth needed to think, he went to the ruins of this abandoned castle. He was sure the castle saw its fair share of battles like he has. However, Marth never expected to see a Subspace Tear form, and hundreds of Primids being released by Meta Knight's ship, the Halberd. He soon spotted what appears to be the leader... the Ancient Minister. Once more, Marth charged headlong into battle. He jumped off the castle and lands magnificently. Marth cut through wave after wave of Beam Primids. The Beam Primids surround Marth, but he spinned one of their own around and knock them all away. He continued, meeting two Roaders, weird living motorized unicycle things, who run over him. The Roaders attempt to do it again, but this time Marth was ready to counter and he sent one flying into the other destroying both. Marth soon found the Subspace Tear and examined it. From what he could tell, it was both solid and a portal to another world... a world that's been consumed by darkness. Suddenly he spots Meta Knight.

"Meta Knight," yelled Marth. "You are working for them!" Marth attempted to cut Meta Knight with his Falchion, but Meta Knight blocked every blow.

"Stop," Meta Knight said. "I only desire my ship back."

Marth and Meta Knight glanced around to see themselves surrounded by dozens of Primids.

"Well then, we are on the same side," Marth nodded as he cut one Primid in half.

"Indeed," Meta Knight responded as he destroyed another Primid. Both the magnificent Marth and the mysterious Meta Knight cut down wave after wave of Beam Primids. Then they find two Armights, weird floating tentacled creatures with two swords and a helmet, who surprise the two. Meta Knight spinned around like a tornado and destroys both of them. Then the two found an Autolance, a robotic creature with treads and a lance, charging right at them. Both Marth and Meta Knight jumped over the Autolance and then sliced it in the back with their swords, destroying it. There were more Beam Primids in the way that Marth and Meta Knight sliced through, until they spotted the Ancient Minister .

"There!" Meta Knight pointed his sword at the Ancient Minister. "He's working with these monsters!"

"If he activates that..." Marth saw the Subspace Bomb he was carrying. "It'll create another one of those portals into that dark realm."

"Oh, more heroes," the Ancient Minister spoke calmly. "Attack me, if you must."

Marth attempted to hit the Ancient Minister with a Dolphin Slash, but missed. Meta Knight attempted to charge at the Ancient Minister, but the Ancient Minister fired a laser beam from his eyes at Meta Knight.

"Poor heroes," the Ancient Minister said as he turned his back on them. "This day will not be saved--"

Suddenly, from the behind the Ancient Minister, the great two-handed sword Ragnell appeared. The Ancient Minister turned around just in time to see Ike slice off the Subspace Bomb with a cry of AETHER, leaving it forever inactive.

"I seem to have gravely miscalculated," said the Ancient Minister as his floating platform malfunctioned and careened wildly into the distance. Ike smirked as he turned to Marth and Meta Knight.

"You okay? I'm Ike, leader of the Greil Mercenaries."

"This is Meta Knight and I'm Marth. You appear to be from my world. What country are you from?"


"Interesting, I'm from Altea."

"We have to follow him," Meta Knight interrupted this meet and greet session. Marth and Ike both agreed, and the three swordsmen followed the path the Ancient Minister went.

"So what brings you to Smashtopia, Ike?" Marth asked while the three ran.

"My group, the Greil Mercenaries, was hired to track down an airship."

"...MY airship?!" interrupted Meta Knight. "Those things have stolen MY airship!"

"Well, he didn't say. My group got ambushed by those things and left to get reinforcements while I held them off. Unfortunately, I was unable to join them as those robots destroyed my way back home."

"Then I fear I may also be stranded without the ability to call my troops," replied Marth.

"Who exactly hired you?" Meta Knight asked Ike.

"Weird guy... Called himself 'Emperor Penguin.'"

"King Dedede!" Meta Knight ran with the other two. "He may be planning something."

"What?" Marth asked Meta Knight.

"I do not know."


Roy was sitting on a hill thinking to himself about his time with the Triforce of Power. It was his fault that gave into it. He nearly destroyed the Stadium. Mewtwo floated down.

"It is not your fault," said the psychic Pokemon.

"What do you know?"

"I know that Ganondorf is the only one who could wield that power effective--" Mewtwo spotted something on the hill... It was a Subspace Tear right where SSS was!

"But I should've--" Roy heard a kid yell, and spotted Toon Link surrounded by Primids. "That kid's in trouble."

"So are we," replied Mewtwo. They were surrounded by Primids as well. "We'll have to take them."

Suddenly from the sky came laser blasts... from a heavily-damaged Wolfen. The Wolfen blasted away all the Primids surrounding Toon Link, Roy, and Mewtwo, but one Scope Primid blasted a hole right in the G-Diffuser of the Wolfen causing the ship to crash in some tree.

"Is he--" asked Toon Link as suddenly Wolf jumps out of the wreckage of the Wolfen.

"Damn it!" Wolf said as he looked over his Wolfen and slam his fist into a nearby tree. He knew it was in no condition to fly. Mewtwo looked at Wolf.

"You are Wolf O'Donnell of Star Wolf?" Mewtwo asked.

"Who wants to know?" replied Wolf. Mewtwo rolled his eyes.

"The Stadium appears to be gone."

"GONE?! How?!" Roy asked loudly.

"I see you guys noticed also!" Roy and Toon Link turn around to see Sonic the Hedgehog stretching a bit and eating a chili dog. "Eggman's been using these shadowy goons instead of his Badniks, so I came here fast as I could."

Sonic finished his chili dog and took a good look off the cliff and spots something.

"Now if I've learned anything in my adventures, it's that evil goons love to try to take over floating islands." Sonic pointed his finger at the Isle of the Ancients. "So that's where we gotta be headed."

"But that is on the other end of the continent. We'll never get there in time!" Roy looked at Sonic in surprise.

"That's an easy jog for me if we don't run into those goons again!" Sonic stretched and smiled boastfully.

"We should stop at SSS to see if anyone is alright," Mewtwo spoke. The other four agreed with it and led by Sonic, they were going to cross an entire continent as quick as a hedgehog.